Fiammetta: Paradisus

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Operator Record
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The word "home" only gains meaning once you have left it.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Fiammetta to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Fiammetta.
Male Lateran Sankta icon.png
Candid Stall Owner
Sarkaz Mercenary B icon.png
Sarkaz Bandit
Laterano Alley
Laterano Streets
Laterano Chapel Inside
Before she leaves Laterano, Fiammetta must first meet with someone. That someone tells her: The life you lead right now is pointless.
[A shot is heard.]
<Background 1>
Lively Child Whoa! That's amazing! You broke another record!
Stubborn Child Hmph. Not bad, for a grown-up.
Candid Stall Owner Congratulations! This plush is your prize!
Mostima Hell yeah!
Hey, Dawn Destroyer, you give this a try, too.
Lively Child Liberi lady, is your name really Dawn Destroyer? That's so cool!
Stubborn Child I think it's weird. It does sound a little cool, though. You good at shooting, too?
Fiammetta First off, my name's not Dawn Destroyer.
Mostima Our beloved leader awarded you that codename herself! You should wear it with pride.
Fiammetta Secondly, we're adults. Breaking records at a balloon shooting booth isn't anything impressive.
Mostima Come on, give it a try. It's a toy gun that works on springs. Even a Liberi can handle it.
Fiammetta Thirdly, the attendant looks pissed.
Still-Trying-to-be-Candid Stall Owner No, not at all. This is business. You win some, you lose some. Now, my Liberi friend, surely you're up for a try?
Fiammetta Ugh... alright.
Mostima Whoa, the grand prize.
Fiammetta You win some, you lose some. Right?
Lively Child Whoa! An all-you-can-eat coupon, good for a whole year! Works at all the dessert shops in Laterano, too!
Stubborn Child A-Amazing! You gotta be a sniper or something at the Guards, right?!
Lively Child Are you a big shot from a monastery?
Not-So-Candid Stall Owner Y-You wouldn't happen to be... working for His Holiness...?
Fiammetta Thanks for the coupon, senior. I won't complain about how you tampered with the toy gun.
Trying-to-Smile-Anyway Stall Owner Um, ma'am... I-If you don't mind... would you... would you tell me your name...?
Fiammetta Me? I thought you guys already knew.
My name is...
Children Destroyer!!!
<Background 2>
Mostima Dawn—
Fiammetta Mostima, are you done?!
Mostima But you were having fun too.
Fiammetta I was just...!
*Sigh*... Whatever, suit yourself.
Mostima Giving in already? I thought you'd put up more of a fight.
Fiammetta There's no point in putting up a fight you can't win, and I was never going to win, trying to argue with you.
Mostima So? How does it feel to be back home? Good?
Fiammetta It's not so bad, if it's a once in a while thing.
Mostima You're actually pretty fond of Laterano, aren't you?
Fiammetta Who isn't? Even an idiot can tell Laterano's a paradise.
Even though you aren't allowed to stay in the city if you have Oripathy, your Lateran citizenship gets you out of most trouble.
Of course, it's a whole different story if you're unlucky enough to have sugar sensitivity, or if you're fallen.
Mostima Hey, I like it here too.
Fiammetta You like it everywhere. Honestly, you don't seem to ever care where you are.
Mostima There's a saying for that. "Going with the flow."
Fiammetta Right, right. You're a real charming one, Miss Nuncio, never one to stop in one place.
Mostima But you aren't like me, Fiammetta.
You have a choice.
Fiammetta ......
Mostima So you should at least go meet that guest of ours. He's waited a long time already.
Fiammetta I've got nothing to say to a Gun-Knight.
Mostima How about to your teacher, then?
Fiammetta It's been years since I graduated.
Mostima What about your loving nonno, then?
Fiammetta That's just what he calls himself.
Mostima Tell you the truth, I really don't want to fight over a gal with a Gun-Knight. If I end up on their bad side, I might get myself a weird codename too.
Anyway, now that we've been everywhere worth going in the city, I'm gonna wait for you outside.
[Mostima walks away...]
Fiammetta Hey, Mostima! Mostima!
Grr, that bitch. She used Arts on me, didn't she? Why am I moving so slowly?!
[ an Apostolic Knight shows up.]
Apostolic Knight My opinion of Mostima has just gone up a little bit. At the very least, she's a good kid who knows to respect her elders.
Fiammetta Gun-Knight Patrizion, it's been a while.
Patrizion Yes it has—
The light in the darkness, the shadow in the morning light, my most beloved student, Dawn Destroyer!
Fiammetta I am... honored.
[Fiammetta walks away.]
Patrizion Fia! Fia!
<Background 3>
Fiammetta Looking just the same as always.
Patrizion Me? I so rarely hear such sweet talk out of you.
Fiammetta No, I'm talking about the monastery. You're wearing a helmet, Reverend Gun-Knight.
Patrizion As if I have a choice? Apostolic Knights are required to wear full armor on the job.
