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Operator Record
Fatal Attraction
Sesa icon.png

This may be a rare break in Sesa's search for the truth, or it may be the most carefully laid of traps.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Sesa to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Sesa.
Male Old Kuranta A icon.png
Aging Resident
Male Sargonian A icon.png
Arrogant Merchant
Victorian Boy icon.png
Ursine Villager icon.png
Ursine Infected icon.png
Timid Resident
Bounty Hunter B icon.png
Young Mercenary
Sargon Village
Sargon Village Night
Sargon Marketplace
Sesa gets another lead from Passenger about the accident.
<Background 1A>
[Sesa is hammering down some materials.]
Sesa Even broken materials like these continue to thirst and scream.
Ah, I can hear your wails...
[Sesa readies his weapon as an old man shows up.]
Aging Resident Morning, Sesa. Been busy all night again?
I thought I heard a bunch of mercenaries fighting. Turned out it's just you taking out the trash.
Sesa Time does not forgive!
Great power must be tempered by years...
Aging Resident In order to break free from the shackles of pain and destruction, right?
Haha, always so hard to understand what you're saying.
I'll leave you to it, then.
Sesa One moment.
Aging Resident Hm?
[Sesa pulls the tarmac.]
Sesa I am not your antidote, and you need not thank me for this act of impulse.
<Background 1A>
Aging Resident Is this... did you make this out of that scrap?!
Just like that? Incredible!
This old leg of mine hasn't moved so well in... forever! Wow!
Sesa Just gave it a few tweaks.
May it solve some of your troubles.
Aging Resident You're too humble.
Thank you so much, Sesa.
Look out behind you!
[A running child bumps to Sesa.]
Child Ouch!
Sesa Be careful.
It is perilous to keep one's gaze lowered and lose sight of all around you.
Child ......
No idea what you just said!
But it doesn't matter!
Here, Sesa!
Sesa Bread?
Child Yeah! I got it from a guy who wears weird clothes and talks weird.
Heh, I got two, actually.
So one's for you. Thanks for catching that thief!
Sesa ......
Thank you.
Child Mm-hm!
[Sesa noticed something on the bread.]
Sesa What is it?!
Sesa (There's a note in the bread?)
(Someone who dresses and speaks oddly... could it be?)
Little one?
Child (Swallows) Mm?
Sesa Come, reveal your secrets. Who has guided you here...
Aging Resident Sesa?
??? Are you Mr. Sesa?
Sesa No need for titles. I am beneath them.
The aura of a profiteer, that chilling accent...
??? I beg your pardon?
Er, has there been a misunderstanding?
The name's Darrell. I'm a merchant from Columbia.
Sesa (A merchant from Columbia?)
(Could the note have been a warning?)
Darrell I've been told you're an expert on retrofitting Originium weapons.
(Whisper) I have a shipment of... said weapons... from a certain Columbian company.
(Whisper) Would you like to have a... chat?
<Background 2>
Timid Resident I thought this would be a place where I could catch my breath, compared to all the crap in Ursus.
Yes, I was a killer! But I only ever killed that blasted drunkard in the search squad, dammit!
I just want to live a quiet life and take care of my new wife.
I've even tried to stop thinking about the scum who reported me, about what they did to me!
But why...
Passenger What would you like me to do for you, then?
Timid Resident A few Ursus mercenaries recognized me. I denied it, but they burned down my shop...
The Lord Ameer's men chased them away, but... I know they've set their sights on me.
Passenger Why did you come to me, then?
What drove you to forfeit your own rights?
Timid Resident Rights?
I know you can find them.
Passenger But you could have done it yourself.
Timid Resident I...
Passenger Am I wrong? Are you suddenly beset by pity for your fellow man?
To my knowledge, it wasn't just some "search squad member" you killed in Ursus.
Timid Resident You!
[The timid man pulls out a knife and attacks Passenger, who easily disarms him.]
Passenger I'll consider this a sign of your mistrust in me. A test, as it were.
But see, you clearly know what you want, don't you?
Timid Resident ......
I'm sorry...
Passenger That said, that weapon of yours isn't exactly suitable for revenge.
Timid Resident What do you want?
Passenger What can you give me?
I'll accept all reasonable forms of payment, even... interesting conditions.
Timid Resident ......
[The timid man walks off, but...]
Passenger I could help you.
Don't worry, I'm just looking for a purpose.
Timid Resident A purpose?
Passenger Yes, a purpose.
Timid Resident ......
Thanks, but no.
[The timid man leaves.]
Passenger This is rather unlike you. I thought you'd have come earlier.
Or even barged in, rather than standing there like a student waiting for his teacher's answer.
Sesa ......
