Nine-Colored Deer: Great Compassion

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Operator Record
Great Compassion
Nine-Colored Deer icon.png

If kindness is exploited, how should the mood within be quelled?

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Nine-Colored Deer to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Nine-Colored Deer.
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Ah Jan icon.png
Sickly Child
Yanese Villager Male icon.png
Frisky Kid
Yan Indoor A
Painted World Landscape
Cold Forest
Painted World Town
Desert Mountain
Dwelling in the mountains, far away from the world, will Nine-Colored Deer rise above good and evil, pain and sorrow?
As a dream, as a fantasy. As a bubble, as a shadow. All that is false, all is as real.
<Background 1>
[A villager pleas to the Nine-Colored Deer.]
Villager Please, I'm begging you!
The merchant is offering a fortune to anyone who saves his daughter! Please, doctor, I'll do anything!
Nine-Colored Deer ......
Villager A Catastrophe is coming to the city my family lives in, and they're trapped... I can't bear the thought of leaving them there!
I know it's asking a lot after you saved my life, and I know you don't want to come down from the mountains, but I'm at my wit's end...
Nine-Colored Deer ......
Villager I'll only use the money to get my family out of there! I won't use it for anything else!
lease, this means everything to me! I swear to the heavens that I won't tell anyone! Let my flesh rot off my body if I break my vow!
Nine-Colored Deer ......
<Flashback starts here>
<Background fades out and in>
??? It worked! It worked! Thank you! Thank you so much! I swear to the heavens that I'll repay your kindness! Let my flesh rot off my body if I break my vow!
Oh, mother... Here, drink up, it'll make you better.
We're out of medicine? Don't worry, we have Dr. Nine-Colored Deer here!
<Background fades out and in>
??? We haven't been able to contact the outside for days. Is there any other way?
More and more people are dying! I thought Nine-Colored Deer was supposed to save them!
Something's not right with her... Where did she come from? Why doesn't she charge any money? Don't tell me she's...?
<Background fades out and in>
??? She only stayed behind to advertise her medicine and gain our trust!
Look at her Originium Arts! She was the one who brought down the Catastrophe!
Elafia! Bringer of evil! Get out! Get out!
[The people threw rocks at the Nine-Colored Deer.]
Get out! Get out!
<Background fades out and in>
Nine-Colored Deer ......
I thought I could earn their trust by saving their lives.
I thought we could coexist in peace as long as I healed them, and showed them love.
But is that true?
<Flashback ends here>
<Background fades out and in>
Nine-Colored Deer Go.
Villager Doctor!
Nine-Colored Deer You should not have come to me. I want nothing more to do with the world outside these mountains.
Go, and do not return.
Villager ......
I-I understand. I was foolish.
I-I'll try to think of something else... I'm sorry for bothering you.
[The villager leaves.]
Nine-Colored Deer ......
<Background 2>
[The Nine-Colored Deer knocks the door...]
Nine-Colored Deer Hello?
[...and a clinician opens it.]
Clinician Ah, I knew you'd show up. Thank you for coming so late.
[The Nine-Colored Deer enters the room.]
Nine-Colored Deer How is the merchant's daughter?
Clinician She's here in the clinic. It's not clear what afflicts her, but she's getting weaker by the day. She's able to eat, but she spends most of the time sleeping. She complains of neck pains, and has had a fever for days.
Her father is extremely anxious. Everyone knows he's looking for the great healer rumored to be living in these parts. I thought it was only a matter of time before you came down.
Nine-Colored Deer I have never stood idly by and watched a patient die.
ut I had a visitor today. I'll need to find somewhere else to stay for a few days.
Clinician Someone you saved?
Nine-Colored Deer Yes.
Clinician There's always people like that... Why don't they respect your wish to not be disturbed?
Nine-Colored Deer It doesn't matter. I'll be more careful.
Clinician Well, I'm just glad you're still willing to stay in the area at all.
Nine-Colored Deer Thank you, Zishu. Now take me to the child.
<Background fades out and in>
Sickly Child It hurts... It hurts so much...
Nine-Colored Deer Hmm...
This is a rare illness... Not something that I can just whip up a remedy for.
I'll be staying here for a couple of days. I want no visitors, other than patients.
