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This article is about Melantha's Operator Record. For Ifrit's Operator Record which is also titled "Team Captain", see Ifrit/Operator Record.
Operator Record
Team Captain
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You see how wonderful other people are, and other people see you just the same.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Melantha to Elite 1 Level 55.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Melantha.
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Logistics Operator
RI Training Compound
RI Cafeteria
RI Corridor
Melantha lacks the confidence to serve as captain of Op Reserve Team A4. But with Cardigan's encouragement, she works up the courage to speak her mind.
Outside the Rhodes Island Training Room
[Someone is using the R.I. landship's training compound to practice their swordsmanship.]
<Background 1>
[An R.I. logistics operator enters the compound...]
Logistics Operator Why are the lights in the training room still on at this hour?
Is someone in there? Woah... talk about a workaholic.
[ find out that Melantha is inside, training alone.]
Logistics Operator Ah, Melantha, good evening! You're hard-working as ever.
Melantha Hello.
Logistics Operator Did you just finish training? It's so late... Doesn't it seem like the Reserve Team's training sessions have been running later and later?
I'm glad that everyone is motivated, but your health should always come first.
Melantha Ah, um... thanks...
It's okay though. Instructor Fallon has been managing my training regimen, so there won't be any accidents.
Logistics Operator I see. Oh, right, have you had dinner yet?
Melantha Not yet... But it's fine, please don't worry about me...
Logistics Operator C'mon, don't be like that, you know how important it is to get your three meals!
But that's easier said than done... The cafeteria might already be out of hot food, so if you want something fresh, you'll probably have to cook it yourself.
Is that something you can handle? Or, tell you what, how about I help out?
Melantha I...
[Dobermann and Franka enters the compound.]
Dobermann What's going on here? You two are blocking the way.
Logistics Operator Oh, Instructor Dobermann!
Melantha Instructor Dobermann! Franka!
Franka Hey girly~ Long time no see~
Dobermann I didn't know you had so much time to make small talk, Klin. I assume you're already done with your work for the week?
And what's more, you're offering to help cook for someone? Last time I checked, you still couldn't tell sugar from salt.
Logistics Operator Ahaha, c'mon now, Instructor Dobermann, there's no need to rub salt in the wound, right?
Dobermann Just a reminder, Binns was looking for you a moment ago.
Logistics Operator Ehh? In that case, I'll be getting back to work then. Don't want to cause trouble, y'know. See you around, ahaha...!
Logistics Operator Please don't tell the boss you saw me here!
[The logistics operator rushes off.]
Dobermann ......
Franka Hahaha! You Rhodes Island folk are so funny!
Dobermann Embarrassing. Can't believe that guy's still acting like this... What a joke.
Melantha, Klin didn't do anything rude, did he? He's not a bad guy, but he is damn glib... If he's bothering you, feel free to ignore him.
Melantha N-No, he was very nice.
Dobermann Well, I guess that's fine then.
Franka Of course. I'd be on my best behavior too if I bumped into such a cute li'l lady~
Melantha Eh? Huh?
Dobermann Stop it, you.
Franka What?
Dobermann Belay that evil laugh. I don't want you spooking my trainees.
Franka Oh my...
Instructor, you're the domineering type, aren't you? Mel, is she always this controlling?
Melantha M-Mel? Um... N-No, Instructor Dobermann is very nice...
She may be strict, but I've always thought...
Franka Do you hear that? She's complimenting you, you absolute stud. Does that make you happy?
Dobermann Ahem.
Enough joking around. Melantha, Fallon's already talked to you about the Reserve Op Team's formation this time around, right?
After talking things over, we decided to make you the captain. If Reserve Op Team A4 has no issues with it, I'll bring you the paperwork that needs to be signed tomorrow.
Franka So, let me in on a little secret. How many Reserve Op Teams do you guys have?
Dobermann What makes you think I'd tell you that?
Franka What's wrong with asking, on the off-chance your lips were feeling a little loose?
Dobermann ......
