Vision Unseen

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Vision Unseen The Black Forest Wills A Dream
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Upon request, Typhon delivers a special flower to Magallan and the others at Rhine Lab, causing the researchers to graps the immense scientific value of the endless icefield. Elsewhere, Santalla learns that an Ursus Royal Guard has gone rogue. To resolve this crisis, everyone's paths will converge once more.
<Background 1>
Columbian Tourist Spectacular! Show me another one!
I daresay your skills would be no less impressive in Wrankwood, my friends.
Magallan Huh. The guy waving the sign around looks a bit familiar... Was he the one who performed in front of a restaurant near Rhine HQ?
Oh right, being right next door to a fast food joint was the Caravan International Travel Agency's selling point.
But he was flipping that sign around way too fast for me to see what was on it.
Typhon Hot springs.
Magallan Oh... Uh, have you been there before?
Typhon Nope, but I've seen more than enough outlanders shivering from the cold and asking where the hot springs are. That must be why they come here.
Magallan Heh, I'm actually pretty interested in those myself.
Santalla When you're blessed by the Samivilinn, it's not so difficult to find a hot spring in the forest.
While I haven't been to southern Sami in years, I've also heard that the locals often encounter anxious southerners on the road.
They'll offer handfuls of unfashioned gold bars in exchange for divining the location of nearby hot springs.
Magallan And do they get an answer?
Santalla Hah. Who knows?
What I do know is that some people mistakenly believe that—because of the southerners' apparent fondness for such ugly ingots—they must never have developed any sense of aesthetics.
Magallan Then I guess... they never reached a mutual understanding.
Typhon However, they did end up finding experienced people like yourself, and eventually discovered the hot springs on their own.
Take a look at that. The thing that's always singing.
Magallan Oh, an advertising truck.
Magallan That's right. If you follow it all the way, you'll find another hot spring that they're developing.
This sort of thing happens often.
Santalla You're quite knowledgeable about this little town.
Typhon Of course. It's Sami soil.
Even without many strange occurrences people need my help with, it's not like I can't figure out what's happening.
Magallan Hmm... This place feels pretty different from the rest of Sami, though.
Where did I put my visitor's brochure again... Oh, found it.
According to the map, everything from here to here is nothing but resorts for the tourists. There are hardly any Sami homes.
The neighborhoods we've been walking through not only have electricity, good signal strength, and even intercity net, but... (*takes a deep breath*) Yeah, I smell water purifiers, too.
Considering this is where a lot of major tech company offices are concentrated, it makes sense that they'd want convenient communications...
But the insides of the offices don't look much different from the ones at Rhine HQ.
Also, they're using steel beams and concrete to simulate the appearance of large trees, and putting their buildings on top of them. Isn't that offensive to the Sami?
Typhon Probably not?
I can see why they do, though; your people are terrified of Sami, so they lock themselves in metal cages for protection.
Magallan Can't argue with that... Even for researchers like me who've gone into the icefield quite a few times, there's no way we can match how freely you can move around out there.
Typhon Don't worry. Even so, you are still connected to the land of Sami.
That's what Arges always said.
Santalla ...Magallan, do you mind if I take a look at that brochure of yours?
Magallan Go ahead, but I got it when I was entering the endless icefield from Ursus, so all the labels are in Ursine. What did you want to see? Maybe I can help you find it!
Oh, that's the wrong side. That's just an ad for an Ursus nursing home with a Sami resort.
Santalla It's fine, Magallan. I can read it myself.
Here they are... The coordinates from the transmission.
...Excuse me, I have some business to take care of. Typhon, Magallan, I'm afraid we'll have to say goodbye for now.
Magallan Ehehe. Next time, I'll be setting off for the endless icefield from here, so I'm sure we'll meet again, Simone!
If we run into any snowstorms though, please come back to save us!
Santalla Haha, will do.
Next time, is it? ...That's right. After this little excursion is over, who knows where I might end up?
