Swire: Day Before the Job

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Day Before the Job
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The family is humanity's eternal motif. Young children will always take family to be all there is to life, but if it crashes against this land of ours when it tries to decide all their days to come, it may end up no more than an inconsequential ripple.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Swire to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Swire.
L.G.D. Officer icon.png
L.G.D. Officer
Adams Schwire
Adams Schwire's Secretary
Lungmen Policeman
Young Swire
Lungmen Office
Yan Indoor B
RI Infirmary
L.G.D. HQ Corridor
Swire shares a conversation with Wei Yenwu before she is promoted to Chief of the Special Inspection Unit.
<Background 1>
[Someone knocks the door.]
Wei Yenwu Come in.
[Swire opens the door and enters Wei's office.]
Swire Hello, Master Wei.
Wei Yenwu Take a seat.
Officer Swire, there is something we must discuss.
Swire Oh? Well, that's a new one. We've never had a discussion, just the two of us, have we?
Wei Yenwu You might want to get used to it, then.
Swire ......
So Officer Ch'en isn't coming back?
Wei Yenwu No, she isn't.
Swire There are a lot of superintendents in the L.G.D. Why me? The things Officer Ch'en did, I might not...
Wei Yenwu You needn't do what "Officer Ch'en did." She was never the ideal choice to lead the Special Inspection Unit.
Swire Master Wei? Just because Officer Ch'en is gone doesn't mean you're free to speak ill of her.
Wei Yenwu I don't mean to speak ill. However, Officer Ch'en's strongest merit is her sense of justice, and that is also her greatest weakness. Her position called for more than a sense of justice.
Swire Did it? Hm... Let me think... What else could you expect from me?
Good relationships stakeholding factions? A talent for command? A new face from the next generation? A bad relationship with Officer Ch'en? You wouldn't be after my family, right?
Wei Yenwu You speak your mind, Swire.
Swire I've never been one to beat around the bush. I'm not my grandfather, Master Wei.
Wei Yenwu And here I thought you'd avoid the word "Grandfather."
Swire There was a time when I did, though I've since gotten used to it. He casts a long shadow in the L.G.D., and there's no running from the name "Adams Schwire" as long as I live here.
Wei Yenwu Hah... I can't recall hearing an ordinary Lungmenite say his name. Perhaps it's not Lungmen that can't run from it, Officer Swire. It's you who can't escape the name.
Swire ......
Let's cut to the chase, Master Wei.
I know the current L.G.D. Commissioner is one of his lackeys, no matter how solid his relationship with you. I also know that the longer my grandfather stays in his sickbed, the more uncertain things get.
My family has had its differences with you, even before my grandfather got sick, but we always knew that the Corporate Union and Lungmen should and must coexist.
Now that my grandfather has been bedridden for fourteen years and counting, though, things have gotten far too chaotic and stupid with the men supposed to carry out his will.
If they continue this way, what will become of the relationship between the Schwires and Lungmen by the time he finally shuffles off his mortal coil? This is a problem you have to face, Master Wei, just as the L.G.D. must.
And maybe... It's one that I have to face too.
Am I right?
Wei Yenwu ......
I think I just saw Adams in you, young lady.
Swire That's a provocation, Master Wei. I resent the idea that anyone would see a single trace of him in me.
Wei Yenwu My apologies. It was not my intention to provoke.
Swire Fair enough. It seems to me you might have a slight misunderstanding about the relationships in my family... I'm not sure exactly how you think we get along with each other.
Wei Yenwu ......
If you don't want to go into the details, forget I ever said anything.
Swire No... It's alright.
I've been thinking I might have to talk to you about this sooner or later, if I ended up taking over for Ch'en.
<Flashback starts here>
<Background 2>
Young Swire Waaaahhh...
Father Shh, shh... Beatrix, don't cry...
Young Swire *Whimpers*... But Daddy... They were mean to me...
Father Shh... Grandpa is still home. Don't disturb him...
Young Swire *Waaahhh... Uwargh-wah-hh!
Father I told you to stop crying! You don't want to disturb him!
A loud slap.
[Someone knocks the door.]
Adams Schwire's Secretary Is something the matter? Master Schwire said he heard a commotion.
Father No, not at all. I was just taking Beatrix! Awfully, terribly sorry, sir. She did not mean to disturb Father.
<Flashback ends here>
<Background 1>
Swire Childhood memories tend to be blurry, and they say that if you have one that's particularly clear, it must've had a profound impact on your personality.
So then, if I remember this so vividly even now, does that mean it was the first time I truly came to "know" my grandfather?
Wei Yenwu If my memory serves me right, your father is Adams's oldest son, and your grandfather had high hopes for him in his younger years... Hoh... Indeed, that's just like Adams.
