Totter: A Plan

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Operator Record
A Plan
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It may be an overgrown ruins, but it'll still catch the warm gaze of the setting sun.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Totter to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Totter.
RI Operator icon.png
Rhodes Island Operator
Male Sargonian A icon.png
Vengeful Merchant
Male Sargonian B icon.png
Coffee Shop Waiter
Hawker A
Incense Trader
Jewelry Trader
Pepper Trader
Shrewd Boy
Timber Trader
Trader B
Watchtower 33 Night
Desert Smoke
Sargon Village
Sargon Village Night
Sargon Marketplace
Watchtower 33
Totter has an elaborate plan to help a client take revenge.
<Background 1>
[Someone bangs the door...]
??? Open the door, you lousy scammer!
Open the damn door!
I know you're there! Open this blasted door already!
[...and Totter opens.]
Totter Good morning, Mr. Haller. You shouldn't be so loud; it'll disturb the others, you know.
Vengeful Merchant (Grabs Totter by the collar)
Do you take me for a fool, you son of a bitch?!
You said you'd have it done by Friday! It's Friday, and all you've done is pack up and get ready to leave!
Totter Patience, my friend. I'll explain afterwards.
(Pulls away Haller's hand)
Vengeful Merchant Explain? I don't need a goddamn explanation. I need results, you understand? I need the heads of those bastards on a platter, now.
Totter (Glances at watch) Just give me a little more time.
Vengeful Merchant You said five days. I gave you five days. What now?
Totter The plan is going well. You'll have your results soon enough.
Vengeful Merchant Plan? What have you been doing the past four days?
You drank coffee on Monday, played poker on Tuesday, went to the market on Wednesday, and slept through Thursday. Now it's Friday, and you haven't even moved your ass one inch from your room.
Totter (Glances at watch)
Vengeful Merchant Stop looking at your goddamn watch!
Totter It’s not time yet.
Vengeful Merchant What? Are you telling me to calm down?
Totter ...I guess so?
Vengeful Merchant Easy for you to say, you son of a bitch! It wasn't you who lost everything to those bandits!
Totter Oh, believe me, I could tell how little you had left by the amount you were offering.
Vengeful Merchant ...Yeah, if I had any left over, you'd be worrying about your own head instead of anyone else's.
Totter My, and here I thought we had a good partnership going.
Vengeful Merchant (Slumps against the wall)
I should've died along with my wife... At least then I wouldn't have to deal with this shit.
Totter Would you like some hot water? I can get you a cup.
Vengeful Merchant You–forget it. Why should I talk to you about it? You don't know how I feel.
Totter Not quite... I do know, to an extent.
Vengeful Merchant Then do something. I'm begging you.
Totter (Glances at watch)
Vengeful Merchant (Shakes head) *Sigh*...
Totter It's time. Would you like to come with me?
Vengeful Merchant For what?
Totter Blood for blood, just like you asked.
<Background 2>
[Totter and the vengeful merchant reaches a place.]
Totter Here we are. Have you hidden your burdenbeast?
Vengeful Merchant Yes... Wait, why are you the one giving the orders, when I'm the one hiring you?
Totter My apologies, Mr. Haller. Would you like me to go tie it up again?
Vengeful Merchant No need. I'd rather you explained why you brought me all the way out here.
Totter Take these.
Vengeful Merchant Binoculars?
Totter Look over there.
Vengeful Merchant I don't see anything.
Totter Further. There's a convoy coming towards us from the horizon, flying blood-red flags with black skulls on them.
Vengeful Merchant I see it! It's them! It's them!
Totter (Draws crossbow)
Vengeful Merchant You don't need binoculars?
Totter No.
Vengeful Merchant But it's so far away.
Totter Shh. Quiet.
[Totter fires at the convoy, his shots precisely hitting the vehicle's Originium engines and caused them to explode.]
<Background 3>
[Totter takes a step away.]
Totter Done.
Vengeful Merchant So quick?
Totter Yeah... Unless there was something else?
Vengeful Merchant What?
Totter I mean, I'm not too keen on desecrating corpses, but if you insist...
Vengeful Merchant You... you're sure there are no survivors?
Totter By the size of the explosion, I would say the odds are slim.
Vengeful Merchant ......
They're dead. They're all dead. Good.
Totter You don't sound as happy as I expected.
Vengeful Merchant I thought I would be, but... it all happened so quick. Almost like it wasn't real.
Totter Now, maybe this isn't the best time to bring this up, but as for the other half...
Vengeful Merchant (Tosses out a bag of gold coins)
Take it.
Totter (Picks up the bag)
Vengeful Merchant Don't you have anything to say?
Totter ...Thank you for your business?
Vengeful Merchant Those eggheads spent a month trying to track that group down and came up empty-handed. How did you do it?
How did you know they would show up right here, right now?
Totter Actually...
Vengeful Merchant Ach, let's talk someplace else. I need a stiff drink.
Totter I wouldn't recommend drinking in your current state.
Vengeful Merchant Ha... what would you know about it?
