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Scout is an NPC in Arknights. He is mentioned throughout the Main Theme and other story contents, notably Darknights Memoir and Vigilo.


Little is known about Scout, other than he is one of those who fought for Theresa during the Kazdel civil war as part of Babel. He becomes more worried for Doctor as they are being used as a commander during Babel, because he fears it will turn the Doctor into a war machine. He was also known as an expert sharpshooter, hence his codename.

When Babel transitioned into Rhodes Island, Scout remained with them and became one of R.I.'s elite operatives, sharing a strong camaraderie with fellow elites Ace, Blaze, and Rosmontis. During the Chernobog incident, he led a squad of twelve operators to defeat the leader of a Sarkaz mercenary. He managed to escape with the annihilation of his entire squad before his ultimate death.


Operational Intelligence

Scout was responsible for saving Guard's life after Ace's sacrifice. Before their last departure, Scout told him about the Doctor's ability as a commander. He was grateful to work alongside the Doctor and wanted Guard to inform R.I. the annihilation of his entire squad. Finally, he wanted him to survive and treasure his life even though both of them never met each other.[1]

Darknights Memoir

During his time in Babel, Scout complimented W for her contribution to Babel's war efforts and told her that she can ask for an audience with Theresa so long as she can get around Kal'tsit. He also noted W's disobedience of the Doctor's order to take at least one of Theresis' soldiers in one mission prisoner (who committed suicide to avoid capture) and points out that Babel's leaders are on the Rhodes Island landship's bridge. Noticing that W brought a camera with her, Scout warned her that he won't help her if she was caught, but refused to comment when W told him that Babel's engagements had become "odd" recently.[2]

Three years later, Scout reappeared in the story during the Chernobog incident. He killed a Sarkaz mercenary leader and was preyed by W's team. Being heavily beaten up by the mercenaries, he was brought to Ines. To his surprise, his former colleagues had now changed in personalities, including W. Meanwhile, Scout took the opportunity during the conversation to escape and ran toward the core city with his body suffering from severe hemorrhage. But before Ines could stop him, Scout was suddenly stabbed by Hoederer from his back. Upon his death, Ines was furious and insisted Hoederer to inform this to W.[3]


During the civil war, a Sarkaz betrayer named Marco attempted to assassinate the Doctor. His action was witnessed by Scout and Scout quickly arrested him. Although Scout wanted to bring Marco to Ascalon for judgement, the Doctor wanted to listen to the betrayer's opinion and reason and wished to help him out of respect for him saving the injured Ascalon long time ago. When Theresa appeared in front of him alongside Kal'tsit, Marco was in total desperation. Scout told her that death is the only punishment for betrayal, but she gave the authorization of passing judgment to the Doctor instead. A few days later, Marco was found committed suicide out of losing his mind.

At one time, Scout failed in a mission. Due to his hesitation to defeat an enemy squad, he accidentally fell into their ambush. Scout wanted the Doctor to punish him. However, the Doctor not only admired his calmness during the retreat but also pointed out that his team was still safe. Also, the Doctor saw him struggling with himself and discovered that Scout did not want to have young Reyka punished. Scout then mentioned that all that Reyka did was just purely for Theresa's honor despite her bitter childhood. To his surprise, the Doctor did not punish Reyka and him and only gave a simple warning for his future action. This was perhaps his first time to encounter the Doctor's humane side.[4]