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Operator Record
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The Instructor team has thought of a good way to deal with Sideroca.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Sideroca to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Sideroca.
RI Bridge
RI Corridor
RI Training Compound
Asked by Dur-nar to look after Bubble, Sideroca begins to spar with the young operator, only for her to slip away. Just as she reports this incident to Dur-nar, she suddenly comes to realize there is something more important she must do.
<Background black>
[Sideroca is calling someone through phone.]
Sideroca Hello? Can you hear me?
Long time no see, Madame President!
I heard you'll be visiting, so I took the liberty of reaching out. I hope you don't mind.
My parents' business is doing well, thanks to you.
I'm sure you know. Those of us from Corinia tend to really think highly of that.
I'm prospering here, much thanks to you.
Perhaps we could get a meal together soon?
The day after tomorrow? Yes, of course!
I'm always free! I'm just so happy to get to share a meal with you!
Yes, okay.
Something more modest? How about the cafeteria?
Is the food at the cafeteria not to your liking?
A private room? Isn't that a little too excessive?
No, I'm sorry, that was thoughtless of me to say!
Y-Yes, okay. I'll see you then.
Thank you very much, Madame President.
[The call ends.]
<Background 1>
[Sideroca is in the bridge of Rhodes Island.]
Sideroca Phew.
I've known her for so long, but she hasn't changed the slightest.
On the other hand, all I've been doing is learning a bunch of random stuff.
Did something happen over there?
[Sideroca rushes off.]
<Background 2>
Sideroca Dur-nar?!
Dur-nar Hm?
Hey there...
Bubble Let go! Let–go–of–me!
Dur-nar I'll let you go if you stop making a fuss.
Sideroca I thought you were out on a mission with Dobermann?
Dur-nar Well, about that.
I couldn't go because of... some personal issues, yeah.
Sideroca Could you help train me, in that case? Lately, I–
Dur-nar Sorry, but I got my hands full here.
Bubble Let go! Let go! Let go! Let go!
Sideroca If you need any help, please take me with you. I'm sure I can lend a hand. After that–
Dur-nar It's real private matters! Yup, as private as it gets, so thanks for the offer, but maybe another time!
Bubble Waagh–!
Dur-nar So, Bubble, you still want to draw on the Doctor's book?
Bubble Uhh...
Sideroca Is there something I can do to help?
Dur-nar What, help me with this little runt–?
Bubble Forte lady! Help! The instructor's bullying me!
Dur-nar We were running laps during training, and she thought it'd be cute to run all the way out here.
Sideroca Training? Is there training?!
Dur-nar We were, uh, playing a game. Right, a game!
I'm sure you know how much Bubble likes to run around when she's excited.
If I didn't grab her in time, there wouldn't be a wall next to you anymore
Sideroca Hm?
Bubble Mmmmmng!
Dur-nar ......
Oh yeah, Sideroca, I have a favor I want to ask. Think you can hear me out?
Sideroca Please, go ahead.
Dur-nar You see how worked up Bubble is? She needs to let loose a little bit.
And you want someone to train with, don't you?
Sideroca That is true, but...
Dur-nar If you want to work on your strength, then Bubble is your best bet.
If we go by pure strength, not even the instructors are a match for her.
Bubble Exactly!
Dur-nar And since you can handle yourself pretty well, why don't you two train together a little, maybe teach her a few techniques too?
How about it?
Bubble Teach? I don't wanna.
Sideroca Of course. Could you make the arrangements for the training room?
Dur-nar Training Room No. 6. I talked to the guys there already. Just head in there.
Sideroca Okay.
Dur-nar I'm leaving Bubble to you for the day, then.
Have fun with your training!
Bubble ......
[Sideroca comes to Bubble's side...]
Sideroca Hey there, Bubble? Why don't we head to the training room now?
[...only to be headbutted by the annoyed Cerato...]
Sideroca Waagh!
Bubble Wahhhh–!
[...who then runs away...]
Sideroca Stop! The training room's the other way!
[...prompting Sideroca to give chase while Dur-nar watches them from the sidelines.]
Dur-nar Have fun!
Phew, that's two huge pains in my ass taken care of.
Sideroca looking after Bubble... I wonder how this will turn out.
<Background 3>
45 minutes later...
Training Room No. 6.
[After quite some time of a wild goose chase...]
Bubble You're a good runner, Forte lady.
Sideroca You not so bad yourself. You've got a lot of energy.
Bubble Hehe, I've run back and forth across all of Sargon.
