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His mind is unconditionally rational; his heart is wide and true.

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During a case of "empathetic expansion" that shakes Laterano, only a young executor-in-training with defective empathy is able to notice the truth.
<Background 1>
[Rushing Footsteps]
Executor-in-Training Federico... Federico! You're walking too fast! Please, wait up!
Executor What's the matter, Trainee Roberto?
Executor-in-Training C'mon, why are you acting so cold? Didn't we both report in to the Notarial Hall on the same day? We're practically destined to become best buds, aren't we?
I promised Ranieri that I'd visit his sweets shop after work to have some pudding. You should come too!
Executor That is an agreement between you and Trainee Ranieri. There's no need to involve me.
Also, please remove your hand from my shoulder. Excessive physical contact interferes with the efficiency of my work.
Executor-in-Training What work...? Oh, are you talking about the investigation we just did of the Pagus Stevonus Central Hospital?
Executor That would be the only item on our list of outstanding tasks.
Executor-in-Training But didn't the doctor say that everyone involved in the accident came down with some disease?
Something went wrong with the patients' collective empathy... While that's tragic, we're executors, not medics, and there's not a whole lot we can do.
Executor I've already reviewed the hospital records. Diseases related to the loss of collective empathy are extremely rare, with only seven recorded cases. Whereas in the past three days, we've received fifteen patients with the exact same symptoms across the various districts.
Statistical anomalies like this cannot be ignored.
Executor-in-Training So you suspect they're not actually sick? Then, what do you think is causing all this? Ha, you don't think there's some weirdo out there purposefully stuffing their heads full of emotions that don't belong to them, do you?
Executor It is certainly one possibility.
Executor-in-Training ...I was just kidding.
Executor I would need to do more research before making any further conjectures.
Executor-in-Training Alright then. Sounds like you won't be enjoying yourself with us. I can get a few muffins for you though – what flavor do you... Hey, would it kill you to stop walking so fast?!
<Background 2>
Federico ...And that is the general outline of the case.
As you are a famous neurosurgeon, I am here to ask for your professional opinion.
Is there any way to artificially interfere with the collective empathy between Sankta?
Tired Voice Interfering with our collective empathy... *cough*, *cough*! Fede, what you speak of is utterly impossible. Our empathy is a miracle unique to our race. Who could possibly hope to pry it wide open?
Federico ...Impossible?
Understood. Thank you for sharing your professional input.
As always, I brought some food, and will leave it in the fridge.
[Stuffs being stored in a bag]
Federico ...The fridge is full. I'll dump out some of the expired food before I leave.
Tired Voice I know how busy you are with work. You don't have to keep visiting me all the time.
Federico The curtains are drawn open.
Tired Voice The curtains? *cough*, *cough* That was me. I went out a bit, earlier in the day. Why?
Fedrico ......
<Flashback starts here>
[Door opening]
Federico Avuncle, I don't have classes right now, and can stay for up to a week.
I was planning on clearing up some of the clutter in the living room today. I learned some Arts for quickly crushing hard objects that should prove useful in a large cleanup.
Out of consideration for the possible noise, I'd advise you to stay inside. I'll relocate any of your valuables, so...
...It's gone.
Tired Voice What's gone?
Federico The cello. Arturia always kept it by the window. Now, the curtains are drawn open and the cello is gone.
Did she leave?
Tired Voice ...I let her go.
I sent her to Leithanien. She's had so many teachers anyway, and they've all praised her "gift."
Hah. "Gift"! The damn thing ruined your aunt, the woman I loved!
Federico You still can't accept her.
Tired Voice How could I? Whenever I see her, whenever I hear her music... I'm reminded of the pain of losing a loved one.
Federico Mm. The pain you feel has even started to affect your physical health.
Tired Voice Fede, you have no idea how much I envy you. Do you not miss the people who've passed on? Like your aunt, or your parents?
Federico I remember every detail of the time I spent with them.
Tired Voice But do you ever go crazy thinking about how much you miss them? Do you ever feel regret for not spending your time with them more meaningfully?
Federico Mater taught me that if I always make the best possible choice in the moment, then there is nothing to regret.
Tired Voice ...Which is why I envy you. Because her music won't affect you.
