Breeze: Prisoner's Dream

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Prisoner's Dream

They are dissatisfied with their present, and devote their lives to another path, but in the end, there was no path leading to happiness. The cycle repeats, time runs out, and only sorrow remains.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Breeze to Elite 2 Level 60.
  • Have 200% Trust with Breeze.
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Victoria Streets Night
Grace looks for a childhood friend amongst the refugees after receiving a call for help. She tries to help them, but her highborn status becomes an obstacle. She is forced to make a choice, as she was fated to as an Arizona.
<Background 1>
07:22 A.M.
Arizona Manor, North Rockbrook, County of Toron
[A butler walks to a door and knocks it.]
Butler Ahem...
Letter for you, Miss Grace.
[A maid opens the door.]
Maid Miss Grace is changing.
Butler She's been sneaking out almost every day while her parents are away. Shouldn't we do something?
Maid Well, you could start by chopping down the tree outside the window. If you expect me to do something about it through her clothes though, I assure you I've tried everything.
Butler I haven't seen you try anything.
Maid Perhaps you should see an eye doctor then, Mr. Counsell.
<Background 2>
[The maid closes the door and walks.]
Maid Letter for you, Miss Grace.
??? Leave it on the table.
Maid Aren't you going to read it?
??? No need. I can more or less guess what it's about.
Grace The typical greeting, then asking after my parents, then regretfully declining my request with some excuse or other...
The young Vulpo sits before the dresser, dolefully fidgeting with the receiver in her hands, the indicator light on it flashing red.
She would have been overjoyed if it had flashed yesterday, or the day before.
Grace *sigh*...
Maybe I shouldn't be wasting my time writing these letters or reading the responses.
[Grace stands up.]
Grace When will Father and Mother return? I should be ready to greet them.
Maid Oh, I'm terribly sorry! We were so busy downstairs that I forgot to tell you.
His Lordship sent word that he and Her Ladyship have been invited to a bookstore's opening ceremony. A well-compensated appearance, I'm told.
Grace He would have been better off using his pen name. No doubt it's worth even more than the title of Baron Arizona.
Maid Well, he used to write some awfully cynical things under that name, so he stopped using it once he became The Right Honourable Henry Arizona.
Better safe than sorry, after all. Who knows how many nobles were involved in what he criticized?
Grace So he gets to choose his identity, while I'm forced to accept the life he decided for me.
Wait, so how long is this delay?
Maid A day.
[Grace looks overjoyed.]
Maid If I didn't know any better, I'd think that grin meant you were planning to sneak out again.
Grace Sorry, I just remembered something urgent!
[Grace runs out of the room.]
Maid Miss Grace!
<Background 3>
07:51 A.M.
Temporary accommodation site, Rockbrook outskirts, County of Toron
Near the forests, where civilization meets wilderness, a group of despondent people have been abandoned.
The wet morning mist fades away, and the sun's rays shine into the dark grey forest.
[Grace emerges from the bushes.]
Grace Guys, I'm back!
Grumpy Old Man You again? What is it this time? Like this place isn't messy enough already.
Grace Do you remember the health information I asked you for last time?
Grumpy Old Man Right, four days ago. Haven't seen your face since.
Grace Well, I couldn't get back to you because–
Grumpy Old Man Because we couldn't hold up our end of the deal? You wanted information on Marianne, and you thought we were hiding something, so you left us hanging to see if we'd loosen our tongues.
Gentleman Settle down, friend. She's not your foreman, she's just a little girl. Why would she be playing tricks like that?
Grumpy Old Man Don't judge a book by its cover. Who knows what lies beneath the surface?
Gentleman You do owe us an explanation though, young Vulpo. Why did you need our health information?
Grace Like I said, I asked many doctors, and only one didn't reject me out of hand.
He said if I got your personal information–to learn more about your health–then he could come and help.
Unfortunately, he was out when I brought him the data, and hasn't been back to his office in a few days...
