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Earthlings (Homo sapiens), also known as humans (not to be confused with the term often used to refer to the Terrans as a whole), are a race alien to Terra in the Arknights universe.


Alexsandr "Tachanka" Senaviev, one of the prominent Earthlings in Terra

Hailing from Earth and descended from primates/great apes but not necessarily related, Earthlings differ from the Terrans in which they have rounded ears like some other Terrans but no bestial properties whatsoever, physically weaker,[1] and has a lower lifespan of around 80 Earth years. Nonetheless, Earthlings make up for it by their adaptability, craftiness, determination, hardiness, ingenuity, resourcefulness, and teamwork. Earthlings also have no aptitude to Originium Arts at all since the substance is alien to Earth, instead utilizing technologies and devices not based or reliant on Originium.

Unlike Terra, Earth is a more-or-less stable, peaceful, and mostly healthy world, although localized conflicts and tensions as well as epidemics, pandemics, and disasters (both man-made and natural) still happens from time to time. Because of this, mature Earthlings who are somehow taken to Terra are usually appalled by its dystopian, post-apocalyptic conditions.


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