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Operator Record
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That once burnt away is truth, and eternity too.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Eyjafjalla to Elite 2 Level 60.
  • Have 200% Trust with Eyjafjalla.
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Operator Barty
Desert Mountain
A volcano robbed Eyjafjalla of her parents and also ruined her health, yet she still tranquilly continues her pursuit of the truth.
<Background black>
4:32 PM \ Overcast
Leithanien Northern Wastelands, Volcanic Belt Sampling Site #7
Please rest assured, this mission has come to a smooth conclusion. Operator Eyjafjalla is very tired, but her health is stable.
Though the specific results of this expedition are still unclear, judging from Eyjafjalla's reactions, there should be some semblance of progress, albeit small and hardly worthy of being called a breakthrough.
On the way back, I will continue to make sure that she...
<Background 1>
Eyjafjalla Barty?
Operator Barty Oh...! Um, Eyjafjalla! D-Did you need something?
Eyjafjalla Um... that device on the front left-hand side seems to have shifted a bit, and background noise from its real-time data has suddenly started fluctuating...
Would you mind helping me see what's going on?
Operator Barty S-Sorry!
Eyjafjalla Huh?
Operator Barty I was the one who moved it! I'm really sorry, I... I wasn't trying to peek at the data—
Eyjafjalla Hmm... I see, so you were looking at the data?
Operator Barty *cough*—*cough* *cough*...
Eyjafjalla In that case... all is well then. I thought the wind shifted it, so this at least saves us from having to check all the other devices.
Operator Barty Huh...? Wow, you're not upset with me at all?
You're not going to chew me out for looking through your data?
Eyjafjalla Chew? S-Sorry, I'm not sure I heard you clearly... But I'm assuming you're asking if I'm bothered by something?
I wouldn't say bothered, but there is something I'm curious about. I didn't think you'd be interested in my research data.
Operator Barty Haha... You have a point. An old dunce like me...
Eyjafjalla That's not what I'm trying to say.
It's just that volcanology isn't exactly the most exciting thing in the world. Most of the time, you head out into the wilderness like this, sit here and observe things all day, then bury yourself in data analysis after you get back... Most people would find that boring, right?
Operator Barty Boring, huh? If you really break it down, most people in this world lead pretty boring lives.
Every day, you get out of bed, you eat, you keep yourself busy with work all day, then you go to sleep at night.
But a scholar like you is always exploring new things. Isn't that a lot more interesting?
Eyjafjalla ......
Operator Barty (She laughed!) H-Hey, did I really say something that stupid?
Eyjafjalla No, not at all. The way you were talking just reminded me of someone I used to go to school with.
Operator Barty Hah, is that so? I've also had my fair share of dealing with those collegiate types in the past.
Eyjafjalla Huh? Haven't you always been doing security work?
Operator Barty Oh, it's a really old story. Back then... I was only able to land a start-up job opportunity thanks to the compassion of a young faculty member.
He helped me out a lot, and also made me realize that research is something that is both meaningful and... Uhh, how do I put this. Not that simple? Yeah, not that simple.
<Background fades out>
Through my last conversation with Dr. Kal'tsit, I learned that you were working at Rhodes Island. I also have another request...
It's about Miss Naumann... She's currently at Rhodes Island under the name of Eyjafjalla.
She's the only child of my esteemed teacher...
Barty, I hope that you'll watch over her to the best of your abilities.
Not just her physical well-being. Her Oripathy is rather severe...
There's also her research work.
Please keep an eye on her progress and contact me if necessary.
Operator Barty Kahn...
Dr. Kal'tsit passed this letter on to me before we left, but she should know... Even if you didn't ask me, I'd still look after Eyjafjalla.
<Background fades in>
Operator Barty By the way, your first volcano expedition was several years ago, right?
Eyjafjalla Mhm, my first expedition... I think it would've been about three years back?
Operator Barty Seriously? You were still a kid!
(whispers) Are research institutes so black-hearted these days?
Eyjafjalla My hearing aid's working fine now. I heard all of that.
Operator Barty Ah, I wasn't talking about Rhodes Island! P-Please don't get the wrong idea!
Eyjafjalla I'm just joking... William University never asked that of me either. Even back then, the school didn't support me enrolling that early.
It's just that I was the only one who could make sense of the data my parents left behind.
I didn't want the project to be terminated... and my parents wouldn't have wanted that either. So, I insisted on joining the expedition in their place.
Operator Barty What happened to... Oh! I'm so sorry, I almost forgot that your parents are...
