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Szewczyk the Plastic Knight is an NPC in Arknights. He is a minor antagonist in Maria Nearl and a supporting character in the Pinus Sylvestris event and Near Light.


Szewczyk is the MVP of the Roar Knightclub who, despite the rather funny title, makes good use of his prototype lightweight combat armor that renders him nigh-invincible from both conventional and Arts attacks to withstand his opponent's attacks and overwhelms them with his crossbow fire to submission. His string of victories led the Roar K.C. to become the top 100 knightclubs in the 23rd season of the Kazimierz Major, and his fame earned him hundreds of thousands of fans along with a contract worth millions of LMD.

Despite his arrogance, Szewczyk has a humane side. He was inspired by Marcin since young age to become a competitive knight. He also has a beloved son who would celebrate his 10th birthday during the 24th season of the Major, and values his family more than others.

Szewczyk once fought against Margaret Nearl in a past Major season, but lost to the Radiant Knight.


Maria Nearl

While inspecting the arena of his scheduled fight with Maria Nearl on the qualification rounds of the current season of Kazimierz Major and having a short talk with Mob, Szewczyk was approached by Czarny who forwarded a "message" from the Roar Knightclub to request he wear the latest Jack 2 armor model in the fight. Szewczyk protested, saying that the armor was still an untested, inferior prototype. In return, Czarny assured him that his victory with it would allow him to earn triple his usual pay while improving the Roar Knightclub's popularity. With no option, Szewczyk accepted the request. He also noted that his future opponent Maria is good, but not to the same level as the Radiant Knight.[1]

On the day of his match with Maria, Szewczyk was ready to defeat his opponent. Before that, he had a brief conversation with Zofia. He noticed that she was the one who trained Maria herself and warned her that he would not take Maria lightly.[1]

During the fight, Szewczyk initially used his signature tactic of "tanking" Maria's attacks and easily dodged them. His crossbow attacks also overwhelmed Maria who had no chance to counter them. In a blink of a second, she recalled her training with Zofia and carefully observed Szewczyk's new armor. She noticed that his armor lacks air ventilation systems and realized that his attack patterns were meant to overcome this flaw by letting the armor to cool itself down. Maria then blinded Szewczyk by reflecting the light on his shield, which gave her an opening to attack Szewczyk. Although Szewczyk easily dodged it and continued his intense melee combat on her, the armor suddenly overheated and immobilized him. Seeing this as an opportunity, Maria struck Szewczyk with a backhand thrust attack and defeated the Plastic Knight, leading to Maria's first victory.[2]

After his defeat by Maria, Szewczyk was informed by Czarny that the Roar Knightclub had switched him out of the pole position for the next Major. Although Czarny assured him that his salary remains the same and his "complications" with knightclub will be settled, this came with the condition that he has to transfer his points to the two knights that Czarny had endorsed to enter the Major. This made Szewczyk very angry. Later on, he went to Marcin's bar and reveals his dilemma. He began to suspect that the General Chamber of Commerce had interfered in the matter and vowed to make Czarny regret for messing with him. Before his departure, he told Marcin to keep Maria safe as she might become the next victim by the K.G.C.C.[3]

Sometime later, Szewczyk held a party in his residence to celebrate his son's birthday. Suddenly, he felt uncomfortable and went unconscious, leading to his immediate hospitalization. The Third Hospital declared that the cause of his illness was a "complications from an old wound."[4] However, it is possible that Szewczyk was poisoned by the assassins sent by the K.G.C.C. Before his exile, Czarny also ordered Centaurea the Platinum to "silence" Szewczyk's son who had "witnessed the incident."[5]

Pinus Sylvestris

With the help of "Fartooth" Justyna, Szewczyk was able to fend off the assassins of the Armorless Union while running away from the hospital. He also learnt from her that the Union also attempted to murder his son had not Sona came for the rescue. Even though Szewczyk detested the Infected knights, he thanked her for saving his son's life and agreed that both have a common enemy to fight against.[6]

Near Light

Although Szewczyk was willing to help Pinus Sylvestris to deal with the Armorless Union, it took time for him to get along with the Infected. He had a small argument with "Ashlock" Greynuty over his prejudice on them. He then argued that he would rather die in the hospital than getting Oripathy. Luckily, Sona helped to relief the tension by persuading him that the Adeptus Sprawiedliwi was cooperating with them and that everyone in the capital of Kawalerielki hates the K.G.C.C.[7]

While the gang was preparing themselves for the second Kawalerielki Separation, Szewczyk and Greynuty were sent to investigate the K.G.C.C.'s headquarters where the power source is located. During the period, Greynuty asked him that why he stayed back to help them despite the fact that he could easily run away. In turn, Szewczyk elaborated that he had no interest in the Infected and all he did was for his family. When asked about his family's condition, he mentioned that all of them except his missing wife and son had left the capital. Even though the Union may go after them outside of Kawalerielki, he was assured that they would be safe. He would then go on a revenge on the Union without being hot-headed after his son had fully grown up.[8]

On the day before the Separation, the gang met together to discuss the full plan for it. Szewczyk was assigned to cover the rest during the retreat that night. He's also surprised that Toland the bounty hunter was there to help P.S. Even though the two had odds against each other, Szewczyk saw Toland providing them a schematic of the K.G.C.C.'s headquarters. Reluctantly, he allowed Toland to take part in the mission.[9]

However, P.S.'s plan to start the second Kawalerielki Separation attracted attention from Armorless Union. While Iwona went to lure the assassins away, Szewczyk tried to contact the rest but failed due to the sudden disconnection. Before they could cut off the energy supply, the city suddenly fell into a total blackout. It was during that moment Szewczyk realized that they had been manipulated by the Union from the very beginning. Nevertheless, Szewczyk quickly regrouped with Justyna to rescue Iwona, only to discover that the Blood Knight had arrive beforehand.[10] But the two were ambushed immediately by Centaurea who knew the location of Szewczyk's missing wife. After a hard fight, Centaurea then made a negotiation with them that she would leave them alone as long as the rest stopped their hostility against the Union.[11]

Szewczyk eventually reunited with his family after a long search by Justyna. As everything came to a close, Szewczyk thanked P.S. for helping him. He also planned to leave Kawalerielki during the finals and settle somewhere else using the wealth he had accumulated. Before his departure, Szewczyk gave Sona an advice that it was meaningless to continue rebelling against the city as the K.G.C.C. remains unharmed even after the event last night.[12]

During the historical march of the Radiant Knight and the Blood Knight to the Champion's Hall, Szewczyk also provided help by stopping Centaurea from assassinating them and persuading her to let them go.[13]

An Obscure Wanderer