I wish you the best, Magallan.
[Santalla leaves.]
Magallan Bye, Simone!
What about you, Li'l Typhoon?
Rhine Lab's office is right around the corner from here, and I need to make a report.
But... where's your client?
Typhon No idea.
All Arges said was that someone's waiting for me in Čappat.
Well... I suppose I'll just walk around for now. I'm sure I'll run into them.
Magallan Hm? Then how about you check over here?
Oh right, lemme give you some spare change! That way you'll be able to take the tour buses to get around town!
Alright, I'm off!
[Magallan leaves.]
Typhon Huh. And what the heck is "Li'l Typhoon"?
Typhon raises her head and sees a tall, familiar-looking figure standing beneath the eaves.
The hunter, in all her vigilance, failed to notice when she got there.
Typhon Okay then. I think I figured it out.
...The person waiting for me might have been none other than Arges herself.
<Background 2>
Rhine Lab Researcher Look who it is! If it isn't our little Maggy!
It's been forever since I heard your voice in the audio report archives, so we've been worried sick! We were just about ready to add your name to the search-and-rescue list!
Magallan Ehehe... My luck's actually been pretty good so far!
Unfamiliar Researcher So, tired of energy bars and compressed biscuits yet? How about some flavorful Mama John's instant spicy beastmeat?
Magallan Oh, thanks!
Oh, but... Who might you be? Is that Beachbrella's logo on your clothes...?
Beachbrella Field Staff There's no need to look so confused. While our logo might feel out of place in cold and frigid Sami, corporate printed us a special snow-themed pattern. See?
Almost everyone knows your name by now, Magallan. The rising star of icefield research! So experienced at exploration, and at such a young age!
Magallan Eh...
Rhine Lab Researcher Hahaha! There's not much to do out here in Sami, so all us bored folks from the neighboring offices have gotten to know each other and share juicy gossip.
Besides, several large companies with lots of employees registered with the Exploration Society will be getting together to conduct the search-and-rescue operation of Director Maryam and his expedition team.
You came back at just the right time. Now that we've prepared both the manpower and the resources, all that's left is the firsthand data you've brought back.
For whatever reason, I've got a really good feeling about this mission. I can't even picture the Director getting himself killed. He's so stubborn he might as well be some kind of immortal monster himself.
Magallan According to his files and medical reports, he's always just been a regular Kuranta.
But I also have faith he's still out there. Because... Uh, because I heard his voice when I was having auditory hallucinations along the way.
Rhine Lab Researcher Hallucinations?
Magallan Yeah... It's a long story.
It'll probably take a while just to sort through the notes I took...
For example, stay far away from black snow, and if you're hearing things, don't answer.
And... near the endless icefield, on the Fjal Vetrtonn, there's a high wall made up of many fortresses filled with warriors.
I'm sure they're nice people, but it's best to keep your distance!
Rhine Lab Researcher A high wall? Can Sami technology compete with Victoria's city defense artillery?
Magallan No, the people here aren't too different from how they're depicted in the explorer's guidebook published by Ursus last century.
Rhine Lab Researcher No progress in a hundred years?! We've gone from barren wastes to multiple high-tech cities in less than that!
No wonder my colleagues in the Business Section always complain about how difficult it was to set up an office here, and how hard it is communicating with the Sami.
But if the locals can overcome the difficult environment with only their own methods, then it should be a piece of cake for us.
Magallan Mm, I wouldn't be so sure of that.
I've encountered plenty of situations where I was in over my head. I wouldn't have made it without my friend from Rhodes Island!
Oh, and there was also a particularly nice hunter I met near the icefield.
She was incredible, you know. She knew all of Sami like her own backyard, and was always glad to help.
Both of them had so many survival skills I've never seen before, and they saved my hide more than once.
...Anyway, if you still have enough supplies left over for the search-and-rescue operation, I'd like to apply to join the team.
