Dropping Grey

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Dropping Grey Pinus Sylvestris
Dignified Grandmother
Excited Fan
Girl's Father
Village Outskirts
Kazimierz Ghetto
Kazimierz Arena
Kawalerielki Arena
Kazimierz Alley
Ashlock Greynuty's competitor in this match is the infamous heel, "Brassrust" Ingra. A sturdy cannon versus a sharp axe. An Infected knight versus a noble knight. Future versus past. Just which one will claim victory?
<Background 1>
[On a village, the young Greynuty is being taken somewhere by her grandmother.]
Young Girl Where are we going, Granny?
Dignified Grandmother It's not the right time for you to ask.
Hold tight to your pouch, and stay close to me.
Young Girl Yes, Granny.
Dignified Grandmother We're almost there.
Background-Kawalerielki Arena.png
<Background 1>
Young Girl What's that there?
Dignified Grandmother An arena. Built by bastards from the Grand Knight Territory.
Young Girl Are we going to see a match?
Dignified Grandmother A match? No.
I'm taking you for training.
Dignified Grandmother Do you still remember the things I taught you?
Young Girl Yes, Granny, I haven't forgotten any!
It's shield up, cannon up, and bombard!
Eyes on the enemy, watch your ammunition, don't let your cannon go!
And, um...
When the cannon fire rings through the air, victory is already within sight!
Dignified Grandmother Very good.
You're a lot more dependable than your father.
At least someone else will remember these before I close my eyes for good.
Young Girl Please don't be so gloomy, Granny...
Dignified Grandmother Heh. A tree may be a century old, but its roots will all be rotten.
Better to be fertilizer for the new buds than to wither away like this.
*cough* *cough*...
Young Girl Granny!
Dignified Grandmother It's all right, it was just a little cough. Nothing to worry about.
Your father's generation. Even my few brothers. They've all long forgotten how the Kaliskas came to prosper.
Forestry? That forest was given back to us upon our high deeds, upon our cannon fire!
"When the cannon fire rings through the air, victory is already within sight"... All those bastards, with all their money, can't even remember the saying!
Young Girl Granny, please don't get angry...
Dignified Grandmother Hmph...
Greynuty, you're a good sprout.
Don't grow twisted.
Young Girl Yes, Granny, I won't disappoint you!
[The young girl, who turned out to be Greynuty in the past, heads home with her grandmother.]
<Background 2>
[A crowd cheering is heard someone runs through the meadows...]
??? The Bloodboil Knightclub's–Butcher of the Field–back after nursing those injuries–as ruthless as ever!!
<Background 3>
[...the slums...]
??? And on–the other–side–
<Background 4>
[...and the arenas...]
Dignified Grandmother *cough*, *cough* *cough*...
??? Once the foresting magnate of the south–a name out of the Kaliska Group–
<Background 5>
[...until they reached one where Greynuty is about to fight a match...]
??? But now an Infected–part of the Pinus Sylvestris Knightclub–
<Background fades out>
[...and takes a seat.]
??? Let's give a big warm welcome to–
Young Girl Granny?
(Huff... relax. Granny already taught me. I can do this.)
(I'm ready!)
??? The Ashlock Knight, Greynuty Kaliska!
<Background fades in>
[Greynuty walks into the area, welcomed by the audience's cheer.]
Sona Man, oh, man, Ashley finally takes the field.
Iwona She's never in a hurry. Never gives the audience the time of day, either. Reveling just isn't Greynuty.
Sona That's her selling point. Some people are suckers for that. Look over there.
Excited Fan Greynuty! Greynuty, look at me!!!
Iwona Eh... yeah, it works.
There's no faking cheers.
And that posture, the hunker with the cannon, it's got noble written between the lines.
Course I'm still most excited for her to fire off, though.
Sona Well, you're gonna get that. The crowd's gone wild hearing the rumbles.
Iwona Just wish there was more to get a kick out of.
Sona What, you want her bashing with the barrel?
Iwona Haha. Man, I hope I see it, if it ever happens.
Greatmouth Mob Humongous hatchet meets sturdy shield! Who'll come out on top? We'll just have to wait and see!
Switch your terminals on, make your choice, and give your competitor your support!