Eyjafjalla It's fine, Barty. It was a long time ago.
Operator Barty Was it because of... a volcano?
Eyjafjalla Yes... Volcanoes are very dangerous. My mom taught me when I was little.
—A tongue of flame is enough to swallow an entire house. But a volcano... is a behemoth with primal energies in its belly.
The behemoth may not be sentient, but every time it opens its mouth to breathe or cough, it reshapes the earth effortlessly.
It's a bit ironic. When I was little, I didn't really understand what my mom and dad were doing. In my mind, I just saw them as brave warriors who challenged behemoths.
Operator Barty Hey, that's not that much of an exaggeration, is it? They knew it was dangerous, but they went off and did it anyway. That takes courage!
Eyjafjalla It's also terrifying.
When I saw a volcano for the first time... my eyes weren't like they are now. I could see clearly, and my ears were still keen.
Even now, I still clearly remember the bright red, the roar in my ears... It was like a monster breaking free from the shackles of the earth, screeching as it clawed its way forward.
It was nothing like the textbooks... it was so real, alive.
I... I remember my legs locking up. I couldn't walk. I didn't even dare exhale for the longest time, up until I couldn't hold it anymore. I was coughing, with tears streaming down my eyes.
In that moment, I understood.
Operator Barty Understood... what?
Eyjafjalla Well, a lot of things.
I understood why before every expedition, my mom would squeeze into bed with me and hug me tight, until I fell asleep.
I understood why after every expedition, my dad would pat my head while sifting through his data, talking over and over about how grateful he was.
I think... they must've felt that fear every time they set out.
Operator Barty It's amazing how strong you are, even having lived through all of that.
I've heard about all kinds of tragedies, like losing a child to a raging river. The parents end up hating the river and move far away.
Eyjafjalla Back then... I think I also heard stuff like that.
The day after my parents' accident, everyone I knew came to see me, especially after they heard I was going to join the volcano expedition.
I knew where they were coming from, and respected that. They were worried I was too impulsive, making quick decisions in my grief.
Most of them hoped I would let go of everything and keep going to school like normal, but that was impossible for me.
Operator Barty Eyjafjalla... You really don't hold a grudge at all?
<Background fades out>
After Professor Naumann's accident, I've been struggling to uncover the cause of the tragedy...
I have difficulty believing that a top volcanologist, along with her husband who was skilled in Originium Arts, could die in such an unremarkable volcanic incident.
Their research had already attracted too much attention. The truth was not the only thing on their journey of discovery.
There were those who sought to exploit the fruits of their labor, and there were others yet who sought to forever bury those findings beneath the flow of volcanic debris.
Adele is still young, and I'm not sure she can understand how dangerous this research is. She unfortunately contracted Oripathy, even before the accident.
I trust Rhodes Island, just as Dr. Kal'tsit trusts me.
I only wish that Adele would stop what she's doing... but as Dr. Kal'tsit said, I should wait to see what she's like after she's grown up.
I'm still tied down by my work, so I've asked Dr. Kal'tsit to find you in my stead, Barty.
Please take good care of her for me...
I hope that before it is too late, you will do everything you can for her, protect her body and mind from the harms of the outside world, keep her from the gaze of the dark clouds above her.
<Background fades in>
Operator Barty In any case, volcanoes took away your parents... and caused your illness...
Eyjafjalla Yes...
I guess there is a little bit of resentment that... I can't escape from.
No, I shouldn't say resentment. Sadness would be a better word.
I miss them so much... my mom and my dad... When I first heard the news, I couldn't even believe it.
My dad's Arts were so powerful... and my mom had been on so many expeditions.
The next few nights after that, I would fall asleep in a stupor. I would always see those volcanoes in my dreams, and I would wake up screaming and crying... There was nothing strong about me at all.
Operator Barty No, no! That's human nature! Not to mention, you were so young at the time!
Eyjafjalla When you put it that way, my colleagues on the expedition team had to look after a sniveling, crying kid while trying to carry out their survey work. It must've been hard on them as well.
Hmm... I guess I really should write a few more thank-you letters when I get the chance.
Operator Barty Hahaha...
Eyjafjalla At least, I started to pull myself together after I saw a volcano with my own eyes for the first time.
Operator Barty Huh? Didn't you just say you were terrified of volcanoes?
Eyjafjalla Yes, I was. But on top of that terror, I also felt a hint of peace. It doesn't make much sense, does it?
