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In One Effort
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Swell, then ebb.

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Nine leaves the L.G.D. because of her infection, leaving Ch'en with heavy blows to her confidence. Where should she go from here?
<Flashback starts here>
<Background 1>
Ch'en I'll repeat again, so listen up. "My wish is to join the L.G.D., and from there, I'll join the Special Inspection Unit."
I will protect this city, and I'll clean this place up. There won't be another incident like that.
<Background 2>
Ch'en ...But we are ready to make headways in the slums. There's also that housing plan for the Infected, ready to be launched. Wouldn't you say we're in a better shape than before?
We are more than ready to treat all the Infected fairly and equally. We will give everyone in Lungmen a fair treatment regardless of whether they are Infected or not, because they are all people of Lungmen!
Nine Sure, we may be ready, but is Lungmen ready? Are the masses ready? Will the Chamber of Commerce vote for it? What do you think will happen if I tell the L.G.D. that I'm Infected?
<Flashback ends here>
<Background black>
Nine, you knew right from the start that I was never going to succeed.
And so, why help me?
??? Ch'en... Superintendent Ch'en...
<Background 3>
Ch'en ?!
Swire Well, what a surprise. I sure didn't expect to find Superintendent Ch'en, our department's proud workaholic, faffing about here.
Ch'en Swire, you should be standing by on the outskirts of the slums.
Swire I'm just about done there. It's why I'm here to give you a holler.
Ch'en What happened to using comms? Pretty sure you get a decent signal in the slums.
Swire I wanted to see you cry your heart out with my own eyes.
Ch'en What do you mean?
Swire Stop trying to hide it, Ch'en Hui-chieh. Nine was your cheerleader. You always counted on her having your back, and the new Infected housing plan was the one thing weighing on your mind all this year.
And now, Nine's resigned, and the bill didn't pass. What do you think I mean?
Ch'en ......
She's not my cheerleader.
Swire And I suppose neither is Chief Wei, hm?
You were a fresh face with an empty file, barely on the job for two years before breaking the record for fastest promotion to the Special Inspection Unit. And then you became the strongest proponent of the new Infected housing plan.
Ch'en Looks like you hold a real grudge against me for beating you on the entrance exams. Seems the princess of the Schwire family doesn't have much patience.
Swire Hmph, I admit my skills are no match for yours.
I certainly didn't expect that, outside the L.G.D., the first time I heard someone mention your name would be at a party, though.
Miss Ch'en Hui-chieh, do you know why?
Ch'en ......
Swire It was that bill.
They said that it was like you thought you had free rein to do whatever you wanted because both Chief Wei and Nine had your back.
Then they clinked their glasses, self-satisfyingly joked about how full of yourself you are, and went off on their merry way.
Ch'en I'm full of myself...
Swire Right, that's what they thought of all the hard work you poured into this. They didn't even mention you again.
And if you're still planning on faffing about here, let me tell you that the other thing you've been planning for so long—sending the L.G.D. into the slums—won't ever happen.
We have several squads ready, but Nine is gone. You're the leader now, and everyone is waiting on you.
<Background fades out>
Everyone is waiting on me.
But what if I am wrong?
<Background fades in>
Ch'en I don't need you to tell me what to do.
[Ch'en walks away...]
Swire I should certainly hope not.
[ Hoshiguma walks in.]
Hoshiguma Missy, how come you didn't tell her about the part where you walked up and threw your wine in their faces?
Swire I'm not here to console her or talk about our common enemy. I'm here to laugh in her face.
And she's the one in charge of today's operation. Am I supposed to lead this thing for her, if she can't get her arse moving?
Hoshiguma You don't think she did anything wrong, though, am I right?
Swire ......
Since I was little, I've seen a lot of people try to put on an act for my grandfather, like they're trying to accomplish something big.
Most of them were phony, though. All in it for the money.
Hoshiguma He must be very insightful, then.
Swire I have no idea how insightful he is, but it's thanks to him that I can tell when someone's putting on a show.
Hoshiguma So what about Ch'en?
Swire Her?
Completely clueless.
Hoshiguma Haha, can't deny that.
Let's go. We've got lots to do today.
<Background 4>
Reporter Superintendent Ch'en, the establishment of L.G.D. offices in the slums marks a big day.
Could you share how you're feeling right now?
Ch'en No.
Policeman A Out of the way.
Reporter Hey, no pushing!
Policeman A Oops, no idea where that one came from.
Ch'en Didn't I say to keep the reporters away?