Franka Trust me, I'm just a little curious. For an organization like Blacksteel, Rhodes Island could cultivate all the reserve teams it wants and we wouldn't feel threatened.
Makes sense that you'd prefer to train up your own teams than rely on outsiders. I get it.
Oh, but, you Reserve Team kids look like you've got some troubles.
Dobermann Hm?
What is it, Melantha? Did you want to say something?
Melantha Um, Instructor...
<Background 2>
Melantha Is there not even any bread left...?
(Admittedly, things ended up running a bit too late today, but there's no way around it...)
(The staff left a long time ago, and I couldn't possibly trouble others over something like this... Maybe I'll just bear it for the night and go to sleep earlier...)
[Melantha stands confused...]
Melantha *Sigh*...
[...just as someone rushes into her.]
??? What's wrong? Why are you standing here sighing all by yourself?
Melantha Eep!
Cardigan Hwah!
Wh-Wh-Wh-What is it?! You scared me!
Melantha Oh... Merry, it's you.
Cardigan Ehehe, that it is~
What are you doing over here? It's long past dinnertime, isn't it?
Oh, lemme guess, you haven't even eaten dinner yet? Are you hungry? Adnachiel made a whole bunch of sweets, and I was just looking for you! Let's eat together!
Oh right, right! There must be some good news since the Instructor kept you extra long today, right? Steward said you're gonna be our captain, is that true? And Steward also said–
–Gah!! Ah crap, I was supposed to keep that a secret!
Melantha ......
Cardigan Well, whatever, I already spilled the beans. Not like you can keep something this exciting under wraps anyway! So, is it true? I sure hope it's true!
Melantha Um... Merry, do you think I can handle it?
<Background 3>
Melantha Instructor, I think... I'm not qualified to be the captain of Reserve Op Team A4.
I'm very sorry...
I hope Instructor Fallon and Instructor Dobermann will reconsider...
Franka Woah, now I didn't expect this.
The girl says she can't do it. What do you think?
Dobermann ......
Franka You're not gonna say anything? C'mon, why do all you serious types have to be so stuffy?
Hey, Mel, who do you think is qualified to lead the team then?
Melantha Well, Steward thinks things through a lot better.
During the last mock battle, we made three mistakes. Steward was the one who made up for them behind the scenes and won us a good final result. Everyone trusts him.
Ansel always pays close attention to our health, and he can often judge how we're doing and prepare appropriate measures even if we don't tell him anything.
Adnachiel, um, though I still can't tell what he's thinking, whenever we need firepower, he's always able to identify the needs of each teammate and launch attacks from the most suitable position.
Merry... Um, Cardigan, is energetic but not reckless. She always pays close attention to protecting the other members of the team during battle. Our formations are often centered around her.
I think all of them have what it takes to be a great captain!
Dobermann ......
You know, everything you just said right now, is exactly what...
...Actually, never mind. I'll let you figure it out for yourself.
In any case, I won't rescind our decision for the time being. We have our own decision-making process.
Melantha But, Instructor!
Dobermann Let's set this conversation aside for now. I recommend that you think this over carefully, ideally talk to the rest of the team, and then give me your answer tomorrow.
We won't interfere with your judgment. Whether you're fit for the job, whether you can do it or not, these are things that you have to decide for yourself.
However, I will ask you this one question.
Operator Melantha, what made you decide to go into combat?
Melantha I...
<Background black>
I am familiar with the delicate and the aromatic.
I am familiar with the clear afternoon sun, the glistening of glass bottles, the rippling of smooth velvet, as well as other elegant, civilized niceties.
Of course I am familiar with these things, because this is how I spent much of my life.
But, I am not familiar with the blood-soaked battlefield.
Why did I step onto it?
Why did I choose to face such perils and assume such a heavy burden?
What is it...
What is it that I wanted?
<Background 2>
Melantha Merry, I... am I cut out to be an operator?
Cardigan What the hell are you talking about?!
Melantha Huh? M-M-Merry, w-wait, calm down!
Wait, the table– Merry, stop pounding the table!
