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Kazdel (קַזדֶל), or known as Teekaz in ancient times,[1][2] is a Terran country. It is a monarchy and the "homeland" of the Sarkaz that is located between Siracusa, Ursus, and Yan. Kazdel has been long considered to be a backwater country without much potential, at least since the aftermath of a civil war that ravaged it.

What little we've seen of the ancient Kazdelian language is similar to Hebrew and other Levantine Semitic languages (i.e., Aramaic, Ugaritic) in our world. The modern Kazdelian language has diverged enough from it that the ancient language is mostly unintelligible to modern Sarkaz.

Kazdel plays a crucial role in the Main Theme of Arknights, in which one of Rhodes Island's objectives is to stop the Kazdelian ultranationalists under the Military Commission from unleashing their wrath towards the Terrans and bring peace back to the nation.


The Sarkaz have tried to rebuild "Kazdel", their home for centuries, though they have never succeeded.
Everyone has a different idea as to what the term "homeland" means, but as it stands right now, Kazdel is perhaps as close as you can get to the term's original meaning.
The "Teekaz" deserve a home.
Kal'tsit's description
"The Farchaser", the first Lord of Fiends, comes face-to-face with the "aliens"

For a long time, the concept of Kazdel/Teekaz was never meant to be a nation or an ethnicity, but the name for the whole world, a paradise of the Teekaz. But their homeland was destroyed forever when the Ancients and the Elders invaded their world as "aliens" back in the forgotten ancient past millennia ago.[3] The Teekaz were given the derogatory name "Sarkaz" by the victors, and they were heavily demonized for many unreasonable accusations like witchcraft, "cannibalism," natural susceptibility to Oripathy, and a bloodthirsty nature. Yet, the name became a rally cry that brought those homeless races together under one banner.[4]

How many devils these so-called heroes have defeated?

As sorrowful as they are, the Sarkaz have been enhancing their everlasting racial memories through their superior Originium Arts to take back their homeland by any means. Specifically, they were banded together under the command of the "King of Sarkaz," the monarch of the entire Sarkaz race, whose accumulating wrath continues fueling their vengeance. As a matter of fact, the "King of Sarkaz" has become the legendary "Lord of Fiends" in Sarkaz eschatology who will inherit the power of all the Sarkaz Kings and is prophesied to be the "destroyer" of the world against their "alien" enemies.[5][6]

After over three thousand Crusades launched by the otherworldly invaders against them, the Teekaz's collective vindication has grown too deep that peace was never an option...

Despite their vindication, the rebuilding of "Kazdel" always fails. In their racial memories, Kazdel was taken down more than 3,421 times, and the shortest of them was just three days when the Pegasi trampled over their walls. Not only did they fail to expel their enemies, but also, they bitterly lamented the "betrayal" of a Sarkaz group who would later give rise to the Sankta race.[7] Eventually, their deep vengeance became their major weakness, causing Kazdel to fall into a tragic cycle of devastating foreign wars and internal strives.

A mass exodus known as the Westward Relocation ocurred around two hundred years ago, in the Terran year 893. With the Kazdelian capital devastated once again, many Sarkaz common folk were forced to flee the country and settle across the entire Terra .[8] The most recent disintegration of Kazdel occurred five years later, in 898. As tensions between Kazdel and the bordering countries from Terra's inner regions intensified, the Sarkaz faced a grand crusade led by Gaul's nobles, several Victorian dukes, and Leithanien's Kurfürsten. Despite little cooperation between the three parties, they invaded from the eastern front, vowing to end the threat of the Sarkaz King. The Sarkaz King at the time, Yireh, was merely a harmless puppet from the Royal Court, but he was nonetheless aware of the impending war. Even though the kings of the Royal Court sacrificed themselves for their homeland, notably the achievements of the Sanguinarch and the Nachzehrer King, it did not halt the destruction, and the enemy forces managed to behead the Lord of Fiends.[4][9][10] In the span of two centuries, Kazdel went from the most dangerous enemy to the most insignificant enemy of the three invading empires. Since then, other Terran powers take such advantage to keep Kazdel fragmented by involving themselves in its domestic conflicts.

...and thus they yearn to unleash their apocalyptic retribution against this forsaken world, especially "outsiders" who had forsaken and demonized them, hence plunging everything into the bottomless Sheol.

As Kazdelians tried to rebuild their homeland from mere ruins for the past several centuries, another civil war broke out in 1086, centering around the usurpation of the reigning Sarkaz King Theresa by the Regent Theresis with the support of the Royal Court and the Military Commission. The ideological differences between the two factions led to such conflict in which Theresa wished to use peaceful methods to rebuild the country rather than holding onto their ancient grievance. Three years ago, in autumn of the year 1094, the civil war ended after the siege of Babel and Theresa's assassination conducted by the Military Commission.[11] Theresis became the Regent of Kazdel in the aftermath and started his plan to rebuild the country, which has made other nations wary of Kazdel.[12]

Following the civil war in 1094, Theresis entered Londinium, the capital of Victoria, under the invitation of the Duke of Cavendish to help pacify the empire's succession crisis. He used this opportunity to have the Kazdelian army enter Londinium, effectively placing Victoria under Kazdel occupation. Since then, he has since been building up a fleet of airships, reconstructing the Shard into a giant Catastrophe manipulator, and inviting the other Sarkaz kings of the Royal Court in an effort to reunite Kazdel and avenge the humiliation the Sarkaz have suffered because of other Terran great powers over the millennia.




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  • Goodluck.png
    "Goodluck": Odda's father who sold himself to slavery in the Scar Market to protect his family. His name comes from his luckiness in surviving various battlefield, but he was eventually killed during a riot in Kazdel.
  • Bill Perley?: A Sarkaz musician who came to Columbia. He used his Rock n'roll music as a way to protest against the injustice he and many other Sarkaz suffered in the country, leaving an impact in pop culture. However, one day, he left to return to Kazdel for unknown reasons, and was never seen again. To this day, Perley is considered an icon for the Sarkaz.[8]
  • Grimm: Paprika's former captain, who was a Sarkaz mercenary said to have a smoking habit. He received orders from Theresis to head to Londinium with his team, though he passed away at some point before the events of Episode 11.[13][14]