Vulcan: Forging

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Operator Record
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She mends more than just weapons; she mends what they mean to their users.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Vulcan to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Vulcan.
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Engineering Operator A
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Engineering Operator B
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Reserve Operator
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RI Training Compound
Matterhorn decides to discard his badly-damaged shield, but Vulcan has other ideas.
<Background 1>
[Ceobe gleefully asks Vulcan,]
Ceobe Vulcan!
*sniff* *sniff*
I smell honey biscuits!
Vulcan Yes, I just baked some.
Ceobe Wow!
One for Vulcan, one for me! One for Matterhorn, one for me! One for Lava, one for me...
Vulcan ......
[Someone knocks the door.]
Engineering Operator A Here's another batch of weapons that need repairs, Vulcan.
Vulcan Go play by yourself for a while, Kay. I have some work to get to.
Ceobe Okay!
Engineering Operator A We've taken care of the ones that just need honing or oiling, but there are a few that are above our pay grade.
Vulcan Alright, I'll take a look at them.
Engineering Operator A It's been disassembled. Everything's here: Originium circuit, crossbow frame, and other miscellaneous parts.
Regular maintenance and testing are complete; the hard part's with a modification.
The user is a sniper, but he wants to add a built-in shield.
Vulcan Like the round shield I designed? It only protects the user, but it's portable and can be carried on the belt.
The integrated Originium circuit can boost the user's Arts, or even be used as a weapon itself.
Engineering Operator A But adding it to a crossbow adds dead weight while compromising integrity. That's why I was thinking about rejecting the application.
Vulcan Don't worry, leave it to me.
The recently developed elastic parts, as well as the ultra-thin ones developed by Blemishine, may come in useful.
Engineering Operator A We'll leave it to you then.
<Background fades out and in>
Vulcan There's a lot to do today...
Engineering Operator B We have a bunch of weapons coming in for repair and maintenance.
Vulcan Looks like they went through the grinder out there.
Look at this crack. The user would've been severely injured without the shield there. See how many arrowheads got caught in it?
Engineering Operator B Here's Operator Matterhorn's shield too.
Talk about a deep crack... was he trying to dig a tunnel with it?
Vulcan Seems like it'll need to be replaced sooner rather than later.
I'll disassemble it. Check the integrity of the individual parts.
Engineering Operator B ......
Vulcan Is something the matter?
Engineering Operator B Oh, n-no, it's just that this is my first chance to work with you, so I'm a bit nervous...
The veterans of the Engineering Department talk about you a lot. I'll do my best!
Vulcan Well, good luck.
I'll find some steel.
<Background fades out and in>
Vulcan Hibiscus's staff, Fang's lance, Beagle's shield, Kroos's crossbow...
Their weapons have a tendency to take a beating.
These are what they used when they first came to Rhodes Island. These are the ones that I've modified. Can you tell the difference?
Rhodes Island operators have to work in a variety of environments, which demands a high degree of versatility from their equipment.
Engineering Operator B Understood!
Vulcan It's also important to take into account each operator's personality and individual needs. The craftsman's intentions must never supplant the user's needs.
Engineering Operator B Like the accessories that Kroos hangs here?
Vulcan Yes.
Many operators are very attached to their weapons, and we must be extremely attentive to this in our work.
The better we know the user, the better we can fulfill their requests.
Alright, this batch of weapons is done.
May they serve their operators well.
<Background fades out and in>
[Someone knocks the door.]
??? Excuse me, Vulcan, are you there?
Vulcan Yes, come in. The door's unlocked.
[Matterhorn opens the door and enters.]
Matterhorn Hello. I would like to commission a new shield.
This is the one that I've been using. It's gone through a lot of repairs, and it's getting less and less effective in combat. It's time I replaced it.
Vulcan This one? I've worked on it many times.
Matterhorn Yes, I brought it with me from Kjerag.
It was made with steel that could withstand the extremely low temperatures there.
Vulcan Away from Kjerag, however, it no longer performs at the same level.
Matterhorn Yes, you mentioned that before, but I didn't want to replace it.
With the crack from this latest operation, though, I can see that it's reached its limit.
We ran into a pack of enraged needleflies, and their poisons have seeped into the crack.
It's going to be difficult to clean out the poison and needlefly pieces in order to repair it.
Even a layman like me can see how complicated it is.
So... I guess this is the end of the road for this shield; there's no way to get it back to peak form.
Vulcan Let me see.
[Vulcan takes a look at Matterhorn's shield.]
