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Marcello Giallo is an NPC in Arknights. He's first implicitly mentioned in Executor the Ex Foedere's Archive files before appearing as a supporting character in Prelude Suite: Cadenza Virtuosa, and makes a cameo as a background character in Executor's second Operator Record, Enemy.


Little is known about Marcello's background other than being Arturia's father, and a famous neurosurgeon in Laterano. His cousin, a Notarial Hall Executor, was killed in action alongside his wife during mission fifteen years ago, leaving their son, Federico, under their care.[1] However, everything would go downhill after his wife, Luciana, died in a foreign warzone a few months after she became a war correspondent. Not only he became a more distant man, but his relationship with Arturia changed drastically, to the point of feeling remorse on her actions, once he learned she was her inspiration to leave Laterano. He sent Arturia to Leithanien for her studies, as her teachers were impressed with her musical talent, knowing pretty well that this is what killed her mother.[2]


Prelude Suite: Cadenza Virtuosa

While Arturia was playing her cello for her friends, Marcello and Luciana came to pick up her and Federico, bringing desserts and water guns along the way. However, Marcello felt the stress Luciana has been going through as a Legata, being limited to do paperwork. He then tries to cheer her up with one of the water guns, with Arturia and Federico joining the game in the process while helping her.

However, after Luciana resigned from her job as a Legata and left Laterano, Marcello became worried about her, as there wasn't any notice about her for months. Eventually, she was found dead on a warzone outside the Holy City. Among her recovered belongings, there were some photos she took during her new job as a war correspondent, and an undelivered letter. This completely broke Marcello, and to make matters worse, the letter claimed that Arturia was her inspiration to take such drastic decision.

Following the funeral, Marcello personally went to see Arturia, reproaching her actions. However, Arturia simply responded with a tune from her cello. The simple, yet eerie tune was enough for Marcello to get startled and run away from her. Marcello wouldn't assist to the burial later that day.[3]



  • In his Operator Record, Executor called him Avuncle, an unusual way to call an uncle derived from the Latin word avunculus meaning maternal uncle.