Grumpy Old Man What a coincidence!
Gentleman Let her finish.
Grace ...So all I could do was wait, and keep searching for another way.
I did place a transmitter on the door to his clinic though, so I'll get a signal when he opens it! Look, this red light has been blinking since morning.
Gentleman What are you doing here then? Shouldn't you be off looking for him?
Grace I wanted to get updated information, since I'm not sure if the reports from four days ago are still recent enough... I don't know much about this, I just thought it would be safer this way.
Grumpy Old Man Pull the other one. You only wanted news about Marianne, you never really cared about us. Why should we trust you?
Grace I–
Gentleman You don't need to answer him. He's still under the delusion that the nobles will come and help us.
Grumpy Old Man Phooey! Of course they will! They just don't know about our situation yet.
Gentleman Marianne's been missing for quite some time. No matter how much effort you devote to helping us, we can hardly conjure her out of thin air.
Grace I know that. I'm not too worried about her. It's more important to focus on the here and now.
Gentleman She's a child, same age as you. Who knows what could happen in the forest?
Grace I knew her before I moved here, and we used to sneak out and play together. She loves plants, and there are enough in there to keep her from going hungry at least.
Her first letter asked me to take care of you, and I'd rather she not nag me when she gets back, so...
Gentleman Well, no matter what anyone else says, I'm on your side. I'll help you persuade them too, if it comes to it.
Grace Thank you.
Gentleman Why don't you start your info gathering with me then? I need to go cut some wood once we're done here.
Grace What for?
Gentleman We want to build a bigger house, to fit everyone. Things will get better.
Grace Yes, they will.
<Background 4>
01:32 P.M.
Siew Clinic, Rockbrook, County of Toron
An old office lies near the town walls. Grace was last here four days ago, and the dust in the corner has only grown thicker since then.
The windows are covered in grime. They once faced the entire town; now, the melody of industry converges on the west ones only.
A small man sits before the table, muttering in some foreign tongue peppered with a few Victorian words.
Doctor The bill...
The bill...
The bloody bill!
[Someone knocks the door.]
??? Ahem–
Doctor We're booked for today.
??? I got what you asked for.
The doctor looks up with a start. The frames of east windows cast long, trapezoidal shadows.
A Vulpo stands at his door, her golden hair glittering in the sun.
Doctor You...?!
Grace Here. I've organized them.
[Grace gives the doctor some documents.]
Doctor ...You really did it.
[The doctor reads through the documents.]
Doctor How did you compile these reports? You're just a child.
Grace I have some medical books at home. I like to flip through them whenever I get grounded.
Just for reference, though. I'm sure there are still plenty of mistakes.
[The doctor reads through the documents.]
Doctor Well done... Well done indeed...
Grace Your turn.
Doctor About that...
[The doctor looks at the clock.]
Doctor I have to visit the Pelham Manor today. Can we talk about this after I get back?
The name Pelham strikes Grace like a bolt of lightning.
An ominous sign.
Grace Why?
Doctor My patients do expect me to visit them.
Grace I meant, why do I have wait until after you visit her?
Doctor ......
Grace So... this really is about her?
You're not her private doctor. She lives in the nomadic city, only visiting here once a month to supervise the factory. Why does everyone do as she says?
Doctor It's not that simple.
Grace You're under her thumb. Just like everyone else.
Doctor She doesn't control me.
Grace But things are an awful lot easier with her support, aren't they?
Doctor ......
Listen, girl.
To them, I'm a luxury, something fashionable, a lifestyle, value added. That's the foundation on which my life and my family are built. I can't turn my back on it now.
My rent, my child's tuition, my wife's Oripathy treatment... I can't afford to lose this job.
This isn't one of those fairy tales where you can defeat the evil and everybody lives happily ever after. The true enemy is formless. It's a byproduct of living. It's life itself.
Grace ......
And how is helping these poor people at odds with a noble's interests?
Doctor I'm not Her Ladyship. I can't see the full picture.