I got a ton of information during this trip through Sami, and might not be able to sift through all of it on such short notice–
—Hwuhhhh? Typhon?!
Typhon Good, you're still here.
<Flashback starts here>
<Background 1>
Arges Please do not doubt me, Typhon. I saw only a glimpse of fate.
Only that you came to this little town, and gave away a casket.
At the time I did not know where you got it from, what was inside it, or who was meant to receive it.
Typhon Yeah, I'm used to that by now.
So you went and found it yourself, right?
Arges After sending you off, I also embarked on a journey to fulfill my destiny, and to await its guidance.
Typhon (*inhales*) ...You smell like snow dripping from the fir trees.
You've come a long way. You crossed the icefield.
You went... Mm. To places I've never been to before.
(In Sarkaz) "Surrender all to fate."
Arges (In Sarkaz) "Surrender all to fate."
Typhon It's great that you're the one to finally fulfill the prophecy.
Oh right, so where did you happen to get this little box?
<Flashback ends here>
<Background 2>
Magallan This is the nice person I was just talking about!
Typhon Nice... person?
Rhine Lab Researcher Oh, hello there!
I've heard you're quite familiar with Sami. And we happen to be putting together a search-and-rescue team to enter the icefield through Sami and locate missing Rhine Lab members.
Do you think you could be persuaded to be our guide? We'll pay you handsomely!
Typhon I decline.
If you need a guide, you'd better find someone else. I'm a hunter, and I have more important work.
—Here, take this, Magallan.
Magallan Huh?
[Typhon gives Magallan a box.]
Typhon Arges wanted me to give it to you. It belongs to Rhine Lab.
Magallan To... us?
[Magallan takes the box and inspects it.]
Magallan —You're right, this is our logo.
ID verification lock, employee number...
Rhine Lab Researcher This is an equipment box from the Scientific Investigation Section.
Judging from its size, it should be a general-purpose lockbox used for storing sensitive components.
And the serial number...
...Belongs to Director Maryam.
Magallan Wait, Typhon! Arges met with the research team?!
Typhon Do you know the one this box belongs to?
Magallan It's my teacher's, the leader of the missing research team!
Typhon Hm. In other words, Arges worked together with the missing team.
Magallan Huh?!
Rhine Lab Researcher Wait, if she was a firsthand witness, and even cooperated with Rhine Lab...
Then why hasn't she come to see us in person?
Typhon Because that is the vision she saw.
Rhine Lab Researcher Vision—?
—Is she one of the legendary Cyclopes? Are there really living Cyclopes in Sami?
I have to meet her!
Does she speak any modern languages? Do we need some kind of ritual to summon her?
Magallan I... don't think she's all that different from us. She's pretty fond of Columbian geographical magazines.
But I'd like to speak with her face-to-face, too... Is there no way?
Typhon She might just feel that this isn't the fated time yet.
Magallan Okay, but...
What happened to the others, then?
Typhon Mm, I'm sure you can already guess the answer.
Magallan ......
Typhon All Arges told me was that she entered the icefield with the expedition team.
Magallan ...So, the extra supplies Professor Mary took from the Scientific Investigation station weren't just for emergency use, but for her.
Typhon Cyclopes can see the future, and she tried her best to help the team avoid danger.
But a tragic end was inevitable... Well, that's her way of saying she did the best she could
After encountering the demons, only she and the box's owner survived.
Magallan ......
Rhine Lab Researcher ......
Magallan The professor would always tell us that when facing nature, our first priority was to survive.
We've never had such a huge loss of life since the formation of Scientific Investigation... And he must be even more devastated than us.
...So this is the endless icefield.
Typhon, did the survivor return with Arges?
Typhon (Shakes head)
He continued to advance deeper in, alone.
Magallan I knew it...
Rhine Lab Researcher That... sure sounds like Director Maryam.
Typhon Also, I have some words to pass on.
First, Arges wanted me to apologize to you.
