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Jie is a background NPC in Arknights who is first introduced in Invitation to Wine. Her legacy plays a supporting role in Here a People Sows.


The fifth sibling and third sister, Jie was one of the twelve avatars of Sui whose power was associated with writing and calligraphy. She had been a sisterly figure who was concerned over her siblings affair to a point of nagging sometimes.[1] Her calligraphic skill also once helped the imperial court of Yan in lessening illiteracy, teaching humans the art of writing, and setting up schools and libraries, and such had been her greatest goal she had ever achieved.

Despite the contributions of the Sui avatars, the Yanese imperial court had been holding distrust over them out of their fear of Sui's revival. This ultimately led to a tragedy sixty years ago where Jie was murdered,[2] and the murderer seems to be involved by the imperial court.

Jie's "death" leaves many grave consequences. Jie's death caused her existence to be erased from human's memories, and her creations such as her scrolls suddenly vanished.[3] Not only that, it resulted in the fall of the second brother Wang who began distrusting humans and sought to revive Sui as a way to bring back Jie back even though the other siblings persuaded that her consciousness will never be revived. Jie's "death" even further accelerated Sui's revival as her consciousness has returned to Its "body."


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