Skadi: Endless Journey

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Operator Record
Endless Journey
Skadi icon.png

She always thought she was the last Abyssal Hunter.

Unlock conditions

Male Iberian C icon.png
Brave Villager
Bounty Hunter A icon.png
Chatty Bounty Hunter
Bounty Hunter B icon.png
Curious Bounty Hunter
Female Iberian B icon.png
Friendly Villager
Male Iberian D icon.png
Panicky Villager
Female Iberian A icon.png
Terrified Villager
Seaborn B icon.png
Sea Monster
Iberia Bar
Iberian Streets
A wounded Skadi comes to an Iberian village. Its people fervently accept her, but she's begun to doubt herself...
Skadi does not recall how far she's walked.
Nor for how long.
She only knows that so long as what lies beneath her feet is solid earth, she does not belong here.
But she can only walk upon the land.
The land. "Tierra." The first Iberian word she learned.
So strange.
<Background 1>
[Skadi is looking for someone.]
Skadi Who's Rober?
Friendly Villager Ah, that's me.
Skadi This is your food for today.
Friendly Villager Ah, alright.
Skadi Also, Joni wanted me to bring this present to you.
Friendly Villager Oh, these are my favorite flowers! Why didn't he come himself?
Skadi He said he was working.
Friendly Villager Coward.
Skadi If you're fine, I'm going.
Friendly Villager Hey, hey, visitor, wait.
Skadi He already paid.
Friendly Villager No, you're Skadi, the bounty hunter who came into the village recently, right?
Skadi Mm.
Friendly Villager I hear you've been doing a lot for us. I've been wanting to meet you.
Skadi It wasn't anything major.
[The villager sits on a chair.]
Friendly Villager Sit down, Skadi. Eat something, it's on me.
Skadi ...Is there wine?
Friendly Villager Will ale be okay?
Skadi Mm.
[The villager heads to take some ale, pour it to a glass, and returns to Skadi with it.]
Friendly Villager Here.
Your accent's very strange, Skadi. You're not an Iberian, are you?
Skadi Mm.
Friendly Villager How rare. We often have refugees pass through this place, but I've never seen someone who wasn't an Iberian before.
Visitor, where did you come from?
Where did I come from?
Skadi I came from the sea.
Friendly Villager The sea? You’re an Ægir?
We have Ægir in our village too, but I don't think they're too different from us. Not like you. I felt the difference between us the moment I saw you.
I've heard them tell of how they all left Ægir and came ashore when my grandfather was my age.
Oh, yes. My neighbor is an Ægir too. I'll get her to have a chat with you.
Skadi No need.
She once held such hopes, but when she saw the Ægir of dry land, she knew she and they were nothing alike.
Only the oldest of them still dimly remembered what Ægir even looked like.
She had nothing she could share with them, nor they with her.
Friendly Villager Alright.
Ah, Skadi, did you know? The village has been talking about you every day.
Skadi Hm?
Friendly Villager When you arrived in the village, you gave everyone an awful scare. We all thought you were just fleeing here after other bounty hunters injured you.
It frightened us. A wounded bounty hunter is like a temperamental beast.
Most creatures of dry land are frail, unable to harm her.
What harmed her were those who profess themselves the Church of the Deep.
They were fixated on her for reasons unknown. Moreover, they were clearly unlike ordinary Iberians.
Friendly Villager But now, they're all saying they've never met a bounty hunter as kind as you.
Skadi Are bounty hunters usually bad news?
Friendly Villager We've had bounty hunters hiding in our village before. They were especially ferocious, and kept clashing with the villagers.
So at first, we'd all discussed whether or not to drive you away.
Skadi I'll leave.
Friendly Villager Don't! You've given us so much help these past few days. We're all so fond of you now.
You can stay here as long as you like.
Or is there someplace you need to go?
Is there someplace I must go?
Skadi I don't know.
Friendly Villager Really? Then are you going back home?
My home?
Can I go back?
Skadi I...
Friendly Villager Ah, I'm sorry. I know, I know, there're so many people who run far away because their homes have been destroyed. I'm so stupid...
Skadi No.
Friendly Villager Eh?
Skadi No, maybe you're right.
[A bell tolls several times.]
Friendly Villager Oh! The bell's ringing?
Skadi What's happening?
Friendly Villager The village's bell only sounds in times of emergency...
[A villager rushes into the bar.]
Panicky Villager Rober, Rober!