Vulcan Needlefly poisons, and pieces from their mouthparts... definitely a headache.
The size of the crack has also warped the structure in the back.
The internal cracks are visible to the naked eye... what on earth have you guys been doing?
And this is after you were able to evade some blows, it looks like... Otherwise, the shield would have already shattered, by the looks of the bite marks.
So what do you plan to do with it once you get a new one?
Retired equipment is typically sent to storage, either to be used in training or dismantled into parts that can be reused.
Those with special significance are stored separately, or returned to their owners.
Matterhorn I...
This shield was forged by the smiths of House Silverash, passed down to me from my grandfather to my father, both bodyguards to the family.
It's a symbol of our vow to give our lives in battle, a vow I took when I received it from my father.
It's also a symbol of my duty to protect Lady Ensia, as commanded by my lord.
That's why I really appreciate the efforts you've put towards repairing it.
But I fear there's been too much damage this time.
Perhaps it would be better to clean it up and keep it for remembrance, while we craft a new shield for battle.
Vulcan Making a new one is easy. We have the materials, the knowhow, and I have experience fixing your shield.
But I want to ask you a question.
If it could be fixed, and not just as good as new, but even better, would you rather have it as a keepsake, or continue to use it?
Matterhorn ......
Vulcan Stop worrying about the how.
You came here and told me the story behind it, what it means to you.
I can tell you care a lot about it.
Matterhorn Caring won't fix a broken shield.
Vulcan You haven't even asked if I could fix it.
Matterhorn ...That's impossible.
Vulcan I never said that.
Matterhorn But...
Vulcan Think it over. About what to give up on, and what to keep. Then you make your decision.
That's what a lot of operators do when they come to me.
Let's talk, Matterhorn.
I spoke to a girl by the name of Rockrock. Do you know her? She's from Victoria, and she's only been here at HQ a few times, but she left a deep impression on me.
Matterhorn No... Why do you bring her up?
Vulcan She's an interesting girl. A little like myself.
She was born in an old industrial district, and she feels strongly about everything there. She made everything on her herself.
She liked my machines, but she insists on only using things she's made with her own hands.
Matterhorn ...Like how you light the furnace and beat iron into ingots every day?
Vulcan Exactly.
Is there any point to it? Not really.
The machines here can create ingots faster than I can. Rockrock understands that what she makes isn't necessarily better than what's available on the market.
Matterhorn But you both insist on doing it anyway...
Vulcan Yes, because there's meaning behind it. It's part of my roots as a blacksmith.
Rockrock insists on using what she made herself because, even though she doesn't reject the new, she feels that her roots are still in that old industrial district.
As for you, no matter how comfortable you are at Rhodes Island, part of you will always be on the snow-covered mountains of Kjerag. You'll always remember the teachings of your father and grandfather.
I'm asking you, not as a blacksmith but as a friend, to let me continue repairing the shield.
Matterhorn ......
Vulcan Leave it to me. I'm sure you will be happy with the result.
<Background 2>
Engineering Operator B Vulcan wasn't at the meeting just now, was she? I was working with her a few days ago, but I haven't seen her in the workshop lately.
Engineering Operator A She's looking for a new type of metal to repair Matterhorn's shield.
Engineering Operator B His shield?
But wasn't it heavily corroded by poison? I couldn't get that stuff off, no matter how hard I tried.
I thought he'd give up on it?
Engineering Operator A Yes, but I had a chat with him, and apparently Vulcan told him she could fix it.
Engineering Operator B Seriously?
Engineering Operator A You're new here, so you probably don't know that it used to be just her repairing everyone's weapons before we got more people in the department.
I even heard that she once forged a legendary weapon, which shook heaven and earth when it left the forge!
It made all of Rhodes Island tremble... possibly a little exaggerated, of course, but she definitely lives up to her code name.
Engineering Operator B Oh, how I want to bear witness to her work...
Is she in the workshop? Can I go watch after I finish my work?
Engineering Operator A Nope, she went out to hunt for ore after assigning my duties.
She's probably digging around in a cave somewhere.
<Background 3>


Villager's Voice Careful, girl! A big monster lives in that hole. No one dares get close to it.
Trust me, plenty of folks have come looking for gold or treasure, but very few have returned.
And with a leg like that! You're walking into a death trap.
Vulcan ......
Just keep your distance, sir.
Villager's Voice *sigh* Young folks these days.
<Background 4>
Vulcan Phew...
Here. Not far from the projected position.
Environment and scale are within projections.
[Vulcan heads deeper into the cave.]