Operator Barty Peace, huh? I... can't say I expected that answer.
Eyjafjalla Inevitably, I started to think of my mom and dad. At that moment, I suddenly thought, was I seeing the same volcano they had seen?
And all the scholars who came before us, was this what they had seen as well? Even after hundreds of years— even if the locations were completely different, it could be the same boiling lava flowing in front of all of us.
Even if I never got sick, even if the accident never happened, even if I spent my entire life dedicated to studying it... How much could I possibly have figured out the secrets of the eternal behemoth in front of me?
"Why did mom and dad choose this path?" "Why did mom and dad have to die?"
In front of an eternal, inscrutable question... My questions suddenly seemed so insignificant.
I don't have nearly enough time left here. I don't have any more excuses to shy away, or to keep wallowing in grief and fear.
Operator Barty Eyjafjalla...
Eyjafjalla I'm sure... mom and dad felt the same way.
I've taken the data they left behind and continued in their footsteps. Now, it's as if they never left this world. They continue to live on in front of me, guiding me forward.
If... one day, I also have to leave this world, there will be someone after me who continues my work where I left off, right?
Operator Barty Incredible... This way, your work will continue to be passed down again and again, it's a kind of immortality.
Eyjafjalla Hmm... immortality? I've never looked at it that way... *cough* *cough*...
Operator Barty Damn it, did the wind pick up again?
Have a seat here, Eyjafjalla. Being exposed to the wind isn't good for you.
Eyjafjalla *cough* *cough*... Thanks. Yes, I'm already much better now.
After yakking on all this time, you might've gotten the wrong idea about me, Barty... Really, I'm not that brave.
I just... can't help but think back to an expedition I went on a few years ago.
I was in much better shape back then than I am now. Though I still wasn't very strong, at least I wouldn't bump into things left and right and drag everyone else down.
Operator Barty Nonsense, you haven't been dragging any of us down at all. If anything, you've been looking after us more than anything else.
Eyjafjalla So cold... Th-The wind's so strong...
Ugh... Even through all these layers, my hands and feet are still shaking...
Operator Barty Hm, now that I think about it, you always struggle with the cold, but every time we get close to you, you seem to run really hot.
Eyjafjalla That'd be my Arts... It might be something I subconsciously do because I always feel too cold.
Sorry, Barty. You should keep your distance from me if you don't want to risk getting burned.
Operator Barty No need to worry about me. As long as you feel a bit more comfortable, I don't care how hot it gets.
Eyjafjalla It doesn't actually help. It's just a subconscious reaction anyway, all it gives me is a tiny bit of psychological comfort. In the end, I just go right back to making a fool of myself, shivering all over the place.
Barty, don't you think that with my Originium Arts, and as a Caprinae, the cold shouldn't bother me so much?
Eyjafjalla Truthfully... I wasn't always like this.
Operator Barty *Sigh*...
Don't worry about it. N-Next time, just make sure to bring even more layers!
Eyjafjalla Hmm... Some extra clothes, huh...
I should also get my hearing aids adjusted. I'm always mishearing things halfway through, and that's been a bit of a headache for you, hasn't it?
Operator Barty Say... Eyjafjalla... Y-Your leg...
Eyjafjalla Hm? What's wrong with my leg?
Oh... It seems to be moving on its own...
Operator Barty Haha, are you moving to a beat? I bet it's probably because of that guy, sitting in a faraway place, always singing to himself.
Eyjafjalla Huh?
[A male Elafian can be seen in a distance, singing something that can be heard by Eyjafjalla and Barty:]
♪ The snow continues to fall
♪ Everything becomes silent, gradually, quietly
♪ With love for this dance, and even more for the distant mountains
♪ All my hopes and desires
♪ Spread across this great, free land
♪ Where nobody can stop me
[Eyjafjalla can partially heard the song.]
Eyjafjalla I seem to hear it... but also not hear it...
Hmm... This song is something I heard when I was young. Before I realized it, it kept echoing in my head.
Operator Barty You've also started to hum along...
You know, I gotta say, I'm relieved to see you like that.
<Background black>
Kahn, about that thing you asked me to do—
You were worried she could be in danger, caught up in something bad. You were worried she could get hurt, so you asked me to look after Miss Naumann— Eyjafjalla.
I understand your concern, but I have to say—
You really don't need to worry about her.
The magma melted her heart and now it's growing back. It's the purest, most resolute thing in the world.
The way I see it, the dark clouds above her cast no shadows on her light.