Liskarm: Apple Pie Party, Now Preparing!

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Operator Record
Apple Pie Party, Now Preparing!
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A serious look? Won't fly here.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Liskarm to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Liskarm.
RI Corridor
Village Outskirts
Cold Forest
Liskarm has the misfortune to go on a patrol mission with some of the most frivolous operators. She comes prepared and has everything planned out, though it appears her teammates have their own plans too.
<Background 1>
[Franka is discussing something with Click, Myrtle, and Utage.]
Franka An apple party...?
Myrtle Exactly! I looked it up with Utage and Click. There's a wild apple forest not too far away from here right in season. There's so many apples there, we'd have enough to keep the party going for three whole days!
Click And it'll cost us nothing!
Franka That sounds great. Be sure to invite me.
Myrtle Oh! W-Wait up!
Franka What?
Click Well, we're 100% certain we'll, ahem, just happen to walk by that apple forest on our next mission. There's one little problem though... The mission's captain...
Utage It's *her*.
Franka Oh, I see. If she's in charge, then I guess she's going to do everything by the book.
Myrtle That's why we came to you for help. We're not sure how to break the ice with her...
Franka How about you give her some of those apples? But, well, it's true she's not the type of leader to just let her team members wander off.
Rhodes Island is heading through a pretty safe area right now, but there are still many hidden dangers out there.
Click So... What do you think of our plan?
Franka It sounds a little difficult to pull off, but... I think it's good! And if the apple party gives you a chance to hit it off with her, that's two beasts with one stroke.
Let me give you a few suggestions. Hmm... For example...
Here's a hot tip I'll let you in on. She actually really likes it when people kick up a fuss about her.
Utage Hm? That sounds so sketchy...
Franka It's 100% real, you have my word. Secondly, do not finish reading her mission handbook.
Click That's also kinda...
Franka And thirdly–
Uh, what was the third one... Oh, right.
As long you don't hear any sparky sounds around her, just pick on her as much as you want!
Click Um, hold on, that's probably a little too gutsy, even for us...
Franka Jeez, why would I lie to you? And here I was trying to help you guys out.
Utage Haha... I trust you. I just don't know if we're ballsy enough to buy into that whole idea.
Franka Hehe, no worries. If she starts getting really mad and that scares you, you can tell her I told you guys to do that.
She took all of my field ops even though I only got a few scratches... I'm counting on you to really teach her a lesson... I mean... to get along with her.
Myrtle I see! I get it now!
Utage Ugh, I don't get it at all–
<Background 2>
[Liskarm led Click, Myrtle, Utage, and Vanilla in a patrol mission.]
Liskarm Let's stop here for our orientation.
Vanilla Okay!
Myrtle (Click, Utage, you two ready? The mission's a go!)
Click (Okay.)
Liskarm To ensure our mission comes to a successful conclusion, I've already looked into the abilities, specialties, personalities, and combat styles of everyone on our patrol unit today and made the necessary arrangements...
Myrtle Whoa– Check this out, Click! It's an apple tree!
Liskarm Myrtle is excellent at boosting her teammates' morale and can also help provide medical assistance. When we perform reconnaissance in pairs, she also analyzes the situation well and provides good, reliable suggestions.
Click A-Ahem.
Let me take a look with my camera–
Whoa, you're right! Nice! Who knew we would be so lucky today~!
Liskarm On the other hand, Click is very dependable in both support and record-keeping capacities. These are especially useful in patrol and recon missions.
Utage I betcha these apple trees have been around for centuries. If we pick all the apples here, we can make so many tasty apple desserts, it'll last us three whole days!
We don't get this kinda chance every day!
Liskarm Utage is very agile. That makes her well-suited for recon in the frontlines.
And Vanilla is dependably strong in actual combat...
Vanilla Thanks, Captain!
And actually, I... I'm pretty fond of apple desserts too.
Liskarm All of you... Listen. To. Me.
Everyone S-Sorry!
Myrtle You girls should be ashamed of yourselves! How could you talk while the squad captain's speaking?
Click Myrtle, how could you...!
Utage That's what you say, Myrtle, but I can so see it in your eyes. You're totes thinking about those haystacks all the way over there, the comfy sunshine, and the apple forest.
Click Yeah, what she said! If anyone's mind's not here, it's gotta be Myrtle!
Myrtle W-What? Now that's not nice, slandering your friend with wild guesses!
