Shirayuki: The Way of Shinobi

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Operator Record
The Way of Shinobi
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The Princess once said, unwise is blind loyalty.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Shirayuki to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Shirayuki.
Lungmen Office
RI Room
RI Training Compound
RI Corridor
Server Room
Under Fumizuki's orders, personal bodyguard Shirayuki joins Rhodes Island, and her first order of business upon is to investigate this company...
<Background 1>
Fumizuki Yuki-chan.
[Shirayuki comes to Fumizuki's side.]
Shirayuki Here.
Fumizuki I've informed Yenwu. Now, I've arranged for you to enter a pharmaceutical company called Rhodes Island as an operator.
Shirayuki Rhodes Island?
Fumizuki Yes. You've likely already heard of it.
Shirayuki Only that the Miss has deep ties with them.
Does the Princess want me to protect the Miss?
Fumizuki Hm... that has been part of my intent. After all, this is an Infected organization. However, I believe Hui-chieh should be able to handle things herself.
Shirayuki Infected... does the Princess consider them reliable?
Fumizuki Yes. Be assured. I've met their leader before. She is quite a good girl.
And I've looked into things a little. I feel the company itself is good too. So, I feel this is a good opportunity.
Shirayuki Opportunity?
Fumizuki Yes. You've followed me since childhood. Even now in Lungmen, you haven't once left my side.
Shirayuki It is my mission.
Fumizuki But you also ought to see the sights outside.
Shirayuki I need only to know what sights the Princess sees.
Fumizuki This is an order, Yuki-chan.
Shirayuki ...Understood.
<Background 2>
[In the R.I. landship, Shirayuki introduces herself to the Doctor.]
Shirayuki I am Shirayuki. Princess Fumizuki told me to assist Madam Ch'en and follow all your orders.
<Dialogue branch starts here>
Doctor Hello.
Shirayuki ......
<Dialogue branch>
Doctor ......
Shirayuki ......
Doctor ......
Shirayuki ......
<Dialogue branch>
Doctor Welcome!
Shirayuki ......
<Dialogue branch ends here>
<Background fades out and in>
Shirayuki Several days' observation. The Doctor, a strange sort.
Directly heats instant food in mouth with kettle. Genius.
But holds true requisite ability, in command of people and handling of sundry affairs.
Further, Rhodes Island. More than meets the eye.
Surface-level, a pharmaceutical company. In reality, close to a military organization. With fair strength. No surprise Lord Wei would cooperate with this company.
The Princess spoke it not forth, but as Miss Ch'en is here, I am presumably willed to investigate this organization, and protect the Miss in full.
Doctor aside, two others are leaders here.
Amiya, I have met. In the Princess's words, a very kindly person.
But as she has proven a leader, exceptionality must reside. Cannot be taken lightly.
The other, a Kal'tsit, not yet met. From others' conversation, the true core figure of this company. Further understanding of her required.
Rough structure of accessible ship interior area committed to memory. Time, one in the morning. I shall move out.
[Shirayuki sneaks into the R.I. landship's ventilation systems.]
<Background fades out>
Shirayuki Entered.
Rhodes Island's pipeline design, adequate.
Ordered systematically, omnidirectional... and correspondingly monitored.
But such levels, a mere trifle.
[Shirayuki continues moving through the vents.]
Shirayuki Most passages are connected with dormitories via toilets. Only some windows give sight of what happens within dormitories, due to planning... Fair.
??? Hwaaah... Gummy, I wanna eat meat...
Shirayuki Ceobe.
Abysmal sleeping posture.
[Shirayuki observes Midnight in his room through the vents' grates.]
<Background fades in>
Midnight Phew... Wonderful. That's enough training today to hit standards.
It's late now. Though there are no missions tomorrow, I should quickly do my skincare, and then it's beddy-byes.
Ah. Ever since I became an Operator, I haven't been properly managing my appearance.
But what can you do? Some things are a necessary sacrifice.
And I suppose even if I don't take care, I'm handsome enough as is.
<Background fades out>
Shirayuki (Shudder)
Operator codename, Midnight.
Yet, ample muscle definition.
<Background fades in>
[Shirayuki observes Dobermann in her room through the grates.]
Dobermann Hm? Is it already this late?
Whatever. Just a bit longer. I'm almost done drawing up the training program for Kroos's group.
Kids really mature fast, don't they? You wouldn't recognize them now compared to when they just arrived at Rhodes Island.
Heh. Though they're still a mile from where I want them to be.
<Background black>
[Back to the vents...]
Shirayuki Instructor Dobermann.
Steel-cold, heart of gold.
[Shirayuki continues moving through the vents, but most R.I. personnel she observed had already asleep in the night.]
Shirayuki Most have already fallen asleep.
Rhodes Island's people by and large, seem used to life here.
Just as the Princess's words, a good place.
Ahead leaves the dormitory area. Tread carefully.
[Shirayuki travels outside the crew quarters through the vents, and...]
<Background 3>
[...she reaches the training compound, observing Rosa and Zima who are exchanging blows with each other.]
Rosa *Pant*... *pant*...
Zima Natalya... uh, should be calling you Rosa now. About time you call it.
Rosa Phew... You go to bed first. I'll do a little more training by myself.
