La Pluma: Plumas de Tenacidad

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Operator Record
Plumas de Tenacidad
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Sure that her wishes are all but empty, still she wrestles as a fowl through the vast skies.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise La Pluma to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with La Pluma.
Dossoles Guard A icon.png
Bulky Soldier
Dossoles Guard A icon.png
Candela's Subordinate
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DWC Staff icon.png
Flower Shop Owner
Dossoles Guard A icon.png
Shrewd Soldier
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Candela's Subordinates
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Dossoles Street
Old Warehouse
Prison Cell A
La Pluma takes a vacation and returns to Dossoles. What she sees is a side of Dossoles different from what her brother saw.
<Background 1>
La Pluma ......
Flower Shop Owner No sense waiting, guapa. This weapon store is closed.
La Pluma Eh?
Flower Shop Owner You're a tourist, right? The store was pretty well known in Dossoles before. The owner always got a bunch of great wares that nobody else could ever get their hands on.
La Pluma Yeah, I know.
Flower Shop Owner But it's been a long time since it last opened for business.
La Pluma I know that, too.
Flower Shop Owner Wow, I didn't expect you to know so much about Dossoles.
But I'm sure there's one thing you didn't know.
La Pluma What is it?
Flower Shop Owner Land is very valuable here in Dossoles, and this store is in an excellent location. Normally, it would have been rented out to another tenant long ago.
But it's been almost a year since this store closed down, and it hasn't been rented out to everyone else.
Do you know why?
La Pluma ......
Flower Shop Owner This is no mere secret. Most common folk don't know about this. If you want to know, come buy a boutique from me, and I'll let you in on it. What do you say?
La Pluma Because the owner and Mayor Candela have a close relationship.
Flower Shop Owner What, you know that too?
La Pluma Of course I do.
Tourist Thief! C-Catch him!
La Pluma I'll go help out.
Flower Shop Owner Her moves are light... Just like... una pluma.[note 1]
[Running steps]
Criminal Heheh, nice haul today.
La Pluma Stop right there.
Criminal Who are you?!
La Pluma Hand back what you stole.
Criminal ......
And here I was wondering since when the pacos have been so efficient.
So it's just una chavala.[note 2]
[Blade unsheathed]
Criminal Little girl, did your parents ever tell you that playing hero here in Dossoles could get you killed...?
[Dashing and hitting sound]
Before the criminal could finish his sentence, La Pluma had already advanced to the man and knocked his knife out of his hand.
Criminal Ahhhhhhh! My hand!
La Pluma My mama died when I was still a kid, but both my fathers told me—
f you do bad things, you must answer for your crimes.
Hand over what you stole.
Criminal Ugh.
La Pluma Huh...?
Criminal Don't think you're all that just because you've got moves, kid.
This is Dossoles. Lots of groups have their claws in here.
La Pluma How do you know this whistle?
This is a True Bolívarian signal.
Criminal Who exactly are you?!
La Pluma I am... just a passerby.
Criminal Hmph, I don't care who you are, but you'll find out real soon you picked a fight with someone you shouldn't have...
[Crowds of people rushing in and footsteps]
Bulky Soldier I'm pretty sure I told you not to use this signal all the time.
Candela's people have their eyes on us.
Criminal Sorry, Boss, I ran into some trouble.
I almost got away, but this punk kid stopped me...
Bulky Soldier From Rhodes Island...?
La Pluma ......
Tío [note 3] Tacito.
Bulky Soldier Rafaela?
Lower your weapon. She's one of us.
Criminal Rafaela... You mean, she's the Colonel's daughter?!
La Pluma ......
Why, Tío?
Bulky Soldier Come with me, Rafaela. It's a long story.
La Pluma ......
Give back what you stole.
Bulky Soldier ......
Will do.
<Background 2>
Bulky Soldier I thought you went to Rhodes Island with Ernesto. Why are you back?
La Pluma I took some time off, and I thought I would come home to visit Papá.[note 4]
Bulky Soldier Hahaha, I see.
La Pluma I don't know that man just now.
Bulky Soldier He... He's one of my new lackeys. Of course you wouldn't know him.
La Pluma Tío Tacito, I thought all of you left Dossoles a long time ago.
Bulky Soldier A lot of us did leave after the Colonel was arrested... but he's old. Somebody has to take care of him, so a few of us stayed behind.