It doesn't seem like you grew up in the same kind of environment he did, though.
Swire My parents moved out of the place many years ago, after all. I could count the number of times I've met my grandfather on one hand. When my he wasn't around, my parents treated me well.
Though... in another sense... I have always lived in his shadow.
"Don't do that, Grandpa said." "Don't play with them. Grandpa wouldn't like it." —All the things I wasn't allowed to do when I was little, they were all because of "Grandpa's wishes."
—Not that I ever listened to him much.
I cried, I got angry. I even asked, "Why am I not allowed, just because Grandpa wouldn't be happy about it?" My parents were never able to give me a reason, but I could tell. They were much more afraid of him than I ever was.
They weren't even trying to get on my grandfather's good side. They were just afraid of making him angry.
In the end, my grandfather was the thing I feared most at the time. He was like... just like a monster that ends up killing the heroes in a B movie.
Wei Yenwu Who would show their child something like that?
Swire I saw one once, and it kept me up all night. When I told my parents, "*Sobs* That ghost's scarier than Grandpa—" I got an earful from my father.
Then, I started to think: Oh, so Grandpa's actually scarier.
Wei Yenwu ......
Swire It doesn't sound so bad just listening to the story, does it? Believe me, though. It wasn't easy to live through. There was a time when I thought of "angering Grandfather" as the red line that could never be crossed.
But some time after that...
<Flashback starts here>
<Background 3>
[An Oni policewoman breaks the door open and rushes inside to find the young Swire being tied.]
Nameless Lungmen Policeman Over here!
The hostage is safe! Move in!
[The Oni policewoman cuts off the ropes tying Swire.]
Nameless Lungmen Policeman Little girl, are you okay?
Lungmen Policeman Contact! It's the kidnapper! Requesting backup!
Nameless Lungmen Policeman 10-4! I'll bring the girl out first!
Young Swire ......
Yes... I'm okay.
<Flashback ends here>
<Background 1>
Swire Master Wei, I'm sure you've figured out by now that it was then I decided to become a police officer. I'm sure you've also figured out that...
<Flashback starts here>
<Background 2>
Another loud slap.
Young Swire Daddy...?
Father Sorry, Beatrix, I should not have slapped you, but... How could you? You stand to inherit everything! How could you say you want to join the police?
Father... Father will be furious when he finds out about this! You must abandon this idea!
<Flashback ends here>
<Background 1>
Wei Yenwu Hmm...
Swire I was actually baffled. You see, my cousin had just told me a few months prior that he was the first in line to take over.
But when he said it, something felt off to me.
Wei Yenwu The heir to the Schwire family fortune... Shouldn't that be...?
Swire Correct, neither me nor my cousin. It should have been my father.
This is one of those questions that I could never wrap my head around when I was a kid, and then one day, after I'd grown up, I suddenly realized that it couldn't have been any simpler.
—Of course, my father didn't want to take over, and my grandfather never thought of him as a successor.
He's always called me the heir to the Schwires. Maybe that's his honest belief, but looking back...
He was probably just thinking something like: "As long it's not me, it doesn't matter who it is."
At the time, I still trusted my father, though. Or maybe I should say... even if they have their doubts, there aren't a lot of kids out there who don't trust their parents.
I was scared. I kept hoping I could avoid becoming the heir.
Wei Yenwu So that's why...
I still remember the time we first met.
Swire Ha... That's another one of my childhood traumas.
<Flashback starts here>
<Background 4>
Father How's Father? Is he well?
Doctor I'm afraid... Mr. Schwire's outlook isn't very optimistic.
[Wei Yenwu enters.]
Father Master Wei, I didn't expect you to visit today... To what do we owe the pleasure?
Wei Yenwu My old friend is sick, so I'm here to visit. Doctor, please continue.
Doctor His current situation isn't life threatening, but I'm afraid it'll be difficult for him to ever leave his bed again.
Young Swire Pfffheh.
Uncle Beatrix? What's so funny?!
Aunt This... This is unbelievable!
Father Sorry... Beatrix, apologize! I'm sorry, Master Wei for my daughter's behavior... Beatrix!
Adams Swire (Quietly) Hoh...
Father Father, you're awake?!
Adams Swire (Quietly) My unseemly granddaughter... She's a brave one, but she doesn't mince words.
<Flashback ends here>
<Background 1>
Swire Looking back, that was the only praise I ever got from my grandfather. At the time, I didn't even realize what he meant by it. I could only feel... chills, running down my spine.
Wei Yenwu I've heard your family still ostracizes you because of that.
Swire Right, they always say I'm an ungrateful, unfilial daughter. Not that I can really disagree with them.
I guess Grandfather probably didn't mind that I was looking forward to his death, though. He just thought the way I couldn't hold back my laugh was unreasonable and could put him in a difficult position.