Second, the person who gave her the box said... "The journey of discovery must never end."
Magallan ......
Hmm, I wonder what's inside the box.
[Magallan unlocks and opens the box.]
Magallan Huh?
Rhine Lab Researcher ......
Magallan Just a flower?
<Background 3>
Rhine Lab Researcher We're currently cross-analyzing the chemical structure of the environmental particles stuck to the specimen box.
However, we know very little about the endless icefield, and it may be difficult to determine the missing team's location based on this alone.
Magallan If no matching data can be found... does that mean that the Director pushed the boundaries of human exploration into the icefield?
Rhine Lab Researcher I believe so. Which is why this flower is an extremely valuable specimen.
Magallan Mhm. In all my time exploring the icefield, I've never seen anything like this.
Though, I have seen an entire field of flowers underground. The environment down there was pretty unique to be able to support plant growth!
But this particular flower...
Magallan carefully observes it through the display window of the specimen box.
Magallan ...It looks really strange, almost like it isn't a plant at all.
The flowers I dug up before had robust root systems to allow them to absorb nutrients from beneath the ice.
But... where are the roots on this?
Someone as careful as the Director wouldn't have damaged the specimen during collection. That would significantly reduce its research value.
Rhine Lab Researcher Let's start with basic observations. Given the conditions here, we probably won't get any results right away.
To conduct the next phase of research, we'll have to wait until the sample is transported back to HQ and passed on to Ecological for handling.
A special Messenger will arrive in Čappat shortly.
We can leave the in-depth study of the specimen to them. We still need to contact Director Maryam as soon as possible.
By the way, Magallan, are you sure you want to head right back out on another trek? Your protective gear needs maintenance, and we won't be able to get any spare drones in Sami within three days.
Magallan Hmm... But I'm worried about the Director.
Besides, my protective gear is still in good shape. After all, I was only passing through Sami, not heading deep into the icefield.
Rhine Lab Researcher Haha, there's really no stopping you.
Alright, then I'm going to break the specimen box's seal.
Magallan Understood. Please begin reporting your findings whenever. I'm ready to record!
It was colorless flower, like a shadow cast by ice.
But the moment the box was unsealed, the invisible air throughout the laboratory was dyed with myriad colors.
It identified its current space, reoriented its position, and established its own territory.
The Columbian researchers had no time to react. They did not realize they were being contaminated along with the entire lab, nor did they hear the thunderous noise that shattered the dead silence.
[The glass of the box shatters and Typhon comes running to the researchers shortly thereafter.]
Typhon —Wake up!
[Typhon shoots an arrow at the growing darkness.]
Magallan *gasp*!
Rhine Lab Researcher *cough* *cough* Wh-What happened?!
Oh no, the wall... The glass is all shattered too. And, wh-wh-who are you? Who said you could barge in here?
Typhon Don't move.
Magallan ...Phew! I've finished sealing the flower, Typhon! That should be good enough, right?
Typhon Yeah. Your react much faster than before.
Magallan Does this mean...
"When the box is opened, Andskotarnir will realize."
...We've already opened the box.
[A man enters the laboratory.]
Rhine Lab Task Force Messenger ......
Th-This is the Sami branch office, right? What's going on in here?
Magallan Uh, something dangerous.
Rhine Lab Researcher ...Or, you could call it a major discovery.
A completely new type of plant. Or even a completely new type of phenomenon!
Hah. Director Maryam really sent us an amazing gift.
Magallan But, something's off...
If Director Maryam and Arges knew this flower was so dangerous, why did they send it back anyway?
Why didn't the Director try to stop us from studying it?
Typhon ......
Rhine Lab Researcher What kind of question is that? Since when do explorers fear danger?
A phenomenon that flies in the face of everything we take as common sense... This is an absolute scientific gold mine!
Should we prioritize forming a larger team to study it in-depth?
Magallan Um, I think our search-and-rescue come first. We'll locate Director Maryam, and simultaneously open up a route for those who come afterwards.