And before we forget, the most important part–grab that chance to stuff your wallet full!
Let the match–begiiiiiinnnnnnnn–!
[Greynuty's opponent is Olmer Ingra the Brassrust Knight, who previously fought to a draw with Maria Nearl.]
Brassrust Knight You'd best hope that hunk of plastic holds out.
Oripathic filth.
[Olmer strikes at Greynuty, who blocked it with her shield...]
Greynuty ......
[...and counters it by firing her cannonlance.]
Iwona Baah, that's dull. She's not even saying anything.
Sona This isn't your first time watching Ashley compete. It's called being serious. D'ja know what being serious is?
Iwona But this is mad boring... if you don't vent your feelings, how're you gonna keep momentum against your opponent?
Sona Knight competitions aren't yelling contests, jeez. The important thing is to look good standing off.
[Greynuty lands a hit with her cannonlance on Olmer, much to the audience's cheer.]
Sona See, just like that. Brassrust's getting forced back, and everyone's on cloud nine, right?
Iwona You don't think this match is too calm, though? Barely any active attacks.
Sona You've gotta pick your opponents. With knights like Brassrust who go all in on offense, you wanna put together a good defense to be optimal.
And Ashley can use her favorite move now.
Block with a shield bash, get a shot in. Tried and tested.
(Ashley doesn't seem that hungry to attack this match. What's on her mind, huh?)
Greatmouth Mob It's a shocker! The Butcher's cleaver has nowhere to go before the Ashlock Knight!
Each time he attacks! Each blast he takes! Ingra gives, but he gets nothing!
The Ashlock Knight's defense is perfect, and she's making every step forward hers, squeezing down the space the Butcher has to move!
Without a doubt, this is a battle of back and forth! We won't know who'll wear the victory laurel until the final moment!
Get your terminals out and lay your bets on your knight of choice!
Or buy a water bottle with your contestant's logo straight away, specially provided by the Major, and let the crowd around you know just who you support!
Order now! We're ready to hook you up, right there in your seats!
Iwona That's something they do now?
Sona They do, but, uh...
Iwona These prices... why don't I just step out of the arena and come back with ten bottles?
Sona Haha...
Iwona You wouldn't order one...
Sona Just one. Just to try, heheh.
Brassrust Knight Can you do anything besides shrink behind that plastic board, hmm?
Greynuty ......
Brassrust Knight Hah. You'll have time to scream once I shatter it, rock-festered mouse.
A petty firm like the Kaliskas would never collect your corpse.
Greynuty (Pulls trigger)
[Angered by Olmer's words, Greynuty fires her cannonlance at him.]
Sona Whoa, Ashley's pissed now!
Ingra's being too cruel, though. What's he keep yanking her sore spots for?
Iwona Kaliska Forestry used to be pretty well-known, but you don't hear much about it in the news lately.
Can't be something to do with Greynuty.
Sona If they had her doing things, they might still be as big as ever.
Doing piss-poor management yourself, taking it out on the others. Not a recipe for company success.
I heard it was at the table she got expelled from the family. Facing her uncles and aunts. Voted out by all.
Unanimous passage...
Iwona So her mom and dad...
Sona Yeah, I hear blackmail had them throwing their own daughter out.
Had the funds for Ashley to head Grand Knight Territory-ways later, though.
But'cha probably figure, y'know. There's your parents, and everything sensible says they oughta be with you. And they put their hands up too...
That's just gotta hurt.
Good thing Ashley's strong enough stuff.
Especially strong.
[Greynuty continues bombarding Olmer.]
Sona Uh... she can't be pissed for REAL real.
Lemme look–
We're good, we're good.
Iwona It's normal enough to be mad at a time like this, right?
For sure, I'd ream a hole straight through Brassrust before thinking about the rest.
Sona Ashley takes fights too cerebral, and ammo runs out. If she fires a round throwing a fit, she might just be boned.
Still oughta be the phase where she makes Brassrust THINK she's angry.
After all, misleading your opponent's important too.
[Greynuty's relentless bombardment starts to take it toll towards Olmer.]
Sona Look.
Greatmouth Mob I'm floored, and I bet you are too! Ingra's shoulder plates have been blasted to smithereens!
