Anywhere I Wander

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Anywhere I Wander A Light Spark in Darkness
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The vigilante Haze overhears some information not meant for her, and inadvertently gets a store burned down during her escape. She talks Susie out of suicide, but then passes out as her Oripathy flares up.
<Background 1>
November 19th, 1097, 9:20 P.M.
[Several security guards are running through the street...]
Security Guard A This way!
[...apparently looking for someone.]
<Background fades out and in>
[The guards continue their search...]
Security Guard A Up ahead.
[...through the streets.]
<Background fades out and in>
Security Guard A They're over there still. I think I can see her.
Wait, didn't we just pass this road sign?
Security Guard B We're back to where we were. I mean, we're running in circles.
See, I knew it. There's something funny about the Feline's Arts.
Security Guard A Calm down. The Infected community's up ahead. The thief's definitely hiding somewhere in there.
Damned Infected... I'll find them, even if I have to flip the place upside down.
[The guards' chief joins in.]
Security Chief That's enough. Let's head back.
Security Guard A Are you sure we should just let her go, Chief? What about the money and the merchandise?
Security Chief Forget it. She didn't take that much. We'll all chip in a little and foot the bill.
The boss made it very clear he didn't want any unnecessary trouble.
Give him any more fuss, and a sacking will be the least of your worries.
Let's go.
[The guards leave as Haze the witch reveals herself, having hid nearby all the time.]
Haze Hehee~
You'll have to be a little smarter than that to catch a cat~
<Background 2>
[Haze returns to her underground hideout.]
Haze Minnie. You there?
Infected Girl Miss Witch!
Haze Here you go. Your meal and medicine for today.
Infected Girl Thanks!
Haze Don't eat too fast. You mustn't choke on your food.
A slice of bread, and enough rice to stifle her hunger for the day.
When exactly did I start helping people?
And why? I had enough trouble keeping myself alive.
Haze *cough*... *cough*...
Infected Girl Miss... You don't look too well.
Haze Really...? Is it that obvious?
Infected Girl When can I start using Originium Arts like you?
Haze Not today~
Infected Girl Huh...? But I wanna be a witch too. Like you.
Haze Maybe once you get a bit bigger, kit.
*cough*... *cough*...
Sharp pain.
The sharp, prickling pain of this Oripathy lesion hasn't stopped hurting for the past three months.
Maybe it's time to leave this place.
It wouldn't be nice if anyone got caught in the crystallization when it finally happens.
No, when the time comes to wave goodbye to this world, it must be done elegantly and in perfect solitude—
That's how a proper kitten and a Caster from the Witch Forest is supposed to go.
<Background black>
Haze One pub, two pubs, three pubs...
Seven kits, eight kits, nine kits...
Take a guess how many pubs and stray cats there are in this Infected block.
I know, because I counted. There are eight pubs and thirty-two stray kittens.
That's four kittens to each pub, and a fresh fin for each kitten.
Have you ever counted how many cities you've visited, how many Infected settlements you've seen?
I have. Five cities, eight settlements, and seventeen prison breaks.
I've been to many cities, but Caladon is definitely one of the more interesting ones.
Everyone's the same here. They're out to make a living when the sun goes up, and they're into the pub to drink when the sun goes down. When they close their eyes at night, they never worry about what the next day will bring.
Infected, normals. What's the difference?
Maybe one day, with a loud "kaboom," the whole of Caladon Bay will slip into the sea, and that'll be the wonderful end of everything~
Which is why, if I had to pick a place to die, this wouldn't be too bad a choice.
A place where I can look down on the whole city, and my body's turning to stone, and then, "bang!"
Nothing left of me, no one any the wiser. But nonetheless, I'll have to pick a place that's farther away, lest the dust drift its way down into the streets.
The rocks in my body seem to have calmed down...
Looks like it's not yet time. At least, not today.
Until that day comes, I always have to think about where I'll find tomorrow's fun.
Oh, I didn't even notice. The sun's already up.
Good morning, Victoria. Good morning, Caladon.
So, who's the lucky contestant who gets a visit from the kitty today?