Sideroca Really?
Bubble I'm super strong. Running around a bit ain't gonna stop me!
Sideroca Well, that's great.
Hey, why don't we try to spar one-on-one?
Bubble What's that? Sounds boring.
Sideroca Just come right at me with all you've got.
Bubble I'll send you flying all the way across the room, though.
Sideroca Just give it a try. I think I can take it.
Bubble Okay.
Here I–go–!
[Bubble charges at Sideroca, who withstood it.]
Sideroca Haah!
I should've expected that from a Cerato.
Bubble Hm?
Wait! Stop, stop stop!
Sideroca What's wrong? Are you hurt?
Bubble Nope.
That doesn't count!
I wasn't even really trying!
Sideroca Okay.
Give it another go.
Bubble Hmph.
Maybe this far will do?
A little more.
Just–a little more.
Don't cry if you can't block me!
Sideroca Okay.
Bubble Here I come, then.
Haaaaah– Wahhh–!
[Bubble charges at Sideroca again, this time with a greater force that the Forte is pushed back some distance away.]
Sideroca Hah!
Bubble I'm the strongest! You can't beat me!
Sideroca Really?!
[Sideroca lands a blow at Bubble...]
Bubble Nng!
[...who retaliates in earnest...]
Sideroca Hiyaah!
[ she lands a hit on her.]
Bubble No way!
You can't beat me!
[Sideroca and Bubble charges at each other...]
Bubble Haah!
[...entering a deadlock...]
Bubble Ah... ahhh!
[...that ends with...]
[...Bubble knocked down, though Sideroca is also exhausted from the Cerato's strength.]
Sideroca Aghh... hah... hah...
Instructor Dur-nar was right. You're a formidable foe in a test of strength.
Bubble You beat me...
How come you're so strong?!
Sideroca Because I train a whole lot.
If you get more exercise in, you'll definitely see the results.
Bubble You're lying.
I've been running around so much, but I haven't gotten any stronger.
Sideroca Maybe you aren't doing it the right way.
Bubble Hmm...
Are you as strong as Kay's big sister, Vulcan?
Sideroca Vulcan...? Probably not.
Back in Minos, no one would dare to make an enemy of a blacksmith.
Bubble But you're really badass too.
Sideroca I need to get more training in. I need to get stronger.
Bubble I wanna be stronger too. I'll whoop Kay's ass and wipe the floor with her!
Sideroca You mean Ceobe?
Bubble Kay isn't very strong, but she puts up a really good fight!
I'll wipe the floor with her one day! Waahhh!
Sideroca Hehe, that sounds fun.
Bubble That's why I'm gonna train even more, and more!
C'mon, Forte lady! I know I can take you down!
Sideroca Okay! Since you're so fired up, I'll keep training with you for as long as I can!
Bubble Training!
Sideroca Training!!
<Background fades out and in>
Two hours later...
[In the middle of a sparring fight between Sideroca and Bubble...]
Bubble Forte lady, I... I'm so exhausted...
Sideroca What are you talking about? This is the perfect time to push yourself even further.
Now is the time to really put your willpower to the test!
Bubble W-We're really going again...?
Sideroca A true warrior will never fall on the battlefield.
Bubble Okay... Here I come...
[Bubble charges at Sideroca...]
[...but it barely scratch her, before falling to the ground in exhaustion.]
Bubble I really... really can't move anymore...
Sideroca Too bad. Looks like you need to work on your endurance more.
Bubble I'm tired. I wanna go back to the dorm and head to bed...
Sideroca You can't.
Bubble Eh... Why...?
Sideroca Dur-nar told me to keep an eye on you the whole day, so you're my responsibility.
If you go to bed now, then all that training will be for nothing.
You need to get some exercise and stretches in to cool down. That will help you with the pain.
Bubble I still gotta move–?
Ugh–I don't wanna–I can't do it–
Sideroca If you have time to cry, spar with me some more.
Bubble *Whimpers*...
I wanna go home and go to bed!
[Bubble rises up and quickly runs away from Sideroca.]
Sideroca Hey, you still got some strength left in you!
Now stop running. Use the strength you have left where it actually matters!
[Sideroca goes after Bubble (again).]
Surveillance Camera ......
<Background 2>
[Sideroca stops running and looks around for Bubble, but she cannot find her.]
Sideroca I lost her...
I thought I'd have the advantage here, going by stamina and endurance...
How come this always happens when I'm chasing people down?
