Gavial the Invincible: In the Name of Alcohol!

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Operator Record
In the Name of Alcohol!
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Getting people to say bye to the bottle's tricky, even just for the time being, when they're drunk out of their gourds.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Gavial the Invincible to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Gavial (the Invincible).
Male Zeruertzan A icon.png
Astute Durin
Female Zeruertzan icon.png
Clear-headed Durin
Male Zeruertzan B icon.png
Courteous Durin
Female Zeruertzan icon.png
Stubborn Durin
Acahualla Village B
Jungle Entrance
Acahualla Village A
To improve their work efficiency, the Durins voted to ban the consumption of alcohol. Inam has to leave Acahualla for other affairs, and so the heavy task of upholding this ban falls on Gavial's shoulders.
<Background black>
Inam I'll leave Acahualla and the Durins from Zeruertza to you guys.
Gavial Inam, you sure you have to go?
Tomimi Don't go!
Inam Don't be silly. I have to go.
Tomimi *whimper*... Inam... I'll miss you...
<Background 1>
Inam What's with you two? You're making it sound like I'm never coming back!
Tomimi But you said you'll be gone for a long time...
Inam This lord ameer candidacy is even more of a mess than that whole ruckus with the Big, Ugly Thing Zumama caused. Of course I can't promise to be back tomorrow!
Tomimi *whimpers*...
Inam *sigh*
More and more, I'm thinking I made the right choice to become the lord ameer myself.
Anyway, Gavial, I'm counting on you to lead the Acahualla and the Zeruertza Durins while I'm gone.
Gavial What do you need me to do, exactly?
Inam Nothing.
Gavial You mean, keep the status quo?
Inam That's right.
This is how Acahualla's always been. As for the Durins, they've been in a hurry to build their settlement. To the point they even voted to prohibit alcohol to improve efficiency.
Tomimi Prohibit alcohol? The Durins?!
Inam Right, I was surprised too.
But that's what they decided on. Looks like they have a sense of urgency, too.
And going by their speed, they'll probably be finished by the time I get back.
Your job is to make sure everything stays the same, as if I never left. That's very important to everyone here.
Gavial I get it. The Durins' settlement comes first, right?
Inam That's right.
Gavial You can count on me!
Inam (Doubtful glare)
By the way, I hid the Durins' brewing equipment in... (whispers).
Do not let them find it. Understand?
Gavial Whoa, that's some hiding spot.
Tomimi Huh? Where did she hide it? I wanna know!
Inam You've seen how crazy the Durins get whenever alcohol's involved. If I told you, it wouldn't take them long to squeeze that information out of you.
Tomimi *whimpers*...
Gavial But in that case, wouldn't it be better to keep me out of this too?
Inam ...I'm leaving to rub shoulders with those guys from the Court of Sargon, after all. I have to be prepared for anything.
If it turns out it'll be a while till I get back, the Durins will have to forgo their taste of home for just as long. And I wouldn't want to be the one to blame.
Alright, now let me go over the other things you need to keep an eye out for...
<Background 2>
[While searching for woods in the jungle...]
Tomimi Is this really okay, Gavial?
Gavial Hm? We're just helping the Durins look for some suitable timber. What's not okay about it?
Tomimi But Inam told us not to do anything...
Gavial Oh, I was wondering what you were going to say.
What she meant was we aren't supposed to change the rules she set, not that we shouldn't do anything.
Besides, did you see how the Durins were at it under the blazing sun? I'd feel bad not helping them out somehow–
Astute Durin Gavial, is that you?
Gavial Are you a Zeruertza Durin?
[A Zeruertzan Durin walks toward Gavial.]
Astute Durin That's right.
Tomimi You lost like Stitch was before? How about I walk you back?
Astute Durin No need.
I'm here because I have something to talk to you about.
Gavial Whatever it is, let's talk after we get back. This rainforest isn't all that safe.
Astute Durin No, no, no. There's nowhere safer than here.
Tomimi ?
Astute Durin You see, I'm from the mead fan club...
Gavial So it's about the prohibition, huh?
Astute Durin It's a good thing you're such a reasonable woman–
Gavial Hold on, no dice.
Astute Durin No room for negotiation at all?
Gavial You guys are the ones who voted to forbid all alcohol. You got a problem with that, talk to your own people.
Astute Durin But Inam kept all our equipment.
Gavial Uh, she never told me where she stored it–
Astute Durin Really? Only she knows?
Gavial ......
