Vigna: What You've Gotta Do

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Operator Record
What You've Gotta Do
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Rock 'n' roll can be your whole hobby, but not your whole life.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Vigna to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Vigna.
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Audience Member
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Audience Member
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Logistics Operator
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Vanguard Operator
Cold Forest
RI Corridor
OF Stage
During a mission Rhodes Island is involved in on par of a contract, Operator Vigna becomes torn between either her squad or a concert...
<Background 1>
[Amidst a forest, Vigna is pursuing someone with two Rhodes Island vanguards following her.]
Vigna Outta my way! Outta my way!
Stop right there! Give it up and let me take you down!
Vanguard Operator A Hey, Vigna, calm down! Don't go out ahead!
What is she so worked up for today?
Vanguard Operator B What, you haven't heard? There's some rock band putting on a concert at the city we're stopped next to. Vigna's been looking forward to it for days.
Vanguard Operator A Well, alright. No wonder.
Vanguard Operator B Right? Anyway, let's go after her. Wouldn't want her to run into any trouble.
Vanguard Operator A Alright.
[Background fades to black, then re-appears.]
Vanguard Operator A Hey, Vigna? I know you're excited about that concert, but try to calm down a bit.
Vigna Oh, right. My bad.
Vanguard Operator A It's fine. I'm not yelling at you or anything, just a friendly reminder.
Vanguard Operator B That's right. You did a great job. You were a little worked up, but your judgment is just as great as always. You did everything you were meant to do. You've grown up, Vigna.
Vigna Hehe, I've been training every single day, y'know!
Vanguard Operator A Haha, that's terrific. I wasn't nearly as industrious when I was your age.
Seeing as you're so excited today, I'm guessing the concert's something to look forward to?
[Vigna springs up excitedly.]
Vigna Yeah, I love this band!
And, I mean, it's not always there's a concert right when we're stopped next to a city!
Vanguard Operator B True that.
Vigna Besides, going to rock concerts in person is like a whole different experience from listening to a CD! You guys should come, too!
Vanguard Operator A Haha, I'll pass. Rock 'n' roll is a bit too loud for my ear it takes to make sure you get to that concert tonight.
Vanguard Operator B That's right!
<Background fades out and in>
Vanguard Operator A Tsk, these bastards know how to ambush, huh?
Vanguard Operator B With a pack this big, my guess is these beasts have a leader or something.
Vanguard Operator A I think so too, but it's probably not in this group we're chasing. We would've found it already if it was.
What should we do? Take a look around this area?
[Sounds of fighting are heard from a distance.]
Vigna Last one!
Okay, that should be it, right?
Vanguard Operator B Haha. Yeah, let's call it a day here.
We have all these teams out here bringing their numbers down. Even if we don't get the pack leader today, it'll be some time before they can kick up a fuss again.
Vanguard Operator A Haha, you're right about that. Maybe they never had a leader in the first place.
Hey, Vigna, you gonna make it to that concert of your in time?
Vigna It's 2:10 right now. Hm, we'll need to head back to the ship for debriefing, and that's going to take about an hour, then it'll take another hour to get to town. The concert starts at five.
Yeah, I'll make it!
Vanguard Operator B Perfect. Let's head back and report.
<Background 2>
[Vigna and the vanguards return to the R.I. landship.]
Vigna We're home!
Logistics Operator Good work.
Vanguard Operator A Where's everyone else?
Logistics Operator All the other teams have already finished their assignments. You guys are the last team back.
Vanguard Operator A I see.
Vigna Alright, so that's a wrap, right?
Logistics Operator Well, it is, but...
Vigna What's wrong?
Logistics Operator Well, here's the deal.
When Team C was chasing away the beasts, they were attacked by what they thought was the pack leader. There were a lot of them, too, so the team decided to retreat.
Vanguard Operator B See? I told you.
[Vanguard Operator A lashes out.]
Vanguard Operator A What are you so cocky about? I knew this was going to happen too!
Logistics Operator Our contract with the city government stipulates that we have to eliminate the threat of the beasts that's keeping their residents locked down.
Vanguard Operator B So you mean we have to go back and take care of this threat once and for all?
Logistics Operator That's right. Of course, because of the change in plans, we're reorganizing the mission roster. You don't have to participate if you don't want to.
Vanguard Operator A Well, how can we possibly back out after you told us all that?
Vanguard Operator B That's right. We'll see it through, but well...
Vigna, you still have your concert, right? Just go. Leave this to the rest of us.
Logistics Operator Huh? Concert?
Vigna Yeah... It's starting in a few hours.
Logistics Operator I see. You should get going, then. Don't worry about us.
Vigna I can't do that...
I'm going on this mission too.
Vanguard Operator A Don't worry about us. This is nothing too tough. The beasts have a leader, that's all. We can handle it ourselves.
Vanguard Operator B That's right. Didn't you say you love this band? Just leave it to us and enjoy the concert.
[Vigna stands in protest.]
Vigna But...!
Logistics Operator Vigna, I'm glad you're worried about us, but you really don't have to. You completed your mission already, so just take it easy and enjoy the concert.
Vigna Alright...
<Background 3>
Main Vocalist Are y'all ready to rock?!
[The crowd cheers.]
Audience Yeah!
Main Vocalist Let's rock this place up all night!
[The crowd cheers.]
Vigna Ohh!!!
Man, a concert is totally different in person!
I really should've dragged them here with me.