Clinician Understood. I'll make sure to keep out unwelcome guests.
Nine-Colored Deer Mm.
One more thing. I want you to pass this on to the merchant tomorrow...
<Background fades out and in>
Nine-Colored Deer What will people think this time? A cold and merciless Elafia...?
<Background fades out and in>
Nine-Colored Deer Two mace, half a mace, three mace... Roll these herbs into balls, and take them for eight days.
Sickly Child It's so bitter...
Nine-Colored Deer Would you like another flavor? Flowers perhaps, or tea?
Sickly Child I like flowers...
Nine-Colored Deer Well then... there.
<Background fades out and in>
Nine-Colored Deer Take a sniff.
Sickly Child It smells... sweet?
Nine-Colored Deer There, now swallow it. Not bitter at all, is it? It won't hurt so much anymore.
Sickly Child Why is it sweet?
Nine-Colored Deer You were crying because you didn't want to take your medicine, weren't you? It's sweet now, so there's no need to cry.
Sickly Child *Sob*...
Nine-Colored Deer And I'll give you some honey once you've had your medicine.
<Background fades out and in>
Clinician Doctor, you need sleep. You haven't slept in three days!
Nine-Colored Deer No, I need to finish this book first. It's important. I'll have my dinner after I'm done.
Clinician What...? You just had dinner! I had to make you eat it!
Nine-Colored Deer Oh, I see... Well, I'll go to bed after I finish this book–
Clinician Go to bed NOW!
<Background 3>
Day 2
A passing villager greets another villager.
Passing Villager What's up, Wang?
Villager I'm busy! Don't bother me!
Passing Villager What's the matter? Still short on money?
People like us, we've gotta make it penny by penny, don't we? Wish I was like that rumored doctor who cured the merchant's daughter. Must've gotten a handsome reward.
Villager ...Doctor?
Passing Villager Yeah!
Anyway, I'll leave you to it. It's already been a few days, and you need to get your family back as soon as you can, before anything else happens.
Villager Impossible... But she said...
The doctor's not that kind of person...
I'll confirm it with my own eyes tonight!
<Background 2>
Nine-Colored Deer This one didn't work... This one's no good either; they can't be taken together.
The last prescription was a little strong for little Ci's constitution... I need to rethink the dosage...
The side effect of this ingredient is too strong for her. It needs to go...
She's allergic to this one. I need to find a substitute...
[The clinician walks to the Nine-Colored Deer's side.]
Clinician We have the herbs you asked for... Whoa! What happened to your hair?
Nine-Colored Deer Oh... Here, look at this, this recipe...
Clinician You keep doing that, I'll fetch a comb.
Nine-Colored Deer These two ingredients don't go well together, but...
Clinician Whoa!
Nine-Colored Deer I'm going into the mountains!
Clinician I guess your hair can wait...
Nine-Colored Deer What?
Clinician It's way after dark. Do you really have to go right now?
<Background 5>
[The Nine-Colored Deer searches for some herbs in the forest.]
Nine-Colored Deer I could be back by dawn if I hurry. This new medicine should finally do the trick.
This is a poisonous weed that looks like an edible plant. Better mark it so no one eats it by accident.
I've tried marking immature herbs, but that hasn't worked. Next time, I should move them into the garden.
I hope bugs don't get to them... Never mind, I don't have time for this.
[Unbeknownst to the Nine-Colored Deer, the villager from before is following her.]
Villager ......
<Background 1>
[The Nine-Colored Deer continues her search as the sun rises.]
Nine-Colored Deer The sun's already rising. Still no luck...
Was it here? I can't find the marks I left the last time...
Whoa, this is a poisonous plant... Never mind, it can wait. But this is about as high an altitude as the herbs will grow.
"It is the color of snow, with a bitter but pure taste. It is found mostly in the clefts of rocks or on cliffs." On cliffs...
I'm exhausted... but I have to get the herb. Ci can't wait...
The books say you should tie a knot like this... Never thought I'd be using that knowledge like this.
There! Let's hope this works.
[The villager keeps following the Nine-Colored Deer.]
Villager She's treating the girl?
Didn't she refuse? Didn't she say she didn't want to come down from the mountains?