Grace They're just ordinary, harmless people you'd find anywhere.
Doctor And if they're really so unimportant, do you think they'd be treated this way?
As for other nobles, I doubt any of them would risk getting on the wrong side of the daughter of a newspaper mogul who married into the Pelham family and owns a number of factories.
Grace I'm almost out of free time, Dr. Siew. It was only by happy accident that I could make it today. I wanted to make the most of this spot of luck, along with the hope you gave me.
If I haven't done enough, then tell me, and I'll keep trying.
Doctor And what exactly have you done?
Grace I asked many people for help.
Doctor So you're placing all your hopes on others.
Grace ......
I suppose you're right...
Doctor I'm in no position to criticize you. However–
I envy you. You have both talent and innocence. Your motives are simple. You're young, energetic, passionate. Life hasn't yet pulled the trigger on you.
But why not do it yourself? What are you so worried about?
Grace I...
My family may not approve. Or the Pelhams. Or the people of the town...
Doctor Hold on, back up. You're just a child. You shouldn't feel bound by such matters. Don't think about it like that.
The night I made my promise to you, I wrote to her and mentioned it. She hinted that luxury is a complicated thing, taking its value from many sources.
For example, it would be worthless if it were given away to the poor for free.
She implored me not to lose sight of my "consumers."
Grace She threatened you.
Doctor It wasn't a threat. She didn't need to. It was a reminder. Even if were to become a right bastard, it wouldn't affect her one way or another.
...Although I suppose I already am.
I gave you false hope, and now I have to be blunt...
I'm sorry, but I only made that promise because I didn't think a child like you would really try to help them.
Grace So you wanted to refuse from the beginning, but couldn't say it to my face?
Doctor I'm sorry I got your hopes up.
Grace I...
Do you know the Arizona family? I'm... friends with their daughter. Would you agree to help if she asked you directly?
Doctor If you're friends with a noble, that's all the more reason not to view them so simply.
The Arizonas have no stake in this, so they have no reason to butt heads with the Pelhams.
Grace But those people are dying. Shouldn't they care? What about honor?
Doctor Nobles are nobles because they're recognized as such. But they don't need the recognition of commoners, just other nobles.
Honor is simply an accessory adorning their power and wealth.
Grace But what if the Arizonas aren't like other nobles? I'm really close to their daughter, I know they're different!
Doctor Face it, they're all the same.
Did you think Lady Arizona and the baron were really in love?
Their marriage was based on mutual interest, as most of theirs are. One side gained social status, the other gained powerful Originium Arts.
I don't think they're any different from other nobles. If anything, they're still struggling to find their footing, making them all the more conservative.
Grace Are you saying my–
Are you saying the baron and baroness are...
She could not go on. Logic and syntax break apart, along with something deep inside her heart.
Like the snow castles that Counsell built for her, helplessly waiting for the changing of seasons.
Melted snow fills her eyes.
Doctor It's getting late. I have to hurry to Pelham Manor, then go into town to deal with the mess my son caused at school.
I'll write if anything comes up.
I apologize. You're young... but you're honorable.
Grace I... I'll find someone else.
Doctor I'm sorry.
<Background 5>
03:44 P.M.
Town Park, Rockbrook, County of Toron
[Grace walks through the park...]
Grace *sigh*...
[ she noticed a throng of people.]
Unfamiliar Townsfolk Ladies and gentleman, I say again, I found this man cutting down our trees!
He is destroying our property!
Gentleman ......
Unfamiliar Townsfolk Today they cut our trees, tomorrow they'll take our food, then our jobs, then our land!
Defend our property! Defend our jobs! Defend our town!
Mob Defend our property! Defend our jobs! Defend our town!
[The mob lynches the gentleman, prompting Grace to rush toward them...]
Grace What are you doing?!
[ the Arizonas' butler to run towards her.]
Butler No, Miss Grace!
Grace Counsell? What are you doing here?