Ha. It goes beyond that though, child. I envy you and your lack of empathy. I envy you for not becoming addicted to emotions, let alone regret.
Federico Based on what I see, you've already started to regret your latest decision.
You know full well that Leithanien's synthesis of musical and Arts talent will only serve to further strengthen Arturia's Arts.
During the funeral, she made everyone who heard her music recall my aunt, and in the process revealed their hidden emotions.
Fortunately, everyone's lives returned to normal after the performance. Aside from some embarrassing memories, her music did not cause any lasting harm.
But that may not be the case next time. When she returns to Laterano, her special "gift" may cause even greater turmoil.
<Flashback ends here>
Even greater turmoil.
For example, some low-probability events that would otherwise never happen.
Federico looks to the window. Indeed, there is no longer a cello casting its shadow beside it.
But Federico's memory never errs. For the last four years, Marcello had never opened the curtains, no matter how bright the sun was outside.
To be more precise, he found it unbearable to even approach the place where the cello once rested.
Federico ......
When I told you about the case, I did not mention that it was an "empathetic expansion" incident.
Tired Voice Hmm...
Federico You don't have to answer the questions I am about to ask, but know that I will also interpret your silence as an answer.
Avuncle Marcello, has Arturia been here recently?
<Background 3>
Silent Cleric ......
Hospital Careworker Seniora, the test results have all come back. Your nerves are a bit overstimulated right now, but otherwise, there's nothing particularly wrong with your body.
But you're still not willing to talk?
[Door knocks]
Hospital Careworker Those two... Err, no, that one young executor came by again.
He keeps asking to see you, but he's... a bit too blunt. The doctor is worried that his brusque manner will disrupt your mental state again, just when we've finally gotten your mood to stabilize.
[Paper shaking]
Hospital Careworker Uhh, what's this... a slip of paper? He slipped a note under the door with a name written on it.
"Arturia." What's that supposed to mean?
Silent Cleric ...*gasp*!
Hospital Careworker Wh-Why are you so agitated all of a sudden?! Should I call the doctor?
Silent Cleric No... I'd like to meet with him.
[Door opening and footsteps]
Federico Hello
Silent Cleric ...I can't feel you.
Federico If you mean that your empathy did not alert you to my presence, then that is not due to any empathetic imbalance on your part, but rather a problem with me.
Silent Cleric Did you cut yourself off from our collective empathy, or do you suffer from some deficiency?
Federico The professionals lean towards it being physiological.
Silent Cleric Poor child.
You'll never know... what you are lacking.
Federico I appreciate your concern, but I've come to the conclusion that I am perfectly capable of performing my duties.
Moving on, I'd like to ask you a direct question – have you met with Arturia Giallo recently?
Silent Cleric ...I have.
I saw her. No, more than that... I heard her. I heard her performing.
Federico I can infer that she was performing at the church where you worked. Everyone who attended service that day heard her play.
Silent Cleric I was conducting a sermon that day.
Federico Did you know Arturia beforehand?
Silent Cleric ...No. That was my first time meeting her.
She sat in the corner of the front row, listened to the entire sermon, then asked me a question.
Federico Please state the question in question.
Silent Cleric She asked me...
<Flashback starts here>
<Background 4>
Arturia You just asked us to close our eyes and feel the emotions of our fellow countrymen sitting beside us.
So I did.
I felt... bathed in peace and joy, just like every moment I spend in Laterano City.
But Seniora, I can't help but wonder, what of that day five years ago?
When those refugees, displaced by war, came to our doorsteps after crossing the wilderness, only to be ignored by you. Did you feel the pain in their hearts?
Silent Cleric What... are you talking about?
Arturia It seems that your memories have faded with time. Allow me to help you recall.
Among them were children and the elderly. Feline and Liberi. And also... several Sankta who'd been born elsewhere.
They journeyed here under the guidance of a kind-hearted individual, believing that someone in Laterano would help them.
But the hopes of those poor souls were shattered. It didn't take long for most of them to perish in the sands.
Silent Cleric ...And you wish to take revenge on me on their behalf, child?
Because of my fear of Oripathy, because of my inability to empathize with their suffering.... You've come here to expose me, to shame me?
Arturia No, Seniora. I have no right to retaliate against you.
And as long as your actions match the emotions deep in your heart... I won't even judge you.