<Background 2>
[The Nine-Colored Deer checked on the child.]
Nine-Colored Deer How is she?
Clinician Her fever has subsided, she had porridge this morning without throwing up, and the swelling in her neck has gone down somewhat.
Nine-Colored Deer Thank goodness.
Sickly Child Why is your hair a different color from ours?
Nine-Colored Deer Hmm... Do you like the pattern it makes?
Sickly Child Yes! Daddy said your hair is so beautiful because you're a really good person.
My daddy's a good person too. Why won't you trust him?
Nine-Colored Deer What do you mean?
Sickly Child Zishu won't let me or daddy tell anyone that you saved my life.
Clinician I...
Nine-Colored Deer It's alright.
I'm just happy you're alive and well, Ci. You don't need to say or do anything for me.
Sickly Child Hmm...
But I haven't seen daddy for days. Where'd he go?
Nine-Colored Deer I asked your daddy for a favor. Just let him see you happy and healthy when he comes back in a few days, okay?
Sickly Child Okay!
Nine-Colored Deer It's getting late. Come on, lie down and I'll tell you a story.
A long, long time ago in a forest far, far away...
<Background 3>
Two days later
[The Nine-Colored Deer and the clinician walks around the village in the morning.]
Clinician *Yawn* Oh, it feels so good to stretch like this...
Nine-Colored Deer *Yawn*...
Clinician You need to rest your eyes after going through an entire roomful of books these past few days. It's a nice day outside. I should let Ci's bedding get some sun too.
It's nice to see her getting better, isn't it?
Nine-Colored Deer Yes, I'll go see if she needs a change of medicine. Let's get her an armchair so she can sit outside.
Clinician And I'll make some tea. Any preferences?
Nine-Colored Deer Anything made by you.
[The Clinician leaves.]
Nine-Colored Deer Remember to add some sugar for Ci though.
Clinician Sugar in tea? Blasphemy!
Sickly Child I want something sweet...
Clinician Alright, alright.
Nine-Colored Deer What a beautiful day... Not a cloud in the sky.
Ci, remember that poem you said you liked? How did it go?
Sickly Child "A little sun, and floating cotton, speckles made of porcelain paint."
My name means porcelain, too!
Nine-Colored Deer Now, make sure you keep your blanket on, so you don't catch a cold.
[Someone bangs the door...]
Nine-Colored Deer Hm?
[...which gets louder...]
Clinician Is somebody there?
[ someone behind the door shouts.]
??? Open up! Open up!
Clinician Who is it?
??? Anyone in there?
Villager I know you're there, doctor! I saw you with my own eyes!
You've been treating that merchant's daughter, haven't you? I thought you didn't care about money.
I believed you, and look what it got me!
Passing Villager Who's this doctor you're talking about?
Onlooker What's going on here?
Clinician What nonsense are you on about!?
[The Nine-Colored Deer looks surprised.]
Nine-Colored Deer What happened...?
Villager I know you're in there, doctor!
They say they've already evacuated the city, but I haven't heard from my family in days! I have no idea where they are! The Catastrophe, it...
It's my own fault that I couldn't get the money to save my family! I'm not blaming anyone for that!
But do you really take us for fools!?
Did you lie to me because you wanted the money yourself!?
Nine-Colored Deer Me? Money?
Onlooker My goodness! It's one thing to not offer help, but to lie?
Who is this doctor? I'm certainly never visiting them!
Passing Villager That's right! That's right!
Nine-Colored Deer *Sigh*...
I knew it would come to this.
(I thought I could earn their trust by saving their lives.)
(I thought we could coexist in peace as long as I healed them, and showed them love.)
(But is that true?)
Sickly Child You're lying! She didn't ask for a single coin! *cough*...
Nine-Colored Deer ...!
Clinician Hey, you shouldn't be running around!
Sickly Child I'm fine... I can't let them bully her!
You're all bad people! How could you think... She's not like that...
Nine-Colored Deer Ci...
Thank you, Ci.
I'll speak to him.
[The door opens and someone walks outside...]
Villager Showing your face at last, doctor?
Passing Villager The door's opening... So who is it?
[...who is the Nine-Colored Deer herself.]
Nine-Colored Deer ......
