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Operator Record
Secret Mission
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One egg, three tablespoons of sugar, yeast, one cup of flour, and two tablespoons of maple syrup.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Insider to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Insider.
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Chatting Passerby
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Laid-Back Passerby
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Nervous Youth
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Notarial Hall Official
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Pontifica Cohors Member?
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Elegant Old Lady
Laterano Office
Laterano Streets
Laterano Alley
Laterano Living Room
Laterano Rooftop
Laterano Chapel Outside
Laterano Chapel Inside
New on the job at the Notarial Hall, Richele is tasked to deliver a document that could "throw Laterano into chaos."
<Background 1>
Richele The paperwork's done.
Notarial Hall Official Good work, rookie.
Richele Just doing my job. How's the old man doing?
Notarial Hall Official (Shakes head)
There's nothing more the doctors can do for him.
Richele Which is to say...
What's our job now? Executing the citizen's will in our capacity as executors?
Notarial Hall Official Of course. It's our most important duty.
Speaking of wills... Richele! Attention!
Richele Y-Yes, ma'am!
Notarial Hall Official That's more like it. Look alive when you're working!
I know it's your first mission and I don't want to put unnecessary pressure on you. However...
This is a secret mission, Richele.
Richele A secret mission?
Notarial Hall Official Yes. Take this.
The veteran executor takes out a sealed envelope, then tears a page out of her notebook and writes an address on it.
Then she solemnly gives the envelope and the note to the rookie.
Notarial Hall Official Time is of the essence. Deliver this document to this address today. You'll need to leave immediately.
There will be someone there to receive it.
Richele This is...
Notarial Hall Official I can't tell you. Discretion is crucial for an executor.
But I can tell you that this is an important mission. The contents of the document could throw all of Laterano into chaos.
Richele Throw all of Laterano into chaos...
Notarial Hall Official Yes.
Richele But I'm new on the job. Is this really a task I should be entrusted with?
Isn't it more suited to a veteran, like you...?
Notarial Hall Official Unfortunately, I have other urgent matters to attend to. You're the only one I can count on.
You passed the Notarial Hall's entrance exam. You've proven your mettle. Now it's time to show it.
Richele Is this how promotion exams work in the Notarial Hall?
Notarial Hall Official Promotion exam?
Er, well, yes! Complete this mission, and you'll be a proper Executor!
Richele Okay...
I guess I'll set out now, if you put it that way.
Notarial Hall Official Take care!
Richele I will... try...
[Richele leaves.]
Notarial Hall Official Good luck, rookie.
<Background 2>
[As Richele walks through the streets...]
Richele (This address is in the outskirts.)
(The fastest way would be to go straight down this street and just keep going.)
(Before that, though...)
[A Liberi lady is chatting with a Sankta man...]
Chatting Passerby Did you know? There's a new shop in Pagus Stevonus. They say it sells the best donuts in town!
I got in line in the morning and bought two. Try it out!
[...who doesn't look enthusiastic.]
Laid-Back Passerby Ah, I've tried it before. It's not bad, but...
Richele ......
Chatting Passerby But what? Are you going to keep me guessing?
Laid-Back Passerby Old Darian's donuts are the best. Even better than the new shop.
I tried it once, and I could never forget it.
Chatting Passerby Really? I don't believe you.
Hey, man, try this donut! I guarantee it's the best you've ever had.
Richele Who? Me?
Sorry, I'm in a hurry. Ask someone else.
Laid-Back Passerby Hey! Wait up!
Chatting Passerby It won't take long...
Richele ......
The executor-in-training's hand moves instinctively, but he drops it back down.
Richele face twitches a little.
Richele Sorry, I really am in a hurry.
Excuse me.
[Richele runs off.]
Chatting Passerby Wait...!
(Damn, he's fast!)
Laid-Back Passerby (After him! Don't let him get away!)
<Background 3>
[The passerbys chase Richele.]
Chatting Passerby *pant*...*pant*....
I... I'm out of breath... where did he go?
Laid-Back Passerby No idea... he can run...
Chatting Passerby I told you that wouldn't work... getting close to him while pretending to chat like that...
We should have stopped him and taken it by force!
Laid-Back Passerby Now's not the time for that! I... I've notified the others.
After him!
[The passerbys move on as Richele reveals himself.]
Richele So they were after me...
