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This section pertains to a subject that is not yet released in the Global server of Arknights.

The unnamed old Tianshi is an NPC in Arknights who is implicitly mentioned in Invitation to Wine before making a physical appearance in Here a People Sows.


While appearing as a young, often irritating and mean-spirited girl, she is actually the most powerful Yanese Tianshi Grandmaster, well-versed in the use of pyrokinetic Originium Arts. She's the founder of the Lei Fa school, being the mentor of Bai Dingshan the "Bluethunder Count" himself, as well as Lin Qingyan. She has been standing on guard in the Northern frontlines for 370 continuous years against Collapsals thanks to the Originium implanted inside her body, making her an Ageless. On top of that, she always pretending to be crazy in order to prevent her mind from being affected by Collapsal corruption. Nevertheless, despite her monstrous nature and combat prowess, the Grand Tutor and the Imperial Court are willing to help ensure her retirement from the battlefield one day, even though she hates to be idle.[1]

The Old Tianshi has been acquainting with each one of Sui's fragments, including Wang. She once tried to convince them to side with Yan while asking them "what do they see in these lands".[2]


Here a People Sows


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