Looks like those thirty lessons on tracking and trailing didn't pay off. I'll need to talk to the instructors about getting some more.
[Sideroca gives up the chase and meets with Suzuran as she is leaving.]
Sideroca Oh?
Hey there, Suzuran.
Suzuran H-Hello, Sideroca.
[Bubble turned out to be hiding behind Suzuran, with the Elder Vulpo's nine tails hiding her from Sideroca's sight.]
Bubble (I'm counting on you and your big tails, Suzuran!)
(Don't let her see me!)
Suzuran (S-Stop it, Bubble! She'll see you!)
Sideroca Have you seen Bubble anywhere?
Suzuran N-No.
Sideroca Huh? That's weird. It's a dead-end here. Where did she go...?
Suzuran She might've climbed up the vents and escaped that way, haha...
Sideroca Hm, it's certainly possible with how small she is.
Bubble (Why is Suzuran wagging one of her tails?)
(Dad told me some people wags their tails when they lie. So it's true!)
(You're such a good friend, Suzuran!)
(But can't you stop wagging your tail in front of my nose? It tickles.)
Sideroca Hm?
Suzuran Ahh!
(Don't grab my tail!)
Sorry, Sideroca. I think I might've caught a cold.
Sideroca That's a huge deal! Have you been to Medical yet?
Suzuran N-Not yet. I didn't want to give anyone any trouble.
I was going to get a little rest and then go there myself.
Sideroca Now that won't do. I'll take you to see a doctor right now.
Suzuran It's okay, Sideroca. It's not a big deal. I feel okay. I'm fine by myself.
(Takes out a handkerchief and rubs nose)
Sideroca Are you trying to save money?
Suzuran Eh? Eh?
No, I'm not!
Sideroca Hmm...
I see, so that's how it is.
Bubble (What's going on? Did she notice me?!)
Suzuran (Is there some misunderstanding here...?)
Sideroca I know how it feels, Suzuran. Where I am from, there are a lot of people who don't go to the doctor just to save a little money. Sadly, that's how a lot of them die.
You're still young. That's not something you should have to worry about.
If you can't afford to see the doctor, I'll pay for you.
Bubble (What is she talking about?)
Suzuran No, it's okay. Besides, Rhodes Island operators get free consultations... Eeep!
[Sideroca tries to grab Suzuran, almost compromising Bubble.]
Bubble (Oh no. Oh no!)
(Can't see me, can't see me, can't see me!)
Sideroca It's all okay. I understand. I'll take you to Medical now.
Suzuran Eh? Eh?
You got it wrong, Sideroca! My mom and dad send me money every month for my living expenses. They also send me pictures–
Please! Listen to me–
[Sideroca takes Suzuran to the sick bay of Rhodes Island whilst Bubble slipped out of the Elder Vulpo's tails just as they leave.]
Bubble P-Phew.
That was close. I've got Suzuran's big tails to thank.
Good job, Suzuran! I'll repay the favor!
<Background 3>
That night.
Training Center Entrance.
[Dur-nar listens to Sideroca's reports of Bubble.]
Dur-nar So Bubble just disappeared after that?
Sideroca Yes...
I couldn't find her after I took Suzuran to the clinic, so I thought I'd come to you...
I'm sorry. This is all my fault, Instructor Dur-nar! I couldn't keep my eye on her.
Please, punish me however you want!
Dur-nar No, no punishments...
I talked to the dorm staff already. Bubble is probably trying to get some rest there.
They said it's not normal for Bubble to be this well-behaved. We've got you to thank for that.
Sideroca Haha...
Dur-nar Thanks for your work today. If there's nothing else, you should head back and get some rest.
Sideroca ......
Actually, Instructor, there's something I wanted to ask.
Dur-nar Go ahead.
Sideroca How do you think I'm doing in the tracking and trailing courses?
Dur-nar You're doing fantastically. Excellent. Is there a problem?
Sideroca I've been thinking I'm not doing very well in this particular area. I'm always losing track of my targets.
Are you sure I'm performing okay?
Dur-nar Ugh...
Those are just exceptions. Right, exceptions.
Our day-to-day environment is very different from the battlefield. I am sure there is nothing wrong with your ability to track enemies on the field.
Sideroca Really?
Dur-nar Yes, I'm sure of it.
Sideroca I'm very happy to hear that.
Dur-nar Yeah.
Sideroca In that case, would it be okay if I apply for courses that teach me how to track people down in our day-to-day living environments? I think this is a very important thing to learn.