Oh right, we also need to hurry up and ask the Director what he wants to name this new plant species.
I'll record a description to submit as a report. Please take my recording back along with the sample, Mr. Messenger.
Rhine Lab Researcher Also, have HQ submit a report to the Exploration Society announcing this discovery as soon as possible!
Rhine Lab Task Force Messenger ...Understood.
Rhine Lab Researcher I have to admit, the Exploration Society is much more efficient at getting teams together for this kind of thing.
Some of them don't even have the patience gather a team. You know who I mean, Magallan, like those explorers famous for preferring to work alone.
Magallan Yeah, some of them are my good friends. Even if you're always making fun of them.
But this discovery is much more valuable than any of my previous explorations.
I think this joint venture will attract not only explorers, but also researchers in the fields of biology, geology, and meteorology to join the expedition. More and more people will become interested in the icefield.
Rhine Lab Researcher Haha, once we're back from the rescue operation, things might get so busy here we won't even recognize the place.
How are you feeling, Magallan?
I remember you mentioning before that you wanted to see if this so-called endless icefield really does have an end.
Well, now you're one step closer to your dream!
Magallan Well, that's hard to say...
Before Magallan can join her colleagues in celebration, she feels Typhon tugging on her hand.
Magallan ...Huh?
(You want to talk to me... outside?)
<Background 2>
Magallan What's wrong?
Typhon Well, Arges said there was no point trying to stop you, because you might find a way to discover everything about Sami on your own.
Just as Sami's warriors are willing to sacrifice their lives to hold the northern front, the southerners—yet to receive the revelation of their destiny—will continue exploring to lift the veil from this land at any cost.
But before you people get too caught up in your fantasies, I have to remind you of something.
This is also so you don't wind up as misfortunate as Arges said.
Magallan Misfortunate?
Typhon ...The Cyclopes's vision. The last thing she saw was a tragic ending.
If you're ever in trouble, find me.
Magallan ...Thank you.
Magallan suddenly feels a slight chill.
She turns her head, and inexplicably, a snowstorm is raging outside the window.
<Background 4>
Suspicious Liberi *cough* *cough*, *cough*... Hah...
You... understand the feeling of pain very well. More than most Sami, who've resigned themselves to it... *cough*, *cough*...
You understand how to torture someone. You Sami beasts... have no shortage of tricks.
Santalla ......
Suspicious Liberi Urgh... *cough*, *cough*... Hah... Engulfed in your witchcraft, I can't even feel the pain of being pierced by an ice pick.
Santalla I just want a clear answer.
What is the Black Mark, and why have you smuggled in? Answer me.
I can always end this sooner.
Suspicious Liberi Hah... Hahaha. You'll regret this, witch. Letting me die here... will do nothing but make Sami suffer more!
Santalla Sami does not care about your foolish ambitions.
Suspicious Liberi Ambitions? Hardly.
I've come here to die, and I'm more than happy to do so!
This information... will never be sent back to Ursus. And you'll regret it.
Santalla ...Speak.
Suspicious Liberi The Black Mark... is a missing member of the Emperor's Royal Guard.
I found his footprints. Black footprints.
His Dominion has collapsed. The demons have completely taken him... Hah, he will contaminate your land for all of eternity!
[The ice pick pierces deeper into the Liberi's body.]
Suspicious Liberi And nobody alive... knows where he is now.
You— Urgh—!
Santalla Let these words linger in your ears before the cold takes away your consciousness forevermore.
The Sami know neither fear nor panic.
We have guarded the mountains for hundreds of years. We are Sami's fangs, to sever the demons' tracks.
You and your ilk... are not even "enemies."
...The affairs of the Ursus end here.
Haha. O Fate, your warning has once again drawn my gaze back to the contaminated land of Sami...
How could I have ever forgotten my duty?
I understand now, that is time for me to return to the wind and snow of the icefield.