La Pluma ......
You're lying, Tío.
I know you. The Tío I know would chew everyone out just for gambling on cards. You wouldn't let your subordinates do something like this.
You say the thief's new, but he knows Papá's rank. You're lying. He's not new.
And this room... It reeks of gunpowder.
You're trying to put a team together to rescue him, aren't you?
Bulky Soldier ......
Bulky Soldier You dodged my grapple...? You've improved a lot.
[Whistle sound and footsteps]
La Pluma Tío Barrow?!
Shrewd Soldier Sorry, Rafaela, but you can't go through here.
Bulky Soldier You've gotten a lot smarter. You weren't this observant before.
At first, I was just going to give you a warm welcome and let you be on your way.
But you'll need to extend your vacation by a few days, I'm afraid.
La Pluma It's okay. I have plenty of paid time off saved up.
I didn't come to stop you guys, either.
Bulky Soldier I watched you grow up. If I had a daughter, I would hope she'd be a good girl like you.
But now I can't let you go before we finish our goal.
Don't blame me for being so ruthless.
You haven't been on our side ever since you and Ernesto left.
La Pluma What are you planning to do?
Shrewd Soldier Nothing too different from before. Penetrate, ambush, demolish. Maybe slash Candela's face while we're at it.
La Pluma ......
Shrewd Soldier Don't give me that 'isn't there some other way' kind of face like Ernesto, mija.[note 5]
Did you know? José is dead.
Bulky Soldier Barrow!
Shrewd Soldier She has a right to know. Am I wrong?
But that idiot didn't die in battle. He died because of his gambling.
Bulky Soldier Candela's a monster. The city she's built is a monster. We're no match for her.
Once we get the Colonel out of there, we're leaving this city.
La Pluma Let me help.
Bulky Soldier ......!
But you finally found such a good job. You don't have to get yourself involved.
All you need to do is to stay here till we're done, and you can go free.
La Pluma But I can't just stand by and do nothing.
Shrewd Soldier Enough, Tacito. How long are you going to keep that up?
She's a good girl, but she doesn't listen to anyone.
Bulky Soldier She's our daughter! A daughter to every single one of us brothers!
La Pluma I'm a Rhodes Islander. They won't be too hard on me. I'll help you make contact with Papá.
Bulky Soldier ......
Shrewd Soldier Look at how our daughter's grown.
Bulky Soldier We're back.
Look. A fine fowlbeast.
Shrewd Soldier And I have the spices and other ingredients you wanted.
La Pluma Thank you.
I cleaned up the kitchen, too. You can just leave the rest to me.
Bulky Soldier Alright. Us ruffians don't know how to cook. If you need anything, let us know.
La Pluma Mhm.
Bulky Soldier I really need to hand it to you to come up with this roast fowlbeast idea. It's the colonel's favorite.
Fowlbeasts raised for food are usually heftier.
We could write any messages we want to get to him on paper and stuff them inside, you bring it to the Colonel.
Shrewd Soldier Maybe we can squeeze some trinkets in there, too.
La Pluma Yeah, I want Papá to eat something that he likes, even if it's just once in a while.
He probably hasn't had a good meal inside.
Bulky Soldier ...Yeah.
The Colonel has never been one to indulge in pleasures. He probably hasn't had a very good time in prison.
He'll be so happy to have a taste of his daughter's roast fowlbeast.
Shrewd Soldier I'm sure he'll be delighted that you're worried about him. I mean...
Bulky Soldier Barrow.
Shrewd Soldier Fine, I won't bring it up.
La Pluma Hermano... came back a while ago.
Shrewd Soldier He paid the colonel a visit and attended a wedding.
I saw him from a distance. Didn't talk to him.
La Pluma Do you hate him?
Bulky Soldier Hate him? No way.
If it wasn't for him, all of us would probably have been buried in the wastes, back when the Colonel was arrested.
Shrewd Soldier He's got a bright future ahead of him. Maybe he'll actually become a successful man one day.
La Pluma ......
Tío Barrow, hand me that spice.
Shrewd Soldier You got it.
As the flames grill the fowlbeast meat, a beautiful luster gradually appears.
Shrewd Soldier Heh, this aroma sure brings me back.
Bulky Soldier Right... Before we came to Dossoles, we often grilled meat together out in the wilds.