Butler That man has ties to the Pelham family. He'll recognize you.
Grace But I know the man they have tied up! I have to help him!
Butler ......
[The butler grabs Grace's hand.]
Grace Let me go!
Butler Miss Grace... there are people here who know you. That makes you a daughter of the Arizonas, and your every word and deed that of your family's.
Your status does not permit you to interfere.
Grace What if I say I don't care?
Butler Your servants at home do. They have livelihoods and families. They need steady jobs.
Grace ......
Look at these people. They've never cared about the trees before.
Butler Lady Pelham is most shrewd. She's made the townsfolk despise these people from the bottom of their hearts. Made her will theirs.
Step forward now, and you put Arizona at odds with the entire town.
This is a complicated matter. If you truly want to intervene, you had best wait for His Lordship to return. They won't keep him tied up for long; it's risky, even for them.
Grace ......
Butler Please, calm down. I must answer to your father.
Grace I...
I understand.
Butler Your aunt did not know that your parents were going to be late. She's already on her way here, and we will be welcoming her as planned.
We couldn't very well turn her away... All the servants have their hands full. We had no choice but to simplify the menu and courses.
And since we have a guest, we require a hostess. I came to bring you back.
Grace ...Apparently, Miss Grace Arizona has more important matters to attend to.
Butler Please come with me. The manor needs you.
Grace But...
His head is bowed, but Grace could feel his piercing gaze, like a sword running her through.
A sorrow far too deep for a girl her age spreads inside her.
Grace ......
<Background 2>
04:12 P.M.
Arizona Manor, North Rockbrook, County of Toron
[The maid is checking the dresses.]
Maid Not this one... This one's no good either...
[The maid sifts through the dresses.]
Maid This one...
Grace Why not the previous one?
Maid You've been so busy lately that your skin has lost some sheen. I need to find something that can make it shine.
Grace ......
[Someone knocks the door.]
Butler Our guest will be arriving in but a few minutes. We should be at the entrance to greet her.
Maid Don't rush me, Mr. Counsell!
Grace ......
Maid Here, this one!
"Miss Grace" does not respond. She leans back in her chair, gazing out the window, while the servants line up to greet the guest.
She casts her gaze towards the town factory as it energetically churns out black smoke in the distance.
It is quiet.
Neither summer nor winter have come as promised.
Her gaze returns to the dresser. The letter that came that morning still lies there.
Maid I mended this dress just this afternoon. Look at the sequins I sewed on!
Are you finally reading the letter? I'll fetch a letter opener.
Grace No need. I already have it open...
[Grace picks up the letter.]
<Background 6>
[While the butler is preparing the dining table...]
Maid Mr. Counsell! Stop Miss Grace!
Butler Huh?
[Grace runs past the butler with the maid going after her, but can't continue due to exhaustion.]
Maid *Pant* I-I'm out of breath... *pant* hurry...
Butler Have the new manservant clean this up.
[The butler goes after Grace.]
<Background 7>
[The butler blocks Grace's path as she tries to run away.]
Grace Out of my way!
Butler The banquet is about to start, Miss Grace. As a servant of the Arizonas, I can't let you run around like this.
Grace ......
Butler What is this about?
Grace I said out of my way!
Butler What happened? I can't decide whether to obey unless you tell me.
Grace ......
A Messenger went into the forest and found some...
There was a girl was carrying a pile of letters. Nothing written on them, except the sender and recipient. I'm the recipient, and the sender was...
Marianne... it was two weeks ago.
[The butler pats Grace's shoulders.]
Butler ...My condolences, Miss Grace.
Grace It's all my fault.
Butler I assure you it is not. I witnessed your efforts with my very own eyes.
[Grace grabs the butler, surprised.]
Grace Did you now? And what precisely have I done?
From the very beginning, I knew nothing of what they were dealing with.
I could empathize with their suffering, but only on the surface. I just assumed someone would help them, that it would get better.
For the past few months, all I've done is play the role of the young lady of the house, while writing a few letters in my spare time. None of which amounted to anything.