The Ashlock Knight is still pressing forward step by step! Could victory be at hand? Is the proclamation coming?!
[Greynuty lands another clean hit to Olmer, much to the audience's cheer.]
Greatmouth Mob Another crack of shellfire! It looks like the Ashlock Knight's got her own personal victory salute covered!
[Greynuty fires her cannonlance, but Olmer slices the shell mid-air with his hatchets.]
Greatmouth Mob What's this?! Did you see that, everyone?!
Brassrust just cleaved a shell apart with his hatchet! We'd be remiss not to thank our two contestants! You only get spectacles like this on the soaps!
That's right, I'm talking about the classic scene from the Słoma-funded suspense-in-the-city production, 24 Nights in the G.K.T.! Anyone in the audience interested, you can put an order in for the discs straight away!
The first thirty to buy'll get a poster signed by the two leads! First come, first served! Don't miss out!
Sona Glug, glug–phew. Man, this is basically the same as convenience store water.
Iwona Didn't I warn you already...
Sona Heehee. Whatever, let's just say I bought it for her.
Iwona Forget that. Mob never misses a chance to shill, huh. Really gets on your nerves...
Sona That's his job, isn't it? What else would he do?
Who thought Brassrust could cut a shell clean through, though? Really forced an ad spot right into Mob's lap.
If only Ashley didn't go soft for a moment. Wanted to knock Brassrust down, didn't aim for his head...
Match would've been over by now.
Iwona Her magazine's gotta be drying up.
Sona Mmm.
[Greynuty continues barraging Olmer, but her cannonlance's magazine is running low.]
Sona Only one shot left, I think.
Time to swap mags.
Here's hoping Ingra doesn't give our Ashley any trouble then.
Greynuty (One round left.)
(Gotta push him off, hop back on the recoil, and that should give me enough time.)
(With Ingra's competition style, he shouldn't have any out.)
(This is the moment.)
[Greynuty fires one last shot at Olmer...]
Brassrust Knight Is that all you can do?
Greynuty (He sped up?)
[...who shrugs it off and dashes onto Greynuty, landing a hit on her.]
Iwona Is that a–thruster on Brassrust's shoes?
Sona There's a wrench in the plan...
You've got this, Ashley!
[Greynuty rises up.]
Greynuty *cough*...
Brassrust Knight You're out of shells. What else can you do?
<Flashback starts here>
<Background 4>
Sona D'ya still have ammo, Ashley?
Greynuty None. I just used the reserve to block the bolts.
Sona What now, then? Gonna bash with the barrel?
If you need it, I can make a distraction for you.
Greynuty And then ride the opportunity to take my points like last time?
Sona C'mon, let that go already...
We'd only just met then. Be a problem not having your guard up.
I won't do it again. We agreed on that.
I can trust you not to sacrifice other Infected for your own benefit, Greynuty.
So you can trust Sona here not to stab you in the back.
Greynuty Hmph. I suppose.
Sona So how are you gonna face down these knights now?
I can definitely make you a little space. Shout if you need me.
Greynuty I won't.
I've got my methods.
<Flashback ends here>
<Background 5>
Greatmouth Mob Fresh from the advantage, the Ashlock Knight has been caught out reloading! Brassrust begins his revenge! Could the Butcher's cleaver taste blood when all's said and done?!
Just how is the Ashlock Knight gonna counter? There she goes–she's thrown her empty magazine at Brassrust, but it's had no–
Oh, wait a moment, sister, she's thrown her cannon down too and is charging Brassrust! What is she up to?!
[Olmer engages Greynuty in a melee combat.]
Greatmouth Mob Ingra's got his weapon up, and the Ashlock Knight only has a shield to her name! Ashlock–Ashlock has blocked the battleaxe, and–ooh!! She's clocked him straight in the head! I heard that all the way from here!
Ooh! Back-to-back and hand-to-hand! It's a barrage! Ingra's on the retreat!
Greynuty's rolled right back to her weapon, swapped and loaded! Not a beat missed! Is Ingra in for another artillery lockdown?!
[Greynuty, who had reloaded her cannonlance, fires it at Olmer.]
Greatmouth Mob Ah-ha! We're once again treated to the sound of cannon fire! The Ashlock Knight has the situation back under control!
