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Operator Record
A Priceless Medal
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In the moment of crisis, Jackie is driven by only one thought: I would never stand idly by and watch someone die.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Jackie to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Jackie.
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Government Official
Female Columbian icon.png
Impatient Reporter
Male Victorian A icon.png
Independent Reporter
Nobleman B icon.png
RI Operator icon.png
Rhodes Island Operator
Male Columbian icon.png
Rude Reporter
Rescued Persons Representative
Columbia Streets
RI Surgery Room
Jackie is honored for saving lives in a dangerous situation, only to be confronted by a reporter who claims that the incident was fabricated.
<Background black>
"Many Feared Dead After Major Originium Accident"
"Mysterious Savior on Scene?"
"Hero Cop"
<Background 1>
[A lot of reporters are gathering around Jackie.]
Impatient Reporter This way, please!
Are you reflecting the official position when you refuse to comment?
Jackie ...
Rude Reporter This way! Look at the cameras!
Did you know about this beforehand?
Jackie I...
Independent Reporter Officer Jackie.
The truth is right here! Answer the questions!
<Background fades out and in>
A little while ago...
Jackie Hyah!
Rhodes Island Operator There you are, Jackie. I was looking for you.
Jackie Whoa!
[Jackie accidentally hits the Rhodes Island operator, knocking him to the floor.]
Rhodes Island Operator ...
Aren't you getting a little excited, Operator Jackie?
Jackie I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry! Are you okay?
Are you hurt?
[The R.I. operator stands back up.]
Rhodes Island Operator I'm fine. But you ought to be careful.
Don't get yourself hurt before the award ceremony.
Jackie Hehe...
Rhodes Island Operator Look at you. Your clothes are all wrinkled now.
Jackie I'm fine, I'm fine.
[Jackie tidies up her outfit.]
Jackie There!
Rhodes Island Operator ...
Where did you run off to this time?
Jackie I sneaked off to the venue. They were pretty busy.
So I helped them move the equipment onstage.
Rhodes Island Operator You went to help them?
Jackie Yeah! It was so heavy!
When I stood onstage, it brought back memories of my dad getting honored.
I was watching from the crowd. Everyone around me was clapping, but I clapped the loudest.
That's why dad always knew where I was sitting. His face was all serious, but he always flashed a smile at me.
Rhodes Island Operator Jackie? What's the matter?
Jackie This time, I was the one up on the stage.
Too bad he was out on assignment and couldn't be there.
Rhodes Island Operator I'm sure he's proud of you.
Jackie Yeah!
I'll tell Dad all about it later!
Rhodes Island Operator Before I forget, I need you to come with me.
The government folks say there's something they have to confirm with you before the ceremony.
Jackie Okay!
<Background fades out and in>
Government Official To charge into the scene without a second thought, saving so many people in the face of danger...
Your heroism is admirable, Officer Jackie.
Jackie Actually, I was just an auxiliary...
Government Official No problem at all. We have talked to Rhodes Island about your situation.
Including your Oripathy.
Jackie Right...
Government Official I understand that Rhodes Island has provided a full report on your condition?
Rhodes Island Operator Affirmative. Rhodes Island takes full responsibility for our operators' health.
Whatever guarantees you need, we'll give.
Government Official Well, it's no trouble, really, as long as there are no clearly visible signs.
We have a contingency plan if someone wants to make something bigger of it than it is.
Jackie Contingency?
Government Official A young officer contracted Oripathy in the course of saving lives while off-duty.
That will be the official explanation.
Jackie But then...
Rhodes Island Operator ...
That's just the worst-case scenario. We'll try to avoid any unexpected issues.
Government Official You'll always be an honored member of the Columbian Police Force, no matter what.
Just like your father.
Jackie I... I'm not like my father. He's the spirit of a true policeman.
Government Official Well, then, here's your chance.
Prove to your father that you're a hero, just like him.
Jackie ...
Government Official Take this and read it.
[Jackie reads a letter given by the official.]
Jackie "Were you thinking about your family when you rushed in?"
"Your father is a police officer too. What did he think about your actions?"
"How are you feeling now? Any lasting effects on work and everyday life?"
Do I have to answer everything according to this sheet?
Government Official I know you have questions. However...
You have to cultivate the best possible public image, so as not to disappoint your father.
Wouldn't you agree, Officer Jackie?
Jackie Officer...?
Government Official Yes, Officer Jackie.
