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The Wendigos are a tribe of Sarkaz.


The Wendigos resemble the eponymous spirit in Algonquian folklore. They differ from other Sarkaz with their antler-like horns, heads that resembles a deer skull, and large statures which bestow them with immense physical strength. They can also recover quickly from wounds. They practice cannibalism, engaging in rituals where they consume their own kin.

Today Wendigos are considered a dying race; only a few dozen of them remain as of the Chernobog Crisis,[1] with the majority defending the Ursine Northlands from the Collapsals inhabiting them and the rest residing in Columbia.


Patriot icon.png
Patriot is noted to be the last pure-blooded Wendigo.[1]
  • Hor-Tekrz: Patriot's ancestor who, for some reason, betrayed Kazdel a long time ago. He was cursed as the last Wendigo, to be killed by the Lord of Fiends in the future[1]