Policeman A We tried, Superintendent Ch'en, but the L.G.D. setting up shop in the slums is a big deal. There's no way to keep all the flies out.
Policeman B They're all waiting for us to embarrass ourselves.
Ch'en ......
Policeman B Uh... I'm not saying there's anything wrong with the plan. It's just, Nine quit all of a sudden, and you are one of the proponents of the Infected housing plan. Things are going to get intense.
<Background fades out>
The Infected housing plan, the L.G.D. moving into the slums. They're the talk of the town.
Like the hottest new toys in the shops.
<Background fades in>
Ch'en Let them take their pictures.
Get in formation.
Policemen Here!
Ch'en The slums have always been a sore spot for the L.G.D.
The slums are run by criminals, the slums are home to the Infected, and the slums are outside the law... The slums are a problem for Lungmen.
I know that a lot of you don't understand why we're here.
Policemen ......
Ch'en But I must say this. Those of us who live in the urban districts must take some responsibility for how things turned out.
It's because we've never treated the slums as a part of Lungmen.
From this day forward, we will show the people here, by way of our actions, that they are part of Lungmen, and Lungmen will treat them as equals.
Is that understood?
Policemen Understood!
<Background fades out>
I can hear them gossip amongst themselves.
They are hesitating.
Is it because my conviction is not firm enough?
<Background fades in>
Hoshiguma Everything aside, I don't know whether we see the slum dwellers as equals, but there are certain people out there who definitely treat us as equals.
Wherever we are and whatever it is we're doing, trouble will always find us.
And since today's our grand opening in the slums, you know those friends of ours who don't see eye to eye with us? We'll definitely get a surprise gift from them.
No need to think too much about it, folks. If they come, we'll take care of them.
And I'll take you all out to dinner when we're done.
Policeman A What are we eating?
Hoshiguma Whatever they serve at the dai pai dongs.
Policemen Ugh...
Hoshiguma If you guys can convince Ch'en to pitch in, we might go a little more upscale. Am I right, Ch'en?
Policeman B Superintendent Ch'en, what do you say?
Ch'en Sure.
Hoshiguma Haha, that's what I'm talking about.
[Someone contacted Ch'en.]
Ch'en Who is it?
??? Superintendent Ch'en. Your boy Phal is here with us. If you don't want anything to happen to him, come alone.
Ch'en ......
??? Such a quick response. I should've expected no less from you, Superintendent Ch'en.
Make your way to the location you just received. If we do not see you there in half an hour, I'm afraid Phal won't make it out of this alive.
Ch'en Understood.
Hoshiguma ......
What's the matter, Ch'en?
Ch'en Trouble just found us.
Hoshiguma Need me to come with you?
Ch'en No. I can deal with them myself. You have command here.
Hoshiguma Alright.
Everyone, it's time to clean up.
Policemen Yessir!
<Background 5>
Slum Dweller ......
Ch'en I'm here. Alone. No one else's coming.
Slum Dweller Superintendent Ch'en...
Ch'en Ah Phal, is it just you here?
Slum Dweller ......
Deoi m zyu,[note 1] Ch'en.
Ch'en You sold me out, huh?
Slum Dweller The dai lo[note 2] of the Anchors told me to hide here and blow you up. If I don't, they'll kill my mother.
They know you're the one who cares the most about this L.G.D. in the slums thing, and that it'll all fall apart once they take you out.
Ch'en You'll lose your hand before you can press the button.
Don't do anything stupid.
Slum Dweller I don't have the remote, and even if you kill me, the guys outside will set the bombs off. You're the one who shouldn't do anything stupid, Ch'en.
Ch'en Why you...
Slum Dweller Don't blame me.
I've known you were good ever since Madame Oni introduced us. Some of the other guys in the slums know it too, but most don't.
You knew the triad bosses here wouldn't just sit by and let the L.G.D. waltz into their territory.
What you don't know, though, is that even the normal folks who live here don't believe the L.G.D. is moving into the slums for any good reason.
They think they're here to take our last bit of freedom away.
<Background fades out>
Am I moving too fast?
<Background fades in>
Ch'en I didn't mean...
Slum Dweller I know that isn't what you had in mind.
But they don't.
Please, I'm begging you, Superintendent Ch'en.
You're a good person. I don't want anything to happen to you.
Send a message out, and tell the ah sirs outside to pack up and never come back.
Bringing the L.G.D. into the slums isn't going to do any of us any good.