Astute Durin How could she do that? What if she forgets where she hid it? We'll never again get to taste Zeruertza's fine mead again. How irresponsible of her...
Tomimi She's not irresponsible at all! She told Gavial where she kept the mead brewing equipment!
Gavial Oh my lord.
Astute Durin Hah, I knew it. There's no way Inam wouldn't leave a back-up plan.
Tomimi Yeah, yeah–
[Gavial whacked Tomimi's head.]
Tomimi Ow!
Gavial Not like I'll ever tell you guys.
Astute Durin Alright, fine, looks like we won't get our mead today.
But we'll never give up!
Just as a city is laid brick by brick, I'll taste the whereabouts of our brewing equipment, bit by bit!
<Background 1>
[A female Zeruertzan Durin greets Gavial.]
Clear-headed Durin Good afternoon, Gavial.
Gavial Heyas, what's up?
Clear-headed Durin We have a bit of an urgent matter on our hands, so I have no choice but to visit you here.
We're lacking some... necessities, and my fellows are all... fairly low in spirits. They're tormented, unable to sleep, and in pain.
Tomimi Poor fellas...
Clear-headed Durin I want to soothe their pain, which is why I've come to request your help, our most respected Gavial.
Tomimi We should help them, Gavial!
Gavial First off, don't you stick some weird adjective in front of my name.
Secondly, the necessities you guys are out of have gotta be mead, right?
Clear-headed Durin What a load of rubbish!
Gavial Oh?
Clear-headed Durin How could you possibly compare that kids' drink to our noble No. 7 Whiskey?
Gavial Well, whatever it is, you guys ain't getting a sip, so why does it matter?
Clear-headed Durin Oh, cruel Gavial. How could you be so merciless?
Gavial Before you accuse me of being merciless, can't you do something about the way you talk? It's weird.
Clear-headed Durin Huh? Is it weird?
And here I thought it would be easier to talk to surface-dwellers if I imitated Avdotya's characters.
Gavial Yeah, no, it doesn't work that way. Talk normal.
Clear-headed Durin I'll die if I don't get any whiskey!
Gavial Bear with it!
<Background 2>
Courteous Durin Gavial, would you please tell us where Inam hid the brewing tools?
<Background 3>
Stubborn Durin Gavial, where did she hide our distilling equipment?
<Background 4>
Chatty Durin Gavial, our brewing equipment...
<Background 1>
[Eunectes walks toward Gavial.]
Eunectes Hey, Gavial.
Gavial Zumama? Good to see you. Finally, someone who'll talk about something other than alcohol.
Eunectes (Freezes)
Gavial Urgh...
I have a bad feeling about this.
Eunectes (Deep breath)
It's about the Durins' brewing and distilling equipment...
[Having fed up with the Durins' demand, Gavial punches Eunectes hard that she is knocked back a distance away.]
Gavial Why are you of all people asking about that?
[Eunectes recovers.]
Eunectes They promised me that the moment they get their equipment back, they'll send their mechanics to help me test my robots with their technology.
Gavial Give it up.
Eunectes Nnuuh...
Gavial That said, I really didn't expect you on their side.
Who else have they talked to?
Eunectes Let's see...
They tried Tomimi, but they got blasted out.
They've also talked to their Great Chief Edge Eartheart and others from Zeruertza.
They said it themselves. Aside from Avdotya, everyone's been either somewhat lax about it or at least... ambiguous.
Gavial Ambiguous?
Eunectes Supposedly, they've even managed to persuade Chief Edge despite how strict he was with the ban at first. And we've both seen in Zeruertza how the alcohol there flew right off the shelves.
Gavial This can't continue!
We can't waste any more time with these fellas. They're the ones who banned all the booze, so of course they can unban it, too.
But if it comes to that, they'll never finish their settlement... I don't want Acahualla to have nothing but a bunch of incomplete buildings waiting for Inam when she gets back!
Eunectes ...Wow.
Gavial You wouldn't want to see that either, right?
Eunectes It doesn't really matter to me, but... I'll follow your lead.
Gavial Bring Tomimi here. Time for a war council.
<Background 1>
Tomimi Huh???
What do we do, Gavial?!
Gavial Calm down, Tomimi.
Tomimi I'll go talk to Master Edge and ask him not to change his mind!
Gavial Stop. Stop! Come back!
Eunectes I just talked to Gavial. It's not like Edge doesn't drink himself. It probably wouldn't be a good idea to talk to him now.
Gavial Avdotya might just be the only one who'll follow through with the ban, but since this involves the Durins' immediate benefit, she might be powerless herself.
