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The Petrams are an Ancient race in the world of Arknights.


Petrams have the traits of chelonians, which includes turtles and tortoises. However, they are totally humanoid and devoid of physical traits such as horns or tails, similar to Aegirs. Whether there are Petrams with more obvious traits (e.g. shell or hard scales) is still debatable.

Petrams rarely show up in the public eye, and due to the scarce biological information about the race, the scientific community hasn't come to a satisfying conclusion on their traits, with some researchers believe they simply don't exist. Many Petrams live in their scattered settlements around places such as Victorian villages or in the Iberian coasts. The latter have a close relationship with the Aegir "Islanders", and some of them refer to each other as "Onga", a phenomenon not present in other races. The Petram settlements are said to master advanced production and blacksmithing techniques unknown to outsiders, and thanks to their knowledge in Originium Arts and modern science, they are also excellent craftsmen. However, despite the outstanding quality of their forged tools and weapons, the Petrams refuse to share their knowledge to the outside world.[1]


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Their name likely derives from the Greek word for "stone," pétra (πέτρα).[2] This is likely a reference to turtles' rock-hard outer shell.

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