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The Vouivres are an Ancient race in the world of Arknights.


Vouivres have the traits of "lesser dragons", i.e. dragon-like creatures in Earth's mythology such as wyverns, wyrms, hydras, drakes, or amphipteres. They are almost identical to the Dracos, causing others to mistake them frequently. Their only difference from the Dracos are the lack of fiery traits which enable the latter to manipulate fire.

Vouivres are known to possess higher than average physical strength and endurance. For instance, Bagpipe claimed to be able to take direct hits from a bomb and survive.[1] They are also able to regulate their own metabolism to reduce food consumption, most likely as a survival mechanism against the harsh desert of Sargon which they originate from.[2] On top of that, most traditional Vouivre families allow their children to recieve special, harsh training and formation as guards. While the best qualified Vouivres are sent to the Court of Sargon to become bodyguards of the Royal Aslan family, most of the less qualified ones will simply rely on their abilities as mercenaries. As a result, many Vouivres become profficient soldiers and mercenaries.

Vouivres originate from the desert of Sargon. During the Aslanian Conquests, the Vouivre tribes were defeated in combat by the Aslans. However, they were nevertheless praised for their strength, and they were granted various plots of land for them to settle, hence giving birth to the Vouivre Alliance, which is currently under the Lords Ameer' control.[3]

In the modern age, many Vouivre tribes have chosen to migrate to other countries, especially Victoria. As a matter of fact, the Vouivres' connection with Victoria traces back to an expedition from a certain branch of the Royal Aslan family of Sargon, on which various Vouivre were taken, serving as the first ancestors of the local Vouivre population.


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Their name is an alternative name of guivre, a dragon-like creature from French legends from which the wyvern is based on. The name itself also derives from the Latin word vīpera (as in the English word viper).

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