Tomimi *whine*...
Gavial Actually, I have an idea.
Tomimi Really? I knew you'd know what to do!
Gavial Don't get ahead of yourself. I can't do this on my own. I need your help.
Tomimi, send the word out to all the tribes and ask them to keep an eye on the Durins.
Tomimi Huh? What are they gonna do?
Gavial That depends on Zumama and her mission...
<Background 4>
[The Durins who asked Gavial before are having a chat.]
Clear-headed Durin How many days has it been since we last had a sip?
Astute Durin Yeah, I haven't been keeping count, you whiskey idiot. Couldn't be bothered to. All I remember is that all the men you guys sent to persuade her came back empty-handed. You guys are even more pathetic than Originium slugs.
Clear-headed Durin What did you just say, you mead wimp?!
Astute Durin ...Let me warn you. You can insult us, but you can't insult Old Karl Mead!
The way I see it, you guys got brain damage from all that stinking foot odor you guys got with your whiskey!
Courteous Durin You know...
Astute Durin What?
Courteous Durin I've always advocated for both sides to peacefully coexist.
Clear-headed Durin Get to the point, you berry tomato wine freak.
Courteous Durin Actually, my guys have almost persuaded Master Edge. We just need to wait a couple more days. Just a few more days–
[Gavial joins in.]
Gavial Hey there, my conspirators. Nice to see you guys.
Booze-loving Durins Gavial?!
Gavial I'm here to talk conditions.
Clear-headed Durin What conditions?
Gavial I know you guys want your booze making tools, and you can't wait to get your hands on them, right?
Astute Durin True enough.
Gavial I'll give you guys a way out, then.
If you guys manage to beat me, I'll give you your tools back.
Astute Durin Really? Get her, boys–
Gavial Just like that?
Astute Durin Uhh... I guess we'll need to make some preparations first.
Gavial Good call.
I'll say this again. If one of you manages to defeat me, I'll give that person the tools back.
Hey, you there. That's right. You.
Clear-headed Durin –?!
Gavial An ambush isn't gonna work on me.
Anyone who tries might just end up having to give up drinking for the rest of their life.
Clear-headed Durin Eek!
Gavial Besides, ambushes are kinda underhanded, wouldn't you agree?
Courteous Durin W-We aren't going to bow down to you!
Gavial Good, you've got some backbone. I'd expect no less from the newest residents of Acahualla.
Now hurry up with your preparations. I'm ready when you are!
<Background 1>
Gavial Zumama, how are things going on your end?
Eunectes Very well.
At first, they thought they could take you on just by working a little harder and putting some gear together. Clearly they underestimated you.
But after you handed their asses to them every single time, they started looking for another way, and it didn't take much work for me to divert their attention to robotics.
I lent them the blueprints for the Big, Ugly Thing and had a bit of a technological exchange with them. I have to say, the Durins' technology is really interesting.
Their self-driving carts may act like they might as well be blind, but the technology behind them is nothing to scoff at. Once deployed, we'll be in for quite a show.
Gavial That's not a bad thing... but what I'm worried about is them putting together a self-driving Big, Ugly Thing.
Eunectes Well...
I think that's exactly what they have in mind.
Gavial (Shrugs)
Alright, fine. We were going to take this chance to see if the Durins would put together some kind of machine they could use in construction anyway.
And I mean, they haven't really been putting up much of a fight the last few days. Getting to fight something like the Big, Ugly Thing again isn't so bad.
[Tomimi rushes toward Gavial and Eunectes.]
Tomimi Bad news, Gavial!
Gavial Huh? What's the matter? Did the Durins start fighting among themselves over their booze?
Tomimi Yeah, the mead fan club almost had an all-out brawl with the No. 7 Whiskey fans–
No, that's not what I'm here about!
They put together a robot just as awesome as the Big, Ugly Thing, and they're testing out its weapons right now!
Gavial Oh.
That's exactly what Zumama's mission was. Don't you remember?
Tomimi Oh... I guess I worried too much.
Alright, I'll keep watching them test their weapons, then! It's like, kaboom! It looks really amazing!
Gavial Alright. Let me know if something seems off–
Hold up, where are they doing this testing?
Tomimi At a cave not far north of the Eunectes tribe. There's nothing but trees there.
Gavial A cave north of... the Eunectes tribe–
Tomimi Huh?
Gavial Tomimi, hurry up and stop them. Zumama and I will be there soon!
Eunectes They're just testing weapons. Why are you so worried about it all of a sudden?