Dur-nar Uh–Hm?
Oh, um... Well, about that.
It's getting late, so why don't you head home and get some rest? I'll talk to the other instructors about that over the next couple of days. I should have some good news for you later.
Sideroca Okay, Instructor. Thank you, Instructor! I'm heading back now!
Dur-nar Yeah, get home safe!
[Sideroca rushes off to her quarter as Dobermann, who is watching all along, shows up.]
Dur-nar ......
What do you think about that, Instructor Dobermann?
Looks like she's kind of figured it out already.
Dobermann We should still be able to handle it if we piece together a few cases.
Dur-nar We won't be as lucky next time.
Dobermann I'm certain we'll have a solution ready before this happens again.
As long as she doesn't learn the most destructive tracking methods, then everything is still well in order.
Dur-nar If she actually learns that, though, forget the Doctor, none of us will get out alive.
Dobermann How about Bubble? Any improvement on that end?
Dur-nar I looked at the camera footage already.
You really should watch it yourself.
According to the dorm staff, Bubble has been holing up in her room the whole time, leaving only to shower. She didn't even come out for dinner; her roommate had to bring her her meal.
My guess is that just hearing the name Sideroca is going to send her shivering to no end for a good while.
Dobermann ......
Sideroca Did you just say my name, Instructor?
Dur-nar/Dobermann ?!
Dur-nar How come you're back?!
Sideroca Oh, you're here too, Instructor Dobermann. Are you finished with your field op already?
Dobermann Yeah... I was just looking at prospective sites around the landship.
Sideroca That's wonderful to hear. Actually, I came back because I wanted to ask something. Would it be okay if I get started with the course tomorrow?
Dobermann About that–
Dur-nar Let me talk it over with Instructor Dobermann first.
[Dur-nar goes to Dobermann and quietly asks her what's to do with Sideroca.]
Dobermann (Whispers) Think of something to dodge the question. You're good at that, aren't you?
(Whispers) Dur-nar?
Dur-nar (Whispers) I've actually talked to someone who knows Sideroca really well.
(Whispers) She's surprised about Sideroca's current condition, but she did give me some constructive advice.
(Whispers) She'll listen to me.
Dobermann (Whispers) Okay, I'm counting on you.
Dur-nar Sideroca.
[Sideroca rushes to Dur-nar's side.]
Sideroca Yes!
Dur-nar Here's the deal.
I was actually just discussing that with Instructor Dobermann.
We don't think more training will satisfy your needs.
Dobermann (Whispers) Hey, what's the big idea?!
Dur-nar (Whispers) Just trust me this once!
Sideroca What do you mean...?
Dur-nar I know you sometimes work as the Doctor's bodyguard, and the Doctor slips away from you a lot.
Sideroca That's all my fault. I'm so sorry!
That's why I need to–
Dur-nar That's why you need to help the Doctor out, manage some of those problems, am I right?
Sideroca You mean?
Dur-nar I'm sure you've noticed the Doctor hasn't been doing very well. Hardly ever getting enough sleep, and I've never seen anyone with worse eating habits. There's probably at least a tiny bit of chronic condition at work.
Rather than trying to improve your combat techniques, wouldn't you agree it's a much better idea to try to help the Doctor get better and healthier?
Sideroca I...
Dur-nar You should really think about what I just said. Good night, Sideroca.
Sideroca Good night... Instructor...
[Sideroca leaves as Dobermann goes to Dur-nar's side.]
Dobermann (Whispers) Are all you Columbians always so... calculating?
Dur-nar (Whispers) It's called being smart.
(Whispers) Don't just stand there. Let's go!
Dobermann (Whispers) I-Is that really going to work?
Dur-nar (Whispers) At the very least, she's thinking about it. Let's get going!
(Whispers) If she starts talking about training again, we aren't going to get any sleep tonight!
[Dobermann and Dur-nar leaves the compound.]
<Background fades out and in>
Sideroca ......
She's right.
I thought the Doctor needed just a bodyguard...
But I got it all wrong.
I thought all a bodyguard had to do was protect her employer.
There is so much more that I can do, but the idea never even crossed my mind.
Is that what the president meant?
I may not be very demanding with what I eat, but eating better will improve my quality of life.
The president's coming all the way here to Rhodes Island, and I invited her to a meal at the cafeteria.
I really shouldn't have.
The Doctor probably thinks so too.
The Doctor's just too shy to talk to me about it.
I've made up my mind.
I will save the Doctor.