<Background 1>
November 23th, 1097, 10:14 P.M.
[Haze takes a look at the vicinity.]
Haze Not a soul in these buildings here... Is it how close it is to the abandoned districts?
An old warehouse... Hm...
Maybe there's something I can use?
Let's take a peek~
<Background 3>
Haze Food... There can't be food here, right?
Maybe something I can make a fiver or so from?
Whoa, whoa, that's a bit of dust. And it reeks of machine oil. Nothing quite adorable here.
This vase looks pretty, though—
??? Don't touch nothin'.
Haze (?!)
??? I don't get it. All we're doing is kidnapping a few Infected and an old man. Why get everybody all puffed up?
Shut up. Do your job and get paid. Don't ask questions.
Haze (Phew...)
??? Counted up the weapons yet?
Lookin' good. Prob'ly overkill for a rickety old councilor.
Haze (Weapons? Councilor? Bo~ring...)
??? Keep your eyes open, though. Those goons are hired guns, I don't trust 'em.
What about the explosives? We don't need to worry about the Originium bombs?
We got guys to handle that for us. Not our department.
All we gotta do is ready the weapons and Arts Units. We're good to go in three hours.
Then we just wait at the Boil 'til they're done and pick up from there.
[Suddenly a bottle falls and shatters, alerting the people inside...]
??? Who's that?!
[The people are revealed to be men in black as one of them joins in.]
Imposing Black-Suit You hear that?
Sly Black-Suit Weird... I thought I locked the doors.
Imposing Black-Suit I heard it loud and clear. Someone's in here.
Sly Black-Suit Someone? Where?
No hiding in a room this small. It's probably just some cat.
Imposing Black-Suit Yeah, that's it. Just a cat tempting fate in here.
[One of the men in black fires at a nearby tarp...]
Imposing Black-Suit Let's see now... Which little kitten came pokin' her head into a place she shouldn't have?
[ Haze reveals herself from it.]
Haze Don't be so petty. Can't a passing stray kit take shelter here for the night?
Imposing Black-Suit ......
Sly Black-Suit ......
Imposing Black-Suit Who are you?
Sly Black-Suit An Infected? Perfect timing there.
Haze I told you. I'm just a stray cat passing by. I wandered in here by chance alone.
Won't you overlook this if I give you this pretty vase?
Imposing Black-Suit What you heard don't matter. I don't care if you really did stumble in by accident, but now that we found you—you ain't gettin' outta here alive.
It's curtains for you, kitten.
[The men in black fires at Haze, but their shots somehow missed her.]
Haze Haven't you heard? Bad luck befalls those who harm cats.
Imposing Black-Suit Missed?
[Haze used her Arts to create a black fog around her that disorients the men in black.]
Sly Black-Suit How's she still... What's with this mist—
Haze Hohoh, what's the rush now? How about I give you two a riddle to chew on.
"Why is a rock like a firework?"
[The men in black gather up.]
Imposing Black-Suit You ain't goin' nowhere!
<Background 4>
[Haze barges in to a room in a manor.]
Haze This should be far enough...
Eugh... A noble's room. The smell always makes me lose my lunch.
My shoulder... That angry lad's a fair decent shot...
At least it didn't nick any bones...
(Grabs the arrow's shaft)
Old Noble Um... Miss? Who might you be?
[Haze instinctively launched an Arts attack.]
Haze ?!
Don't move!
Old Noble Ack—
Haze Shh! Quiet! I don't want to kill you. I just need to hide here for a spell.
You'd best work with me here. If you don't behave, this arrow will—
Old Noble Calm down, miss. No need to be so tense.
You... You look hurt. Do you need any assistance?
Haze Stay back!
The black smoke manifested by her Originium Arts spreads throughout the room. The old man takes a step backward and falls to the ground.
[Someone knocks the door.]
Servant Sir, are you alright?
Haze (Nervous)
Old Noble I'm fine.
I'm writing my proposal. Do not disturb me until daybreak.
Servant Very good, sir.
[The servant leaves.]
Haze ......
Old Noble Miss... *cough*... *cough*...