But they...
<Flashback starts here>
<Background 1>
Vanguard Operator A Haha, I'll pass. Rock 'n' Roll is a bit loud for my ears.
Vanguard Operator B More or less that same for me, but we'll do what it takes to make sure you get to that concert tonight.
Vanguard Operator A Hey, Vigna, you gonna make it to that concert of yours in time?
<Flashback ends here>
<Background 3>
[Back at the concert...]
Vigna ......
*Sigh*... Screw it...
[Vigna rushes off and bumps with an audience.]
Audience Member A Hey, what was that for?!
Audience Member B Watch it, cupcake! What are you even doing, going that way?!
Vigna Excuse me! Sorry, coming through!
Audience Member C My popcorn!
Vigna Woah, sorry!
<Background 2>
[Vigna returns to the R.I. landship, much to the logistician's surprise.]
Logistics Operator Huh? Vigna, why are you back so early?
Didn't you say the concert was going to last all night?
Vigna Where are they?
Logistics Operator Who's "they"?
Vigna The guys I was on the mission with this afternoon!
<Background 1>
Vanguard Operator A Gotta hand it to them. These beasts are pretty crafty.
Vanguard Operator B Yeah, looks like they're hiding now that they know we're a threat.
Vanguard Operator A Well, no wonder they managed to keep this ruckus up for so long.
So what should we do? Think we could talk to the other teams and head back to ask for a few extra pairs of hands?
Vanguard Operator B Let's just keep looking.
We'd be making fools of ourselves going back for help after we said all that in front of Vigna.
Vanguard Operator A You're right.
Eh, speaking of which, I really mean it. She's such a sweet young lady.
I've never seen a Sarkaz so full of energy.
Vanguard Operator B Woah, you got a problem with Sarkaz?
Vanguard Operator A Hey, don't get the wrong idea. I've been with Rhodes Island for so long, I've got nothing against the Sarkaz.
I might have something against you, though.
Vanguard Operator B Heh.
Vanguard Operator A You could really use a beating sometimes, you know that?
Vanguard Operator B Alright, alright. Whatever. My bad.
Yeah I'm pretty fond of Vigna too. Not only did she want to bring us to that concert, she was gonna miss it just to come with us on this job...
She's not only full of energy. She's got a sense of responsibility. Not a lot of kids these days are like that.
That's why us old folks are fighting, so that kids like her can do what they want to do. So let's cut the chatter and get back to work.
Vanguard Operator A Heh. Feels like you've been stealing the words right out of my mouth the whole night.
Hm? There's movement, nine o' clock.
Vanguard Operator B Sounds like they're running. Two of them... like one chasing the other...
Vanguard Operator A Another squad, maybe?
Vanguard Operator B Let's go take a look.
[The vanguards head to where the sounds of pursuit came from...]
<Background fades out and in>
[...only to find Vigna.]
Vigna ......
Vigna Tsk, I thought it came this way. Where did it go?
I don't see anyone else. What a pain.
Vanguard Operator A Hey Vigna, what are you doing here?
Vigna Huh? There you are!
Vanguard Operator B We heard movement over here and figured we'd come check.
I thought you went to that concert of yours?
Vigna I just couldn't leave you, so I came back.
Vanguard Operator A You're kidding. That's a whole lotta money down the drain!
[One of the vanguards nudged the other.]
Vanguard Operator A Hey, what'd you kick my butt for?
Vanguard Operator B Watch your mouth. That's not way to talk.
Vigna, you sure about this?
Vigna Don't worry, I talked to Logistics already. I figured missions are more important than concerts.
Vanguard Operator B Alright, stick with us, then. We make a good team.
Vanguard Operator A By the way, what's that you're carrying on your back.
Vigna Oh, this is my guitar. I brought it with me since I was going to get it signed. I didn't have time to put it away before coming here.
Vanguard Operator B Alright, enough. See if you can follow their tracks.
Vanguard Operator A Why do I have to do it?
Vanguard Operator B With how ungrateful you were? You better be happy that's all I'm asking from you.
Vanguard Operator A Alright, alright, fine.
Vanguard Operator B Vigna, let's go. Let's try to take this whole pack down tonight.
Vigna Yeah!
<Background fades out and in>
Vanguard Operator A This way, I found their nest!
Vanguard Operator B Signal the other squads. We'll attack together.
[Vigna rushes past the vanguards.]
Vigna I'll do it!
<Background 4>
Pack Leader *Howls*!!!
Vigna Take this!
[Vigna strikes the pack leader...]
Pack Leader *Whimpers*
[...which fell in one strike.]
<Background fades out and in>
Vigna Got it!
Vanguard Operator A Beautiful work, Vigna.
Vigna Hehe.
Vanguard Operator B Now that should actually be a wrap. Let's take a break. After that, we'll search the area before heading back.
Vanguard Operator A Alright. Vigna, you too. Get some rest.
[Vigna takes off the guitar she was carrying.]
Vanguard Operator A Hm?
Vanguard Operator B Why are you taking your guitar out?
Vigna Hehe, I said I wanted to take you to the concert, no?
The concert isn't happening, but I can play their songs for you.
Vanguard Operator A Huh? Well, sounds like a plan.
Vanguard Operator B Haha, let's get the other guys here, then. Our in-house rocker, Vigna, is putting on her debut concert tonight!
Vigna Hehe. Y'all ready?
That's rock this place up all night!