<Background 4>
Vengeful Merchant Apparently, the people in this town drink in the morning to celebrate the sunrise. I ordered two drinks. Which one do you want?
Totter They're not exactly the same size.
Vengeful Merchant Yeah, the big one's mine.
Totter Why did you ask me to choose, then?
Vengeful Merchant To be polite.
Totter I'll take the small one then, thank you.
Vengeful Merchant (Guzzles half the mug)
So can you talk now? How did you do it? You didn't prepare anything the last few days. You just showed up there, pulled back your crossbow, and whoosh–
They're gone.
What the hell was that? Future sight? Did you bribe one of them?
Come on, tell me. I just don't understand. I was sure you were scamming me when I found you last night, but now...
Let's just say that if you wanted me to lick your boots, I'd get on my knees this instant.
Totter You're getting a little too excited.
Vengeful Merchant I've had something to drink.
Totter It wasn't so hard. It's all about having a good plan, and following it step by step.
(Takes out a notebook)
You complained that I spent all Monday in a cafe, but the cafe in this town plays an important role.
It's sort of an information exchange for traders passing through.
It's where all the news spreads, true or false.
<Flashback starts here>
<Background fades out and in>
Pepper Trader Have you managed to get your spices out? I've tried other routes, but it seemed like they always knew where we were going.
Incense Trader Still thinking about what to do. I might just throw my hands up and hire mercenaries to guard the goods. Better than letting it rot in the warehouse.
Pepper Trader When is the lord ameer going to do something about this? I can't afford any more losses.
[Totter enters the coffee shop.]
Coffee Shop Waiter Hello, what can I get for you?
Totter A cup of coffee, please.
Coffee Shop Waiter Our coffee is strong by most places' standards, so it comes with a plate of honey dates to balance out the bitterness.
Totter Thank you. I like my coffee bitter anyway.
By the way, could I ask where the town doctor lives?
Coffee Shop Waiter The east side of town. Just head east along the fountain. Are you ill?
Totter I have a batch of emergency medical supplies that I thought might come in useful for somebody.
[Someone watches Totter.]
??? ......
<Background black>
Totter Medicine, not money, is the most powerful currency in the barrenlands. Now that the cat was out of the bag, I had to prove I was worth the trip.
<Background 5>
Totter I think my luck's about to change.
Jewelry Trader Time to cut your losses, buddy. Your wife isn't gonna like it when she finds out how much you've lost.
Totter Eh, it's just some spare change. I play for the thrill.
Timber Trader Ha, that's what we like to hear!
Totter One more round! Let's go!
[The one from before watches Totter.]
<Background black>
Totter I found footprints outside my window Wednesday morning, as expected. Someone tried to cover them up, but it was the work of an amateur.
Have you ever hunted, Mr. Haller?
Wild animals have their own territory, and they follow certain rules when they look for food or wander around in it. Understand their habits, and you'll know where to place your traps.
<Background 6>
Hawker A Leaving so soon, sir?
Totter Yes, I'm concerned about these bandits I keep hearing about. The sooner I can leave, the better.
Do you know of any other routes out of here?
Hawker A To be honest with you, sir, it makes little difference whichever route you pick. They know every move you're about to make, and there's no way to avoid their ambushes.
Totter Have you all been attacked before, then?
Trader B My convoy tried leaving by a tiny trail to the east, but the bastards were laying in wait an hour out from town.
Totter That's terrifying. Has anyone managed to avoid them?
Trader B We tried many different routes, big and small, but it makes no difference. You're doomed to run into them no matter what.
<Background black>
Totter I identified where the bandits operated by comparing the convoy routes to the locations where they encountered the outlaws.
I found a few sniping vantage points, from which my crossbow could cover those areas.
The final step was to lure my prey into the trap.
<Background 7>
[Totter opens the door.]
Totter Hey, kid, wanna make some quick cash?
Shrewd Boy What do you want, sir?
Totter I'm leaving town tomorrow. Get me ten days' worth of fresh water and dry rations, and have my burdenbeast fed before sunset. I'll be leaving before dawn.
Here are four gold coins for your trouble. I'll be waiting at the west entrance at 5 a.m. tomorrow.
Shrewd Boy Wow! You've got it, sir.
Totter Now get going, and don't disturb me. I need to sleep before the trip.
Shrewd Boy No problem, sir. I'll get it done!
<Flashback ends here>
<Background 4>
Totter Two gold coins would have been a fair price, but I paid him twice that.
A kid that age can't help but brag when he runs into a stroke of luck. And the more people he tells, the better.
Vengeful Merchant So you weren't sleeping yesterday?
Totter No, I slept. Needed to be in top form for what was to come.
Vengeful Merchant (Takes a gulp)
So... that's what happened.
Totter You sound disappointed.
Vengeful Merchant Yeah... I thought I'd hear the breathtaking story of a legendary mercenary, but it ended up being more like one of my wife's business proposals: detailed, but boring.
Totter A good plan doesn't need twists and turns. The safer it is, the better.
Vengeful Merchant That's what she said, too! She even had a notebook with her at all times, just like you.
Totter It's a good habit to have. People shouldn't trust their own memories. So what's she doing now?
