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Operator Record
Yesterday Once More
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Have you ever asked yourself, "just how did you get so attached?"

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Mint to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Mint.
Anxious Researcher
Prudent Researcher
Cave Entrance
Volcanic Cave
RI Room
Upon being berated for not taking care of herself while chasing core data, a major piece of news makes its way to Mint via a letter from her professor.
<Background 1>
Dear Eleanor,
I was so glad to receive your letter. I hope all is well for you.
You raised an assortment of questions in your last letter. It goes to show your learning is still ploughing forth, and it makes me truly happy that even with your illness, you've neither abandoned schoolwork nor forgotten your inquisitive heart. Yet at the same time, it worries me a little too.
If you should run into any troubles, feel free to write, be it to me or someone else. We'll be all too happy to lend you our help.
I hope the accident doesn't weigh too much on your mind. Especially concerning Miranda. It wasn't your fault in any way.
[The letter shifts.]
Dear Eleanor, have you found respite in life aboard Rhodes Island?
[Mint flips the letter.]
Mint ......
(Everyone, including my professor–they've all written to me, and so much too.)
(One, two, three...)
(There're still so many pages to read. Er–someone's sent their own love diary to me too! Oh, wow...)
[Someone knocks the door.]
Skyfire What are you dawdling for? We're heading out!
Mint Ah, I'll be right there!
[Mint puts down the letter.]
Mint (Fine, then, I'll give a proper read later.)
(Everyone's worried about me, but I can't go back to see them just yet.)
(I... need to work harder first!)
[Mint heads outside and closes the door.]
<Background 2>
[Skyfire and Mulberry greets Mint.]
Mulberry Good afternoon, Mint.
Mint Skyfire! And Mulberry, good afternoon!
Skyfire Slowcoach! What took you so long?!
Mint But, it's not departure time yet... Is there a reason you're impatient?
Mulberry It's probably because I was grilling her with questions about Victorian universities.
Mint Eh? Are you interested in university, Mulberry?
Mulberry Y–Yes, I heard Victoria's universities are incredible, and Provence referred me to Skyfire...
Skyfire Hmph! Provence is nothing if not talented at getting on my nerves.
But that aside...
[Skyfire pinches Mint's cheek.]
Skyfire It just so happens–and don't let her dopey face fool you–that she is the teacher's pet of a well-renowned professor. Ask her anything you want.
Mint Ah, uwh, Zkyfaih, thtop pinthing my theeks–
[Skyfire lets go of her fingers.]
Mint Oww... no more violence! Violence strictly forbidden!
Mulberry Haha, you two get along so well.
Skyfire The term is not violence, it's guidance.
Enough, no more racket. Our task this time is to survey this mountain's strata. According to information gathered from nearby settlements, earthquakes have been common in this area as of recent. Danger levels are high.
Protective equipment all ready? If we're in shape, we'll continue further in.
Mulberry Y–Yes! I'm all ready!
Mint I'm good too!
I hope we collect some good sample data...!
Skyfire ...I'm warning you, this is not an easygoing mission. If you run off again, I am NOT looking for you!
Mint I won't, I won't! I never would!
Er, I mostly wouldn't... probably?
Skyfire Hmph! You'd best hope not!
[Skyfire leaves first...]
Mint Ah! Wait for me!
[...prompting Mint to hurriedly follow.]
<Background 3>
[Mint and co. enters the cave.]
Mint This is the region.
If we enter via this cave, we should be able to reach our target survey site. Mm-hm, it all lines up with our previous calculations!
Mulberry Wow, did you work all this out? Professionals really are amazing...
Mint Eheheh, it's nothing, really! Have you met Eyjafjalla before? She's the real professional! And Earthspirit too...
Ah, and Skyfire, of course! She's more famous for Originium Arts now, but back at university, she was a genius who skipped a whole year and got all these degrees!
Mulberry Th–That's amazing!
Skyfire Enough of the teatime talk. Do you have all your samples for this area? If so, we're moving to the next spot.
Mint About that... I just ran a quick instrument analysis on the samples we got too. Skyfire, look at this.
It's just a rudimentary analysis, but you can see how fiercely reactive the Originium activity is in the deeper layers!
Mulberry Active Originium reactions in deep layers... Based on my experience, there'd be disasters of all shapes and sizes in a region like this.
Mint Such as... earthquakes. And moreover, the strata here seem very loose. It's a lot like before...
Mulberry What?
Mint Um? Um, no–nothing!