That's you.
This is an honor for the government, for the police force...
For you.
And for your father.
Jackie ...
I'll go and prepare.
Don't worry, I'll handle it!
Government Official Let me introduce you to the representative of the people you rescued before the ceremony.
He's very grateful and insists on conveying his gratitude in person.
Jackie Sure!
<Background 2>
[Jackie is washing her face.]
Jackie My face is clean, right?
Rhodes Island Operator Just a heads-up, Jackie...
The government hasn't sent official notice to Rhodes Island about their intention to re-hire you to the police force.
It's possible that whatever that man said was just for publicity purposes.
Jackie ...
How are my clothes? Anything sticking out in the back?
Rhodes Island Operator Looking fine.
Did you hear what I said, Jackie? You're too nervous.
Jackie Yeah... but this is my first time on a stage.
I don't really know why...
But I'm sure Dad will be in the audience.
What if I say or do something wrong? He'll see right through me.
But there are so many people down there, and I can't see him.
What would be the look on his face?
Would he be disappointed?
Rhodes Island Operator ...
Jackie I know I'm not worthy of the "officer" title yet.
It's okay if I can't get back onto the force.
Give me that sheet.
I want to do my best, like my dad sitting there.
[An independent reporter enters the office.]
Independent Reporter Officer Jackie? The staff told me you were here.
May I have a quick interview before the ceremony?
Here's my ID. I'm...
Rhodes Island Operator Excuse me, we're busy right now.
There will be time for media questions at the ceremony.
Independent Reporter It'll just take a minute!
You were talking about a sheet. Is it the one you're holding? Sorry, I didn't mean to eavesdrop.
It's just that... this is important.
Rhodes Island Operator Excuse me.
Let's go, Jackie. Don't keep that guy waiting.
Independent Reporter Hey, wait!
Jackie I'm sorry!
I'll answer at the ceremony!
Independent Reporter ...
<Background black>
Jackie (I've told everyone how amazing Dad is. Nothing gives him trouble, not catching bad guys, not saving lives.)
(That's how the press has always reported on him. He's a model officer! Dad doesn't like it when I carry news clippings and photos of him with me, though.)
(I know most of the people he helped.)
(When they come to visit, they always tell me I should become an officer just like him. Dad would say that I'm just an auxiliary who still has a lot to learn.)
(I've never actually seen all the medals he earned. I wonder why he never takes them home.)
(This'll be the first medal in our house!)
Rescued Persons Representative Officer Jackie, right?
Jackie Er...
Rescued Persons Representative I knew it! I could recognize you a mile away.
You probably don't recognize me! All our faces were covered in soot that day.
Jackie Oh, it's you!
Let me push your wheelchair.
Rescued Persons Representative Oh, I'm totally fine. Look!
Jackie I insist! Let me help.
Rescued Persons Representative Haha, okay, okay.
Thank you, Officer Jackie.
Jackie Hehe...
<Background 1>
[The reporters are photographing the mayor...]
Impatient Reporter This way, please, Mr. Mayor.
Rude Reporter Can we take another, Mr. Mayor?
[...with Jackie standing beside him.]
Jackie ...
Impatient Reporter Excuse me, Officer, could you stand closer to the mayor?
We need both of you in the shot, please.
Jackie ...
[Jackie leans toward the mayor.]
Rude Reporter Officer, please stand tall!
Could you straighten out your clothes, please?
Jackie ...
Impatient Reporter Officer Jackie, were you thinking about your family when you rushed in that day?
Jackie ...
Impatient Reporter You know how dangerous it was, better than any of us here.
Was there any hesitation in your heart?
Jackie I...
Mayor Come on, folks, Officer Jackie has been through a lot, and this is her first time getting honored. It's understandable that she would be a little nervous.
One by one, please. No rush.
Her father is also an outstanding officer. He has stood exactly where she is right now.
He was just as nervous as you are now!
Jackie Yes, I remember!
It was many years ago, when Dad was just an ordinary officer at the local station.
He was on duty...
<Background fades out>
If he's down there right now...
<Background fades in>
Impatient Reporter Officer Jackie?
Jackie Yeah!
It was my duty as a police officer.
I didn't have time, and the situation... didn't allow me to hesitate. Every second counted for the people trapped inside.
The moment I rushed in...
I thought about my father, but even more so, his encouragement... and expectations.
That hardened my resolve to help those trapped people.