Fiammetta You're on the job?
Patrizion What? I can't come see my beloved granddaughter just because I'm on the job? That would be outrageous!
Fiammetta Reverend Gun-Knight, you're a Sankta, and I'm a Liberi. We are not related by blood.
Patrizion Enough! My Fia would never speak to me like this! When your parents left you in my care, you wouldn't have dared to be so impolite!
You were only so tall back then, like a little pea...
Fiammetta I was already seven when I first met you.
Patrizion Do you remember how I taught you how to aim, how to shoot, how to calculate a bullet's trajectory? I feel like it was just last year...
You were always pestering me to teach you how to use a gun, then, hah, you always came crying after you blew yourself up!
It's only been a few short years, and now everyone everywhere knows my little Fia as the Hardship Overseer... No, the Sticky Shimmering... Weevil? What's your new codename again?
Fiammetta ...Dawn Destroyer.
Patrizion Ah, right. I'm getting on in years. Even though I remembered it just a minute ago... Can't you settle on a single codename?
Fiammetta Wasn't it you miserable old men who decided I had to change my codename every month?!
Patrizion Did that happen? I don't recall.
Fiammetta Can I request to have that requirement lifted, then?
Patrizion Lemuen is in charge of you, now. I've got no say.
Fiammetta Tch.
Patrizion Anyway! You were so adorable then, but you couldn't be more dull these days. Even the movies you bring back are getting more and more boring.
Hm... Maybe except the "One-Armed Chainsaw Guy." That gets three out of five stars from me.
Fiammetta —Phew.
So, my most respected, beloved Reverend Gun-Knight Patrizion. What did you summon me for?
I'm very busy, and I still have a lot of missions that I need to carry out.
Patrizion What missions? Strolling around the streets with Mostima?
Fiammetta My mission is to keep an eye on the fallen angel Mostima, to make sure she does not leak any confidential information to anyone.
Patrizion Enough, Fia. We don't have any secrets so important to keep under wraps.
Besides, even if we did, how would you determine what must be kept and what's okay to reveal? You say you're keeping an eye on her, but how do you decide what crosses the line, and what's okay?
Fiammetta ......
I'm just following...
Patrizion Fiammetta, I'll be honest with you.
The life you lead right now is pointless.
Fiammetta You have no right to judge my life.
Patrizion I do. After all, I am the head of the monastery, your teacher, and your guardian. Above all, I know what you could've been.
Right now, you're diddling away your time, idling all day, doing nothing. Worse, you aren't even enjoying your life.
Fiammetta But... Mostima needs my help.
Patrizion Fia, it's not Mostima who needs you. You are the one who needs her. You've found yourself an excuse to follow her around.
This is Mostima we are talking about. She knows how to take care of her own problems.
Of course, when she tries on clothes, she might need someone help her with the zippers on the back.
Fiammetta Patrizion, you...!
Patrizion Angry? Finally, you found yourself some backbone. You should know I had very high hopes for you.
After all, you're my most beloved student. You were the first Liberi who could've become an Apostolic Knight.
You could've taken on so much more responsibility.
Now, even if I don't make it sound so scary, it's actually pretty fun to be a Gun-Knight! You're not a Sankta, and you don't have this annoying halo over your head. The helmets wouldn't give you a headache.
You can't wield a gun, but we can get you a huge-ass grenade launcher just as easily.
Most importantly, Gun-Knights don't have to pay out of pocket when they blow up a street!
Fia, you have both talent and experience. You should come back. Laterano needs you.
Fiammetta But I don't want to be a Gun-Knight.
Patrizion That's not what you told me when you were little. You begged me to train you so that you could become...
Fiammetta adult. Just so I could know the choices I had open to me.
Patrizion And you chose to follow Mostima around?
Fiammetta At first, it might actually have been guilt that drove me to follow her around. I felt I was partly responsible for her becoming fallen. I was worried she would be so depressed that she'd truly fall.
Patrizion You didn't understand her well enough, then.
Fiammetta Right, haha. It's Mostima we're talking about...
Then, I started to think. Andoain was bound to go looking for her one day. If I stayed by her side, I would eventually get to settle my score with him.
Patrizion And you finally found him at the Summit of Nations two days ago.
Fiammetta It wasn't enough. He got away. If I see him again, I will take him in myself.
Patrizion Then you truly have no reason to keep following Mostima around. You could become an executor. That way, you can travel across the land on this case.
Fiammetta No, that's not what I meant.
After I got back this time, I suddenly realized Mostima and I have been so many places and met so many people. Set aside all objectives and purposes, and that in itself is my choice.
Patrizion You said it yourself: even an idiot can tell Laterano's a paradise.
Fiammetta Right, but if you've never been away from home, how would you know what it means to come home? There are lots of places that stir my heart more than Laterano, but there will only ever be one Laterano.
Besides, this journey actually isn't all that bad.
It's true. I don't enjoy my life.
I'm just going through it.