Gavial That's the cave where Inam hid all their alcohol making equipment!
<Background 2>
Not Very Clear-headed Durin Hah–*yawn*.
Not Very Astute Durin G-Gavial?!
[Gavial shows up.]
Gavial Hey, fellas. Mind testing your weapons somewhere else?
Not Very Clear-headed Durin Why should we?
Gavial Well...
Not Very Clear-headed Durin You're the one who told us you'll give us back our tools if we defeat you!
Gavial That I did say.
Not Very Astute Durin Then why are you trying to stop us?
Gavial Well–That's not what I'm here for. I just want you guys to go someplace else to test your... your...
Not Very Courteous Durin Giant, Ultimate Ugly Thing Mk. 3!
Gavial Right. I just wanted you guys to test out the Giant, Ultimate Ugly Thing Mk. 3 somewhere else, that's all.
Not Very Clear-headed Durin This is the most suitable place we found.
Besides, we've already paid such a heavy price just to defeat you!
Gavial What price?
Not Very Clear-headed Durin We've toiled through three whole days and nights, but that's not even important.
What's important is we're reduced to working with these mead wimps!
Not Very Astute Durin That's right! We're even working with these whiskey idiots!
Gavial Oh... so that's the most important part, huh?
Not Very Astute Durin Anyway, we've already sacrificed so much. There's no way we're going to give up just because of what you said!
Gavial All I'm asking is for you to find someplace else.
Not Very Astute Durin No means no!
Gavial Why's that?
Tomimi (Whispers) You can't blame them, Gavial.
(Whispers) Avdotya asked them to find somewhere they wouldn't bother anyone. She even threatened to not write ads for their drinks anymore if they disturbed anyone.
(Whispers) That's how they ended up here.
(Whispers) And I saw lots of equipment and machinery already mounted in place. They can't take them away anymore.
Gavial (Whispers) What a headache...
Tomimi (Whispers) How about I ask them not to hit the cave when they test fire their weapons...?
Gavial That's basically giving it away that there's something there!
Tomimi *whine*...
Not Very Courteous Durin Now, please leave. Stop bothering us here!
Or are you trying to interfere because you think you're no match for the Giant, Ultimate Ugly Thing Mk. 3?!
Gavial Now that, I can't pretend I didn't hear.
Not Very Courteous Durin A-Anyway, just leave already!
Gavial I'll say this again. I'm asking you guys to move somewhere else for your own benefit.
Not Very Courteous Durin We aren't going anywhere!
Gavial Ugh–What a pain.
How about this. We'll fight here and now. How's that?
Tomimi (Whispers) What are you thinking?
Gavial (Whispers) Instead of letting them stay and blow up the cave, I might as well take the situation into my own hands. Don't worry.
Not Very Courteous Durin But we haven't properly tuned our weapons yet...
Gavial If I lose, I'll give you all your tools back. If I win, you guys still get to fight me again later. You've got nothing to lose.
Not Very Courteous Durin I... I suppose?
Gavial quickly runs to the south of the enormous machine.
Not Very Courteous Durin Hey, why did you come over here?!
Gavial That's a cave and a cliff over there. I gotta give myself some room, right?
Not Very Courteous Durin Alright, makes sense.
Gavial How about we get started, then?
Not Very Courteous Durin W-We aren't gonna hold back!
[The Durins' so-called Ultimate Ugly Thing Mk.3 fires at Gavial...]
Gavial Well, that thing sure packs some firepower. I can barely get any closer.
Not Very Courteous Durin That's not all! Durin Tree Trunk Saw, activate!
[...and activates its massive buzzsaw and swings it at Gavial, who deflected it with her battleaxe...]
Gavial Hell yeah!
But not enough!
Not Very Courteous Durin What?! She stopped the maximum turbo engine all by herself?!
[...before rearing back for a charge...]
Not Very Courteous Durin Shit! Parry! Parry immediately!
[...and strikes, but the machine dodged it.]
Gavial They dodged it?
That's quite an agile design. You ever thought about using that to build your settlement?
Not Very Courteous Durin Let's hear you say that after this!
Take this!
Gavial Ohh!
[The Ultimate Ugly Thing fires, but Gavial easily blocked the shot with her battleaxe.]
Not Very Courteous Durin She blocked an artillery shell with her axe?!
Gavial Zumama forged this for me. A couple of artillery shells? Piece of cake.
Now it's my turn!
[Gavial revs up her chainaxe...]
Not Very Courteous Durin Crap! Fall back! Fall back right now!