But you are supposed to be a kind person. Please tell me – is the reason you refused to help those people because you've grown accustomed to our collective empathy, but are unable to truly feel the emotions of others?
Silent Cleric ......
Arturia And I pose the same question to every person sitting here.
Arturia stands up and walks into the crowd.
She pauses and stops in front of each and every Sankta, feeling their thoughts as if they were the most intimate friends.
Arturia You blew up a flowerbed this morning. Do you feel for the others living in the same neighborhood, who are now mourning the loss of a precious childhood memory?
And you, you were in a hurry to get home yesterday, and rushed to board the public transit. Do you feel for the elderly woman you pushed aside, who was herself anxious about not being able to get to the hospital in time?
I am the same.
It is not that we were born selfish, weak, or dishonest.
We simply hid beneath our Sankta halos, using our "collective empathy" as both the premise and expression of mutual care, and deemed that to be enough.
But can we truly accept another person's emotions as our own?
<Flashback ends here>
<Background 3>
Federico Did you answer her question?
Silent Cleric I had no way of answering.
She posed that question to everyone present.
And afterward, she asked us, "would you like to feel even more?"
She walked to the center of the church, lifted her bow, and began to perform... our hymn.
It's not as if she took control of us. But we were all drawn to the sound of her cello.
I had heard the same hymn countless times before, but in that moment, it was as if I was hearing its melody for the very first time.
The whole city... blossomed to life in my mind.
Federico You're crying tears of happiness.
Silent Cleric That's right. Even now, I can still feel those effervescent emotions.
Some are crying, others are laughing; some are born, others pass away.
The doctors called my symptoms an "empathy disorder." They said that the memories I was seeing were deranged hallucinations, and wanted me to take tranquilizers.
But only I know... No, only those of us who heard that hymn know.
None of us had ever "felt" each other before. Or "felt" Laterano, or "felt" the advent, continuation, and cessation of life as we did in that moment.
Under the torrent of such powerful emotions, I no longer feel shame or regret towards what I did in the past.
I know clearly that their pain will become my pain, and I will carry those memories with me as my own, until I face my next decision.
Federico ......
Thank you for your cooperation. I will report your testimony to the Notarial Hall.
<Background 5>
[Footsteps and comms beeping]
Executor-in-Training Where are you, Federico?
Federico Roberto, as you are my partner, I have an obligation to inform you of my intentions.
I am ordering the arrest of Arturia, the suspect in the "empathetic expansion" case. She is most likely in the cemetery right ahead of me.
I have already sent you the coordinates. Please be prepared to cooperate.
Executor-in-Training G-Giallo? Isn't she your...
Federico Distant relative. But that has no bearing on my decision-making.
[Comms noise]
Federico ......
<Flashback starts here>
[Cello melody playing]
Federico You're here alone again, Soror.
Avuncle has also locked himself inside. The two of you haven't spoke in a long time.
Why not tell him that you're suffering?
Calm Voice There's no point.
Fede, my father's love for my mother blinded him to her true emotions. He wanted nothing but to keep her by his side, but she didn't want to be chained down by him.
I only wanted to help him realize this, but he pushed me away.
He would rather hate me than admit that it was Mamma's idea to leave him.
Federico Regardless, you shouldn't have caused such a commotion at the funeral.
People are hurt by your music. I agree with Avuncle's judgment that you were in the wrong.
Calm Voice Are you also afraid of me, Fede? Just like father, and everyone else at that funeral?
Federico ...I'm not afraid of you.
The Sankta girl stands silently before a tombstone.
She continues playing her cello, each note filled with emotions that Federico cannot feel.
All he can do is sit on the grass not far away, scrawling away and thinking, occasionally lifting his head to look at the tightly-shut windows, the vibrating strings, and the silent tombstones.
He can even discern that the sound of the cello reverberating in the wind is becoming more and more frantic.
[Another Cello melody]
<Flashback ends here>
Federico I will stop you.
I will not allow you to continue your self-centered performance—
Arturia It's been a while, Fede.
Are you also here to pay a visit to Mamma?
Federico You know why I'm here.
Arturia You're still exactly the same as when you were little. Always so straightforward... always so good at spoiling the mood.