Liskarm Hmph, I thought we could get through this mission without sticking to the rules so much... but your laziness is far beyond my expectations.
Vanilla She's right. If you girls worked at Blacksteel and the higher-ups found you slacking off like this, you wouldn't get away with just a bad performance evaluation.
Click Tsk, just hearing the word 'performance' is enough to kill my mood three times over...
Utage You'll miss out on so many opportunities to just chill if you always try to be such a good girl, Vanilla. Gotta learn how to slack off whenever it's okay to.
Oh, yeah, why don't you join our "Apple Patrol" group?
Vanilla Huh? But the Blacksteel handbook doesn't let us...
Utage Think about it. Our job today is to patrol the area. You can just call it a kinda unexpected outcome of our little trip.
Myrtle Yep, yep. I mean, that's a whole field of yummy apples waiting for us, all gratis!
Liskarm Patrol and recon missions are not to be abused like that.
Click & Myrtle Mmm...
Utage Oh, come on, Captain Liskarm! Aside from Vanilla, none of us here have gone through any actual PMC training!
We just fight the way it feels right, that's all!
Myrtle T-That's right...!
I'm just here to get some simple missions under my belt...
And if I get to brag all about it to my parents and my brothers when Rhodes Island is stopped close to my hometown, that's good enough for me.
Liskarm I thought I made it clear to you yesterday that you must review the mission handbook in its entirety. Now, I can still make this pleasant.
So long as one of you answers what the operational time and commands listed in the handbook are correctly.
Myrtle Ugh, but that mission plan was way too long!
Liskarm And like I said, this actually...
Click Of course we know we gotta stay alert and what we gotta look out for while we're out on patrol missions.
But I really agree with Myrtle here, Captain Liskarm. Your mission plan is just way... way too detailed!
Myrtle That's right. How do you expect us to keep up when you have our positions and actions during the patrol laid out down to the second?!
We're humans, not machines that run on Originium!
Utage Even those robots we have back at Rhodes Island have more personality than what you're asking for.
Liskarm I did all this for your own good–
We could find ourselves in all kinds of unexpected situations even on the simplest patrol missions. We could run into violent mutant Originium Slugs, the weather could suddenly take a turn for the worse, and we could even run into bandits.
Of course, I still have a backup plan. That said... hmph.
All of you are severely lacking in actual combat experience. That worries me–
Click So... Captain Liskarm, you're trying to make things easier for us this way?
Liskarm ......
Vanilla I... I get it now! This is just the best way Captain Liskarm could come up with to make the information digestible, by turning it into study materials!
Utage I knew I'd come across someone this serious one of these days, but well...
For lack of a better term, you're like an honor student with these habits of yours.
Liskarm I...
What do you mean, "honor student?"
<Background black>
??? With these habits, you are really quite the honor student.
Liskarm ......
<Background 3>
[Liskarm and Franka are having a chat amidst their mission in a forest.]
Franka So, Liskarm, how come you're always such an honor student, so obsessed with carrying out your combat plans by the book?
I think you'd be more interesting. Like, that ability of yours where you just shoot out electricity with a spark is so much cooler than anything I've ever seen.
Liskarm What makes you say that?
Franka It's just the vibe I'm getting from you, I guess.
We've teamed up for three days now. I don't know how you feel about them, but I've had a lot of fun. There's so many great things about you that have piqued my interest.
But it wasn't until we came to the field together today that I noticed this. You and I don't actually get along that well.
Liskarm What a coincidence. I feel the same way.
Franka, if I'm not mistaken, our superior, Dr. Janet Longfellow, should already have taught you to be rigorous and meticulous, and to always maintain a basic level of safety awareness as a Blacksteel employee.
Franka Yeah, I'm sick of hearing all that.
That's what you stubborn types always say: gotta stick to the rules and all that, but you guys never try to stand in my shoes either.
I passed all of Blacksteel's operator evaluations fair and square, and I got As in almost all the categories, so that makes me half an honor student too, doesn't it?
I've more than proven myself, but why are the higher-ups are so antsy about keeping me in check? They even went through all that HR nightmare just to have the two of us buddy up.
Liskarm You should've filed your grievances before the mission if you were going to complain.
I have no doubt you are more than capable. It's part of the basics to get a good grasp of your partner's abilities, after all.
Franka Hmph.
Liskarm Which is why I would appreciate it if you would understand that, based on the results of our evaluations alone, there is a 1% difference between you and me.