But when I finally met them directly these past few days, I realized that what I had empathized with was less than a fraction of their real pain and suffering.
They need help, Counsell. They shouldn't end up like Marianne.
Butler It's not your place to do so. You're the daughter of the Arizonas.
Grace This isn't the place to stand on status. We're all equal before such suffering.
Butler Do the baron and baroness know of this?
Grace No. I was afraid they would be angry, and make it even harder to do anything.
Butler Perhaps you could tell them once they return.
Grace ...No.
I heard something about Father and Mother today.
I don't think they're any different from the people I wrote to, seeking help...
Love and kindness are mere illusions when it comes to nobles... even Dr. Siew lied to me.
But at least he suggested to go among them and check up on their health, to give them some basic advice about medicine.
I even noticed that some of them had gotten better when I visited them today.
That sort of thing is what's really worth doing... to me, at least.
Why should I wait for others to act? I can't entrust these people's lives and hopes to others. I can't keep fooling myself and putting things off.
Butler Miss Grace, we should wait for your parents to–
Grace How long am I supposed to wait?!
My friend is dead! While she was struggling on the brink of death, I was busy socializing, busy watching my words, busy managing Arizona's relationships with other nobles!
Do I have to stay at home, asking for help in proper, dignified, useless ways, while I watch those who trusted in me get lynched?
Is nobility meant to be a shackle, Counsell?
Butler Maintaining proper etiquette in your social life is all for the sake of the Arizona family's honor and reputation. If it can regain its former glory, it can shine its light on yet more people.
Grace They don't have the time. Neither do I.
They were forced to wander because they lost their land. And they'll die slowly while I enjoy the comfort of high society, just as Marianne did...
What's the point of it all, if the favor of these nobles has to be earned at every turn? If I can bring them back to health, they'll light their own torch, find their own way in the darkness.
Butler Miss Grace...
Grace I'm sorry, Counsell. I'm not angry at you.
I just needed to vent, like how some people turn to drinking or hunting.
I need to do something. I can't live like this without changing.
Let me do something useful, in what few days I have.
Butler ......
Very well, then. You should start by reading these then.
Grace These are...
Butler From the manor library. You remember them, don't you? The baron's translation, which you've flipped through so many times.
There will always be little details that slip your mind, of course. Bring them along for reference.
Grace Counsell...
Butler I've seen this play before. I can't stop you.
I'll tell them I couldn't catch you. Just don't let it slip that I let you go on purpose.
Grace ...Thank you.
[Grace walks away, but...]
Butler Hold on, Miss Grace.
Grace You're not going back on your words, are you?
Butler I visited Dr. Siew to retrieve the trinket you "forgot" on his door.
He told me that if I ever saw the young lady's Vulpo "friend," I should tell her that he most definitely did not forget to close the clinic's window, and certainly did not leave various medicines and supplies on the table.
Grace I see...
Butler There will be no hiding your little sojourn. Have you thought about what you'll do when your father returns? I doubt arguing will help the matter.
Grace I'll apologize. I'm not ready to argue with him yet.
Butler Be careful, and keep your identity a secret.
Grace Thank you, Counsell.
<Background 6>
[The maid walks to the butler.]
Butler Is Miss Grace still in the library?
Maid Yes. It's like she's a whole different person.
Butler I only regret that I might have cost you your job.
Maid My job? Miss Grace has been spending her days in the library rather than sneaking out. Why would I lose my job?
Butler A single meaningful journey is worth a thousand frivolous trips. She's not the little girl she once was.
Maid Thank goodness for that.
Butler Aren't you concerned?
Maid If that's her choice, then her light shouldn't belong to me alone.
Butler You...
[The maid leaves.]
Butler Her light, is it?
Counsell gazes to the west and sees the light of the setting sun fall on the floor of the Arizona Manor.
Old memories rise to the surface.
Butler She's your daughter alright, Henry.

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