Friendly Villager Joni, weren't you working?
Panicky Villager Hide yourself!
Friendly Villager What's going on?!
Panicky Villager There's a pack of monsters near the village! They've hurt some of us already! We need to hold them off!
Get down to the cellar and hide, now!
Friendly Villager O-Okay!
Skadi ......
Panicky Villager Skadi, you... you're not one of us. You'd better run.
Friendly Villager If you're scared, come with me. Our house's cellar can hide plenty of people.
Skadi ...No.
Since coming ashore, Skadi has had a constant feeling.
This feeling gradually grows ever stronger in the wake of these occurrences. Violent, relentless, restless.
But she has never dared convince herself.
She dares not convince herself– that she is why the sea monsters come.
<Background 1>
[A pack of Sea Terrors attacked the village.]
Terrified Villager Eek! Noooo!!!
[Someone throw rocks at one of the Sea Terrors.]
Sea Monster –!
Panicky Villager Quick, hide behind me!
Terrified Villager Wh–What are these monsters?!
Panicky Villager I've heard tales! They're monsters from the sea!
Normally, they'd never crawl out to a dry inland place like this. Why would they show here...?
And so many!
[The terrified villager throw rocks at one of the Sea Terrors.]
Sea Monster –!
Terrified Villager What now?! It doesn't look hurt at all!
Panicky Villager ...They don't move that fast. Run, meet with the others!
Terrified Villager Okay...
[The villagers run away, but came across more Sea Terrors on the way.]
Terrified Villager Eek! They're here too!
No! Stay back!
Panicky Villager Damn things! I'll take you with me!
[The panicky villager fights off the Sea Terrors, but they overwhelmed him...]
Panicky Villager Guh...
Terrified Villager No! Nooo!
Sea Monster –!
[ Skadi shows up and slashes the Sea Terror attacking the panicky villager...]
Sea Monster ......
[...killing it.]
Panicky Villager With just a single sword... Skadi, you're so strong!
[Skadi looks at the villagers.]
Skadi ......
Panicky Villager Are you going to stay and help us?
Skadi Mm.
Panicky Villager You really are a good one!
Skadi I'm not.
...Come with me.
[The villagers follow Skadi as she heads off.]
<Background fades out>
When Skadi opened her eyes on the beach, she found not a single soul by her side.
Ægir. Abyssal Hunters. All lives on the line, flesh to flesh, blood to blood.
None of it seemed to exist.
Only the sounds of the waves and the wind stirred in her ears.
<Background fades in>
Sea Monster –!
[Skadi strikes a Sea Terror...]
Sea Monster ......
[...killing it.]
<Background fades out>
Countless times she tried to return to the ocean.
But every time, countless sea monsters would surround her, forcing her to turn back midway.
<Background fades in>
Skadi Out of the way.
<Background fades out>
At some point, as she was forced yet again to swim back, she even felt a sort of misperception arise within her–
That the abyssal infinitude of monsters were not pursuing her, but rather sending her off.
<Background fades in>
Skadi (Ægirian) Why–must you come near me?
<Background fades out>
Once she became aware of the possibility she may never return to the sea, she had no choice but to turn around on the shore and set foot onto this land she'd never been concerned with before.
This land.
<Background fades in>
[The villagers watch Skadi fending off the Sea Terrors.]
Friendly Villager Skadi's incredible...
Panicky Villager Rober, what are you doing out here?!
Friendly Villager I was worried for Skadi... and besides, she's come to help us. Shouldn't we at least help defend our own homes?
Panicky Villager You're right...
Brave Villager Absolutely right!
Skadi I don't need help.
In her eyes, the people of dry land are by and large akin to the ones before her now.
Frail, melancholic, leading lives devoid of efficiency or any positive qualities to speak of.
Friendly Villager Don't be like that, Skadi. We can't let you bear everything for us.
Panicky Villager I'll go and help her! I don't know if I can hurt any of these monsters, but I can at least distract some of them!
Friendly Villager I'll help too!
Brave Villager Everyone, with Skadi!
Skadi (Ægirian) I said–don't come near me!
But she is forced to admit. There are some points of intersection between them, where they can understand one another. In the emotional.
She can understand what circumstances lead them to feel what sentiments.
And it is exactly this that vexes her more and more. It is for this that she feels guilt.
But she cannot divulge these feelings to the villagers. She can only hasten the swing of the greatsword in her hand.
Panicky Villager What's she saying?