—I was only twelve! Did he really expect me to hide my feelings about everything?!
Wei Yenwu You're beginning to put yourself in his shoes.
Swire ......
Yes, you're right. I had a terrible time after that. Every so often, someone would bring it up.
A year or two later, though, I suddenly realized something.
By then, my grandfather was already pretty quiet on his sickbed... He wasn't even awake much, actually. Nevertheless, I still lived in his shadow.
Actually, even before that, I rarely saw him actually giving orders.
So how did he cast that shadow anyway? Did it come from my grandfather? From my father, my relatives? Or was it actually cast... by my own heart?
He barely said a word the year after he was bedridden. How come nobody dared to stand up against him? He didn't actually hold much power, but no resisted him. Why?
Wei Yenwu Forgive me, Officer Swire... but you don't seem like the type to ponder these matters at age thirteen or so.
Swire ......?
Alright, alright! I'm just organizing all the doubts I had at the time! I'm looking back with the wisdom of age, okay?!
To tell you the truth, I was only muddling along back then. I didn't think, much less notice what was really on my mind.
If it wasn't for the cop who saved me, my guess is I would probably be just another loafing, good-for-nothing rich kid.
I still have the badge he dropped during the kidnapping case. If I ever find him, I'd really like to give him a proper thank you...
Wei Yenwu If you ask me, becoming a superintendent is the best way to show your appreciation.
Swire I suppose so.
Anyway, I went to Victoria to for school, basically because I was trying to get away from Lungmen.
I thought that, by going to Victoria, I could finally escape my grandfather's shadow. Boy, was I wrong.
I should've known... The Schwires have far more assets in Victoria than Lungmen.
Wei Yenwu Those businesses in Victoria had long tried to shake off Adams's control, even before then.
Swire Right, that's why, by going to Victoria, I actually managed to suss out my grandfather's position a little. It was like I finally found some of the answers to all the doubts that had been lingering in my mind.
I guess... there are a lot of ways to grasp power, but there is only one way to maintain that power, and that's to be right.
My grandfather could buy dignity with his power, but when he lost the ability to use that power, no one dared to turn on him, and there's only one reason why that is: He's always right.
Wei Yenwu Officer Swire, I thought you were here to swear your allegiance, until you said that.
Swire ......
And that's exactly why I am here! Are him being right and me opposing him somehow mutually exclusive?!
Wei Yenwu Oh? So you'll betray your family?
Swire Master Wei! Please, enough teasing already!
Wei Yenwu —I am absolutely not teasing.
Swire ......
My grandfather has done a lot right, there's no arguing that. But sometimes, there's more than one "right" in this world.
What's right for the Schwires isn't necessarily what's right for Lungmen, what was right before isn't necessarily the right way forward, and what used to be right for my grandfather definitely isn't going to be right for me.
The thought of betraying my family has never crossed my mind. And the idea of betraying Lungmen is even crazier, because I won't ever betray my badge.
That's my answer, Master Wei. I'll leave it there for now.
Wei Yenwu Heh... You can keep going.
Swire Where was I...?
Oh, I learned a little about my family's past during secondary school, and that was when I realized how my grandfather had planned everything so carefully when he moved the family business out of Victoria.
He predicted Victoria's troubles and fissures over forty years ago. He knew Victoria's fall was coming even at the height of its prosperity.
And then, even though nobody understood his decision, he stubbornly pressed forward until history finally proved him right.
And also... fine, I'll stop singing his praises. I'm sure you know more about his exploits than I do anyway.
Anyway, I'd be lying if I said I never wavered during this whole process. Though I came to understand that all this... didn't actually make me fear him any more.
In fact, the more I learned about his achievements... the weaker my fear became.
All because I couldn't figure out the source of my fear.
Back when I didn't understand anything, my grandfather cast a dark shadow, shrouding even the sky itself. The depth of his terror was limited only by my imagination.
But when I finally understood the source of his power, he was only as terrifying as the bounds of reality. I know why there is no standing up to him, and that's how...
That's how I figured out how to stand up to him.
And that's that... but I didn't actually mean to backstab anyone, you know?!
They call me "unseemly" day in and day out, like everything I do is some kind of dig at them. What's that about?!
Wei Yenwu That hotheadedness runs in your family. Surely you know that?
Swire Of course I do, and that just makes me all the more pissed! Why do I have to take over the family business and have them prickling at me day after day? What's wrong with the L.G.D.?!
Wei Yenwu ......
I've long heard rumors of the L.G.D. Officer Swire with her booming voice that echoes loud and clear. It seems the rumors are true.
Swire ......?
Ahem. Anyway, I figured at the time... running away won't solve anything.
If I kept running away, then even if I managed to become a cop, I might still shudder in fear every time my thoughts turned to my grandfather.