[Sesa reveals himself.]
Passenger Of course, I could consider taking in a student like you.
Give you some necessary pointers, if that's what you're looking for.
Sesa I do need an answer.
That note. You're the only one who could've sent it.
Passenger I don't know the child.
Sesa So?
Passenger But I do "know" them.
I was handing out bread to every child on the streets who passed by, knowing the message would make it to you.
Sesa I was asking why, not how.
Did you think you were clever, following and using a child?
Passenger I was simply... matching my behavior to yours.
Sesa What?
Passenger The caution and wariness you've shown in Sargon... You must be hiding from someone.
The less traces one leaves, the harder it will be for someone to find out.
Sesa ......
Can you talk normally for once?
Passenger Who, me?
Sesa ......
A merchant who says he's from Columbia, claiming to have experimental weapons from that company.
Did you think I'd believe it's a coincidence? What do you want?
Passenger It's been many years. Have you found a single thing?
Sesa ......
This isn't the first time you've done something like this.
Are you having fun?
You give me a piece of intel, then watch me blunder around and end up empty-handed.
Passenger But you'll keep searching. Because vengeance is the eternal motif.
How far will you go?
Sesa ......
Passenger Also, you shouldn't get the wrong idea.
I wanted to help you, and to help myself as well.
Sesa What do you want?
Passenger Did you accept his offer?
Sesa No, I told him I wasn't interested.
I turned him down and told him to never come back.
Passenger Oh?
What a surprising result. I was sure you'd gladly accept it...
Did you not trust his identity? Or did you suspect my motives?
Sesa What do you want?
Passenger What can you give me?
I'll accept all reasonable forms of payment, even... interesting conditions.
Sesa ......
Alright. But no more conditions. You've already named your price.
You said you wanted a purpose.
I'll give you one.
Passenger Deal.
Sesa So, what do you know?
Passenger He's not a merchant. Everything he said was a clumsy lie.
Sesa Even I could see that. That's why I found him suspicious.
But you knew that and still sent him to me. You must have your reasons.
Passenger He showed me a weapon sample from Columbia.
It was... interesting.
The Originium Arts mechanism was more direct than any other product in the black market.
Sesa Do you mean...
Passenger Compared to your research, the technology used was crude, immature.
But someone is trying to pick a lock which should not be opened.
Sesa No one should see a single page of that documentation ever again, much less sell it on the black market.
Passenger It's a valuable lead.
Or perhaps bait. A trap.
Sesa Yes, the perfect bait for me. One that I couldn't resist.
<Background fades out and in>
Passenger May I ask what your plans are now?
Sesa I cannot say.
Passenger What about making a new deal?
You'll need my help in the black markets of Sargon.
Sesa No, I would rather place my faith in inspired intuition, rather than the guided hand.
The hidden truth will be revealed.
Passenger Ah... what a shame.
<Background fades out and in>
Arrogant Merchant How long are you gonna take? I've never seen someone so picky in my life!
Ealayk allaena![note 1]
Young Mercenary What's that attitude? Ibn al kalb![note 2]
Do you really think any of this crap you're selling is anything but scrap metal?
Arrogant Merchant Say that again?! I'll tear you to pieces, I swear!
Young Mercenary Try me! Haram alayk,[note 3] I wouldn't have wasted my time here if a friend didn't recommend it.
Arrogant Merchant Al'ahmaq![note 4]
[The merchant and the mercenary duked it out with each other, but Sesa intervenes.]
Young Mercenary Who're you?
Arrogant Merchant You again!
Sesa All that is sold here is emptiness.
Small wonder no gazes linger.
Arrogant Merchant Just my luck, what a day!
First a fool, now a madman.
Get lost!
[The merchant attacks Sesa with his sword, who blocked it.]
Sesa Haha, do you not see the weakness and frailty in his weapons?
The imposition of will can hardly disguise foolishness and ineptitude.
Young Mercenary ......
Arrogant Merchant GET! LOST!
[The merchant tries to push his sword through Sesa's guard.]
Sesa I offer you passage to the other side. I know what you seek...
I will reveal hidden secrets.
Young Mercenary Seriously, are you sick or something?
What the hell are you talking about?
Arrogant Merchant Must have forgotten to take his meds.
[Sesa strikes the sword off the merchant's hands.]
Sesa Ah, to be blind and foolish.
The weapons from Columbia bring unfathomable destruction and power.
They await their destined bearer.
Young Mercenary What?
Sesa Farewell.
[Sesa leaves.]
Arrogant Merchant Get lost, and never come back!
Ealayk allaena![note 1]
Young Mercenary ......
[The merc tries to run, but the merchant stops him.]