Cardigan What's important right now... isn't the freaking table!
What do you mean "cut out?" Melantha, why are you down on yourself? You're obviously the best, the cream of the crop!
Melantha Please don't say that, you know I'm not like that...
Cardigan Hmph! I hereby declare that you don't understand yourself at all, and that I know you better than you do! You're not allowed to say that you're not awesome!
If you still don't know why you're so awesome, lemme lay it out for you!
First, you're always there training with me and helping me test new defensive tactics! You're super nice!
Second, you're always helping me put together my equipment, and even though you've never mentioned it, don't think I haven't noticed! You're super thoughtful!
Third, you always bring us delicious snacks to eat! You know exactly what flavors we like! You're super sweet!
Fourth, you helped me tie the Instructor's hair into little pigtails when she wasn't looking! You're super fun to be around!
Melantha W-Wait, I never did that last thing!
Cardigan Heh, see, nothing slips past you at all! Even Steward didn't catch that one last time.
So, even if that last one was made up, the reality is that you're super awesome, and that is an undeniable fact!
Any other objections?
Melantha ......
Cardigan Are we done now? See, not a single one of us thinks that you aren't cut out to be the captain!
But ultimately, it's your call. Melantha, what do you want to do?
Melantha What I want to do...
Can I really do this?
Do I have the ability... to live up to everyone's expectations?
Melantha I... I might have areas where I'm not good enough, and there might be a lot of things I still have to learn...
But putting them aside, I... What do I want to do?
What is it that I want?
Melantha I want to be able to protect people. Not just be sheltered by my parents, struggling to communicate with my own family...
I'll give it my all! I'll do everything I can to become a worthy captain, and continue to grow alongside all of you.
Merry, are you... okay with that?
Cardigan Of course!
Isn't that what we've always been doing all this time?
Melantha Yes... Thank you, Merry.
Cardigan Mmhmm!
Ehehe, I'm so glad you're finally smiling!
<Background fades out and in>
Adnachiel Okay... Looks like there shouldn't be any issues, right?
They found the frozen food in the freezer and are heating it up now. What should I do with these sweets, Steward? Should I still hand them over?
Ansel Why are we still hiding over here anyway?
Steward I don't think we're needed here. Hold up a sec, Adnachiel, Ansel. Don't head over there yet, let them be alone a bit longer.
I don't think I've ever seen Miss Melantha smile so happily before.
Adnachiel But...
Ansel Steward's right. It'd be way too awkward if we just dropped in now.
Adnachiel But, knowing the way Cardigan does things...
<Background fades out and in>
Cardigan Woah! What's going on? Why's this thing not moving?
Melantha Is this... the heating button? The connection seems a little loose, so maybe we should turn it this way...
Cardigan Don't worry, I got this. I know just the thing, since basically all machines work like this!
Heheh, watch and learn!
<Background fades out and in>
Adnachiel ...She's definitely going to break the food heater.
Steward Please say something sooner next time!!
Wait, Cardigan, stop! Don't touch that switch! And stop banging on that knob! Melantha, hurry up and stop her!!
Adnachiel Ahaha, it's too late. That thing's done for.
Ansel *Sigh*... There's no stopping them from making a ruckus. Just don't get hurt over there, okay?
<Background 3>
Dobermann ......
Franka What's wrong, headache?
Dobermann ...Just a little.
Franka Because your team ran up another bill for destroying a kitchen appliance? Or because of your new shy team captain?
Dobermann All of the above. Melantha still lacks confidence in herself.
Franka Oh? Well, I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing either.
Compared to all those morons who have nothing but confidence without any of the skills to back it up, it's reassuring to be around some more cautious and reserved people, wouldn't you agree?
Plus, you heard what she said.
She's been paying close attention to every single member of her team. Is that not what a captain should do?
Dobermann It'd be great... if she recognized that.
Franka Trust me, I'm never wrong about this stuff. Those kids are gonna be just fine~
Ah, I just remembered! She uses a sword, right? How about, you give her to me for some training?