Federico Three days ago, in a church in Pagus Stevonus, you used Originium Arts on thirty-one Sanktas, causing them to suffer from an empathy disorder in serious violation of our laws.
As an executor of the Notarial Hall, I declare you under arrest.
Arturia Did you know? Ever since you were little, I always knew you'd grow up to be an exemplary executor.
But... Well, even I couldn't imagine that I'd be the first person you tried to arrest.
From a certain perspective, that makes this rather amusing, doesn't it?
Federico Giallo and Arturia Giallo were born to be mortal enemies.
Federico I do not find that amusing.
Your actions seriously threaten the stability of Laterano.
Arturia Fede, do you know why I went to that church?
Federico The refugees abandoned by the clerics were rescued from the battlefield by a Sankta named Luciana.
Arturia That's right. I wanted to see where my mother went after she left Laterano, so I retraced the path she took and found the people she'd helped.
One of these places happened to be a settlement, where my mother described the beauty of Laterano to them. She told them to come here for help in desperate times.
She knew that most of them were Infected, and would not be accepted by the pure Holy City. But she thought that her handwritten letter would impress her former friends and colleagues.
But what she didn't know was that most of them would treat her ideals—her feelings—as a laughingstock at her funeral.
Even the few who still held good feelings towards her... such as that cleric, would go on to look away from the plight of others.
Federico That does not justify harming her or any of the others present.
Arturia Harming them?
I simply allowed them to share each other's emotions.
After that, they gained the opportunity to become brave, benevolent, and compassionate people, just as Mamma was.
Federico You speak of something completely uncertain and absolutely beyond your control.
The indiscriminate expansion of the scope of Sankta empathy will affect our daily lives, causing uncontrollable panic and chaos.
The order that people are accustomed to would cease to exist, to the point where it would become dangerous to leave one's home. Law-breaking behavior will occur on a massive scale, which may trigger a large number of Sankta falling from grace in a short period of time.
While becoming kinder is one possibility, they may also become violent or crazed, or even turn into criminals who threaten public safety.
Arturia I see that you can't accept that the order you're so familiar with has long since lost its rationality.
Look at the truth. Emotions alone never give rise to madness. On the contrary, it is only when your heart cannot accept your own emotions that they pierce the shield of reason.
We should have broken away from this false order constraining our emotions, making people callous, hypocritical, and cowardly.
Only afterwards can a new, emotion-driven life be truly built. We'll be more free... and have less regrets.
Federico It is unclear who you are referring to as "we," as well as the context of "afterwards."
All I know is that, much like Amita Luciana – your mother – it has no future.
Arturia ......
Fede, you really know how to hit someone where it hurts.
I know it wasn't your intention, but... you made me feel pain so effortlessly.
Federico Oftentimes, pain can be a wake-up call.
However, judging from your subsequent actions, I cannot tell if you've ever experienced even a moment of remorse.
Arturia Remorse?
If there's anything I regret, it's that I couldn't do more for my mother at the time. So she wouldn't been so easily and hastily taken by death while on the path to realizing her innermost feelings.
Federico Your choice is irrational.
Arturia Fede, how I wish you could understand the sound of my music.
How I wish I could share with you what I think and feel when I stand in front of my mother's tombstone, recalling those times over and over again.
Federico I refuse. No amount of emotions justify your crimes.
Arturia I don't want to exonerate myself. I just... want you to understand me.
Federico Put down your cello. I won't allow you to touch those strings anymore.
Arturia My beloved brother, are you really going to point your gun at me?
Federico Unless you decide to surrender yourself.
Arturia You and I both know that's not possible.
Federico Arturia, I cannot allow any enemies of Laterano to move freely about the Holy City unsanctioned.
The sound of your music may not affect me, but the same cannot be said for others nearby.
I can no longer allow you to weave your illusions, to fill the minds of others with your unnecessary emotions, or even shake the very foundations of our collective empathy.
Arturia ......
You... refer to the very real memories my music brings people as the complete opposite, "illusions." Why? You've certainly never denied the meaning of emotions to yourself.
I really ought to hate you, Federico...
But still, seeing how we've been apart for so long, I've prepared a gift to celebrate our reunion.
Look over there.
[Car honking]
Federico A vendor's car?
Executor-in-Training There you are, Federico!