It's all just conjecture right now. For a concrete analysis, I'd still need more data.
Skyfire Listen, now... you do remember why we came here in the first place, right?
Mint O–Of course I do! We're collecting data to finish our survey mission!
It's okay, no worry!
Skyfire ...I'll trust you this once. Now let's go further in.
<Background fades out and in>
Mint Skyfire, the readings here are far above ordinary figures!
Skyfire Mm, as expected...
Mulberry The structure here's very solid. We can use it as a shelter if we need to!
<Background 4>
[Mint and co. heads deeper.]
Skyfire Lighting and air have deviated...
[A burst struck Skyfire...]
Skyfire Careful! Infected creatures ahead!
[...who promptly takes out the creatures with her Arts.]
Skyfire Hmph. That's all it takes, though.
Mulberry Skyfire! Please don't use Arts in a place like this without warning again! It's very dangerous!
Mint Ahahah, she's direct like that...
[Mint notices an ore nearby...]
Mint Wow! Look, over there! Isn't that the ore the Doctor mentioned before?
[...and rushes toward it...]
Skyfire No running off!
[ rumbles are felt in the cave.]
Mulberry I think that was...
Skyfire It's beginning to destabilize here. Action stations, fast!
Mint These figures were read in during that tremor just now...
Mulberry Mint...?
Mint Hm? Ah, I'm alright...
<Background fades out and in>
Mulberry The footing's tricky through here... take care, both of you!
[Skyfire stops.]
Skyfire ...Hold on a moment.
Mulberry Skyfire?
Skyfire Mint–where is she?
[Mulberry looks back, but Mint is nowhere to be seen.]
Mulberry Eh?
<Background fades out and in>
[Mint observes the ore...]
Mint I'm sure of it, this reading! It's just–it's just the same as when the accident...!
If I can just get the core data–
[...but noticed that she's alone.]
Mint ...Skyfire? Mulberry?
I got split up...
[Rocks fall from the ceiling.]
Mint Yagh!
(Uwh... was that debris from above?)
(Don't panic, don't panic. It's just a little sting. I've still got protective gear on!)
(Compared to...)
<Flashback starts here>
<Background black>
Miranda It's rare we get to conduct an on-site deep survey! We'll get some fantastic data out this time!
Prudent Researcher Take caution. This site is exceptionally dangerous.
Miranda Oh, come on, we have protective gear on, don't we?
Not to mention, if we were scared of danger, we wouldn't have joined the Professor's lab, would we?
"In seeking the truth, I willingly brave all hazard." ...That's our motto, you know.
Prudent Researcher Honestly... there's no reaching you.
Still, be careful at least. If anything should happen, in the worst case...
<Flashback ends here>
<Background 4>
The Feline girl seals her lips, shuts her eyes, and places a hand on her arm wrapped in clothing.
Her wound, which once bled incessantly, is now only a shallow scar and minute crystals.
That was the price she paid for pursuing her own goal, and the symbol of her becoming an Infected.
Mint (Compared to Oripathy, this little scratch is barely anything!)
(I made a promise...)
(And if I let this slip, who knows when I'll be able to get data like this again!)
(Even if it's just for Miranda, I have to...)
(Right, first I need to send a message to Skyfire and Mulberry.)
"...Please both evacuate to safe area, I'll come once finished gathering data..."
...Okay, that'll do fine.
<Background 5>
[Mint reaches deeper in the cave...]
Mint (I should be at a fairly deep level by now. Hm... a little further forward.)
[ a strong rumble is felt.]
Mint (Urgh! The tremors are getting stronger, I have to be quick...!)
<Background fades out and in>
Mint (Just a little closer!)
[Mint's protective gear is stuck...]
Mint (Oh no, it's trapped the protective gear...)
(...I can't afford to mind it!)
[...and she pulled it out.]
Mint (I'm so, so close!)
[Mint presses on.]
<Background fades out and in>
Mint (Found it! The strongest region of activity... is right here!)
(This is brilliant, I just need some samples from here, and to get some figures, and I can start an in-depth analysis...)
[A cave-in occurs...]
Mint Wah! It's starting to collapse here too!
No! I can't get...
[ an explosion knocks them away...]
Skyfire Idiot! Duck!
[...which comes from Skyfire's Arts, saving Mint.]
Mulberry Entrance has collapsed! Over this way!
[Mint recovers from her concussion...]
Mint Ow! That hurts...
[ Skyfire and Mulberry approaches her.]
Skyfire I can't believe you can still tell pain–you're a living headache.