Franka See? You got a 1% difference because of how uptight you are.
I mean, how uptight do you have to be to lay out your plans on the battlefield down to the second?
Liskarm Let's just say I wanted to do the pointless work, then.
However, know that I drew these conclusions by analyzing and simulating all the courses of action we could take, and I've also taken into account all unexpected situations we could find ourselves in.
Do you think my cautiousness is a bad thing?
Franka I'm not saying it's a bad thing.
It's a pain in the ass, though.
Liskarm You–
Franka Both of us can access each other's files, Liskarm.
And I know how you got your teammates hurt because there were problems with your command.
Are you sure those teammates didn't make those mistakes because they relied on that cautiousness of yours a little too much?
Liskarm Likewise, your obsession with acting on your own and your lack of concern for your teammates' safety when you strayed into enemy territory were also recorded in the files.
Surely you haven't forgotten about that?
Franka Hah.
I hate to admit it, but we're both alive and kicking and right in front of each other. Don't you think it's funny that we're basing our image of each other on some silly rumors and data?
Liskarm That's why I would prefer it if you could at least try to understand the concerns of your fellow teammates.
You need to understand just how haphazard it is to take on all the dangers yourself. I am sure you've already learned about this the hard way multiple times.
Franka Are you worried about me?
Liskarm I...
Right... I suppose I am.
For the time being, we are partners.
Franka Partners, huh...?
I think the longest that a duo has stuck together with each other at Blacksteel was only, what, four years?
They change our posts often to make sure we get used to a wider variety of environments and circumstances.
Though Janet has also said that both you and I are too quirky, so it's hard for us to find suitable partners.
And to prove that we'd work well together as a team, she said she'd give us enough time to get used to working with each other.
Liskarm Considering how we've already wasted much of our time on this needless debate, I can already imagine how long it'll take before we tolerate each other.
*Sigh*... It's only my first mission, but my evaluation will likely take a huge hit.
My performance evaluation–
Franka Hehe... This isn't that bad either, is it?
I mean, the way you do all your homework beforehand is kinda extreme, but it's not a bad thing to take precautions.
If you can manage to predict even some of my so-called out-of-line actions, that might actually be a huge improvement to both of us.
Liskarm We'll see if you're worth the extra effort, then.
Likewise, Franka, it's true that I wasn't able to prevent my teammates from getting injured with my calculations.
I admit I still have a long way to go.
Keeping your sense of responsibility in check is a means to keep a cooler head.
Franka Oh, don't worry. If we really do hit it off with each other, I could help poke holes in those mission plans of yours in actual combat.
Liskarm Feel free to keep bluffing.
Do show me how you would relieve yourself of your sense of responsibility and keep your cool during combat.
Franka Heh, well don't you blink for even a moment then.
<Background 4>
[Liskarm and Franka spars which ends in both being knocked down. Franka rushes into Liskarm's side.]
Franka *Cough*... *cough*. Are you okay, Liskarm?!
Liskarm I-I’m okay...
Franka Well, I didn't expect you to actually have a few more tricks up your sleeve.
What's this now? Some kind of last-gasp attack bordering on cutting your tail off?
Liskarm This is nothing as scary as that... *Sigh*...
This is just... a last-ditch effort... to clean up your mess.
Franka I'm pretty sure I am the one cleaning somebody's mess here.
And here I thought you had the battlefield so under control, you had everything figured out down to the second, but looks like you're just another dummy who can't keep herself from electrocuting everything when things get hairy.
Liskarm You could at least stop mocking me when I'm so exhausted.
Either bring me back so I can get some rest there, or just leave me alone and give me some peace and quiet...
What's the matter, Franka...?
Hey, Franka? Are you taking me with you or not?
You're leaving me behind in a battlefield?!
Franka Hm, I thought you couldn't move even a bit?
Liskarm Of course I can. Do you really think that much could wear me out?
Franka Hmph... Well, in that case, I guess I can torment you however I want?
Liskarm Wait, what are you doing...? Don't touch my hair!
I'm definitely going to talk to Dr. Longfellow tomorrow. I'll tell her all about this and have her call off this dreaded team-up–
Franka Yeah, I'd like to see you try.
Need I remind you just how much Janet loves me?
<Background 2>
Liskarm (*Sigh*, why do I remember all this down to the details?)
Vanilla Liskarm, are you mad?
I'm sorry. I'll try to get them to calm down too.