Brave Villager Look, she's moving faster! I'm sure she's encouraging us!
Panicky Villager Alright, watch this!
Sea Monster –!
Panicky Villager Get out of my sight, monsters!
[The villagers throw rocks at the Sea Terrors...]
Sea Monster –!
[...which agitates them.]
Panicky Villager Rgh...
Brave Villager Don't be scared! See how you like THIS, monster!
[The brave villager throw a large rock at the Sea Terrors.]
Panicky Villager Appreciated!
Brave Villager We're all friends. It's only right.
Sea Monster –!
[The Sea Terrors start to back off.]
Brave Villager They're scared! Keep going, everyone, let's drive these monsters out!
Villagers Yeah!
<Background fades out and in>
[The Sea Terrors have been driven out from the village.]
Friendly Villager Wonderful! I think the rest have run. I can't see any trace of them around the village anymore.
Brave Villager Heh heh. We're pretty incredible ourselves, aren't we?
Friendly Villager What are you so proud of? If it wasn't for Skadi, we'd probably all be done for.
Panicky Villager Hahah, just leave him be. We all made it through, so let him have this one.
Friendly Villager Alright, alright.
Skadi ......
She too once had comrades-in-arms, ones who fought alongside her, shared in the revelry of battle with her.
A vast number of them perished in that battle.
In the past, she was no stranger to sacrifice.
But as she watches the villagers share in the joy from the bottoms of their hearts, a thought suddenly comes to her–
She may be the very last Abyssal Hunter.
Skadi ......
Friendly Villager What's wrong, Skadi? You don't look happy.
Skadi ...It's nothing.
Brave Villager If you ask me, I bet she's hungry.
Panicky Villager Now that you mention it, I'm a little hungry too, haha!
Friendly Villager Enough of that. Still, Skadi, you saved the day today. I'll personally prepare a feast in honor of you tonight.
And I'm sure nobody in the village is opposed to you becoming one of us, after you helped us in such a tremendous way.
Brave Villager I was never opposed from the start!
Panicky Villager No objections from me either! Hear hear, Skadi, stay in our village as long as you like, I say!
Skadi ......
To you, the battle just now hardly registered as a warmup.
But to a village as weak as this, those monsters could easily have been the wave that drowns them.
Friendly Villager It's true, Skadi. With your might, we'd also feel so much safer if you stayed.
You don't belong here. You'll bring ruin to this place.
Friendly Villager Don't you have nowhere to go?
You can live with us.
Go, Skadi.
The farther, the better.
Skadi No. I've decided now.
If I can't return to the sea, then I'll go where there's no water.
<Background 3>
[Two bounty hunters are discussing about Skadi.]
Chatty Bounty Hunter Hey, you hear about that Skadi business?
Curious Bounty Hunter Skadi? Don't think I have.
Chatty Bounty Hunter Something tells me your grapevine sucks.
Curious Bounty Hunter Fine, fine, I'm out of the loop, just tell me already.
Chatty Bounty Hunter Skadi's this Ægir who suddenly showed up out of nowhere a little while ago.
Curious Bounty Hunter Ægir? Where's that from?
Chatty Bounty Hunter You... whatever. Makes sense a Kazimierzian would never hear about Ægir. I don't know too much myself, but I know it's a country and that's enough.
Curious Bounty Hunter Ohh... and? What's up with this Skadi?
Chatty Bounty Hunter She's got this giant greatsword, and you wouldn't miss her clothes from a mile away, but she's refused to ever work with anyone else. At first, everyone thought she'd kick it in the middle of nowhere.
But she's not only been thriving, she's been stealing a lot of other people's work.
Curious Bounty Hunter Huh?
Chatty Bounty Hunter Last month, "Flamelung" announced he was going to sort her out. Guess what happened?
Curious Bounty Hunter He drove her off?
Chatty Bounty Hunter No, she took down the entire squad he sent at her!
Curious Bounty Hunter That's... Where the hell did she come from?
Chatty Bounty Hunter Don't know. Got sources who say she showed up alongside a bunch of bounty hunters coming back from Iberia.
Either way, apparently it's got "Flamelung" pretty goddamn fuming now. Me, I'm looking forward to the show.
[A familiar Feline lady passes by the bounty hunters.]
Taciturn Passerby Excuse me.
Chatty Bounty Hunter Huh? Who're you?
Taciturn Passerby Who I am does not matter, I'm simply curious. You just mentioned an Ægir. Where is she right now?