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Destructive Dragon Demon (D.D.D.) is an EDM artist and DJ in the world of Arknights. She is one of the three musical acts that the player can support on the Heart of Surging Flame event, awarding the "Extreme" Mixting Table once the Siesta Obsidian Milestone is completed (except in the rerun). D.D.D. also appears in Dossoles Holiday.


Aside of the fact that her real name is Grace, little is known about D.D.D. prior to her debut in the EDM scene of Terra.

D.D.D. entered the spotlight when she released her works in the Terran social networking sites which quickly became popular due to its light-hearted themes noted to be humorous yet exciting. D.D.D.'s songs quickly made it into the top spot of Terran music charts and made her known as one of the miracles of the Internet,[2] and has since signed to Monster Siren Records.[3]

D.D.D. is always seen wearing a distinctive mask that can display her current mood, keeping her identity hidden except to the select few.[2]


Heart of Surging Flame

D.D.D. is one of the many musical acts that participates in Obsidian Festival 1097 at Siesta. She is known to have performed in the Cross Civic Square[4] and in the main venue before[5] and during[6] the Festival's main event.

In the morning after one of the Obsidian Festival's main events, D.D.D. talked with her manager about many things, including the fact that she planned to release a collaborative album with four additional remixes after making no less than 26 demos in a few days and the possible connection between Originium Arts and music among others. She later received a message from Closure who happens to be a friend of hers, congratulating her on her success in the Obsidian Festival and looking forward for them to perform great things together with Dijkstra.[7]

D.D.D. herself also responded to two Obsgram posts mentioning her:

  • The first is one made by Angelina who are curious on how she really looked like (with Franka expecting that she is a more energetic version of Liskarm, much to the latter's chagrin), only to reply by posting a picture of her, masked.[1]
  • The second is when she replied to a post made by a fellow celebrity Sora who points out that celebrities' social media accounts are usually run by their PR managers rather than the person themselves, with D.D.D. explaining that most celebrities often don't have the time to handle their social media accounts, though she points out that even those who are "burning their lives out" often leave behind masterpieces as their legacy; Angelina felt pitiful on what she just read, with D.D.D. reassuring her to continue supporting the celebrities since fans' support means the most for them.[8]

Dossoles Holiday

D.D.D. also made her appearance in the city of Dossoles, Bolívar, right after the Obsidian Festival. She acted as the commentator for the 8th season of the Dossoles Warrior Champion. She also replaced Eureka for being its MC after the broadcast incident.[9]

During the intervew by Eureka earlier, D.D.D. expressed that she was here to look for inspiration for her new song. Although she was at first impressed by the city's vibrant diverse culture on the outside, she also pointed out that the heterogeneity seemed too monotonous in her opinion. Nevertheless, she would try her best to look for the inspiration and promised her fan that her new album will come out later.[10]

The next morning after Pancho's failed terrorist attack, D.D.D. was still impressed by Candela's way of doing and the heroic acts of Ch'en and Yühsia. The incident suddenly gave her inspiration and motivated her to immediately write her new song.[11]



  • D.D.D. Smash Hits[12]


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