Impatient Reporter You mentioned your father. What did he think about your actions?
Jackie As a police officer, my father's duty is to his post.
Unfortunately, he could not be here today.
But I'm sure he's proud of me.
Impatient Reporter Is that why you joined the force?
To become a police, help others, and prove yourself to your father?
Jackie Well...
I didn't start helping people because I joined the force.
Just like my father, he...
Mayor Ahem.
Rescued Persons Representative Ah.
May I interrupt?
[The representative joins Jackie and the mayor.]
Rescued Persons Representative I just want to say that, whether it's Officer Jackie or her father...
It makes average folks like us feel really safe to know that there are people like them protecting us, passing the torch from one generation to the next.
I'm also really grateful for the mayor's invitation, allowing me to thank my savior in person.
Mayor The honor is all mine.
It's my sincere hope that this spirit will be passed on not just in the police force, but throughout all departments of the government.
Let it inspire all of us public servants to truly be worthy of the name, to serve the people, lead by example, and protect our citizens.
[Everyone applauds.]
Impatient Reporter Photo, Officer Jackie. A little closer please.
Jackie ...
[Jackie steps closer.]
Rude Reporter Smile, officer.
Jackie ...
Officer Jackie!
Officer Jackie!
Officer Jackie!
<Background 2>
Rhodes Island Operator Don't worry, you could do a backflip here without anyone seeing you.
Jackie Oh!
[Jackie made a backflip.]
Jackie (Deep breath)
Rhodes Island Operator Are you okay?
Jackie I... I don't know!
Is this how things are?
Did Dad have to do this? Go along with everything they want...?
Rhodes Island Operator It's a show for the media, Jackie.
They paint a picture for you, make you answer questions in a way that fits their public image.
You don't need any of these to prove yourself, though. Everyone at Rhodes Island knows your kindness and courage.
We all know your father is a true hero.
If you really can't handle it... you can leave.
Rhodes Island will take care of the rest.
Jackie ...
No! I won't leave like this.
I'm not worried about the media or any honors.
I... I can do it! I'm serious!
Rhodes Island Operator Then what are you worried about?
Jackie "Become a true police officer, an example for my daughter and the people."
All that I heard in the crowd...
Did he really think that way? Was that what he wanted me to hear?
Rhodes Island Operator Well...
You saved lives. That's a fact.
You earned this medal, whatever other plans they might have in mind.
Jackie Right...
Rhodes Island Operator Are you going back?
Jackie Yes!
<Background 1>
Mayor On behalf of the government, the police force...
The persons rescued and their families...
I hereby confer the Medal of Outstanding Valor to Officer Jackie for her role in this rescue operation.
May you continue to contribute to the city and its citizens as a representative of the government and the police force.
Jackie Thank you.
Independent Reporter Mr. Mayor! Mr. Mayor!
I have a question!
Government Official Who are you? Where's your media pass?
Independent Reporter Officer Jackie.
As the only person who was inside the accident site, do you recognize the people in this photo?
Jackie ...
Independent Reporter I need an answer!
Jackie These two were killed in the accident.
I tried to help them...
Independent Reporter How many did you save?
Jackie Four.
Independent Reporter Are they in the photo?
Jackie I'm not sure. It was a very chaotic situation. I didn't have time to look at their faces.
Independent Reporter Then let me ask the rescued persons representative here. Do you recognize the people in the photo?
Rescued Persons Representative No, I don't.
Independent Reporter You don't? Really?
Government Official Enough!
Notify the police! Arrest this intruder!
Independent Reporter Hey, you have a hero cop right here. Get her to arrest me.
Another accolade to her record.
Government Official Why you!
Arrest him, Officer Jackie!
Jackie ...
No, go ahead.
Independent Reporter Sure. Let's see how far we can take this.
According to media reports, it was a family of seven that was involved in this accident. The cause was the family's second son, whose infection had progressed furthest, and certain things that the mayor would prefer no one talked about.
Mayor I'm warning you!
Independent Reporter The government has not made their identities public, but I managed to get a photo of the family, right here.
You confirmed the two deceased and rescued four more, which makes seven together with the second son.
But you, the rescued persons representative, don't recognize your own family?
Jackie What?!
Rescued Persons Representative I just...
My family's fine! Why are you asking all this?
Jackie What are you getting at?
This man just survived a traumatic event.
What are you getting at?!