The kitchen utensils we had don't hold a candle to this stuff, we didn't have all these spices, we had to hunt for meat... It was terrible...
But as soon as we got the fire started and everyone started to gather around it, it felt like we could pull through even the harshest hardships.
Shrewd Soldier So it goes.
Tacito, catch.
Bulky Soldier When did you buy this?
Shrewd Soldier Just now.
Bulky Soldier How come I didn't notice?
Shrewd Soldier Do I even deserve to call myself a scout if you of all people notice me doing anything?
Bulky Soldier Hmph.
The bulky soldier doesn't rebuke.
Instead, he simply cracks open a can of beer and chugs it.
La Pluma I want one, too.
Shrewd Soldier You got it.
La Pluma clumsily pulls the can's tab and holds it with both her hands, drinking its contents in small gulps.
The soldiers never cared much about their beer's quality, and its taste could not be more different from her brew.
But this exciting texture instantly reminds her of how things were before.
There was this one time after Papá won a battle, when everyone celebrated in the camp.
She had already learned how to cook by then, and she loved making food for them.
Hermano [note 6] preferred quiet places, so he hid in the tent and tried to sleep.
But in the end, with all the noise around him, he had no choice but to come out and try to quiet them down, only for Papá to force him to join them as they drank. Both of them ended up completely hammered.
The camp was filled with cheers and laughter.
Back then, Papá often laughed out loud.
Back then, the things that worried Hermano were written all over his face.
The sizzling of the meat pulls her back to reality.
Suddenly, she is feeling a little thankful for the Doctor.
In the past, she would definitely be hung up on what she should do, and hope that someone would give her an idea.
But now, she knows what to do.
<Background 1>
Tourist? ......
La Pluma ......
[Running steps]
Tourist? Ugh.
[Comms static]
Tourist? It's me.
Sorry, I lost her, but she's headed toward the prison. She's probably going to make contact with Pancho.
Yes, she made contact with what's left of Pancho's men.
Yeah, could very well be connected.
Assemble the men.
La Pluma ......
I really wish I could get a compliment from the Doctor at a time like this.
La Pluma Papá, I'm here.
Pancho Oh, mija. You've finally come to visit.
La Pluma I brought you this, too. It's roast fowlbeast, your favorite.
Pancho Salas Hoho, my own daughter's roast fowlbeast. It's been way too long.
Come here and let me get a good look at you.
La Pluma Okay.
Pancho Salas You lost weight. Is the food at Rhodes Island that bad?
La Pluma Not at all. It's very good.
Maybe it's because I've been out on missions a lot lately.
Pancho Salas Don't overwork yourself. It's very important to sleep and eat on a regular schedule.
La Pluma Yeah, I know.
Papá, you have new scars.
Pancho Salas Prison is a place where fists do the talking.
All I did was tell a few men here that just because I'm getting on in years doesn't mean they can pick on me.
La Pluma I'll bring you some ointment next time.
Pancho Salas Alright, alright.
What do you think of Rhodes Island?
La Pluma I think... it's a pretty good place. Everyone at the company's very friendly, and they treat us well.
Pancho Salas That's good to hear.
But you can't settle down if you just keep working for them.
Doesn't Rhodes Island travel to lots of different countries? You should look out when you go to all those different places with them.
If you find somewhere that works for you, settle down there.
La Pluma Can't I come back to Bolívar?
Pancho Salas Don't be silly, my daughter.
There's nothing here in Bolívar. My greatest wish now is for you to live a peaceful life.
La Pluma What about Hermano?
Pancho That malcriado...[note 7]
He's got things he wants to do. Let him do them.
With the ways things turned out, if he told me he wanted to be Candela's doorman, I'd let him.
But he never thinks about what exactly it is that he wants to do.
He's too hesitant and cautious. A man like him can't accomplish anything!
La Pluma I... I'm sure he's aware.
He knows what it is that he wants to do.
He's just afraid.
Pancho Salas Afraid? What could he even be afraid of?
La Pluma He's afraid that if he really ended up picking a path, he'd lose you, and he'd lose me.
Pancho Salas ......
...Is that what you think?
La Pluma Yes.
He doesn't actually talk to me much aboard Rhodes Island.
I think he probably thinks the same way as you do. He wants me to use Rhodes Island to find a place to settle down.
But... why?
I grew up in Bolívar, too. How come I'm the only one who has to leave this place, and not either of you?
