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Operator Record
Careful of Flammables
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Firefighters never fear fire. She just fears people losing far too many precious things to it.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Shaw to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Shaw.
RI Room
RI Bridge
Lungmen Office
RI Corridor
Ifrit and Skyfire happen upon Shaw, who is inspecting the fire safety equipment in the hallway. The two of them learn how Shaw feels about her profession as a firefighter.
<Background 1>
Shaw Huff... phew...
It'sokay... Everything'sfine... Calmdown... I'mnotnervous atall... Phew...
It's no goooood! WhatdoIdo? Tomorrow's thesecondlecture!
Ugh, mychesthurts. Ican'tbreathe... ughh...
GuessI'm waytoonervous still.
Ican'tgetmydraftfixed. G-Gottamakeitsimple andeasytounderstand. Alsogotta becareful thateachsentence isn'tmorethan twentywordslong. Notlikelasttime.
Also... HowfastItalk... But... uh...
[An alarm clock rings.]
Shaw Whoa! Oh... thealarm.
Istillhaven'tfinished checkingmyequipment fortheday, andIstill haven'tputmyreporttogether. Ican'tdothisanymore. Ican'tkeep neglectingmyduties!
<Background 2>
Skyfire You know, you can go apologize any time. Why do I have to go with you?
Don't tell me you're shy. Please, I've had enough of your jokes.
Ifrit Huh? Apologize? Me? I... Ugh, this sucks. Anyway, that's not what's happening!
Skyfire Then let go of me. Stop pulling.
Ifrit No way! Dammit! If it wasn't for Silence and the Doctor's complaining, I wouldn't be wasting my time with all this.
I was just trying to get a barbecue going. It wasn't supposed to turn out like that... Urgh, this is bullshit. The notes I borrowed from Ice Cube are all wet...
Skyfire So you are actually trying to study?
Ifrit W-What're you giggling for? I'm allowed to study! Besides, you were there setting everything on fire with me just the same. Why aren't they giving you an earful?!
Skyfire Don't you lump me in with you... That was an accident! I didn't think I'd lose control all of a sudden!
Ifrit Like I care–
Hey, keep your voice down! There she is...!
Skyfire You keep YOUR voice down!
[Shaw shows up and inspects the surroundings.]
Shaw ......
It'swellventilatedhere, theemergencyexit's notblocked, theemergencylight's working, andall firesuppressionequipment's functioningproperly.
Okay, noprobleminthiscorridor.
Nextup'sthelivingarea, themedicalarea, andthedeck.
Phew, lookslikeIcan finishcheckingeverything beforedinner. Afterthat, Igot thisseason's fireriskanalysis tofinish, andIgotta handoutbrochures...
Ifrit Hey...
Shaw Ohno! Notenoughtime! WhatdoIdo? I'mnotdonewith tomorrow'slectureeither. I'msogonnamessupagain... *Sigh*.
[Shaw becomes nervous while Ifrit yells at her.]
Ifrit Hey, I'm talking to you! What are you ignoring me for?! That's rude!
Skyfire You're a fine one to talk, Ifrit...
[Ifrit's yelling spooks Shaw.]
Shaw Eh? What? I'mhere!
Oh, it'sIfritandSkyfire. Sorry, Iwasjustthinkingaboutwork, soIwasn'tpayingattention.
Uh! Ohno! Didyousetsomething onfireagain?! That'sweird. Ididn't hearanyalarms.
T-T-Thisisbad. Wegottahurry–
[Shaw rushes off, thinking a fire breaks out somewhere...]
Ifrit Wait, no, calm down already. There's no fire!
Hey, I'm telling you, stop...! Why are you running? There's no fire!
[...but before she could go too far away, Skyfire stops her.]
Shaw Huh? Oh, there'snofire?
Skyfire Why did you assume there was a fire as soon as you saw us?!
Shaw Youtwoarealwaysthere wheneverthere'safire...
Oh, I-I'msorry! That'snotwhatI'mtryingtosay!
Skyfire And just what are you trying to say?!
Ifrit How are you not done with this dumb back-and-forth yet?
Hey, shorty. What are you up to? What's the rush?
Shaw Shorty?! MycodenameisShaw. Pleasecallme bymycodename!
Ifrit Okay, fine.
So what are you doing? What's with all the papers? It's all packed with words... and why are these crossed out?
Shaw Oh, these? They'retheinspectionsheets foreachsection oftheship... EverythingIcrossedoff hasbeeninspected. Everything'sfinethere.
Ifrit Huh? You gotta check every last one of these places?
Shaw That'sright. Everylastone.
Ifrit Damn, sounds like such a pain. And you got so many of these forms.
Shaw Ofcourse! That'smyjob!
Skyfire You've got quite a few of these too. A tough job indeed.