Independent Reporter This man was dismissed from the police force not long ago. This is his service record.
Jackie ...
Independent Reporter But for some reason, I couldn't find any service record for you, Officer Jackie.
No complaints, no commendations, no overtime.
You just happened to show up, and be the only one to rush into the accident site, of all the officers on scene.
Oh, right, your father is a hero. What if the daughter of the hero is a hero too?
The perfect story, isn't it? For Mr. Mayor's re-election campaign, and for the government's image, which hasn't been so squeaky-clean lately.
Jackie I...
Independent Reporter Your father is an outstanding police officer.
But are you?
Jackie ...
Independent Reporter Are you a police officer at all?
Impatient Reporter Officer Jackie!
Are you reflecting the official position when you refuse to comment?
Jackie ...
Rude Reporter This way! Look at the cameras!
Did you know about this beforehand?
Jackie I...
Rhodes Island Operator Jackie, I've contacted Rhodes Island. They're looking into it.
Say nothing.
Impatient Reporter Is he telling the truth, Mr. Mayor?
Mayor Hogwash! This is pure fabrication, all of it!
He is trying to defame and slander our hero!
Security! Get this man!
Government Official Take him into custody!
Jackie ...
[Jackie steps toward the independent reporter.]
Government Official Hey! You?!
Mayor Officer Jackie! What are you doing?!
Jackie I have questions for this man. I won't let you take him away.
Get out of my way!
Independent Reporter What do you want to ask?
Jackie To tell the truth, I don't know what happened today.
I was just glad to see the man I rescued, safe and sound.
But you tell me he's a fake, and this is all just a show?
Independent Reporter Is it not?
Jackie I know that the accident wasn't fake.
The people I saved... the people who died...
None of that was fake.
Where are the people I rescued? The real ones?
Independent Reporter I don't know.
Jackie How could you not know?
Independent Reporter Why are you asking me? How should I know why they can't be here?
Shouldn't you be asking the one who planned all this?
Rescued Persons Representative ...
I-I don't know anything. Don't ask me!
Jackie ...
What's going on, Mr. Mayor?
Mayor Officer Jackie.
This does not concern you. You've crossed a line.
Watch yourself. You're representing the police force, and your father.
Jackie ...
<Flashback starts here>
<Background fades out and in>
Reporter Why did you rush in? Weren't you at all scared of all those terrorists?
Some are claiming that your reckless actions sparked the terrorists' brutal response, resulting in harm to the victims. How do you respond?
I heard that your daughter was in the police as well. Would you want her to do the same, if it was you who was trapped inside?
Father ...
To be completely frank, I don't feel the need for these questions, or even for any reporting about this.
But if I had to give an answer...
I would never stand idly by and watch someone die, if there's anything I could do about it.
Jackie ...
<Flashback ends here>
<Background fades out and in>
Jackie ...
But I'm not a police officer. That's my father.
Independent Reporter So you admit it?
Jackie I'm not fit to represent my father.
He's a true hero! Don't you dare doubt him!
All I know right now is that four people have gone missing.
I saved their lives. They should be here, but they're not.
Where are they?!
Independent Reporter ...
Rescued Persons Representative ...
Jackie Mr. Mayor.
Answer my question, or else...
Mayor O-Or else what?!
Jackie Hmph!
<Background 3>
[The R.I. operator takes Jackie to a medical room.]
Jackie Oh, so this is the place?
Rhodes Island Operator I've looked into it. This is where the four people are.
They were infected with Oripathy in the accident, so...
Jackie So the government doesn't want them to show their faces in public, even in Columbia.
Rhodes Island Operator The cause of the accident isn't exactly something that the government wants to see come to light, after all.
"A young officer contracted Oripathy in the course of saving lives while off-duty."
Jackie Mm-hm.
Rhodes Island Operator They'll think of a story, no matter what.
That story just happened to be you, this time.
Jackie ...
Will they be okay?
Rhodes Island Operator We'll work with the local government to ensure that they receive proper treatment.
Although the... incident... might have made things a little harder.
Jackie Oh no, I'm sorry!
Rhodes Island Operator It's not your fault.
You saved four lives at great risk to yourself soon after being assigned to Columbia.
The Doctor will be glad to hear it.
Good work, Officer Jackie.
[The operator noticed Jackie holding a medal.]
Rhodes Island Operator Oh, you kept the medal?
Jackie Mm-hm.
I still have to tell Dad the story, after all.