Young Mercenary What's your problem? Outta my way!
Arrogant Merchant What did he say? Weapons from Columbia?
Young Mercenary How would I know?! Piss off!
Arrogant Merchant Columbian weapons...
<Background 1B>
Darrell (Drunkenly) One more mug!
Barkeeper ......
Darrell (Drunkenly) *Hic* The people here...
(Drunkenly) Dumb *hic* peasants...
(Drunkenly) They *hic* have no idea *hic* about the stuff I have!
Barkeeper I think you've had too much.
Darrell (Drunkenly) Idiots! *Hic*
Arrogant Merchant ......
<Background fades out and in>
Darrell (Drunkenly) I thought I could *hic* make a killing off it...
(Drunkenly) The stuff's so good *hic*... why won't anyone take it?
Arrogant Merchant Hey there, friend.
Darrell (Drunkenly) *Hic*...
??? Hey!
Arrogant Merchant Who's there?!
??? I saw you shadowing him.
What are you up to?
Arrogant Merchant Allaenat ealayk![note 1]
None of your business!
??? What are you up to?!
Arrogant Merchant Out of my way!
[The merchant attacks the mysterious man with his sword...]
??? Ugh...
Help! Thief!
Arrogant Merchant Allaenat ealayk!
[...who runs away.]
Arrogant Merchant Hey!
Darrell (Drunkenly) Huh? *Hic* What d'ya want?
Arrogant Merchant You're coming with me.
[The merchant punches Darrell...]
Darrell (Drunkenly) Ow!
[...knocking him out as the mysterious man reveals himself as Sesa.]
Sesa ......
<Background 3>
Darrell This is... my room...
How did I...
W-Who are you?
Arrogant Merchant You're awake? Where are the goods?
Darrell W-What goods?
Arrogant Merchant Don't play dumb with me. You've been telling anyone who would listen that you have a bunch of Columbian weapons.
You wanted to do business. Well, I'm here to do business.
Darrell Business...
Who the hell does business like this?!
Arrogant Merchant I want to see a sample. Now.
Business is all about trust. I'm sure you understand.
Darrell ......
Behind that cupboard.
Arrogant Merchant ......
Darrell ......
Ow! Why you–!
Arrogant Merchant Aren't you gonna show me a sample? Is this how you treat your customers?
No wonder you couldn't sell anything.
Darrell ......
Sesa ......
(Even project leads like my brother couldn't have taken experimental weapons out of the labs, much less sold them abroad.)
(So who is this man? Is he really just elaborate bait?)
(The terrible acting, the obvious lies...)
Darrell Here... your sample.
[Darrell hands over the sample weapon to the merchant.]
Arrogant Merchant Well, well! Very fine indeed.
Darrell O-Of course! It's cutting-edge technology!
Simple to maintain, and, er... easy to use.
Even for laymen...
Arrogant Merchant Show me how.
Darrell W-What?
But I'm not a mercenary...
Arrogant Merchant So what? Didn't you say it's easy to use?
It's your product. You demonstrate it.
Darrell I...
[The merchant slaps Darrell.]
Arrogant Merchant Allaenat ealayk![note 1]
Don't point that thing at me! I'll kill you!
Darrell ......
I-I think it's this one here...?
[The merchant slaps Darrell again.]
Arrogant Merchant You don't even know how use your own goods?
Darrell I-I do! I do!
Activate the Originium... then press the trigger.
Arrogant Merchant I told you not to point that thing at me!
Allaenat ealayk!
[The merchant slaps Darrell again.]
Darrell Enough!
Don't touch me again! I'm warning you!
[Darrell readies the weapon.]
Arrogant Merchant Al'ama![note 5] What are you doing?!
Darrell Down payment! You wanna do business, you make a down payment!
Arrogant Merchant You want money? You haven't shown me any goods!
Darrell This weapon is really powerful!
All you need to do is press the trigger! Wanna see for yourself?
Arrogant Merchant ......
How many do you have? The same model as the one you're holding?
Darrell T-Tons of 'em!
I'll have someone tell you where the deal takes place once I get my down payment!
Arrogant Merchant How do I know you're not playing me for a fool?
Darrell You saw it with your own eyes!
The form, the technology, none of this is possible in Sargon.
Arrogant Merchant Very well...
Alright, friend, I suppose did get a little carried away.
How much are you asking?
Darrell I...
[The merchant pulls out his sword,]
Arrogant Merchant Ibn al kalb![note 2] You're trying to threaten me?!
I'll kill you!
Darrell Whoa!
[Someone fires a grenade launcher at the merchant.]
<Background fades out and in>
Darrell *cough* *cough*...
Ow ow ow!
??? Don't move, unless you want to die.