Even if you make it through today, you won't make it through tomorrow.
You know how ruthless the dai los are. The methods they'll use to chase out the L.G.D. will turn your stomach!
Ch'en Did you think... I'd just say "okay"?
<Background fades out>
Will I say "okay"?
Should I?
Do I... want to?
<Background fades in>
Slum Dweller I followed Madame Oni for so long. I just want to turn over a new leaf myself, Superintendent!
Don't force my hand.
<Background fades out>
Am I forcing him?
Or is he forcing me?
<Background fades in>
[An explosion is suddenly heard.]
Ch'en ?!
Slum Dweller An explosion? I didn't...
Ch'en Get down!
[Ch'en pushes Phal down as explosions occur in their vicinity.]
<Background fades out>
Slum Dweller Gah, is it the Anchors?!
Watch out, Ch'en. It's the...
Ch'en? Ch'ennn!
Nine, is everything I'm doing here actually meaningless?
Am I just a joke to you?
<Background fades in>
Slum Dweller She's still breathing. She's just unconscious.
She probably got hurt shielding me. What should I do? What am I supposed to tell Madame Oni if something happens to Superintendent Ch'en...?
Infected Thug What's to tell? You're both dying here.
[A group of thugs show up and surrounds the unconscious Ch'en and Phal.]
Slum Dweller You... You're with the Anchors... Didn't we agree I'd do this myself?!
Infected Thug The dai lo doesn't trust you. That's why we're here.
Didn't we agree to blow her up the moment she steps inside? What are you doing here, having a nice little chat with her, hm?
Slum Dweller Ch'en isn't that gullible. I was trying to lure her somewhere I knew she'd get caught in the explosion.
Infected Thug Is that so? Then how come she's lying on the ground, right after I pressed the button without a second thought?
Slum Dweller ......
Infected Thug Go, see if she's dead yet.
Infected Henchman Alright.
[Phal tries to leave...]
Slum Dweller ......!
[...but the thugs stop him.]
Infected Thug Not so fast, Lee Bo-faat. Don't forget, we've got your mother.
Slum Dweller I...
Infected Henchman She just passed out.
Infected Thug She's not dead? Whatever, take her back and let the dai lo deal with her.
Infected Henchman Okay...
[Suddenly one of the thugs are attacked and incapacitated by someone.]
Infected Thug Who is it?! Who dares step up against the Anchors?!
Lin Yühsia Well, I have to hand it to you people. You've got some nerve, trying to rub out an L.G.D. Special Inspection Unit officer in broad daylight.
I wonder if people might talk about the Rat King keeping his own men in check, if word about this got out.
Infected Thug Miss Lin! Th-This isn't what it looks like. Our boss's just inviting Superintendent Ch'en over for tea.
Lin Yühsia Then let Brother Sam know that the Rat King is inviting Superintendent Ch'en to tea as well. If Brother Sam wants her company, he needs to go through the Rat King first.
Infected Thug Well...
Lin Yühsia I don't mind wiping the floor with the lot of you and telling him myself, either.
Infected Thug Okay, okay, we get it! She's all yours!
Let's go!
[The thugs flee.]
Slum Dweller Miss Lin...
Lin Yühsia Your mother is fine. Don't worry.
Slum Dweller ......!
Thank you!
But Superintendent Ch'en...
Lin Yühsia You don't need to worry about her. I'm actually bringing her to see the Rat King. That said...
What a pathetic sight, Ch'en Hui-chieh.
<Flashback starts here>
<Background 6>
Bagpipe So you're going back to become a cop?
Ch'en A cop?
Bagpipe Wow. I always thought you had the look of a girl who could give a good beating to a hooligan. I've got a gift!
Ch'en You're getting ahead of yourself. But the police...
That's not a bad idea.
It'd probably be a great place to pick up clues about what happened back then, and what's happening now... I wouldn't have to rely on my old schemer of an uncle.
<Flashback ends here>
<Background black>
Back in Victoria, I studied a lot. I got the highest marks in every single subject. I barely had any fun at all.
I didn't want to rely on him.
But am I relying on him, after all?
<Background 7>
Lin Yühsia How did she...?
Rat King *Sigh*... This, too, is fate. I've informed Wei Yenwu already.
Lin Yühsia Dad, this is nothing but trouble. Are you sure you want to bring her under your protection?
Rat King Even if she wasn't Yenwu's niece, I would've done the same. Consider what she's been doing for the slums the past couple years.