Patrizion That's not going to lead to any growth. You're just suffering for no reason.
Fia, all of us want you to stay. We can easily get you a seat on the Gun-Knights' Tribunal.
I'd even be okay with it if you wanted to go nuts and become a cardinal like Lemuen. I could talk to His Holiness about it.
It's a lot more work than being an Apostolic Knight, but it's much better than having to bustle around outside.
Or I could simply order you to stay.
Fiammetta You won't. You're you, after all.
Patrizion ......
Right, because I watched you grow up.
It feels terrible to be old.
I can feel myself going downhill, day after day. Every morning, I wake up, and I find myself worse off than the day before, and everything is leaving me behind...
My friends are dying, one by one. My students are scattered all across the world. The clerics simply respect me; they rarely come talk to me.
It's boring, Fia. It's very boring. All I can do these days is chew over what's left of those days gone by, until nothing is left but some fuzzy feelings, to the point that I forget what I was trying to remember in the first place.
Fiammetta Eight years ago, you were there outside my door when I was packing.
Patrizion How'd you figure?
Fiammetta Because you left a long list of movies in my bag.
Patrizion Oh, now that you mention it, I did do that.
I was obsessed with the Wrankwood blockbusters at the time. I only let you go because I was too caught up in the movies, and I started regretting it the very next day!
Fiammetta You only regretted it because you realized that even if I was going to bring you any of those movies, it wouldn't be for several years, didn't you?
Patrizion That's my girl. You know me well.
Fiammetta & Patrizion ......
Fiammetta Haha, you just want someone to take over your work, so you can hole up in the monastery and watch movies, don't you?
Patrizion Maybe, but I'll eventually run out of movies to watch.
When are you leaving this time?
Fiammetta In a bit.
Patrizion Why not stay a couple more days? There's going to be another blindfolded handstand shooting match in just a few.
Fiammetta I'll pass. I watched more than enough of those back when I was a kid. I even entered one.
Patrizion I remember that. You got first place. I still have the trophy in the back.
Fiammetta Really? You do?
Patrizion Looks like I'll have to watch the match alone.
Fiammetta Don't make yourself sound like such a poor, neglected grandparent. We both know you'll have the friars with you.
Patrizion Sure enough.
Fiammetta I heard they're making a new One-Armed Chainsaw movie. I'll bring you a copy the next time I come back.
Patrizion When will that be?
Fiammetta Probably next year.
Patrizion The movie will be so old by then.
Fiammetta At least you'll actually get to watch it.
Patrizion ......
Fiammetta ......
It's getting late.
Patrizion Right.
Fiammetta What is it, old man?
Patrizion Forget it. Never you mind. Go!
Fiammetta Well, then. Reverend Gun-Knight Patrizion, I shall take my leave now.
Patrizion Goodbye, I await your next visit—
Dawn Destroyer.
Fiammetta I will burn your whole monastery down.
Patrizion Fia, it's a joke! Just a joke!
<Background 4>
Mostima Phew...
Am I really this unlucky?
Ferocious Sarkaz Bandit Hah! A Sankta all by her lonesome! Looks like we're in luck!
Tell me, how do you want to die?
Ferocious Sarkaz Bandit How come this Sankta has horns?
Ferocious Sarkaz Bandit Hah, who cares?! We'll find out after we kill her!
Mostima Hey, I'm in a bit of a hurry. Can we not do this?
Ferocious Sarkaz Bandit Begging for mercy now? Not a chance! It's because of you Sankta bastards that my boss—
[Suddenly explosions occur near the Sarkaz bandits...]
Ferocious Sarkaz Bandit What the—?!
Ferocious Sarkaz Bandit Aagh!
[...incapacitating them...]
??? Now do you know how much work it takes to make sure everything's smooth sailing when you're out doing whatever?
Mostima Whoa! No way! It's the Dawn—
[ Fiammetta walks through the smoke.]
Fiammetta You aren't tired of that joke yet?
Mostima I'm getting there.
I went on ahead since I figured that'd take you a couple more days. I mean, the old man came to take his granddaughter in.
Fiammetta It didn't cross your mind that I could just end up staying?
Mostima No way.
You still gotta make sure I don't spill any secrets.
Fiammetta *Sigh*...
The old man has a message for you. Apparently he wants to do a movie marathon the next time we're back in Laterano.
Panicking Sarkaz Bandit W-What the hell? There's just the two of them!
Hot-Headed Sarkaz Bandit Let's get them!
Mostima Well, I'm honored.
[Another explosion takes out the rest of the bandits.]
Mostima I will think about it.
<Background 3>
Patrizion *Sigh*... Guess I'll take a stroll.
Hm? An all-you-can-eat dessert coupon? Good for a whole year?! What is this doing in my pocket?
Did I win a prize? Perhaps His Holiness gave it to me a couple days ago?
Oh, who cares. Time to stuff my face with sweets!
She'll be back by the time this certificate expires...