I have no idea why, but a few youngsters kept trying to drag me along, saying they wanted to turn this place into a venue for a balloon contest and needed an executor there to certify it...
Whoa, whoa, whoa... What are you doing?
Why are you pointing your gun at another Sankta? Are you trying to fall?
Federico That's not a matter worth consideration in our current situation.
Executor-in-Training I can't let you do this!
You said that you were looking for Arturia Giallo, right? She's your sister! I know there might be some history between you two, but don't be rash!
Federico ......
[Car speeding fast and crashing down]
The speeding balloon car shows no signs of stopping.
Federico springs forward, grabs the two people from the left and right sides of the vehicle as quickly as possible, and throws them onto the grass.
Countless balloons fly out of the car. The sudden kaleidoscope of colors blots out the sky as well as his vision. Though it lasted but a brief moment, it was enough.
Federico Arturia...
She got away.
Executor-in-Training Huh?
Federico Please take the people who were in the car just now, and report to Pagus Stevonus Central Hospital together.
Executor-in-Training You still have things to investigate? I thought you already got to the bottom of the case!
Federico I'd suggest you undergo a full-body checkup.
Just now, you might all have been affected by the sound of Arturia's cello.
Executor-in-Training I don't feel any different...
Federico Assuming you haven't been affected, I have another suggestion.
Executor-in-Training What is it?
Federico ......
Executor-in-Training Oh! I know – you're about to suggest that I find myself a new job, right? Well shoot, I was just thinking the same thing! I knew we were destined to be best buds!
<Background 2>
Federico ...And that is how my meeting with Arturia went.
Apologies, Avuncle Marcello, but I've already submitted the evidence to the Notarial Hall.
It is said that several cardinals have personally reviewed the files and identified Arturia as a wanted individual.
Tired Voice My child, you... made the correct decision. The one I couldn't bring myself to make.
I keep thinking, what if I hadn't sent Arturia away... What if I hadn't closed myself off to Luciana's emotions when I learned of her death...
Would she not have gone further down her misguided path?
Federico There's no point speculating.
All I know is that it was Arturia Giallo's own choice to embark on the chaotic path she currently walks.
And that I will personally see to it that she is brought to justice, and made to face the consequences of her actions.
Tired Voice They asked you to arrest your own sister?
Federico I am the most qualified.
Not only because I am one of the few unaffected by her music... But also, even if she herself is unwilling to admit it, there's a good chance that nobody in all of Laterano knows her better than I do.
Tired Voice What happens after you arrest her? Will the law... sentence her?
Federico According to the records, Laterano's laws have been supplemented and amended countless times in the millennium since the city's founding.
Considering the uniqueness of Arturia's Arts, the crimes she committed may be difficult to prosecute under our current laws—
But as long as she continues to pose an objective threat, the gun of an executor will continue to render correct judgments.
Tired Voice You're only a kid... You just graduated.
Federico Do you think that I am incapable of taking on such a large responsibility?
Tired Voice Hah... If anything, I'm worried that you're a bit too responsible. Federico, I'm sure you'll become one of Laterano's best executors, just like your parents.
Maybe... I really am getting old. Recently, I keep thinking back to the past.
Not long after your parents passed away, when you first came to our house. Luciana was still with us, and you and Arturia were such lovely children. We'd get together to have water gun fights, and...
Federico If that is your heart's desire, I can take half a day off to play with you.
Tired Voice Haha. You really are a good kid.
Actually, there is one thing... that you yourself might not have made sense of.
You say that Arturia hates you because you deny the meaning of emotion.
But it might just be that she knows you better than you know yourself.
Federico Please elaborate.
Tired Voice Federico, you're the most sincere and open child I've ever met. You never run from your past, and you never suppress any of your emotions.
You've left Arturia at a complete loss... along with her Arts.
Federico I find myself somewhat puzzled at your statement.
Tired Voice Then every once in a while, just stop thinking.
So, come on in and let your uncle give you a hug, okay?
Federico This request for physical contact makes me...
[Door opening sound]
Federico ......
The door that had been closed for eight years was open.
The curtains were never closed again, revealing window panes as clean and clear as the blue sky.
On the table are several muffins and a glass of steaming water.
Federico ...A hug is an acceptable request.