If my hunch is correct, you should be an Infected.
Don't be afraid. I won't hurt you.
The elderly Savra noble suddenly grabs his chest and lets out a pained moan.
Haze What is it? I was just giving you a scare with my Arts.
Oh... well, there's a bother.
Someone, help! We have a man down!
(Oh well, about time to go...)
[Haze leaves just as a servant enters.]
Servant Something wrong, sir? I heard a girl...
Master Angst! What happened?!
<Background 1>
[The men in black from before stands before Angst's manor where Haze is in.]
Imposing Black-Suit What do we do now? Shouldn't we just kick in the door and get her?
Sly Black-Suit You stupid or somethin'? Don't you know who lives here?
That's Councilor Angst's mansion!
Imposing Black-Suit Councilor? That's like a lord? Here, of all places?
Why would a councilor live right by the Infected? And ain't this house kinda small?
Sly Black-Suit Just shut your mouth. We'll figure out another way.
[Haze jumps out of a window, which the men in black hears.]
Imposing Black-Suit There she is!
Sly Black-Suit Showin' yourself, huh? Saves us the trouble of dragging you out!
[The men in black goes after Haze...]
Haze You two... You're a pain in my rear...
[ she hides nearby.]
Sly Black-Suit Don't even think about it!
Imposing Black-Suit Get her!
She took a hit. She won't get far.
Watch her Arts, though. We don't know if they can kill, but they definitely mess with our senses.
Let's see what she's capable of—
[The area is surrounded by black mists again.]
Imposing Black-Suit It's fogging up again? She's castin'!
<Background fades out and in>
[The men in black runs into outside Green Spark.]
Imposing Black-Suit She ducked in here, huh?
Sly Black-Suit "Green Spark..." Some kinda pub? Don't look like it.
Imposing Black-Suit All these old buildings are pretty much the same. There's no way out but the way she came in. She's trapped.
Sly Black-Suit Slow down. No rush.
The Feline's got some fancy Arts. Watch the smoke. Won't be easy to catch her alive, or take her down either.
Imposing Black-Suit And we don't got so much time to deal with her.
Sly Black-Suit Still got those incendiaries?
Imposing Black-Suit You wanna burn the place down?
The buildings around here are packed pretty tight. You sure about that?
Sly Black-Suit Hurry up already! Nobody cares about the Infected. Even if it makes a scene, that's just a distraction for us.
You think too much. Just get to it.
We can't afford to make any mistakes here. We need her done in. Capiche?
Imposing Black-Suit Gotcha.
<Background black>
[The men in black threw Molotov cocktails at Green Spark, setting it on fire in an attempt to burn Haze out.]
Haze *cough* *cough*... *cough*.
<Background 1>
Sly Black-Suit That'll do the trick. Now let's skedaddle.
Imposing Black-Suit Goddamned diseased cat... made me spend all night running around the city.
I hear that when the Infected die, they turn to ash and explode? Never seen it for myself, though.
Sly Black-Suit Don't worry about that. Let's go.
[The men in black flees, but unbeknownst to them, Haze had escaped from the burning Green Spark.]
Haze You'll have to be smarter than that... to catch a cat.
Listen up... You didn't drive me into this corner... It's only because of my condition...
<Background 2>
November 26th, 1097, 9:27 A.M.
Sharp pain.
Her lungs hurt, her stomach hurts, her liver hurts.
Haze Looks like normal painkillers... don't do a thing anymore.
Stricken with pain and disease, the Feline girl looks up at the sky through the windows of the abandoned house.
A heavy fog shrouds the entire city of Caladon, to the point that the sun's radiance can no longer be seen.
From the Grey Hills to Toron, then Castshire and finally to Caladon.
I kept running, wandering the world without aim. My friends all died one by one.
And the further I got, the more I lost.
Even a dandelion caught on the wind ends up settling somewhere.
This kitty's all too tired out.
Infected Girl Miss Witch, are you okay?
Haze *cough*... *cough*...
Infected Girl Is that blood?
Haze It looks like... this is the end.
Minnie, I have something for you...