Lin Yühsia She doesn't know what she's doing. She thinks this will make things better.
Rat King She's certainly not going to turn them worse. In fact, things could actually improve.
Lin Yühsia I would've been much smarter about it.
Rat King But could you honestly do any better?
Lin Yühsia ......
Rat King Now go. You've stuck your hands in this. Might as well lend one to the L.G.D.
And go knock some sense into Ah Sam.
Lin Yühsia I will.
[Yühsia leaves as Ch'en wakes up.]
Ch'en Err...
Where am I...?
Uncle Lin?!
Rat King Don't be so surprised. I sent you help, after all.
Ch'en Where's Phal?!
Rat King He's fine, and so is his mother.
Ch'en Thank you.
Rat King The L.G.D.'s moving into the slums. I suppose you won't blame me for not interfering?
Ch'en I understand your position. I'm actually very thankful that you've stepped back.
Rat King Hohoh. Lungmenites all say Ch'en Hui-chieh is a stubborn one. The way I see it, you just don't want to bend to them.
Ch'en Thank you for the compliment.
If I had the time, I would love to continue our conversation, but I'm still on a mission for the L.G.D., so please...
Rat King Oh, you can't go just yet.
Ch'en And why not...?
Rat King Hui-chieh, you know my history with Wei Yenwu, so I'll call you Hui-chieh.
Normally, an explosion of that size would not have knocked you out.
Do you know why you fainted?
Ch'en Because... there was too much going on in my mind. I couldn't react in time.
Rat King That's part of it, but there's another reason...
Do you know you're Infected?
Ch'en ......?!
<Flashback starts here>
<Background 6>
Nine I'm sorry I couldn't protect you, Ch'en.
My crystals blocked most of it, but some shrapnel got through. I'm guessing some of it hit you... am I right? Let's take it quick. You might still make it out of this.
<Flashback ends here>
<Background 7>
Ch'en That's when it happened.
No wonder I haven't been able to exert much strength lately.
Rat King It was both the physiological changes brought on by Oripathy and your burnout. You've long been a ticking time bomb. All the explosion did was trigger that bomb along with it.
Ch'en ......
<Background fades out>
I'm an Infected.
I'm an Infected?
<Background fades in>
Rat King I've already sent someone to help the L.G.D. and inform them what happened. You needn't worry.
We don't get the chance often. Come take a walk with an old man, Hui-chieh.
Ch'en Alright...
<Background 8>
Slum Child Miss Ch'en!
Ch'en Ah Lam? Oh... School's out already, isn't it?
Slum Child Yep!
Ch'en Have you been keeping up in school?
Slum Child Yep! You told me to study hard, and I listened!
Ch'en Good girl.
Slum Child I'm taking my brother to lunch now. Come visit us next time. I'll tell you all about the things I learned.
Ch'en Sure.
Rat King You've been paying for the education of some two dozen children with your own salary.
You even spend time offering them guidance and wisdom after work.
Most are outstanding kids, much thanks to you.
Ch'en It's what I should do.
Rat King Hui-chieh, if it wasn't for everything you've done in the slums the past two years, I wouldn't have come see you, and you would never have met the Rat King.
You can walk with me today because you're pushing the new Infected housing plan. Because you're moving the L.G.D. into the slums, to assimilate them into Lungmen.
Not because you're Wei Yenwu's niece, or because he taught you how to wield Chi Xiao, much less because you graduated from the Victorian Royal Guard Academy.
No matter what Wei Yenwu thinks, I'll tell you this. You've done well.
Ch'en Thank you.
Infected Slum Dweller Superintendent Ch'en, what are you doing here, chumming it up with the Rat King?
Rat King She's just taking a walk with an old man.
Infected Slum Dweller Oh, I see...
Right, Superintendent Ch'en. The Oripathy suppressant you gave me last time really feels like it's working. I felt much better the last time I had a flare up.
Ch'en That's good. I...
Infected Slum Dweller Don't tell me you'll bring me more. There's no way I can repay you.
Ch'en ......
Infected Slum Dweller I probably won't ever be able to repay you for the ones you've already brought me.
I'll just ration them.
Ch'en I...
Infected Slum Dweller Oh, Superintendent Ch'en, I heard the housing plan didn't pass. Don't let it get to you. I figured it was an uphill battle from the beginning.
A lot of people in the slums think it's all just a crowd-pleasing trick. They think you promoted a cause you knew was never going to happen just to earn yourself some fame. I don't think so, though.