Gavial Not happening! Here comes the saw!
[...and charges at the machine.]
Not Very Clear-headed Durin Why are we falling back? We should be parrying to the side!
Not Very Astute Durin No, we should push forward. That's the only way we can dodge her saw's attacks!
Not Very Courteous Durin Stop! Stop trying to take the controller–
Gavial ??
What a strange movement pattern... Why did it get behind me?!
Not Very Courteous Durin Settle down, you two! We almost lost right there!
You have nowhere to run, Gavial! Take my ultimate attack–
Durin Out-of-Control Guided Missiles Omnidirectional Bombardment!!!
[The Ultimate Ugly Thing launches a barrage of missiles all around it...]
Gavial Crap! The cave!
Why an omnidirectional bombardment, now of all times?!
Gavial takes a deep breath, relaxes her tail, and drops her saw on the ground.
She grips the large axe with both hands.
Gavial Haah!
[Gavial jumps...]
Not Very Clear-headed Durin What?! H-How high did she jump?!
Gavial leaps into the air and hops onto gigantic machine's leg, then its chest.
With the robot's surface as a stepping stone, Gavial once again springs up and curls her tail around its raised robotic arm, swinging towards the cave's entrance on the other side.
Gavial looks at the artillery shells all over the ground and raises the giant axe in her hand.
[The shells all explode behind Gavial, who are exhausted.]
Gavial Hah... hah...
Good thing that was omnidirectional, and none of them headed this way...
And I also gotta thank you guys for not putting any explosives in the missiles... At least you knew to hold back there...
Not Very Courteous Durin I have no idea why you care about that cave so much, but now that you've had a taste of our missiles, there's no way you can stand anymore!
The missiles are filled with Archosaurian booze. Even those with the highest tolerance amongst us can't stay on their feet after getting blasted by one of these!
Gavial Urgh...
So... Does it look like I'm lying on the ground right now?
Not Very Courteous Durin No way...
How come the missile didn't work on you?
Gavial I mean, how much booze did you put in the missiles anyway? It's not like I drank any. Breathing in that little bit just makes you tipsy at most. Why would anyone fall down and not be able to get up?
Not Very Courteous Durin But none of us could...
Gavial That just goes to show what a bunch of lightweights you guys are.
Not Very Courteous Durin (Facepalms)
Set that aside for now! Why are you so worried about the cave, Gavial?! Are you hiding something in there that's stopping us from getting our tools back?!
Gavial ......
Whatever, now that it's come to this. I'll tell you.
Inam hid all your tools inside.
Booze-loving Durins What???
Gavial If you don't believe me, go check it out yourself. Of course, until you defeat me, I'm not going to let you take them.
Starting-to-be-Courteous Durin So... That's why you leapt up there? To keep our tools from getting hit by the missiles?
Starting-to-be-Astute Durin So that's why you ran behind the Giant, Ultimate Ugly Thing Mk. 3? Because you were scared of the cave getting caught in the battle?
Starting-to-be-Clear-headed Durin That's why you tried to chase us away? Because you were afraid our tools would be caught in the weapons test?
Gavial Didn't I tell you? I asked you guys to go somewhere else for your own benefit.
Booze-loving Durins ......
Courteous Durin Gavial... Your tail looks like it's bleeding.
Gavial It's no big deal.
I use my tail to pull myself up the machine. Maybe something sharp gave me a cut or something.
Astute Durin Your face is hurt, too.
Gavial It's been a while since I've had such a great fight. Would be weird to not be hurt somewhere.
Clear-headed Durin Do you want to keep going...?
Gavial Up to you.
If you guys are up to it, I'm all for it.
Courteous Durin Maybe... in a few days.
Gavial Yeah, that's probably for the better. I mean, your ultimate attacks didn't seem to work on me at all.
Of course, I'll post guards here to keep a close eye on the cave. Don't you even think about getting your stuff back without defeating me!
<Background 3>
[Gavial meets up with the Durins, who had just finished a new Ultimate Thing after repairing the old one.]
Gavial You guys are here.
Oh, looks like you brought your Giant, Ultimate Ugly Thing Mk. 3 too.
Courteous Durin This is the Mk. 4.
Gavial Good. Looks like technology evolves fast.
Should we get started, then?
Courteous Durin Hold on.
Holding the remote controller in his hand, the Durin looks at neither Gavial nor the large robot. Instead, he looks to the sky and starts mumbling.
Courteous Durin If Gavial does this, then I'll...
I do this, and Gavial will...