Do you know how much these coins are worth?
Infected Girl Yes...
Haze Take one to Grandma Winnie every day and ask her to give you something to eat.
And here.
The Feline witch takes out a black hat and an exquisite ring.
Haze (*Sigh*... The Witch's Ceremony... Not that it has much meaning left to it anymore.)
I am Haze, the Hundred and Thirteenth Witch of the Witch Forest...
May the Grey Hills' sages of the past bear witness to it all.
Witness the entrance of a new member to our ranks...
Witness the birth of a new soul...
Infected Girl Hm?
Haze Do you remember what you asked me before?
Now you're a witch.
Infected Girl Really? So I can use Arts now?
Haze Listen. You've always been able to use Arts. You have a gift for it.
But when you use them, you need to use this ring. Just like I taught you before. Without this ring, you aren't allowed to use Originium Arts. Understand?
Infected Girl Yes...
Haze Also, you're only allowed to use Originium Arts on bad people. You remember how to tell bad people, don't you?
Infected Girl Yes!
Haze That's good...
The Feline witch stands up and struggles toward the exit.
Infected Girl Miss Witch? Are you leaving?
Haze Yes... It's time for me to go...
<Background 5>
November 27th, 1097, 3:47 A.M.
The abandoned district on the edge of Caladon. It's the quietest part of the city.
Ever since a natural disaster swept across Caladon a few years ago, this district, having fallen into disrepair, was moved to the edge of the city.
The crumbling buildings, the collapsed foundations. All of it bore witness to Caladon's history.
Gazing out from the top of the abandoned towers, there is but a vast, endless wasteland in the distance.
Haze If I had to pick a resting place, this might be one of the fun ones.
I knew this day would come. I can't really say it came sooner than expected, either.
<Background fades out>
The Feline witch sits against a wall in a corner and gently closes her eyes.
The sharp pain of the Oripathy lesion is starting to fade, and her body feels heavier and heavier by the moment.
Her memories flash quickly by, as though playing back before her eyes.
All her witch friends, the gentle Great Witch Grant, and the night the Victorian soldiers burned the Witch Forest by their cannon fire.
The times she spent drifting in the wastelands and the cities, the days she had to steal to get by, and all the unfair treatment she has suffered.
None of it matters anymore.
It's all coming to an end.
Yet, suddenly, she hears someone sobbing.
<Background fades in>
Haze I can't even have my last moments to myself, can I...?
Now I know this place gets visitors.
Haze follows the wailing to another part of the abandoned tower.
In front of her, a Feline girl stands next to a window, trembling.
Haze *Sigh*.
Susie (Sobs)
Sorry... I'm sorry, Mum... I'm so sorry...
I... I don't know what to do anymore.
With a helpless, grief-stricken look, the Feline girl totters at the edge of the building.
Haze That's very dangerous, you know?
Susie Yagh!
Wh-Who are you...?
Haze Nobody important.
But I do need to tell you a few things before you jump.
After you do it, you won't be nearly as adorable as you are now. Honestly, I can't recommend it.
Your friends will be awfully sad to see you in that state when they find you tomorrow.
Susie Friends... Quercus...
The sobbing girl hesitates and steps back from the window.
Haze That's better, now!
What do I call you, little kitten?
Susie Susie... Susie Glitter.
Haze That's a pretty name.
You can call me Haze.
Susie Miss... Haze...
Miss Haze... What are you doing out here so late?
Haze I was about to ask you the same. This is my personal, secret hideout. How did you find it?
Oh, well, I can give a cute little kit like you special permission to play about here. But not if you've come for a cordless bungee jump, however.
Susie *Sniffles*...
Haze Oh, dear, what are you crying for?
Susie No... I...
Haze *Sigh*... It's okay. Cry all you want. No one will hear you, so no need to hold it in.
Nobody's ever around here—though there's no booze, either. It would be nice if we had some, though, wouldn't it?
What I do have for you is free time. Come, have a talk with me?
Why were you about to do something so silly?
Susie I...
I... had this dream. I've had it for years...
Haze A years-long dream? That sounds lovely.