Ifrit Ohh...
Hey, what about this? What's this stack?
Shaw Hey! Stopit, don'tmessthatup! That'sa reportIgottagiveto ClosureandtheDoctor! Ihaven'tfinishedwritingityet...
Ifrit ......
Don't you get tired working like this every day?
I couldn't stick with it. All the inspections, all the reports. That sounds so boring. Isn't there something... you know... cooler?
Like, say... uh... I guess you look kinda cool when you use that fire extinguisher. Got me all wet last time, though.
Skyfire (That's a rather roundabout way to compliment someone... Don't tell me she believes this makes for an apology!)
(It doesn't work at all!)
Shaw It'swork. It'snotsomething youshouldbeselfishabout!
Hm, but...
Personallyspeaking, IguessIcan'tblameyou forthinkingthisway.
Ifrit Right? Right?!
Shaw Butthefactis puttingoutfires isonlyatinyfraction oftheworkwedo. Mostofthetime, wehelpfindmissingitems ordoinspectionwork...
Firepreventionisn't allthatfun tolearnabout, andnobodylikesit whenwekeepmaking apointoutofit. Alsowehavesomeregulations thatweremade outofsafetyconcerns, butIknowthey canbeabittoomuch forday-to-daylife.
LasttimeIgavealecture atthelocalprimaryschool, andthekidsthere weren'tinterestedinlisteningto whatIhadtosay. Theyallranaway beforeIevengot halfwaythrough...
AndI... IknowI'mnot thebestatspeaking...
Ifrit Oh, ohh... So you do know that, huh...?
Shaw ......
Ifrit Whoa! W-Why'd you raise your voice?!
Skyfire That said... what?
Shaw Evenhelping acitizentakethering offherfingerwhen itgetsstuck ismeaningfulwork, andsomeone'sgotta doit.
[Shaw pauses for a bit before continuing.]
Shaw I... It'sbeenafewyears sinceIjoinedthe firedepartment. I'mnorookieanymore!
Ofcourse, Igettiredof doingthesamework overandovertoo.
Thisismyjob, though.
Itwasmydreamtobecomeafirefighter eversinceIwasakid...
Thisismyjobandmydecision, andIwillberesponsible forbothofthem!
<Flashback starts here>
<Background 3>
Wei Yenwu So you are the one responsible for this operation?
Shaw Y-Yes, sir... Chief!
U-Uhh, Imean... It'sanhonortomeetyou, Chief!
Wei Yenwu Relax. There is no need to be so tense.
It's all thanks to you and everyone else at the fire department that there were no causalities[sic] in this rescue operation. On behalf of all of Lungmen, please accept my thanks.
Is there anything you want for your reward? Money, an extended holiday? You deserve it.
Shaw Th-Thanksalot, Chief!
Wei Yenwu Go ahead.
Shaw Iwouldliketoholdalarge-scale publicinformation campaignonfiresafety withtheL.G.D.!
Ifatallpossible, Iwouldalsolike anincreasein firesafetyinformationsessions atschoolsacross alldistricts...
Ibelieve furthereducationin firesafety canhelplower fireoccurrences aswellasinjuries, deaths, andpropertyloss! P-Pleasegivethissomethought!
Wei Yenwu Hmm...
Very well, I'll agree to this.
Shaw Really?! Awesome!
Wei Yenwu However, I also expect to see an acceptably feasible proposal for an information campaign of this scale.
And since you requested it, it falls on you to put together this proposal. If you want to see it happen soon, I'm afraid you won't be getting any of that vacation time for your reward.
Shaw Thankyou, Chief! Youcancountonme!
Wei Yenwu I took a quick glance at your file and work logs before our meeting.
Your performance in school was impeccable, and I'm confident you could find yourself a much better line of work, if you wished.
As for your current job, it seems you are unparalleled in the field. Your logs show that, up until today, you've been volunteering your own time to patrol on the weekends for the past two months?
Shaw Yes...
Wei Yenwu I have a question.
Shaw Ofcourse, Chief! Please, askaway!
Wei Yenwu Relax, this is nothing formal. If you would prefer not to answer, you have the right. This is just my own personal curiosity asking.
What drives you to go so far?
Shaw Thisis... well...
Ijustthinkthat... everythingthatIdo isworthdoing...
Wei Yenwu Oh?
Shaw WhenIwasakid, therewasastorenotfaraway frommyschool. Ilovedthatplace. WheneverIdidsomethingright, myparentswould takemethere tobuysomenuts asareward.
AndI'dtaketherewardstickers Iearnfromclassand stickthemonthewallthere. Whenmyrewardboard wasfullofstickers, theoldmanatthestore wouldgiveme asmallbagofnuts.