Mint S–Skyfire... and Mulberry!
Mulberry Exit over here!
Let me say this in advance! Mint, I'm very, very angry with you right now!
Skyfire Save your breath, safe location first!
[The cave starts to collapse.]
Mint Wait, my samples–
[Mint tries to grab the sample, but...]
Mulberry There's no waiting! Move!
[...Mulberry drags her as the trio escapes the crumbling cave.]
<Background 2>
[Mint and co. returns to the cave entrance.]
Skyfire Phew...
Okay, we should be fine here.
Mint *pant*... *pant*...
I'm a little... *gasp*, *gasp*... out of breath!
Skyfire Serves you right. Hmph. I'll have my turn with you in due time... but right now, I'm not the one who should be berating you.
Take it away, Mulberry.
[Mulberry walks toward Mint.]
Mulberry ......
Mint M–Mulberry...?
Mulberry ...Separating from your team and acting alone, under hazardous circumstances...
Is just asking for everything to go wrong! And far too irresponsible!
What if something did happen to you?! Aren't you meant to be the clearest on how dangerous it is here? You can't have not considered it once!
Mint Uwh, I'm–I'm sorry! You're right...
But, I needed to collect core data...
Mulberry I don't care about the data! In my eyes, nothing is more important than your own safety, Mint!!
Mint Uwwhh!
Mulberry No whining! No sympathy!
Mint I...
Skyfire Sorry, let me interrupt.
Mint... you didn't SERIOUSLY believe you could've made it back?
Mint I...
Skyfire You still think once you finish this research up, you can apply to resume studies? You think that way, everything will go back to how it was?
If that's your opinion, then give up as soon as you can. Your professor and university friends might not bear to tell you the truth, but I will.
You can't go back.
Victoria is nowhere near as guileless as Rhodes Island. Even if you'd gotten some breakthrough result, you'd still–
Mint I know!
Stop, Skyfire. I do, I do. I know.
But... I...
<Background black>
Anxious Researcher ...Well?! What did the doctor say?
Is it–Is it really Oripathy...?
Mint Mm...
Anxious Researcher What for?! What are we meant to do now?!
Mint Forget me for now! More importantly, how's Miranda? And our data from before–
Anxious Researcher About that. Miranda hasn't woken up yet.
And the data... isn't with us.
Mint Eh?
Anxious Researcher Once you had the accident, the Professor and us abandoned the investigation and made an emergency evacuation.
We couldn't have just ignored you under those circumstances!
Mint But... but I'm sure Miranda gave me the samples! I already had them on me!
Anxious Researcher You were so injured! We were stuck outside and couldn't help you, and when we got you out, you were clutching your fists hard...
But there was... nothing in your hands at all...
Mint ......
<Background 2>
Mint I lost hold of everything then...
I don't actually care whether or not I can go back to university!
But I can't let this slip away from me, Skyfire...! If–If I can't get this most core data, then I...
Then what have I persevered in surveying for, even caught Oripathy for–and Miranda–what have we done everything for...
Skyfire ......
Mint That's why I have to go! I...
Mulberry That's not true!
Mint Eh?
Mulberry I don't know exactly what happened to you before, Mint, but I do know that right now, we're a team! And you're representing more than yourself!
No matter how important your research is... Cherish yourself more, Mint, please!
I don't know much about research... but Skyfire has the knowledge there. She can help you.
And I do know full well how to respond to the dangers following an earthquake, how I can keep the two of you as safe as possible!
If that's still not enough, Rhodes Island has even more dependable veterans still... Why do you even have to bear all this by yourself?!
Mint It's–This is what I'm meant to do!
No matter where I am, no matter the danger, I'll continue this research!
"In seeking the truth, I willingly brave all hazard"... I swore it, when I joined the Professor's research lab! So I have to...
Mulberry No! That's not right!
I can understand you're pursuing the truth as a researcher, but it's in no way–no way at all, a duty you have to assume!
Mint ......
Skyfire In this respect, Mulberry is right.
Mint, your professor and your fellows have all written you letters, haven't they?
Mint The Professor's... letter...
Skyfire Yes, the letter. You brought it with you today, didn't you?
Have none of those letters mentioned it, really? They even got in touch with me, for how uneasy they were.
[Mint reads the letter.]
Dear Eleanor, have you found respite in life aboard Rhodes Island?
I have some good news, and wanted to tell you first thing:
Miranda's regained consciousness lately. She's slowly on the mend, and there have been no life-threatening residual effects.