Darrell W-What?
??? That weapon won't help you. I know it better than you do.
Who are you? Where did this sample come from?
Darrell I... I...
??? One... two...
Darrell I'll talk, I'll talk!
I really am from Columbia...
Arrogant Merchant Allaenat ealayk![note 1]
Who hit me?!
??? ......
[The mystery man punched the merchant...]
Arrogant Merchant Whoa!
[...knocking him out.]
<Background fades out>
Passenger If you hadn't acted, the prototype would have overloaded and exploded, wiping away all traces.
But instead, you saved his life, without even ascertaining his identity.
A bout of adventurism? Or simple sentimentality?
Sesa ......
I'm not out to kill people. I just want to know the truth.
Passenger Did you find the answer you wanted?
<Background fades in>
??? You're an employee at that company?
I've had a lot of business dealings with them. But I've never seen you.
Darrell I-I'm just a low-level worker in Logistics and Maintenance. You probably never met me.
??? Logistics and Maintenance... how did you get the weapon?
Darrell We're in charge of transporting and scrapping discarded prototypes.
I found this off the scrap heap.
??? Scrapped prototypes? How many more like this do you have?
Darrell None! This is the only one!
??? That's not what you said earlier.
Darrell I-I was lying to him!
??? Oh?
Darrell But I'm telling the truth now!
There were only so many of them, and most were completely destroyed.
My thinking was that the people here would never chase me down to Columbia, even if they never got the goods.
??? ......
A few years back, your company claimed that an accident had occurred at the lab, preventing them from delivering a shipment.
Did that really happen?
Darrell A few years back...
Yeah, there was a serious accident at a lab.
But I don't know what happened... we arrived on the scene afterward.
??? Did you notice anything unusual?
Darrell Hmm... Not really.
But the company removed every piece of scrap from the scene in individual containers.
??? Individual containers? Where were they taken?
Darrell I don't know.
??? ......
Darrell I really don't know! Honest!
Everyone was searched before we left, to make sure none of us took anything.
??? ......
Darrell I swear I'm telling the truth!
Please, don't kill me!
<Background fades out>
Passenger Did you spare his life out of a sense of conscience, or as a valuable lead?
Sesa ......
Passenger No need to feel embarrassed. None of us act without a reason.
Not that the results are always what we wanted.
Sesa And is this what you wanted?
To see me feeling lost, helpless, angry?
Passenger I just wanted to know the answer.
Sesa To what?
Passenger How far you would go for revenge.
Sesa ......
However far it takes.
Passenger Is that so?
<Background fades in>
??? What about the researchers?
Darrell What?
??? Did any researchers from the lab survive the accident?
Darrell ......
I-I don't think so...
??? (Deep breath)
Your department disposed of the bodies, didn't it? Where were they taken?
I heard from their families that they never saw the bodies. They were just told that they had died in the accident.
Darrell The bodies...
??? (Deep breath)
Yes, the bodies!
Darrell ......
They were all sent to garbage disposal.
??? What?!
<Background fades out>
Passenger "It always ends the same way."
"I tried my best. I always fail, but I'll do anything. Anything for some closure." Isn't that right?
Sesa Are you done?
Passenger No plots, no traps, no ulterior motives.
Maybe they have no interest in your investigation. Maybe they've completely forgotten about you.
Sesa ......
What do you want from me?
Passenger How far you will go for revenge?
<Background fades in>
Darrell I'm sorry! They were sent to garbage disposal!
Whether intact or damaged, they were all just... there was no order from above.
We just disposed of them according to standard procedures.
Sesa ......
[The mystery man aims his weapon at Darrell.]
Darrell Please!
Please, don't kill me!
<Background fades out>
Passenger You know it wasn't his fault. He's insignificant.
But you don't want to let anything go, no matter how slim the chance, how flimsy the link.
As long as you achieve your purpose.
Passenger Vengeance is the eternal motif.
Sesa Like you? Burning down a whole city without any concern for those within?
Passenger I gave them time to evacuate.
Sesa Yes, you made the relatively correct choice in the circumstances, one that saved you face.
Passenger But I completed my revenge. What about you?
Sesa ......
[A gunshot is heard.]
Passenger ......
Sesa I'm searching for the truth. An answer.
I'll keep searching.
But I won't make the same choices that you did.
<Background fades in>
Darrell ......
Sesa ......


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 عليك اللعنة; "Damn it!" in Arabic
  2. 2.0 2.1 ابن الكلب; "Son of a b***h!" in Arabic
  3. حرام عليك; "F**k you" in Arabic
  4. الأحمق; "Dumbass!" in Arabic
  5. العمى; "Shit!" in Arabic