Vulcan The terrain may present some difficulties, but the bait and sedative are ready.
<Flashback starts here>
<Background 5>
Vulcan Kjerag steel is forged in a way that makes it stronger in a cold environment. It will take the perfect replacement to repair it.
A few years ago, I found a small piece of crystal on an Originium slug. It had absorbed the slug's secretions, making it extremely strong.
<Flashback ends here>
<Background 4>
[Vulcan laid down Originium slug baits.]
Vulcan The well is about 300m deep. My gear checks out.
[The bait reacts...]
Vulcan ...I think I got something!
[...and a pack of Originium slugs show up. Vulcan knocks them unconscious with her hammer.]
Vulcan Good, they're all out cold.
Don't worry, this won't hurt... all I need is some of these crystals...
[Suddenly more Originium slugs show up behind Vulcan.]
Vulcan Oh no, there's another nest in back!
<Background 1>
Vulcan Completed deposit and strength testing under different temperatures.
Layering looks like it can work well. Layering steel with materials that have high tensile strength helps keep the weapon together during impact.
I need to think about quenching time and temperature, however.
I tried a partial quenching a couple of days ago, and the metal shattered.
More precise temperature control is required.
[A drone brings tools to Vulcan.]
Vulcan I'll need to remove this shelf to make room in the workshop.
Columbia really does make fine machines.
...Let's start.
[Vulcan prepares the forging machine...]
Vulcan Highlight composition ratios, oxygen levels...
Setting temperature and time based on this...
Adjust the angle... increase temperature... initialize...
Alright, that's close to maximum!
[...and activates it.]
Vulcan There we go!
*cough* A new forging method–
Test successful.
<Background 6>
Dobermann Vulcan? What are you doing here?
Vulcan Good morning, Instructor Dobermann.
Can I use the training facilities to test this shield?
Dobermann Of course.
Should I grab a trainee or two to help you out? Practicing with a veteran will do them some good.
Vulcan Even better, thanks.
Reserve Operator Ready, Instructor!
<Background fades out and in>
[The reservist strikes Matterhorn's shield being held by Vulcan as part of the test.]
Vulcan That's not enough. Don't hold anything back. Throw everything you have at the shield.
Don't worry about injuring me.
Reserve Operator Instructor...?
Dobermann Do it. Vulcan is a lot stronger than you are, and she's forged this shield using a new method.
Reserve Operator Yes, ma'am!
[The reservist launches a jumping attack that Vulcan blocks with Matterhorn's shield.]
Reserve Operator *pant*... *pant*...
Dobermann Well?
Vulcan Can I ask you to give it a try yourself, Instructor Dobermann?
Dobermann Sure.
[Dobermann lashes Vulcan, which she blocks with Matterhorn's shield.]
Dobermann Go!
Nice shield!
<Background 2>
Engineering Operator B C-Closure! Excuse me...
Closure What's up?
Engineering Operator B Did... did Vulcan really make a weapon that made Rhodes Island tremble?
Closure ......
Who told you that?
<Background 1>
Two weeks later...
Vulcan Whew–
All done.
And right on schedule.
There's time for one more round of tests before the deadline.
<Background fades out and in>
[Someone knocks the door.]
Matterhorn Excuse me, Vulcan, are you there?
Vulcan Come in, please.
[Matterhorn enters the room.]
Vulcan I've fixed your shield.
Matterhorn I...
Sorry, Vulcan, I didn't think you would actually pull it off...
Vulcan Try it.
[Matterhorn strikes at his repaired shield, which guards it effectively.]
Matterhorn It... it really is my shield!
You really made it good as new!
Vulcan Yes. I used a new forging method, and found a mineral with the right tensile strength to supplement the steel.
It's not quite as cold-resistant as the original, but the layered structure allows it to maintain adequate strength even in extreme conditions.
It's every bit as strong as it was. I didn't do anything with the shape, but I've added some Originium circuits in the back. They're automatically triggered and don't require the user to be skilled with Arts.
Don't test it here, though; do it with the equipment at the training grounds.
Matterhorn I...
I never thought... I didn't think it was possible, but you...
In just two weeks?
Vulcan Two weeks was plenty.
Matterhorn I didn't know... When you went on a field trip a few days ago, I thought it was going to get delayed...
Thank you so much, Vulcan.
Vulcan This is my job, after all.
I do this to help operators fix their weapons, meet their needs, and allow the equipment to perform at its best.
Each person's armament means something different to its owner.
As a craftsman, I strive to deliver the best results.
That's all.