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The Anasa (both singular and plural) are a race in the world of Arknights.


Anasa have the traits of demigods in Hindu-Buddhist mythology which include asuras, rakshasas, and yakshas. Physically, Anasa have horns and tails similar to the Sarkaz as well as a dark halo behind their heads, somewhat similar to a fallen Sankta. Another unique trait of the Anasa is their powerful body strength.

The Anasa originated from a Sarkaz tribe migrating to the east, who were later separated from the rest due to geographical isolation and Catastrophes. Even though generations later they settled in northwestern Yan and even changed their race's name, they still retain their own culture, such as practicing the Sarkaz's "witchcraft" and living a nomadic life in the wilderness.[1] Their common origin with the Sarkaz is even evident in their race's name which possesses an underlying meaning as "one without roots," a title given to the Sarkaz.[2] They are even believed to be the direct descendant of the tribes that Kollam the King of Sarkaz led during his eastern migration thousands of years ago, along with the Oni race.[3] The Anasa are also known for being one of the few Sarkaz tribes that aren't related to the Royal Court of Kazdel.[4]

Despite sharing a common ancestry with the Sarkaz, Anasa have a unique culture. Unlike the Sarkaz, who treat Oripathy as a curse, they gladly embrace it and even see it as divine oracles given by the heavens. Those with halos are called "Enlightened Ones," even though how to obtain it remains unclear.[1] Some Anasan tribes also perform a coming-of-age ceremony when a healthy, strong one reaches sixteen by giving them specially-made weapons as an oath to protect the young and weak.[5]



The name likely derives from the Sanskrit word anāśa (अनाश), meaning "hopeless, despairing" or "imperishable, undestroyed".[6]

Alternatively, the name could also refer to the Hebrew word 'ānaš (אָנַשׁ; pronounced as aw-nash'), meaning "to be weak and sick" in the Hebrew Bible.[7]

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