Or, to be more specific, what I'm carrying.
The only thing I can think of is this confidential document.
I expected something, but not so soon... how did they know who I was and where I was?
It sounds like there are others...
[Someone walks toward Richele...]
Richele (...! Who is it this time?)
[...who is revealed to be a Pontifica Cohors guardsman.]
Pontifica Cohors Member Excuse me, Senior.[note 1]
Someone just reported a robbery around here.
Did you see anyone suspicious?
Richele No idea, I'm just passing by.
(Is it a coincidence that he's standing in my way?)
Pontifica Cohors Member As the only potential witness right now, I must ask you to cooperate...
Richele Sorry, I'm in a hurry!
Pontifica Cohors Member Wait!
[A Sankta cleric shows up.]
Cleric Excuse me!
Is something troubling you? Is there anything I can help you with?
Richele (Another one.)
Well... the situation right now is kind of troubling.
Sorry, but I really have to be going.
Pontifica Cohors Member? Hold it right there!
Cleric? We can't let you go.
Richele Er... what do you mean?
Cleric? No need to play dumb. You know what we're after.
Hand it over!
Richele (Well, well, well... what do we have here?)
(On the other hand, I don't sense any real hostility in their expression. What is going on with this mission?)
Well, it's my first ever job...
I can't screw it up.
Pontifica Cohors Member? Do we do it?
Let's see what a Notarial Hall Executor's gun is like.
Richele ......
Could we avoid causing so much commotion in the middle of town?
Bare hands will do.
<Flashback starts here>
<Background 4>
Apostolic Knight I've reviewed your Pontifica Cohors record.
You've proven to be an outstanding soldier.
Richele Gratias.[note 2]
Apostolic Knight Are you satisfied with being just that?
Richele What do you mean?
Apostolic Knight You've done your job well, but one soldier more or less makes no difference to Laterano.
We didn't bring you back from that Siracusan town because we wanted a soldier.
Richele ......
Apostolic Knight What do you think of Laterano?
Richele It... it's a fine place.
Much better than I expected, in fact. Not just the prosperity... but also a certain order that permeates everyone's lives.
Apostolic Knight Our Commandments?
Richele I guess.
Sometimes people want to blow up decorations on the streets, and people like to watch it, but that's not such a bad thing.
What I mean is...
Not the kind of bad thing where people get hurt, people die, and even those who aren't hurt or dead see their lives destroyed.
I like this place.
<Flashback ends here>
<Background 5>
[Richele escapes the pursuers.]
Richele (Okay, now I should be fine.)
(I can stuff someone into a trash bin, right? As long as they're alive, right? Yeah, I'm sure that's cool...)
(Secret mission, robbers in the middle of the street... is that what life in Laterano is like?)}
(First mission ever, and it's a hot mess...)
(Maybe I could get a transfer back to the Pontifica Cohors.)
(Get the stuff to the destination, and then... hm?)
[A Liberi man runs toward Richele.]
Richele Another one.
Nervous Youth S-Stop right there!
You shall not pass... er, well, just stop!
Hand it over!
Richele (Hm?)
(No sign of professional training. Not what you would expect from someone trying to rob an executor.)
(Is this a disguise in itself? Something doesn't feel right...)
Pardon me, but what do you mean?
Nervous Youth The envelope in your hands!
Richele This one? I'm afraid I can't assent to handing it over.
It's my job, after all.
Nervous Youth Well, I can't back off either...
If you won't hand it over, then I'll have to take it by force!
Richele Hey! Violence is bad!
Nervous Youth Argh... let go of me!
Richele I'm afraid I can't.
Your form was messy. Your footwork was poor, and the delivery was sloppy.
I thought self-defense was part of compulsory Lateran education. How did you graduate?
Nervous Youth I passed the class! It's not like I'm working any dangerous jobs...
Let me go!
Richele Not working any dangerous jobs?
I would say trying to rob an executor is plenty dangerous.
How about this: You tell me who sent you, and who else is involved, and I let you go?
Nervous Youth I-I can't!
I can't tell you. You don't know what you're dealing with...
Richele I heard it was something that could "throw all Laterano into chaos."
Some sort of weapon blueprint?
Nervous Youth You could say that...
Anyway, I'm not talking! Don't even bother!
Richele ......