Zima ...Fine. You've got me for a while longer.
I let you live. Think how bad I'd look if you just went and bit it on the battlefield.
Rosa Aha. If I could trouble you, then.
<Background black>
[Back to the vents...]
Shirayuki Two students from Ursus. Seemingly, refugees admitted prior.
Chernobog. A tragedy.
I wish you good luck.
[Shirayuki continues moving through the vents...]
Shirayuki Hm? That...
[...and heard something which piqued her interest.]
<Background 4>
Kal'tsit Amiya, we'll conclude our work for today here.
Amiya Alright, Dr. Kal'tsit.
I'm not sure if the Doctor's asleep yet. I'll go and take a quick look.
Kal'tsit Dr. {nickname} possesses a peculiar set of norms.
Amiya That might be true, but the Doctor's wellbeing is also very important!
I'll turn in after I've checked on the Doctor. Is that alright, Dr. Kal'tsit?
Kal'tsit ...Suit yourself.
Amiya Mm-hm!
<Background fades out>
Shirayuki So this should be Dr. Kal'tsit...
<Background fades in>
[Kal'tsit momentarily stare at the vents, seemingly noticing Shirayuki's presence...]
Kal'tsit ......
<Background fades out>
Shirayuki Her gaze, as though it flickered hither! Have I been found?!
[...prompting her to relocate.]
<Background fades in>
Kal'tsit ......
[Kal'tsit leaves.]
<Background black>
Shirayuki (Seemingly, she has not noticed me. Yet that sensation, it was...)
Forget it. As I am not found, I shall proceed.
[Shirayuki continues moving and heard something ahead.]
Shirayuki (Hm? Ahead, an impression of great noise... surmising from direction, likely the Engineering Department.)
[Shirayuki heads to the source of the noises...]
<Background 5>
[...which is a server room and observes Closure, who are watching a TV drama of sorts.]
Closure Wait wait wait! No way! You're meant to kiss right freaking here, aren't you?! What are you hesitating for?! You're the heroine!
Ugh, come on, one of these scenes is enough! Don't do it every time! What's your PROBLEM, scriptwriter?!
Euuugh, I haaate this kind of development... How are they on their seventh season by now? And the reviews get crappier each time.
They're just dragging it out! That's all they're doing!
...Dammit, but that boy's so hot. And he's in every episode!
Fine. I'll hang in there. Can't say it won't get better!
<Background fades out>
Shirayuki Chief Engineer Closure.
'Tis alleged that the Rhodes Island ship was her plan alone. Fearsome.
Yet this is not where the show's true ruin lies. The fourth season's spontaneous introduction of the supporting man; such was a nightmare.
Closure What? You're kidding me?! I thought this was bad enough!
Shirayuki ...You catch upon my words?!
Closure Oh, shoot, I knee-jerked that one out.
Whatever, come down here.
Shirayuki ......
<Background fades in>
[Shirayuki drops into the server room.]
Shirayuki ...Since when?
Closure The start.
Shirayuki ......
Closure Oh, don't get me wrong, your ninja techniques are real amazing stuff. Thing is, I just knew you were gonna do this from the start.
Shirayuki ...'Twas my individual action, untied to anyone.
Closure Alright, alright, loosen up. You think I'm treating you as a spy here or something?
Princess Fumizuki specially phoned up Amiya when she sent you over.
Shirayuki ......?
Closure When she did, she told Amiya, even if she had no ulterior motive sending you here, she was worried you might go a little overboard. So, she specifically warned us beforehand to keep our ears perked.
And she gave Amiya a couple details on your MO, so I've been a little extra aware of you the past while.
Shirayuki ...This has naught to do with the Princess.
Closure Jeez, you are some tough customer.
Y'know, now I get the feeling I can't really talk you over.
But if we actually treated you like a spy, wouldn't Kal'tsit have just dealt with you back there?
Shirayuki ......
Closure Basically, seeing as this is your first offense, don't you worry that anyone's gonna punish you, or that it'll reflect badly on your Princess.
But I don't recommend you try prowling around Rhodes Island like that again.
On the one hand, you'd absolutely, aaaaaabsolutely never get into the core. At least, the pipes won't let you.
But on the other hand, snooping into other people's privacy isn't super cool.
And don't you get tired doing that?
Shirayuki I do not.
I will not repeat this.
Closure And you're gonna go find some other way instead, aren't you?
Shirayuki ...I make no guarantee.
Closure Wowie, do I wanna let Kal'tsit sic you. Loyal people are such a pain in the neck, honestly.
But whatever, Kal'tsit wanted me to tell you this instead. "You may use your methods to observe Rhodes Island, but Rhodes Island is observing you too."
Shirayuki ...I understand.
Closure Hey, honestly, if you're so bored at night you wanna roam around, you can come watch these stories with me.
You gave me the impression you've done a little research into them. Most of Rhodes Island are all outdoorsy types, and I'm starving for any compatriots of my own. It's killing me, c'mon.
Shirayuki In continuing to watch this, you will truly find no value.
I may recommend some. I know not if you possess them.
Closure Alright, alright!
Lay 'em on me, and if I don't have them, I'll go find them for us to watch together!
Shirayuki ...Very well.