Thenutsthere weresotastyandcrunchy. Evennow, Idon'tthinkI'veever hadanythingtastierthanthosenuts.
But... Therewasafire oneday.
Wei Yenwu ......
Shaw Itwasn'tahugefire, ithappenedatnight, probablybecausethewiring wasagingindisrepair.
Theshopowner wasn'tthereatnight, sonoonewashurt, buteverything wasgone.
Alltheprettynuts ontheshop'sdisplaywindow... mystickers... allofit.
Theownertoldeveryone itwasablessing noonewashurt, andthatitcould've beenalotworse.
Butthen... WhenIwenttocheckonhimlater... Ifoundhimcryinghiseyesout...
Idon'twannasee anyonelosewhat's precioustothemanymore.
Wei Yenwu This must be gruesome work to do day after day.
Shaw Notatall, Chief!
Wei Yenwu This isn't an official inquiry. You may answer honestly.
Shaw ......
Totellthetruth, Chief... Itdoes... feelalittletoughsometimes.
Wei Yenwu Can you bear with it and remain steadfast to your position?
Shaw Yes, Ican!
It'sexhaustingsometimes, but... Icandoit!
Wei Yenwu Very good...
Lungmen is lucky to have a young woman like you.
Now put your proposal together. I will arrange for a liaison to reach out. If you are going to do it, then give it your best effort... Do not
Shaw Of course!
Wei Yenwu I thank all of you, for all that you have done for Lungmen.
<Flashback ends here>
<Background 2>
Shaw Mostofthetime, withtherightprecautions, firedanger canactually beavoided.
Aslongaswekeepup safetyinspections... andaslongas everyoneknows theirsafetypreceautions and whattolookoutfor, wecanactually keepfiredamage toaminimum!
Skyfire That's true. For example, never set up a charcoal barbecue grill indoors...
Ifrit Oh, shut up!
Shaw Neverbarbecueindoors!
Also, ifyourequipment's wornout, butitgoesunnoticed duringinspections andnevergetsreplaced, thenyoumight findyourselfunable touseitwhenyou needitthemost, andwhatcould've beenaneasily solvedproblem insteadturnsinto ahugedisaster.
Like, say, thisfireextinguisher... Look, ifthebuttonhereisstuck, youwouldn'tbe abletotakethefireextinguisherout.
Andtakealookhere. Doyounormally noticethisleverhere? Ifthisisbroken, youwon'tbeableto usethefirebarrierwall tostopthefire fromspreading.
Allthiscanbeavoided solongasIdomyworkproperly.
Ifrit Oh, I never noticed that little thing...
Shaw Italkedaboutthis inourlastlecture! Pleaserememberit!
Ifrit Well, what am I supposed to do?! You know how fast you talk? I can't get half of what you say!
Shaw Uhh...! R-Right... Mybad...
Thistime, I'llmakesureI'mwell-prepared, andI'llmakesureallofyou willcometoknow firesafetyandprevention likethebackofyourhands.
Ifrit Start by getting your talking speed under control!
Shaw Uhh... You'reright...
Actually, Dr.Kal'tsitandAmiya approvedmyapplication rightinthebeginning toinstallfireequipment allthroughouttheship.
Ifrit, Skyfire. Youmaynothave everpaidmuchattention tothesethings.
Butaslongaswemakesure theequipmentisoperatingproperly andthateverybody knowshowtouseit, youwon'tneedtocometome whensomethingdoeshappen.
Itdoesn'tmatterwhetheryou'reat RhodesIslandorelsewhere. Wherethere'safire, there'salways anextinguishercloseby, andyoucanquicklyputitoutyourself.
Ifrit With these cans and stuff? Now that you mention it, I do see them all over the place.
But if you're gonna put it like that, can't we just get Casters like MuMu to use their Arts to put the fire out? Why go through all the trouble?
Shaw I'lladmittherearesome OriginiumArtsthatcandothat.
But, Ifrit, noteveryonehappens toknowhowtouse Artslikethat.
Buteveryone cantakecareoffires withfireequipment aslongastheyknow howtouseit.
Andit'snothardtouseeither. Aslongasyou gothroughsome basicfiresafetytraining, anyonecandoit.
IfIcanmakefiresafety commonknowledge hereatRhodesIsland byholdingmorelectures, wecancompletely eradicatedangerslike usingunauthorizedelectronics!
Ifrit Hey, hold up. Why does it feel like you're yelling at me?! I told you last time I won't do that again!
Shaw *Cough*... No, no, notatall. You'reimaginingthings.
Shaw Firedoesn'tdistinguishgoodandbad. Anythingitburnsisdoneforgood. Didn'ttheDoctor tellyoulasttime?
Ifrit Yeah...
Skyfire It's true that all my enemies burn to cinders whenever I use my Arts on them.