Susie I... I worked so hard towards for it, years upon years...
It was... I dedicated my whole life to it.
And a few days ago, it was gone in the blink of an eye... Somebody destroyed all of it...
And I don't even know why...
None of it's left... nothing...
How much time do us Infected get, anyway?
Haze Someone destroyed it, you say...
And so the first thing that came to mind was to destroy yourself too?
Seems awfully odd, doesn't it?
Susie Huh... Huh? What do you mean?
Haze Well, you said it yourself. Someone destroyed your beautiful dream and your life's work, but what are you doing now? Aren't you trying to destroy the very last thing you have?
Susie No... That's not it...
Haze Show me your hand. Let me see it.
Susie Huh? Huh? What are you doing?
Haze No crystals... It looks like you aren't too far along?
Susie I—I don't have much idea myself...
Eep! What are you bonking me for?
Haze A silly kit with a muddled head. You need some sense knocked into you.
Susie —!
Haze Living for a dream... That's quite the luxury for an Infected.
Most of us are just trudging along aimlessly, from one day to the next.
"We don't have that much longer to live. Why tire yourself out with goals and ideals?"
But you chose to make your dream come true, and that's impressive. There aren't a lot of people like you out there.
But, you see... So long as you're alive, things will work out.
You have more time than you think, not like... I digress.
It'd be a shame to give up just like that.
Susie But what can I do?
Haze I'm sure a cute little kitten like you has lots of friends.
Why don't you go talk to them? You won't get anywhere mulling over it by yourself.
If you've lost something, find it. If someone stole something of yours, find a way to steal it back.
Give up like this, and you won't have a single thing left, you know?
The bad ones will laugh ever harder, and that's no fair to yourself.
It's the bad ones ruining your dreams who should be thrown off the tower, not you. Don't you think?
The young Feline looks hesitantly at the window. Her face is shrouded in helplessness. Time drifts slowly by in the pitch dark of this abandoned tower.
She spends a brief moment pondering in silence, before finally letting out a long sigh and freeing an exhausted smile. It seems the weight on her shoulders is gone.
Susie You're right.
Haze Now, if you still feel down in the dumps, just cry it all out. Nobody's around to judge you.
Susie No... It's okay... Thanks...
Haze That's more like it.
The Great Witch says, as long as the sun rises tomorrow, there is still hope.
As long as... there... is a...
[Haze collapses.]
Susie Hum? Um?! Miss Haze, what's the matter?!
Haze Be careful... stay away from me...
Susie Miss Haze! What's wrong?
Haze Go... hurry...
Susie What's wrong? Why is your body so hot?
Hang in there! Wake up!
Somebody! Please help!
<Background 1>
Susie Miss Haze... Stay with me. We... We're almost to the city...
I... I can barely carry you anymore...
S-Sorry, I don't mean you're heavy, you're really very light, I just don't have much strength...
The girl on her back grows weaker and weaker by the minute.
She can feel a vibrant life slowly fading away.
A wet, yet warm feeling gushes onto her back and gradually spreads all over.
Susie This... What is this...?
Is it... blood?
Dark red blood spills from the girl's mouth and nose, dripping onto the ground.
Susie knows what this means. All Infected do.
Susie No... No... No...
Haze... Please... I'm begging you...
Ever since she left home five years ago, she's witnessed the passing of many Infected.
With each death she's seen, she's grown increasingly numb to them.
This is the fate that awaits all Infected.
But, for some reason, she finds herself unwilling to bear the pain of this life disappearing before her.
Susie Please! Miss Haze... Please... No...
Hang on... We're almost there...
She sets the girl down to ease her pain.
She tightly grasps Haze's hand and tries her best to wipe away the blood on her face.
Hopeless though it may be, she tries her hardest to stall the coming of death.
Yet death draws ever nearer. It all seems to come to such a meaningless head.
Susie Help... Help!!!
Anyone... Please...
Help me...
Help me...
Her low cries pierce through the empty night sky, echoing throughout the empty, abandoned streets.
Just then, she hears someone walking slowly towards them.
Red Susie...? What are you doing here?