La Pluma Because—
La Pluma I was part of the rebellion.
I'm not innocent.
Pancho Salas You should never have been involved!
La Pluma But I wasn't willing to just stand by and watch it all happen.
Besides... even if all I did was watch it happen... Does that really clear me of all involvement?
The more I think about that, the more confused I am—
But at the same time, I also understand you and Hermano better and better.
I think I want to do something, too.
Pancho Salas ......
La Pluma I made this roast fowlbeast with Tío Tacito and everyone else.
Pancho Salas Tacito...
That bastard... Even if the situation is bad, he shouldn't have asked you to do this!
La Pluma I wanted to.
I know that things are really complicated.
I'm trying to understand them, but I still don't grasp them completely.
But there is one thing that I know.
You can't let the people who respect you and look up to you to die for no reason.
Pancho Salas So... you don't want me to take this fowlbeast. Is that it?
La Pluma ...Mhm.
Next time, I'll make you something even tastier.
Pancho Salas This is only the second time you've ever asked something of me.
You've grown up, Rafaela.
La Pluma That's what you all say, but I don't think I'm much different from before.
I just want you to stay healthy and for Hermano to be more careful. It's that simple.
Pancho Salas ......
Ernesto came by a while back.
La Pluma Yeah, I know.
Pancho Salas He asked me if I remember what kind of flower his mother had clipped to her chest the first time we met.
I told him I don't.
I really don't.
That also means... I'm old.
La Pluma It was a lilac.
Pancho Salas What? How did you...?
La Pluma You told me.
That day, she helped her inebriated father back to the tent, and in his haze, he started to talk.
As he continued, Papá began to cry.
He was remembering his wife.

The flower that she pinned to her chest when he first met her.
A lilac. A beautiful lilac.

Pancho Salas Right, it was a lilac.
How could I forget...?
Gracias[note 8], mija.
Take this fowlbeast back with you.
La Pluma Are you sure?
Pancho Salas Rafaela, mija.
There are some things that I thought I'd only say to Ernesto. I never thought I'd have to say any of this to you, too.
Once you've decided to do something, don't be a coward.
And never let anyone influence your thinking.
La Pluma ...alright.
Pancho Salas What is it?
La Pluma If you told me what you told Hermano, then... will you tell him the same thing you told me?
Pancho Salas ......
La Pluma Promise me.
Pancho Salas I promise you.
<Background 2>
Bulky Soldier You ready?
Shrewd Soldier Thirty of us. Not one less.
Bulky Soldier ......
Say, do you think Rafaela will come with?
Shrewd Soldier Don't be an idiot.
Who didn't want to drag her into this before?
Bulky Soldier Hah, you're right about that.
Nothing good could come out of following a bunch of men who are doomed to die who-knows-where tomorrow.
Shrewd Soldier You want to die tomorrow?
If you ask me, I think today would do just fine.
[Door opening]
Bulky Soldier Rafaela, you're back.
How's the Colonel?
La Pluma He's the same as he ever was.
Shrewd Soldier Wait... Why did you bring the fowlbeast back out?
La Pluma It's his choice.
Bulky Soldier ......
There's no way he's okay with dying in prison.
Shrewd Soldier You brat... you tricked us.
You talked him out of it, didn't you?
La Pluma Candela's lackeys have been watching you the whole time.
I don't want you to get yourselves killed.
Bulky Soldier You've always been so kind, mija.
But I told you. We don't really have a lot of opportunities left.
Out of the way.
La Pluma ...No.
[Something uncovered + blade unsheathed]
La Pluma I won't let you through.
<Background 1>
[Footsteps of group of people]
The leader turns to his teammates behind him and nods to signal their impending attack.
This is a hideout of the remnants of Pancho's forces. Intelligence shows that they are planning to break Pancho out of prison.
Her orders are to kill every last one of them.
Candela's Subordinate (Quietly) 3, 2, 1—
<Background 2>
[Door knocked down and rushing footsteps]
Candela's Subordinate —Huh?
Candela's lackeys find themselves dumbfounded by what they see.
Inside the room, there are only a bunch of groaning soldiers on the ground and a girl standing in the middle.
She is holding a giant scythe. Its blade reflects a cold, awe-inspiring ray of light that lands on her face, revealing two dried up trails of tears.
Candela What happened?