Enthusiastic Villager Here they come... Wait, Dr. Nine-Colored Deer?
Onlooker He was talking about Dr. Nine-Colored Deer? Er...
Enthusiastic Villager I'm an ass! We're all asses! It's Dr. Nine-Colored Deer!
She's the who saved my life when I was so badly hurt from falling rocks that my family started preparing the funeral!
Onlooker Oh, THAT doctor? Wait, who should I believe now?
Enthusiastic Villager S-She told me not to let anyone know! But didn't I tell you? She didn't charge me a single coin, and even gave me a whole bunch of herbs!
Nine-Colored Deer Ah... it's you.
Enthusiastic Villager Yes, me! You remember, right?
You guys hear that? Everything I said was true, every last word! She's not the kind of person who'd lie for money!
You saved my life, doctor! I'm on your side, no matter what anyone else says!
Nine-Colored Deer ...Thank you.
Villager But–
Merchant Daddy's back, Ci! But why are you standing out here like that? And what's with all these people?
[The child asks her father who had just returned.]
Sickly Child You're back, daddy! A bad guy is bullying the doctor!
He said the doctor tricked him and won't save his family...
Merchant Family? You mean the two people from the city?
She didn't ask me for any money. She only asked me to fetch those two. They're staying at a nearby inn right now. What's going on?
Villager Two people from the city... You can't mean...?
Nine-Colored Deer I never intended for you to find out.
I wasn't lying when I said I didn't want to be involved with other people.
Villager Really? My family... They're safe?
Merchant If you mean the woman and child I brought back, yes, they're perfectly safe.
Villager ......
Y-You did this for me, doctor?
Nine-Colored Deer I wasn't helping you.
I was just... just...
Villager You were helping me the whole time...
But I doubted you... I... I...
What have I done... I'm such a fool.
I... I'm so sorry...
Nine-Colored Deer It's alright. I never told you anything.
Merchant Thank you for saving my daughter, doctor. It seems we've caused you more trouble than expected though.
I owe you so much, and have more than a few connections... I could put you in touch with one of the big city hospitals, if you like.
Villager D-Don't go, doctor, I still have to make it up to you!
Nine-Colored Deer No need to worry.
I'm happy right where I am.
<Background 5>
Some days later
Merchant My daughter has made a full recovery, thanks to you. Please accept these medical books as a token of my appreciation.
Sickly Child Nine-Colored Deer! Zishu!
Merchant Mind your manners, Ci.
Nine-Colored Deer It's alright. It's good to see her up and about like this, after being sick for so long.
I thought I could earn their trust by saving their lives.
<Background 2>
Wounded Villager Thank you so much... I thought I'd be fine after washing the wound, but that plant turned out to be poisonous and my leg started swelling...
Clinician You would have lost it if you'd waited any longer!
Wounded Villager Thank you so much, doctor. We're so blessed to have you in our village!
Nine-Colored Deer Just be careful in the future. Take these pills; they'll cure the toxins from most poisonous plants.
I healed them.
<Background 1>
Nine-Colored Deer Let's see... I believe I left a mark here, for the herbs on the cliffs?
Good, the bugs haven't gotten to them.
Showed them love.
<Background 3>
Frisky Kid I got Nine-Colored Deer! I win!
Aw, I want some too!
No, I won, so I get the candy!
Nine-Colored Deer No need to fight; there's enough for everyone. We'll play again tomorrow, okay?
And we coexisted in peace.
As a dream, as a fantasy. As a bubble, as a shadow. All that is false, all is as real.
<Background 6>
[The Nine-Colored Deer wakes up somewhere in the dunes alongside Dusk, revealing that the prior events happened inside one of her "painted worlds."]
Nine-Colored Deer Hmm...
Dusk How was it?
Has the painting helped you come to terms?
Nine-Colored Deer ......
It is...
All is ethereal, like a fleeting dream.
Dusk So, how are things now?
Nine-Colored Deer I...
I have not seen Zishu in years. I should find her.
But I also have herbs to deliver elsewhere... They should be nearby.
Dusk Already giving yourself more work? Fascinating.
I don't wish to leave this place just yet... When these mountains are covered in flowers, I'll seek you out again. Let's have a drink together.