You helped me. I know you're doing this because you truly care for us, and I know it must really weigh on you.
I heard the L.G.D. was moving into the slums today. I wanted to tell you this, and I figured I'd maybe run into you. I didn't actually expect to see you here, though.
Ch'en Thanks.
Infected Slum Dweller Don't thank me. I'm the one who should thank you.
I gotta head to the construction site for work. I'll see you later.
Ch'en Take care of yourself.
Rat King There are plenty of Infected who accepted your kindness.
Their lives are a little better than the other Infected, but there's a limit to how much better things can be.
Ch'en Which is why I want to change something about all this, on a fundamental level.
Rat King Hui-chieh, Lungmen is a great city, don't you think?
Ch'en Compared to some other places I know, it's a decent place.
But I wouldn't call it a great place.
Rat King Because you think it could be even better.
And I feel the same when I look at you.
But there is only one Ch'en Hui-chieh.
Ch'en You want to convince me.
Rat King What is there for me to convince? The road ahead is yours to choose yourself.
That said, your road isn't Lungmen's or the L.G.D.'s. It's not Yenwu's either.
You have those who believe that you, Ch'en Hui-chieh, are a kindhearted person that treats the Infected well. But how are you going to make them believe in the daughter of the Schwire family?
I have had some dealings with Hoshiguma, and I can't even vouch for her, much less the officers who work for you.
You say you want fundamental change, but that is not something you can accomplish on your own.
How will you persuade others to believe what you represent? How will you make them believe that what you represent has the strength you believe it does, Hui-chieh?
Ch'en ......
Rat King This way.
<Background 5>
Slum Dweller Superintendent Ch'en!
Ch'en Phal?!
Slum Dweller I... I'm sorry, Superintendent Ch'en.
This is all my fault.
Ch'en No, it's not.
Slum Dweller I'm glad you're alright. I wouldn't know how to face Madame Oni.
Ch'en Same goes for you.
Slum Dweller But really, Superintendent Ch'en, everything I said to you, I meant every word.
The L.G.D. shouldn't have come. You're not going to accomplish anything.
It's still too early to shine a light on the slums.
Ch'en ......
[Several thugs appear before the Rat King.]
Ch'en Rat King, what's the meaning of this?
Rat King It's very simple.
No matter the case, he helped the Anchors, and it got you hurt.
You don't know it, but he's connected to several gangs here.
Take him with you, and you will actually learn quite a lot from him.
But I cannot allow the L.G.D. to take one of my boys before my very eyes.
Otherwise, how would I ever be able to face my friends?
That's why you must make a decision now, Hui-chieh.
If you take Phal with you, then we never took this walk together today.
You are free to continue your life as an upstanding citizen.
If you don't take Phal, you can leave the L.G.D. and come work for me.
You might remember my daughter, Yüshia. She could use someone her age, someone she can get along with, someone to help her out. I'm sure she'd be happy to see you too.
Ch'en Lin Yühsia... I'm not so sure about that.
Rat King You needn't worry. I'll sort things out with Yenwu.
Ch'en Are you... recruiting me?
Rat King Will Yenwu let an Infected stay in the L.G.D.?
You don't have many options, Hui-chieh.
<Background fades out>
I'm an Infected.
I understand the Infected predicament well enough.
It's time to give up.
Should I give up?
Should I not?
<Flashback starts here>
<Background 1>
Ch'en Sir, I am referring to the incident that took place roughly ten years ago when the city was infiltrated by foreign forces. Several Lungmen citizens were kidnapped, and they are yet to be found.
I will continue to push the city to investigate and locate the missing citizens after my admission to the department.
Wei Yenwu Ch'en... You have no idea what you are talking about.
Ch'en Sir, I am perfectly aware of what I am talking about.
Wei Yenwu I won't argue. How about this, then? As soon as you don't think you can keep it up, just let me know.
Tell me, Superintendent Ch'en. How long do you want to be in the department?
<Flashback ends here>
<Background 5>
<Background fades out>
Is this the end?
Is this as far as I can go?
I haven't accomplished anything.
I haven't found her, and I haven't done anything to make this city a better place.
Is it really okay to give up like this?
I still...
<Background fades in>
Ch'en ......
I won't take Phal in. He didn't mean to hurt me.
Slum Dweller Superintendent Ch'en...
Ch'en But let's forget we took this walk together.
Rat King Oh?
Ch'en You can drop the act. Since you saved me, I'm sure Wei Yenwu already knows that I'm Infected.