I always curse myself; I should never have let my students bear such a heavy burden. I've been able to tell that you've taken on some kind of heavy weight upon yourself, ever since the accident.
It was nothing more than an accident; it was nobody's fault. Of course, that includes you.
Just as I've mentioned previously:
Everyone, seeing you blame yourself and force yourself because of it, has been duly worried.
Eleanor, it's my hope you don't stretch yourself too thin.
I want you to remember, our pursuit of the truth originates from our purest curiosity and thirst, and it's not for some outside force to impose on us. Miranda's never blamed you. Just as you made your choices, she did nothing more than make hers too.
Miranda is undergoing further therapy right now at hospital, and she's in quite hale condition, far be it from you to worry. She misses you very much, and she's written to you too. If you get the chance, do pay her a visit.
And don't forget. We chase the same unknown answer. It's not a duty forced on us by anyone. On this journey, you are not alone.
I look forward to your reply, Eleanor. Everyone is eager to know how you've been doing lately.
Mint Miranda... Miranda woke up...?
There is one! There's a letter from Miranda!
Er, ah...
Uwh... th–thank goodness...
Skyfire What are you crying here for, of all the places? You're hopeless...
Well? Are you still going to insist on throwing yourself into the fire, even now?
Mint I... I've always felt, *gulp*... it was–it was my fault, I lost the samples Miranda staked her life on getting...
So I had to... I had to...
Mulberry It sounds like this was a very complicated accident...
No matter what, though, Mint, don't do this again! No more going around without caring about your safety!
And no more making so much trouble! If you need it, we'll... all of Rhodes Island will help you out! We'll find a way!
Mint *sniffle*... Wuhhh...!
I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry! I'm sorry you all had to worry over me again!
Ca... Can I still do in-depth geological data collection next time, then?
Mulberry A–As long as you take appropriate measures, and don't act arbitrarily...
Skyfire Hey. Don't let her fool you. She doesn't look like she's learned a damn lesson to me.
<Background 6>
To my beloved Professor,
I think it should be fairly chilly in Victoria by the time my letter makes it to you? I hope you and everyone else are doing fine.
First, I'd like to thank you for your previous reply. You've helped answer a lot of my doubts for me.
You encouraged me not to give up on my studies, even during my treatment here at Rhodes Island. Even though being away from Victoria has made a lot of things inconvenient, there's still a replete library here, as well as seniors and veterans to depend on. My days here have been more fascinating and wonderful than I expected, and I've gained a lot for it.
"In seeking the truth, I willingly brave all hazard."
I still know this maxim by heart. No matter how challenging, Professor, I'll never give up.
But I want everyone to be reassured. I'll pay mind to my own health, and I won't force myself to take on further risks.
I hope Miranda's recovery goes as speedily as possible. If I get the chance, I'll be sure to return and visit her!
Please say hello to her for me!
[Mint writes the letter's closing words,]
Mint "Thank you for always looking out for me. I'll look out for myself at Rhodes Island, and continue my research..."
Hm... alright, I think that'll do it!
[Someone knocks the door. Skyfire opens and enters Mint's room.]
Skyfire Here you are! I've been looking for you all day.
Mint Skyfire!
What do you need me for? Is something the matter?
Skyfire Didn't you tell me you wanted some reference literature? I've found you a few papers along the lines of your abstract. Also, some that might be unrelated in terms of content, but I feel the research methods are worth consulting.
[Skyfire opens a book.]
Skyfire Yes, all here. Take your pick.
Mint Skyfire... are you saying–this is all for me...?!
Skyfire Hold it! I just had the chance to look while I was checking over documents, don't you get... wraagh!
[Mint hugs Skyfire.]
Mint Skyfire! Listen to me... I've run my in-depth geological stratification analysis! Ohhh! Eyjafjalla commended me, too!
Skyfire Really? Let me see!
[Mint gives Skyfire a document which she reads.]
Skyfire Well, isn't this a job well done...
I'm assuming you didn't go adventuring again for this data? Hm?
Mint Not at all! I applied for a mission, and worked alongside the other operators, all properly!
I have it figured out now! No matter what, I'll continue doing the research I want to do!
I still have so many things I'm curious about, so many phenomena I want to figure out... I won't leave anything unfinished no matter the results!
But I don't want to worry everyone either! I won't get carried away like that again!
Not to mention I'm going to pay a friend a visit sometime soon, too...
If I'm overly exhausted or hurt by then, it'll be awfully embarrassing for me to meet her!