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Olmer Ingra the Brassrust Knight is an NPC in Arknights. He is a minor antagonist in the Kazimierz Major trilogy (Maria Nearl and Pinus Sylvestris events, and Near Light).


Olmer is the youngest child of the Ingra family and the MVP of the Bloodboil Knightclub. He is most (in)famous for his brutal and sadistic approach in the Kazimierz Major where he specializes in relentless, violent assaults which cause most of his opponents to be seriously maimed or outright amputated, consequently giving him his moniker "Butcher of the Field." Of course, such behaviour has caused Olmer to be accused of foul play and disorderly conduct by other players, but he is able to remain unpunished thanks to his relationship with the General Chamber of Commerce (which, in turn, makes up the National Council of Kazimierz).


Maria Nearl

After being released from probation thanks to the Council's intervention, Olmer was Maria Nearl's next opponent, representing the Bloodboil Knightclub, on the second preliminary of the current Kazimierz Major.[1] The match mostly went in Olmer's favour as he launched relentless attacks against Maria. Zofia persuaded Maria to forfeit, but she refused and barely kept herself together to react towards Olmer's attacks. When Maria pretented to gave in and dropped her shield, Olmer charged at her but was suddenly stunned by the rays on her sword with her Arts. Nevertherless, Olmer continued his brutal advancement and managed to knock out Maria, but also fell unconscious at the same time, ending the match with a draw.[2]

Pinus Sylvestris

Olmer's return to the Major was short-lived, however. After his recovery from the battle with Maria, the Brassrust Knight faced Greynuty the Ashlock Knight as his next opponent. During the match, Olmer ruthlessly cut his way towards her using his tomahawk and boosters on his shoes while she fired at him with her lance cannon. At the same time, he teased her for being not only an Infected, but also a disgraced member of the Kaliska family. Fueled by anger, Greynuty used the remaining ammunition on him by thrusting herself, assaulting him, and giving a final blow on his back. Before Olmer fell unconscious, he bitterly proclaimed that he would not forgive any Infected knight, goading Greynuty to kill him. In turn, she fired the last ammunition as a gift to the audience and stated that he was not worth of death by her hands.[3]

Olmer's injuries following the match against Greynuty is so severe to the point he had to be hospitalized the second time in the aftermath.[4]

Near Light

During the CTF match, Olmer was competing with Jamie from Pinus Sylvestris. As a hater of the Infected, he not only allied with other knights to encircle him, but also severely injured him, arousing the audience's excitement. Seeing himself being humiliated by both Olmer and the audience, Jamie unleashed his Originium Arts so that he would die together with Olmer. But to his dismay, he was immediately stabbed by Olmer before this could happen. The incident not only forced the arena to be shut down for three days for sanitization, but also caused the public to question about the legality of the Infected Participation System.[5]

Olmer's case further angered the Infected community in which many protested that he should be barred from the Major and that he should be executed immediately. Seeing that the issue was worsening, Spokesman Malkiewicz filed charges against him at the National Council. However, the Council found it hard to punish Olmer as he was just released from his probation, but they would proceed as long as Malkiewicz was willing to have Czarny die.[6] After struggling with himself, Malkiewicz agreed to the condition and the Council promised that Olmer will never be able to participate in the Majors from then on.[7]

Olmer's participation on the Major is suspended for one week in the aftermath, and while the public expects that he will be able to secure his usual "lightning-quick bail", the Council is highly likely to strip the Brassrust Knight of his title and position in the Bloodboil K.C., and blacklisted him from the Majors as part of the deal with Malkiewicz.[8]