Candela's Subordinate Señora, they've been like this the moment we entered.
Candela Oh?
You're Ernesto's...
La Pluma I'm an operator from Rhodes Island. Codename La Pluma.
Candela A Rhodes Island operator... What are you doing here?
La Pluma I happened across these guerrillas hiding a stash of weapons, so I dealt with them.
Candela This is a Dossoles matter. You should have notified my subordinates as soon as you found them.
La Pluma Sorry, Ms. Candela, but it was an emergency.
Candela I'm sorry myself, that is not enough of a reason.
Before Candela can finish, her subordinates have already leveled their weapons on La Pluma.
Just then—
[Phone vibrating]
Candela It's me.
...Ahah, I see. Very well. I'll be back soon.
I've had a change of heart, my girl.
This is a decent enough reason.
Take all of them back. Be good to them.
Candela's Subordinate Ms. Candela?
Candela An old friend of mine suddenly asked for a chat. I'm in a good mood.
Candela's Subordinate Got it.
Come! We're picking up all this trash off the floor!
Candela's Subordinates Yes, sir!
Candela You're a brave one. You won a chance for them to live.
La Pluma ......
Candela What's on your mind now?
La Pluma I'm wondering if I should thank you.
Candela Hahaha.
Ernesto told me about his lovely, well-behaved sister. I didn't pay him any mind at the time, but now it seems his appraisal was biased.
You know, my child? You should not have done this.
What you should have done is watch it all happen, and then turn and leave.
You are still young. You have the right to leave Bolívar.
What you've done today might have saved a few men, but thanks to this, I will remember you.
That's not a good thing.
La Pluma I know.
I thought it through, and I decided to do this.
Candela Your brother told me that this country's thorns are what brings him joy.
What about you? What do you think?
La Pluma Hermano thought really, really hard about Bolívar.
At first, I wanted to be like him, but then I found out I can't do that.
I want more people that I can call family, who will stay by my side forever.
Candela Even if you will not be related by blood?
La Pluma Yes.
Even though we are not related by blood, I will always be my hermano's sister.
I will always be Papá's daughter.
If they don't want to leave, then I don't think I should leave, either.
It's that simple.
Candela You remind me of back when I took over the city.
My father was a scumbag. This city is a mess that he left to me to sort out.
I had the ability to change it, but why should I have?
Tell me, why?
La Pluma Because you're your papá's daughter?
Candela It's not that simple, but it's also not that complicated.
La Pluma I don't understand.
Candela You will, one day.
Now go, mija.
You are a feather lifted off the ground by a fierce wind. The wind will destroy you without mercy... but if you are tenacious enough, you will see sights that you can see only in the storm.
La Pluma ......
Flower Shop Owner Guapa, you know the store's not going to open. What are you doing spacing out here?
La Pluma Who are you?
Flower Shop Owner I talked to you before. You forgot?
La Pluma I did.
Flower Shop Owner Alright...
Here, this is for you.
La Pluma Hmm?
Flower Shop Owner Didn't you catch a thief before? The owner wanted to give you a reward, but couldn't find you. So it falls to me.
I had no idea where you were, but I figured that if you knew so much about this place, you might come back, so I held onto it for you.
La Pluma Oh, you're the one who talked to me the other day.
Flower Shop Owner That's what I just said!
La Pluma What are you doing here?
Flower Shop Owner My flower shop is just nearby.
La Pluma A flower shop?
Flower Shop Owner Yes, I used to be an athlete. I was in the Championship.
Flower Shop Owner One day, I fell in the arena. Just as everyone was booing me on the ground, I saw a flower, like it was smiling at me.
So I left the sports world, and opened this shop.
Eh, wait!
La Pluma ...Do you have any lilacs?
Flower Shop Owner Of course.
La Pluma I want a bundle of them.
Flower Shop Owner Are they for someone?
La Pluma Si. For my family.


  • Plumas de Tenacidad means "feathers of tenacity" in Spanish.


  1. "A feather" in Spanish
  2. "A little/young girl" in Spanish
  3. "Uncle" in Spanish
  4. "Father" in Spanish
  5. "My daughter/darling" in Spanish. This one's a verbal contraction of "Mi hija", often used to refer to children or friends/comrades
  6. "Brother" in Spanish
  7. "Spoiled kid" in Spanish
  8. "Thanks" in Spanish