Liskarm Don't worry. I get it too. This is just a normal patrol and recon mission.
Myrtle W-We aren't trying to give you a hard time, Captain Liskarm. Sorry...
Click I mean, all of us really respect how Blacksteel does things. How strict they are, how they emphasize safety and whatnot, but that's just out of our reach...
Myrtle I've actually finished reading that guidebook, you know! I mean, you gave it to us. How could I not? You mentioned all of my weaknesses in the book, and I really tried to memorize it all! It's just... getting everything memorized isn't my forte...
Liskarm Yeah, I thought this would happen.
Vanilla Huh?
Liskarm As I've been trying to say, I'm not really as inflexible as you're making me out to be. Things aren't set in stone just because I'm in charge of this mission.
Here is the actual pre-operation handbook. It'll only take you a minute to remember everything.
I also considered the likelihood of us coming across apple trees and the fact that apples are currently in season, and set aside twenty minutes for us to pick apples.
I have a few gathering tools tucked away in my bag as well...
Click N-Nice!
Liskarm That being the case, we still have to bring our mission to a successful conclusion. Is that understood?
Click Hehe, just what I wanted to hear! Wait till we're done making our desserts! We'll give you the biggest portion!
Liskarm I didn't mention anything about my penchant for desserts... Ahem, anyway, listen up for the next minute!
Everyone Roger that!
Vanilla (Liskarm has actually given some thought to the things that everyone else on the team has in mind.)
(Here I was thinking I had to work with her and play the role of a steadfast Blacksteel mercenary. Was I overthinking it?)
(Franka even told me, "When Liskarm's leading a team by herself, things are bound to run off the rails if there's even a single mischievous person on the team. You gotta stand on her side...")
Click (Whispers) Vanilla, is Captain Liskarm actually the type who likes a wily team?
I thought she'd be so mad after we made that ruckus, but it looks like... she's not that mad... and she's not letting off sparks or anything?
Myrtle We heard Liskarm's just as unreasonable and cold as the rumors make her out to be, that she's a true professional who has absolutely no personal feelings.
Vanilla Well, I can vouch for her professionalism.
And she also doesn't get mad even if you pretend to be difficult, although that doesn't mean she likes it either.
Liskarm is a professional who can tolerate even Franka's nonsensical personality.
I don't really think any of you are unreasonable. I'm sure she feels the same way too.
Did you guys... get pranked by someone maybe?
Click Ahaha... Well...
Myrtle H-Hahaha, there's no way I would ever be bamboozled like that!
Utage Wait, hold on. Now that you mention it, is it possible that she saw our whole putting on an act plan coming?
Click Wait a minute. Perhaps she did it on purpose, trying to get us to make a fool of ourselves.
Myrtle I-It's not out of the question that they set us up together–
Liskarm You could've at least waited till you were out of my earshot.
I can hear everything.
Utage Sorry, Captain Liskarm–
Liskarm Hmph.
(Whatever. This is probably all Franka's doing.)
(I guess... it's getting more and more difficult for me to act as strict as I used to back at Blacksteel.)
(It's just not easy to keep up that unsympathetic facade anymore now that I'm at Rhodes Island.)
(Sigh... if Franka finds out, she's definitely going to make fun of me for even trying to bluff.)
(If I wasn't with Rhodes Island now, I'm sure I'd have driven myself completely over the edge with how inflexible I used to be.)
(I've changed so much, and I didn't even notice until much later.)
(It was never a problem of good or bad.)
(But... I still have a ways to go.)
(If it wasn't for Rhodes Island, would 'non-Infected' like me ever truly understand the predicaments of the Infected? Would we even wish for everyone to be seen as equals?)
(It wasn't until I stopped being so cautious all the time that I finally noticed all the goodwill around me, small as they may be.)
(It was only then that I came to understand I still had the potential to take on an even greater cause and responsibility.)
(And now that I've understood that, there has to be even more areas where I can learn and improve.)
(I want to set my sights on something far more ambitious... Not like when I was still at Blacksteel, when all I wanted to do was to start a PMC that's "just like Blacksteel.")
(For me, for my countrymen, and for all the Infected out there, I need to grow even more.)
(Right, I will definitely get there...)
Click Captain Liskarm? Captain Liskarm!
Think you can open up that bag for us?
Myrtle The apples are about to come falling down–
Liskarm What should I do with you girls...?
Hey, girls?
Apple picking isn't for another thirty minutes!