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This article pertains to a subject that is not yet released in the Global server of Arknights.

Kolya is an NPC in Arknights. He's one of the deauteragonists of the "Letters in the Flames of War" arc from Angelina: Sketches of This Messenger's Journey.


Little is known about Kolya besides being a Lieutenant General of the Ursus Imperial Army prior to his exile following the Great Rebellion. During the Tenth Ursus-Kazimierz War, he would establish an unlikely friendship with Jostk Novak, a Kazimierzian campaign knight that he held hostage.


Angelina: Sketches of THIS Messenger's Journey

As the 1062 New Year's eve was approaching, Kolya and his men were still holding position in the battle-ravaged trenches. Suddenly, one of Kolya's soldiers, Lerinste, decided to leave the trench and go towards the battlefield. Kolya ordered him to go back, otherwise he would be executed for violating military discipline. However, he would be restrained by his own men, as Lerinste simply went to retrieve the dog tag of his fallen comrade, Lomolov. Later on, Kolya and one of his men decided to scout the area, only to find Jostk and other campaign kights gathered around a bonfire, burning letters from their deceased comrades' families so they could receive them in the afterlife. Nevertheless, both sides refused to attack each other.[1]

The following day, Kolya led his soldiers to battle, but they would be interrupted by a blizzard-type Catastrophe, which was forecasted two hours ago, forcing both ursines and Kazimierzians to retreat. Kolya decided to pursue Jostk, who resulted injured by the Catastrophe, despite having receive orders to retreat eastward. After a tedious fight, Kolya managed to capture and apprehend Jostk with the intention of using him as a guide to escape the Catastrophe zone and reunite with his troops. However, a wild Manglerbeast would attack them, but Jostk managed to hit with a rock. After disposing the Manglerbeast, Kolya and Jostk stopped at a nearby cave for rest. Inside the cave, Jostk decided to share some of his wine, which originally saved in case Kazimierz won the war.[1][2]

After confessing that he attempted to knock him down during the way, Jostk tells Kolya to handle his communicator, so they could try requesting supplies as they didn't have the strength to resist the Catastrophe. Problem was that they could only hear interference. Kolya then recalls how his mother's mead just arrived home by the time he left, and how she should've already drink it. Kolya and Jostk's chat would be interrupted by the Campaign Knight's transmission on Kolya's communicator, as they prepared supplies at the nearby garrison in Thetha Heights. The next day, Kolya and Jostk decided to leave the cave and go to the supply point, but an avalanche would separate both. Before being trapped by the avalanche, Jostk tells Kolya to move forward.[2]

Following Ursus' victory in 1062, Kolya was eventually promoted as Lieutenant General and later transferred to the northern frontline. But his prestige and recognition were short-lived, as we has discharged alongside various other generals of the Ursus Sixth and Eight Armies due to his reckless actions in the "Great Rebellion". Meanwhile, news about the situation in Ursus arrived Kazimierz via a Messenger. Upon hearing about Kolya, Jostk, now promoted as captain of the Adeptus Sprawiedliwi Kazimierz, decided to "return a favor" and ordered a Messenger to contact him.[2]

Back in Ursus, Kolya was send to the tundra's mines for his execution, but was spared after the soldiers were approached by Jostk's Messenger. The Messenger takes Kolya to a shabby village, and tells him that the "perosn" who will pick him up is here. Before leaving, the messenger advises him to forget what happened today and don't ask any other questions. Kolya notices that the bottle he was carrying looked similar to Jostk's.[2]

Kolya continued his life as a farmer by the time Angelina found his undelivered letter to Jostk.[2][3]