Iwona Might be a little ugly, but... that's a pretty practical way to disengage.
Never dreamt she'd go so fast once she dropped that cannon, though.
Sona Ashley's a Zalak too, y'know. A little agility's par for our course.
Iwona So why won't she use a light weapon like yours?
Sona Personal preference, I guess.
I suggested she could switch to a more arena-friendly long-ranger–javelins, crossbows, slings, stuff like that. She's not a fan of any of them. Just likes using that old family cannon.
She can't even put it to full use sometimes, and the maintenance is a pain.
Iwona That's stubborn, alright.
Sona You get used to it, y'know.
Iwona I think she's down to her last eight rounds.
If she runs clean out, what happens?
[Greynuty bombards Olmer.]
Sona I've got no idea. What DOES happen?
I've never seen Ashley use up all her reserve ammo before.
Brassrust Knight ...*pant*, *pant*–Are you toying with me, Ashlock?!
Greynuty ......
Brassrust Knight Say something–you damned–rock!
Greynuty (Pulls trigger)
[Greynuty ignores Olmer and fires at him...]
Brassrust Knight How long do you plan on playing the mute?!
[...followed by another that angers the Brassrust Knight...]
Brassrust Knight I've had enough–enough of this!
[...and yet another.]
Sona Man, Ashley really is another level of horrible.
Iwona There's no way she was planning a tug of war with Ingra from the start. Was she?
She doesn't respond, she doesn't go down. She'd get me mad too.
[Justyna the Fartooth Knight joins in with Ashlock and Iwona.]
??? Why?
Sona Oh, Justyna, you made it.
Justyna Why is Ashlock bent on humiliating Brassrust?
Sona Thaaat's a long story.
When I ran into Ashley, she was stoked on anger, wrath for all the old knight lords at the top of the stands.
The other Infected knights thought she just resented the old guard, pure and simple.
But if–
If she wasn't an Infected, she'd be a knight noble too.
Justyna I've heard.
Sona Post-infection, no-one her generation or above in her knight family showed her any sympathy.
Everyone put the blame for the family's slow fall on her.
Iwona Normal people would know that's nothing to do with getting ill.
Sona But that's what they did. Her family, every Kaliska Zalak agreed to strip Ashley of her position and boot her out of the lineage.
She used to trust all the family, so much. She loved sharing fun stories with them. Comparing techniques with them.
But in the end, no one she thought a friend reached out a hand to help.
I heard some were looking to have her disappeared altogether–
Iwona It–can't be that bad.
Sona One day, I was there. Helped keep them off Ashley.
Iwona ......
Justyna ......
Sona So you can guess why Ashley has such a bitter hatred for the old knight lords.
As for Brassrust Ingra...
Every single thing he does is a deep sting on Ashley's heart.
That's what's going on. I'm guessing it's why she was ready to stand off in a close contest until the end.
To bring a lofty, high-ranking knight straight into the ground.
And to... keep her own anger in check.
[Sona remembered something and asks Justyna,]
Sona Hey, Justyna, can you tell how many shells Ashley has left in her mag for me?
Justyna Four.
Sona Ooh.
Nearly closing time.
Greatmouth Mob A fierce offensive has not toppled the Ashlock Knight! And Brassrust is beginning to wear out!
He's readying for his final charge!
This marathon back-and-forth is about to pay off!
Ladies and gentlemen, knights and dames, keep an eye on your betting numbers, please! Who knows if you're suddenly in for a prize when the results come in!
This post-match lottery is sponsored by Roar Guards Co., and the rates will boggle your mind! An astonishing zero point FIVE percent! If you still haven't placed your bets, you have one last chance now!
Ingra has lifted his hatchet, the blade of the abattoir!
Greynuty assumes a defensive position!
We're about to see who wins and who loses!
Sona Jeez, Louise! When'd Ashley make off with my moves?!
Greatmouth Mob Brassrust is charging, he's still charging, Ashlock has her shield up, but she's pointed the barrel backwards!
Could she be taking Brassrust for a head-on impact?!
Both are coming in hot, red-yellow-white-hot!
[As both knights charge at each other, Greynuty bombards Olmer with his attack narrowly misses her...]
Greatmouth Mob What?!