What's more, he'd see me running. And that would only lend more credence to his idea that I'm an unseemly granddaughter.
No, thank you.
Wei Yenwu And that is why, starting your third year of university, you began to take on work in the family business—even if it was in direct opposition to your parents' wishes.
Swire Right... Now that you mention it, they grumbled about that for quite a long while. No matter. Who cares what they think?
Wei Yenwu Hmm...
Background-Manor Hall.png
Wei Yenwu In 1092, the Schwire Group's Lungmen headquarters issued an order to its real estate officer in northern Victoria to sell off some of their properties there.
The director refused the order and submitted a report describing why the order was not feasible.
Working through a classmate, you got your hands on certain internal data from the dukedom in question and pointed out errors in the report. That was the first time you meddled in your family's business.
However, the officer very quickly submitted a second report and plugged all the holes you found.
In the end, the plan to sell off the properties did not succeed.
Background-Lungmen City.png
Wei Yenwu In 1094, you came back to Lungmen, and while you were interning at one of your family's companies, you found out a director trying to get the Corporate Union and Lungmen to turn on each other.
And you picked a fight during a meeting.
In the end, the director's plan was foiled, and the individual was relieved of duty. However, you also had to leave the Schwire Group.
Background-Lungmen Downtown.png
Wei Yenwu 1095. That was your first year with the L.G.D. The Lungmen Trade Union held a strike over a wage dispute. The Corporate Union asked the L.G.D. to end the strike.
In private, you arranged for a meeting between the Trade Unionists and the Corporate Union, though it fell apart. You couldn't stop the strike, and you ended up in a huge row with the Commissioner.
Following that, during a Schwire family meeting, your cousin accused you of damaging the Corporate Union's profits, though you fought back, and you did not find yourself more ostracized.
<Background 1>
Swire ......
Why are you recounting my life story, Master Wei?! I know I didn't accomplish much during those few years, but growth happens over time!
Look at how much I've done lately!
Wei Yenwu I'm not trying to make fun of you, Officer Swire.
Do you remember what you said earlier? You asked me what more I expect from you.
Swire ......
Wei Yenwu You're wrong to question yourself. This is what I expect to see in you. What the L.G.D. looks to uphold is not justice.
You've been working to accomplish everything I want out of the L.G.D. You will experience even more failures than you did those few years, but just as you've never given up before, you won't give up now.
Swire Understood.
Master Wei... I'm just thinking... whether I can accomplish the task at hand isn't actually that important.
What matters is this is the only way I can find courage, and win the right to choose my own path.
I think I have a pretty good idea of what my grandfather thinks of me being a cop—"You don't have what it takes to devour the L.G.D., so why are you even doing this?"
—Maybe something like that? I don't really care anymore, though... Definitely. I don't care. Who cares what he thinks?
Wei Yenwu You don't care? How did you manage such a flawless impression him, though?
Swire Oh... I mean, I've been fixated on this since I was a kid. I can't completely not care!
I'm sure you can tell. In recounting my childhood to you, I'm pledging my loyalty.
But now I know. You've seen what I've done these past four years... No, maybe you've been keeping an eye on me since even before that.
My actions thus far say much more about my position and how I feel than mere words. And when I say that, I guess it makes this conversation seem kind of meaningless.
Wei Yenwu Not necessarily... It's true that I used to see Adams in you.
Not that you look anything like him.
Swire Hmm... Actually, even now, I can't say for sure he never influenced me. After all, I know in my heart that I actually do care what he thinks.
That said... Master Wei, are you willing to have a little faith in me?
Wei Yenwu Hmm...
It's just as you said. Actions speak louder than words.
Swire Well, then... You won't be disappointed.
<Background 5>
[Hoshiguma and several L.G.D. officers greet Swire who had just arrived.]
Hoshiguma Hey, I heard the news. Congratulations on your promotion, Missy.
L.G.D. Officer A Congrats! Dinner's on you tonight, Missy!
Swire Fine, whatever! What happened to all your cases? What are you all faffing about for? Get back to work!
L.G.D. Officer B No way, Missy! Not even officially on the job yet, and you're already terrorizing us with your newfound power?
Swire Enough with the glib tongue! To your cases! Everything's on me tonight!
<Background black>
It's true. I'm not sure whether my grandfather's shadow is still influencing my decisions.
Sometimes, I manage to break free. Other times, I'm pulled back toward him. Resistance is a different, vicious cycle. Standing up to my fears is not an insult to him. It's a means to forget—though I will never forget my grandfather's gaze or his will.
Even so, I'm confident I can find my own way forward.
After all, even if I never shake free of his influence, the warmth this badge brings me has nothing to do with him. My colleagues' laughter has nothing to do with him.
—Lungmen's future has nothing to do with him.