<Flashback starts here>
<Background 4>
Apostolic Knight You're right. This is what sets Laterano apart from the rest.
You said Laterano was special. What about yourself?
Richele Me?
I'm Sankta... so I guess I'm Lateran?
Apostolic Knight That's not enough.
Let's go to the Notarial Hall. I'll write you a letter of recommendation.
Be more than a spectator. Experience the life of a true Lateran yourself.
Richele The life of a true Lateran...
Apostolic Knight Yes.
I think you'll like it.
<Flashback ends here>
<Background 5>
Richele *sigh*...
I've already been delayed too long.
Things would be much easier if we weren't in Laterano... I'm not sure I like all this complicated stuff.
Nervous Youth Wh-What do you mean?
Richele What I mean is...
The trainee executor draws the gun from his waist and regretfully presses it against the youth's forehead.
Richele It's such a beautiful day. I didn't want to have to do this.
[Richele fires his gun.]
<Background 1>
[The Notarial Hall official receives a call.]
Notarial Hall Official Hello, this is the Notarial Hall.
The commission? Our executor is on it. It will be done today.
Understood. I will deal with it immediately.
No worries. Richele may be a rookie, and he has much to learn, but...
I trust him. He'll complete the mission.
<Background 5>
Nervous Youth –!
...I, I'm alive?
Whoa! It's gonna fall!
H-He shot through the pillar? That's crazy...
He almost broke my arm...
[The youth makes a call.]
Nervous Youth Hey, it's me.
Sorry, I couldn't stop him.
I told you, how was I supposed to stop an Executor?
Well, I think we worked hard enough to make Old Darian happy.
<Background 6>
[Richele approaches a chapel.]
Richele (Whew, almost didn't hold back...)
(This is Laterano. I have to do things the Lateran way.)
(Almost there.)
<Background 7>
[Richele opens the door.]
Richele Excuse me.
Elegant Old Lady Salve.[note 3]
Richele (There's no one else here. There's no mistake, right?)
Are you the recipient of this will?
Elegant Old Lady Yes, I am.
Thank you for delivering it.
Richele Just doing my job.
This is the envelope I was asked to deliver.
Elegant Old Lady Are you not curious what's inside?
Richele I heard it's important.
Elegant Old Lady Yes, yes. Very important and precious...
Richele Is it really something I should know?
Elegant Old Lady The value of something doesn't lie in the number of people who know it or possess it.
I'll read it out once everyone is here.
Richele You're reading it in public?!
Elegant Old Lady Hehe...
Go ahead, open it.
Richele Are you sure?
Elegant Old Lady Of course.
Richele ......
One egg, three tablespoons of sugar, yeast...
One cup of flour, two tablespoons of maple syrup...
This is...
A donut recipe?
Elegant Old Lady Yes. A nice one, isn't it?
This is what my husband gave me when he proposed to me.
My family and friends chased him all the way. You should have seen him when he finally made it to me.
Richele Your husband was the decedent?
Elegant Old Lady (Nods)
We didn't have any children. Not that it was ever a problem. We were happy together, the two of us.
But we didn't want the recipe to be lost once we're gone from Laterano.
Richele Was there a need to hide it from the executor too, though?
So, those people who tried to stop me were all part of the plan?
Elegant Old Lady Consider it an old man's last little game.
I'm sure he thought I didn't know and wanted to give me a surprise, so that the recipe could be passed on to the next generation over the sound of cheering...
Richele ......
Elegant Old Lady Here, have a donut.
I'm sure you'll like it.
<Background 6>
[The Notarial Hall official walks toward Richele.]
Notarial Hall Official How was it?
Sorry I couldn't tell you the truth. That was part of the client's will.
Richele I still don't understand...
Why do Laterans do this sort of thing, even though it's completely unnecessary?
Notarial Hall Official You said you liked sweet stuff, just like pretty much everyone else in Laterano.
The old man overheard you saying it, which was why he asked for you to deliver the recipe.
It would be even better if you learned it and made those donuts regularly.
Richele ......
Notarial Hall Official That's how Laterans are. And you can expect more of this, if you stay on the job.
Not happy about it?
Richele On the contrary...
I love it.
Notarial Hall Official Excellent!
Congratulations on a job well done, rookie!


  1. "Mr." in Latin
  2. "Thank you" in Latin
  3. "Hello" in Latin