It's only a matter of whether I tell him about it myself.
Rat King Hohoh, things aren't quite so transparent between me and Yenwu.
Though it's true that this isn't an easy thing to hide.
Ch'en I don't know what he thinks, but if I can stay in the L.G.D., I will keep doing my job.
If I can't, I'll find another way.
I'm sure there is a lot that I could accomplish working for you.
But that is not my way.
Rat King No need to apologize, Hui-chieh.
You aren't willing to give up yet. I won't say this is a good thing, as the path you have chosen is one without a future.
But you're still young. You have time to figure things out.
[Hoshiguma contacts Ch'en, whom she picked up.]
Hoshiguma Hey, Ch'en, are you okay there?
Ch'en Hoshiguma? I'm fine. Just ran into a situation.
Hoshiguma Okay, looks like Missy's friend wasn't pulling our leg.
We're almost done over here. As for our next step, though. That's for you to decide.
Ch'en Understood.
I'm on my way.
[Ch'en signs off.]
Ch'en Thank you for everything, Uncle Lin.
Rat King No need to thank me. Thank yourself.
[Ch'en leaves alongside Phal...]
Rat King ......
Look, Yenwu. It's like you two are both cut from the same cloth.
[ Wei Yenwu himself shows up.]
Wei Yenwu That's not a good thing.
Rat King Now you say this is not a good thing.
I'm curious. Can an Infected run this city?
Wei Yenwu If that's what she wants to do, I'm sure she can.
Rat King There are certain things you should tell her yourself.
Wei Yenwu If I told her myself, she wouldn't listen.
Rat King That doesn't sound like something an elder who pushed all his arrangements back the moment he heard his niece was Infected would say.
If you don't do something about yourself soon, she will never understand you.
Wei Yenwu It's not me that she doesn't understand. It's the rules, the shackles.
And since she doesn't have the strength to break free of them, she won't ever need to understand me.
Rat King Yet you hope she has that strength, and you're forging the sharpest blade for her. A blade called Lungmen.
Wei Yenwu We walked all those years together, smiling until the very end, Kojui.
But do any of us really want anyone to repeat the same mistakes we made?
I taught her how to wield a blade, but, in the end, she must wield it herself.
She needs to learn for herself how wield it. That is the only way the cloud-splitting sword she masters can be different from mine.
Her swordhand should not be the same as this one.
Rat King Fate. This is all fate.
All the things we fought so hard for, they're all being destroyed before we even have the chance to enjoy them.
You gave Hui-chieh the greatest gift in the world, yet her time is already ticking away.
Heaven certainly knows how to play a cruel trick. Wouldn't you agree, Old Wei?
Wei Yenwu ......
What Heaven says or does means nothing to me.
But Lungmen will be a more perfect place. That is all I can do right now.
Rat King See, that is why I say you are cut from the same cloth.
<Background black>
During the L.G.D.'s first attempt to move into the slums, Ch'en took the opportunity to sweep out several triad elements that had been hiding there.
That is why Ch'en was promoted to Chief of the Special Inspection Unit.
But right when everyone thought the L.G.D. had found its footing in the slums, Ch'en unexpectedly announced the L.G.D.'s retreat from the area.
Most thought their entrance a risky move she took to facilitate the surprise operation that followed.
Half a year later...
<Background 9>
Policeman A Where's Superintendent Ch'en? I got a letter for her.
Policeman B She went back into her office after pouring another cup of Joe.
Policeman A Still not going home, huh? What a workaholic.
Policeman B You said it. Ever since that operation six months ago, she's been pushing herself way too hard.
Policeman A If she keeps this up, it's really going to wear her out.
Ch'en What are you two gossiping about?
Policeman A Oh, Superintendent Ch'en. It's nothing. Here's a letter for you, by the way.
Ch'en A letter? Let's see...
(It's from Nine?!)
(She... She started working with the Reunion Movement after she got infected?!)
(There's even a number on here...)
<Background 10>
[Ch'en enters the rooftop and makes a call as strong winds blow towards her...]
Ch'en Hello... It's me.
[...which is picked up by Nine, now part of Reunion.]
Nine It's been a long time, Ch'en.


  1. Hanzi: 對唔住; Jyutping: deoi3 m4 zyu6; "Pardon me" or "I apologize" in Cantonese
  2. Hanzi: 大佬; Jyutping: daai6 lou2; "Big brother" in Cantonese, although in this context refers to a Triad lieutenant