Vengeful Merchant The bandits cut off her head... I told you that when I first came to you.
Totter ...Oh, right. Sorry.
Vengeful Merchant It's okay. At least she doesn't have to worry about writing any more business proposals. She'd probably have been a poet, if I hadn't dragged her into my business.
Totter Yes, poet is a good occupation. Safe.
Vengeful Merchant ......
To be totally frank with you, chatting with you makes me uncomfortable.
Totter I get that a lot. I'm just grateful to those who are satisfied with merely saying so. Plenty more wouldn't leave it at that.
Vengeful Merchant My brain tells me I should say something comforting, but my heart would never let me.
Totter Sorry.
Vengeful Merchant (Shakes head) Never mind.
Can I take a look at your notebook?
Totter Sure.
[Totter gave his notebook to the merchant.]
Vengeful Merchant Your writing is really big.
Totter I have something of an eye problem. I can see things far away perfectly, but things that are up close, not so much.
[The merchant reads the notebook.]
Vengeful Merchant Looks like you meticulously plan out everything in life.
Totter Yes. Having a plan in place makes things less hectic when trouble comes up.
Vengeful Merchant (Closes the notebook)
Someone like you must have everything under control, with nothing ever going wrong or deviating from plan.
I'm sure your life is smooth sailing. You'll never wake up one day only to find you've lost everything.
(Guzzles the drink)
Totter (Rubs the mug nervously)
Not exactly...
Vengeful Merchant Not exactly what?
Totter No, my life has hardly ever been in my control.
(Takes a sip)
Vengeful Merchant Poor thing.
Totter Please don't say that.
Vengeful Merchant I meant myself.
(Finishes in a single gulp)
Alright, I've got to go... Hey, where's my money? Oh, right, I gave you everything I had left.
Totter I'll pick up the tab.
Vengeful Merchant Thanks.
Totter Why don't you take these gold coins? You'll need them.
Vengeful Merchant Nah, I won't. Keep them.
[The merchant collapses.]
Totter You're drunk.
Vengeful Merchant Don't worry about it, I can stand on my own. Farewell, friend.
[The merchant stands back up and leaves while singing,]
Vengeful Merchant ♪I held her in my arms, before the day was gone♪
♪She smelled of jasmine, beneath the purple veil♪
♪Her soft lips take me away♪
♪To our eternal home far away♪
♪A moment of pain, for a lifetime♪
The drunk merchant staggers towards the rising sun, the great red orb on the horizon swallowing up his silhouette. He does not turn back, as though he is headed for his beloved's burning embrace.
The dry winds of the desert cover his song in a thin layer of sand, to be preserved for the next traveler.
Totter ♪Louisa, Louisa in my heart♪
♪Take me home with you, and I'll want nothing more♪
♪Louisa, Louisa in my dreams♪
<Flashback starts here>
<Background 8>
Low Male Voice I'm sorry, Totter, but we have to leave you here.
We're headed north, and there's no way you can keep up with that injury.
Totter You'll just abandon me here?
Low Male Voice This is near the Snow Realm. It's a beautiful place.
Totter But you're still abandoning me here, right?
Low Male Voice I'll leave some money for you. There's a village nearby where you can buy necessities.
Totter Stop dodging the question! Answer me!
Low Male Voice Totter, I...
Totter Do you think the same, Ann?
Calm Female Voice Don't be like that. You know we can't slow down for you. We have our missions to complete.
Totter So you're abandoning me.
Calm Female Voice You're not a child anymore. Throwing tantrums won't get you anywhere.
Totter This isn't what we agreed on, Ann.
Calm Female Voice No one can predict the future, Totter... We might be back by next spring. Or things may have changed by then. Don't beat yourself up over it.
Totter Ha. So will you come back for me?
Calm Female Voice ......
Totter ...I see.
Low Male Voice ......
<Flashback ends here>
<Background 4>
Totter ♪Louisa, Louisa in my heart♪
♪Take me home with you, and I'll want nothing more♪
♪Louisa, Louisa in my dreams♪
♪I'll always be there...♪
♪...Waiting for you♪
(Finishes in a single gulp)
<Background 7>
[Totter returns to his home.]
Totter The key. Where's the key?
Is it this one?
No, not this one.
This one?
No... forget it.
(Sits down)
...What time is it? Must be almost time. I'll wait outside.
The eaves of the roof casts a shadow on the hot sands, shielding Totter from the scorching sun.
Totter could not keep his eyelids open in the warm breeze.
He falls asleep, curled up against the door frame.
<Background 1>
??? Totter! Totter! Wake up!
Totter Hmnuh? ...Whoa! What is it?
??? I'm here to pick you up. Sorry about the delay; we ran into a sandstorm on the way. Hope we didn't keep you waiting?
Totter (Stands up and brushes the dirt off his pants) No, you came just in time.
Rhodes Island Operator But you had fallen asleep.
Totter Just a nap. I had to go out earlier.
Rhodes Island Operator Er... why are you smiling?
Totter I'm smiling?
(Touches the edges of his mouth)
Strange. Why am I smiling?