Gavial does that, I'll–
The Durin freezes for a moment before drooping his head.
Courteous Durin Should we get started now?
Gavial Alright, let's do this!
Gavial assumes her stance and waits for the giant machine's attack.
At that very moment, the Durin presses down on the remote in his hand.
A large explosion occurs, but Gavial finds herself unscathed.
She gapes at the robot, now nothing but a pile of scrap metal.
Gavial Wha... What the hell is this about?
Courteous Durin We made lots of improvements after the last battle, but our careful tests show that the Giant, Ultimate Ugly Thing series is no match for you even after all our upgrades.
That's why I came up with one last trick: have the Giant, Ultimate Ugly Thing Mk. 4 blow itself up.
Gavial But you didn't have to self-destruct the minute we start, right?
Courteous Durin ...I did that because I was working out what you'd do.
And I figured that we were never going to win even if with the self-destruct.
It's to show that we're accepting our defeat. I had no other choice!
[Annoyed, Gavial shouts at the Durins,]
Gavial But I was waiting for Zumama to turn it into an industrial robot!
<Background 2>
Gavial Welcome back, Inam.
Tomimi Welcome back!
Inam You two look quite cheerful.
Tomimi You came back quick. I bet everything must have gone really well!
Inam Couldn't have been better. Thanks to the preparations we made beforehand, the Court of Sargon was absolutely not interested in Acahualla.
So how were things here? Everything running as usual?
Tomimi Yup, super normal! Gavial's keeping the Durins' alcohol ban going just fine!
Inam Sounds like you've done well, Gavial.
So how did it feel like, having to deal with the Durins?
Gavial Pretty good.
They may look like a stubborn bunch that likes to fool around, but they actually aren't so bad.
Inam How did you stop the ones that keep clamoring for booze, then?
Gavial Mostly with my fists.
Inam You beat them up?!
Tomimi Gavial didn't do that! They made a promise. Anyone who manages to defeat Gavial gets their tools back, but none of them ever won!
Inam Oh, so that's how it was.
...Isn't that kind of the same thing as beating them up?
Why don't we head back first?
<Background 1>
Clear-headed Durin Inam, you're back!
Inam Hello.
Clear-headed Durin Come, take a look at this! This is a list of events in our competition.
Inam A competition...?
Clear-headed Durin That's right! A competition!
I still have a business meeting with my buddies at the mead fan club, so I'll get going now. See you later!
[The Durin leaves as Inam reads the flyer.]
Inam The Third... Giant, Ultimate Ugly Thing Cup... Self-Driving Robots Competition Preliminaries...
The victor's creation will fight against Gavial... and defeating Gavial will result in the return of all alcohol making tools and equipment...
Tomimi Inam, you don't look too well. Got a headache or something?
Inam To tell the truth, yes.
Never mind, I more or less expected something like this with Gavial in charge.
Let's head to the Durins' settlement. If they're having so much fun, surely they must already be done with all the construction?
Hey, isn't that Zeruertza's weather forecast chief? Is he joining in on this?
[Avdotya and Edge walks toward Inam and the others.]
Edge Eartheart Like I said, Avdotya, I've already made it to the semifinals. I just need one more round! One more round!
Avdotya Inam? Is that you?
Finally, you are back! Please, help me talk some sense into Chief Edge. Ask him to get everyone to stop all this self-driving robot nonsense!
Inam Gavial?
Gavial Uh, something the matter?
Inam Don't tell me you came up with these competitions to keep the Durins from drinking.
Gavial Er... More or less?
Inam Then what about the Durins' settlement?!
Gavial Look.
A gigantic machine pulls into the area.
A few Durins, keeping a safe distance from the robot, pilot it remotely as it passes by the two of them.
Inam What's this abomination that looks like the bastard child of the Big, Ugly Thing and their self-drivers...?
Gavial If memory serves, they call it the "Giant, Ultimate Ugly Thing Mk. 5."
Inam ......
Gavial It's no match for me, but thanks to Zumama and Deculture Silvermint, it makes for a passable industrial robot.
If only your trip took a couple more days. We could've finished the settlement before you got back!
Inam ......
I must be dreaming.
Gavial, punch me.
[Gavial punches Inam.]
Inam Ow!
This is real?
Tomimi Gavial! Gavial!
Gavial What's up?
Tomimi The preliminaries' winner has been decided, and the Durins are clamoring for you to fight their champion!
Gavial So, Inam, it's been a while since Acahualla last had a duel. Wanna come watch?
Inam ......
My pleasure.