Shaw YourOriginiumArts arewaytoodangerous eveninbattle, Skyfire!
Alotofoperators can'tevenget anywherenearyou, andiftheydon't putout theflamesyourelease, itcouldlead tomuchworsedamage... Justlikethattime intheforest!
Younearlyburneddown thewholewoods!
Skyfire Uh... D-Did I now...?
Ifrit Hahaha! So lame!
Shaw Youstoplaughing, Ifrit. Thesamegoesforyou!
Ifrit Ughh.
Shaw Anyway, ratherthanputtingoutfires afterthefact, Iwouldrather weputastop toallthefiresattheirsource!
I'mdoingallthis sothatnoonehasto loseanythingeveragain...
Ifrit Wow, hey... That's actually a pretty cool thing to say.
Shaw Hm? Whatwasthatjustnow?
Ifrit Nothing at all!
If that's where your heart is, then you'd better do a good job! I'm going to that lecture tomorrow, and don't you dare disappoint me!
Shaw Y-Yeah...! I'lldomybest!
Ifrit But, hmm. Remember the podium last time? I couldn't even see you behind it!
That's not gonna fly... Oh, I know! I'll ask Closure to do something about it!
[Ifrit rushes off.]
Shaw Eh? But–
Skyfire Don't worry about it. Just let her do her thing. Perhaps she'll actually figure out something nice.
So how is your lecture coming along?
Shaw Imanagedtogetitwritten, butIjustdon'tthink it'sgoodenough... Everyonesaid theydidn'tknow whatIwastalkingabout lasttimetoo...
Skyfire Hmph, if they can't figure it out, it just goes to show the level they are at. That being said...
Okay, let me take a look at your draft. I don't mind helping you with some minor edits.
Shaw Huh? Yousureaboutthat?
Skyfire I'm telling you I don't mind! It has absolutely nothing to do with me being sorry for setting the hallway on fire last time! Don'tyoudaregetthewrongidea!
Shaw Slowdown! You'retalkingwaytoofast!
Isee... sothisishow everyonefeels whentheyhearmetalk...
Skyfire Stop babbling already!
<Background 4>
[Shaw inspects the corridors.]
Shaw Andthat'sthe lastparttakencareof... Yep, it'sallgood.
Castertraininggrounds re-inspection... thesimulationcabins... thecanteen... Okay, allofit's takencareof... Good.
[Shaw wraps up her inspection.]
Shaw Phew... NowIjustneedto putmyreporttogether andhandittotheDoctor.
BothSkyfireandIfritleft... Iwonderifthey'llbefine. Theywon'tcauseanotheraccident, right...? *Sigh*... I'mstartingtogetworried.
[Suddenly Waai Fu lands in front of Shaw after jumping a distance away, which spooks her.]
Shaw Mmph!
Waai Fu –Watch out!
Hm? Say...
Shaw Sorry, it'sallmyfault! Iwasn'tpayingattention... Areyouhurt? DoIneedto takeyoutotheclinic?!
Waai Fu Oh... I'm fine. You don't need to apologize...
What about you... Are you with the Lungmen Fire Department?
Shaw Oh, yesIam! MycodenameatRhodesIsland isShaw!
Waai Fu I knew it! I got the right person...! I didn't expect to bump into you here!
Shaw Excuseme, butyouare...?
Waai Fu Please, don't be so polite. You can call me Waai Fu. I saw you on TV before.
I'm not sure if you remember, but it was that accident caused by the heater that's against regulations? I think it was a pretty big deal. Master Wei even took it upon himself to do some fire safety PSAs.
Shaw Oh, thatone...
Waai Fu One of my classmates was in that very building, and she kept telling me it's all thanks to you firefighters that everyone's still alive.
All of them are really thankful for everything you've done, and they've been paying extra care to the safety code. The city's awareness campaign was right after that... I learned so much because of that.
Shaw Hehe... That'sgreat!
Waai Fu I heard you led the rest of the firefighters at the forefront in that rescue operation. You really left an impression, with how cool and brave you were.
Shaw Oh, notatall. Y-You'regivingmetoomuchcredit.
Waai Fu Don't be so humble! That's just how amazing you are!
Oh, right... I forgot to mention. My classmate is looking to join the fire department, and she's prepping for the exam now.
Shaw Eh?! Ifsheneedsanything, letmeknow! Ihavesomematerials shecanborrow!
Waai Fu That's perfect! I know she's got to be studying so hard for her exam day after day. I bet she'll be so jealous if she finds out I met you here!
Shaw You'reexaggerating. Ihopeshepassestheexam!
Waai Fu Not at all. It's no exaggeration.
It may seem like no big deal, but she told me it was a miracle that everyone made it out alive and unharmed.
Shaw, you're a hero to her.

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