Ashlock's accelerated with her shelling and has sailed right by Brassrust's hatchet!
Too fast, way too fast!!
[...before dropping her shield and blasts Olmer with her cannonlance right to the face...]
Greatmouth Mob She's ditched her shield, the barrel's against Ingra's back, she's pulled the trigger!!
[...much to the audience's cheer.]
Greatmouth Mob The Brassrust Knight is down! The Ashlock Knight has taken the win!!!
Hold on, now Ashlock is aiming the barrel at Brassrust again! Could it be? The day the tyrannical Ingra is humiliated himself?!
Brassrust Knight ...Rgh. A Zalak shrunken in a shell.
Ashlock... Greynuty... I'll remember... you.
When I'm healed... you... you Infected–will not live to tell one tale!
Greynuty –You!
(Pulls the trigger)
Brassrust Knight Kgh...
Greynuty ......
(Aims barrel at the sky)
[Greynuty fires the last of her cannonlance's shell to the air.]
Greynuty This shell is an offering to the spectators.
You don't deserve it.
Brassrust Knight !
You... urgh...
[Olmer falls unconscious. Greynuty walks away from the arena as the audience congratulates her with a cheer.]
Greatmouth Mob The Ashlock Knight has not dealt a closing blow to Ingra! With a final blast of a shell, she's left alone for the exit!
Excited Fan Greynuty! Greynuty–!
Greatmouth Mob This match's–lottery–prize–
<Background black>
[An adolescent Greynuty is standing as her father approaches her.]
Girl's Father How did you feel on that run?
Grown Girl Not that good, Father. My hand still gets tremors holding the cannonlance for too long.
Girl's Father Do you want to switch to a lighter weapon?
Grown Girl No. The cannonlance suits me. Its might makes up for what I lack in flexibility.
And besides, someday, I might not be fighting in the arena, but somewhere much vaster.
Just like Grandmother.
When that time comes, this weapon will surely be much more practical.
Girl's Father Alright... as you wish.
My little nut.
Grown Girl Father, I'm not a child anymore. You don't need to call me that...
Girl's Father Fair.
You did well in training.
If Grandma could see the strides you've made, I'm sure she'd be delighted.
Grown Girl Grandmother...
Girl's Father Before Grandma left, she made an agreement with some of the uncles. As long as you're willing to learn, they'll continue to pay your fees.
So you don't need to worry about money.
Whether or not you become a knight in the end, or inherit the family business.
Keep practicing, and there'll be a day you become a famed cannonlancer of Kazimierz.
Ah, how many generations it's been since the Kaliskas last had a true cannonlancer.
All your ancestors would be proud of you.
Don't let them down.
Grown Girl ......
Yes, Father.
I won't.
<Background 6>
Sona Hey, Ashley. Ashley?
Greynuty Um–muh?
What's the matter?
Sona What were you daydreaming about?
Greynuty Nothing. Just thinking.
Sona Poor-ass Ingra. Just came out of the hospital and you send him right back.
Greynuty He deserves it.
Sona And you still fired your last round in the air?
Greynuty The match was already over. Even if I can't stand the sight of Ingra, I won't do anything else to him.
Otherwise, what would separate me and him?
Sona Shame, I was looking forward to a "Butcher Suffers Slaughter"-type headline in the papers...
Greynuty Chances are the Ingra family wouldn't let that news onto the papers at all.
Sona, I've actually been meaning to ask you for a little bit now...
Sona Hm? What's up, Ashley?
Greynuty What are you–holding there?
Sona An Ashlock water bottle.
Greynuty Why would you buy something so useless?
Sona It worked out. I was thirsty, I couldn't be bothered to go out to buy water.
Iwona Yoo. Our knight returns triumphant.
Justyna I'll have to learn from you too, Ashlock, and become stronger.
Sona Justyna, how'd "that" go?
Justyna It's done.
Sona Alrighty. Good work, nice.
Greynuty Once the reward hits, I'll wire it over to "that account." Word is the bank there's already watching frequent transfers.
Sona Can we still use personal expenses for the ruse?
Greynuty What do you think?
Sona Yeah, fair...
We don't have much time left.
Greynuty ......
Sona But we don't need to think about it just yet.
First, let's go celebrate!