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Costa is an NPC in Arknights. He first appears as an ambiguous character in Heart of Surging Flame[1] and is a major supporting character in So Long, Adele. He also appears in the "Siesta Vacation" arc from Angelina: Sketches of This Messenger's Journey.


Costa is a firm, yet grumpy government officer of the Siesta City Council who doesn't get along with the citizens. Back in his youth, he worked as a barista at the Mockingbird Café, the family's restaurant business located in Old Siesta, which was dedicated in memory of his late grandmother. As a young man with an energetic attitude, he was also known for his musical skills and performances from time to time, hence his nickname Corybantic Costa, as well as the inventor of the "Volcanic coffee", a mix of sparkling water and drip coffee that would become quite popular amongst Siestans. However, his grandfather would eventually become too old to continue working, so he intended to hand down the family business to him. Realizing that their life was getting rough, moreover with his grandfather's delicate health condition, he decided to close the restaurant a year ago and get a job as a City Hall staffer. Although he dislikes his current job, Costa feels lucky that the medical bills aren't a big burden for his family to carry.[2]

On the other hand, Costa does still remain his musical talent despite having sold his guitars, bass and synths long ago, and even dismissing his past as "Corybantic Costa". He sometimes plays the guitar for his fiance, Tysha.[3][4]


So Long, Adele

Angelina: Sketches of This Messenger's Journey

As part of a music contest in New Siesta, Costa joined Vigna's improvised rock band after he got the same task as her, consisting on splashing water to the audience in twenty minutes. After being insisted by his wife, Tysha, to help her. Nevertheless, Costa prooved his guitar skills to Vigna, and the concert was a huge success.