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Operator Record
Floral Perfume
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Part 1: Foreigners always have some mystical fantasies, but unfortunately, not every Yan person can hop between roofs and walk on walls.
Part 2: To true lovers of gardening, there's blooming flowers and bearing fruits, but what warrants closer attention is the soil itself.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Rope to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Rope.
RI Corridor

Part 1

Having come to the Convalescent Garden without finding Perfumer, Rope's attention is drawn to the Garden's plant life.
10:30 A.M. \ Clear
Rhodes Island Landship, Cabin 4, Convalescent Garden
<Background 1>
[Rope enters the Convalescent Garden...]
Rope 'Scuse me~
[...but no one is inside.]
Rope ......?
'Scuse meee, anyone in—
Aw, man.
Nobody in? Morniiiing—Mooorniiiing—Just checkiiiiing—Anyone iiiiiiiin—! Halllll—looooooo—?
Huh, actually deserted.
That's sucky.
Wasting my time somewhere empty-handed ain't my style. Hm-hmm, I'm here after all. Let's let your li'l Peter Pan of Lungmen, Rope, take a look, see what nice stuff's lying around...
...Wait, no!
(Claps face)
Stoppit, stoppit, Rope. Pull it in. You can't do that.
(Claps face) (Claps face)
Ugh, what a scary habit to have.
But you can't leave the door unlocked when no-one's in. That's just too sloppy. You can't blame anyone else when you lose something, okay?
I swear I won't take anything. Just looking, looking...
Just lemme looksie, scope what's good around here~
Hm? What's on the ground here... iunno. Who cares? Let's jump it!
[Rope jumps into a bed of flowers.]
Rope Hohoh, these flowers are real pretty with their colors. Dunno if they're worth anything...
Oh, this ain't equipment you see everyday. Probably pretty expensive, huh?
And over this way's... herbs?
Hm? Hmm?? Whoooa, what IS this smell? This is pungent!
I'm, I'm getting a little dizzy...
<Background fades out and in>
Rope Pteh—haah, close call!
Oh, crap, I thought I was about to faint. That was way too risky...!
"Better to jimmy open a Lungmen treasury box than charge an open door." No wonder a mentor once said that. Kinda makes sense now.
Heh, okay, the joke ends here.
If nobody's in, then I'm all hands tied. Wanted to do a little good for once, too. Whatevs.
I guess I'll just come next time—
[The sound of someone walking through the vegetation is heard.]
Rope Hm?
What, I'm not the only one on the down-low?
Hehey, now this is getting interesting. Wherever you came from, li'l dodger, let's have a duel~
Pitter patter, sneakity skatter... position scoped, hook ready—
<Background fades out and in>
[Rope sees Perfumer walking around the Garden.]
Perfumer Morning dew, peppermint, shaved ice showers♪
Setting sun, jasmine, honey flowers♪
Rope Uh...
Perfumer Hm-hmm~, hmm~, hm-hmm hm-hmm~~
Rope Uh, esscuse me...
Perfumer And add just a little culture. Hmm, that should be a good amount!
Rope No, c'mon, you're way too focused.
Perfumer And then mix it with the deep soil here. Oh, or perhaps add a little bit more plant ash?
Mhmm, this should do it just nicely!
Rope (Has she literally not noticed me? You need to keep your wits about you, y'know?)
(And here I thought some thief actually got in. Eugh.)
Perfumer Hmm... the balance still seems a little off. Last time's cultivar had balance issues too. Phew, let me think, what should I do...
Peat, akadama... maintain weak acidity...
Rope (Still talking to herself. Is this, like, an okay situation?)
(Oh, but watching from the side is pretty fun~)
Perfumer !
That's right, how could I forget! I can try adding in some sandy soil brought from where it grew!
Mhmm, no matter plants or people, they're all best at home!
Rope (Kind of makes sense to hear.)
(But y'know the sort who really work to flee the nest? Never wanna go back, those people? Uh, people? Plants? Whatever, same thing. There's plenty of them, right?)
[Perfumer wanders around, seemingly looking for something.]
Perfumer Oh, now where did I put that soil again...
Not here, and not here. Hmm... how strange...
Rope Hm?
Perfumer !!
Rope ?!
Huh? Huh??
What-what's wrong? What's up?
Perfumer Eh? Ah...
<Background black>
Perfumer Miss... Rope?

Part 2

After sighting Perfumer and conversing with her, Rope has a newfound awareness of aromatherapy.
<Background 1>
Perfumer I'm so very sorry, I was preparing the soil for some plants just now, and didn't notice I had a guest, and for a moment I overreacted...
How shameful of me.
Rope Uh, no biggie. Don't mind it. I shouldn't have come in without permission.
Perfumer Oh, not at all. All my Rhodes Island friends are free to enter as they wish. There's no problem with that.
But really, Miss Rope, you could've just called for me if you were here.
Rope Oh, I kinda called my lungs out. You didn't answer...
Whatever. As long as there's no danger, that's good.
Perfumer Danger?
Rope Nopety-nope, nothing. Don't mind it.
Perfumer Hmm... In any case, thank you for your concern~
However, there wouldn't be any danger in the Convalescent Garden, you know. After all, this is a place for guests to unwind in. Safety is guaranteed.
Rope I guess, with all the security systems outside the cabin. No-one from outside Rhodes'd ever get in.
Perfumer Exactly~
Speaking of which, when did you come in, Miss Rope? It's strange, there ought to be a bell in front of the door.
Rope Bell? Oh, you mean the device thing hidden in the entranceway? I'm guessing if you touch it, it sounds a little ringy thing?
Perfumer Right, that's the one. I've always treated it as a visitors' bell.
Since there were times I was so busy I wouldn't notice any guests, Closure installed the bell for me. As long as the door sounds that bell, it'll notify me even when I'm working.
Rope I gotcha.
Heheh~ You meant that thing, huh. I jumped straight over it.
Perfumer Eh? Jumped...?
Rope Uh-huh. Of course I'm not gonna randomly step on stuff if I don't know where it came from! Walk without a sound, climb without a trace. That's essential survival skills.
Perfumer Closure spent an hour hiding that device properly. She said nobody would ever notice it!
You really are something, Rope!
Rope Aw, shucks, heckie darn. This stuff's my field of expertise~
Oh, wait, Miss Perfumer, on your face!
Perfumer Eh?
Rope There's some mud stuck to it... uh, here, here.
Perfumer Ah, er, on my face?
Rope Uh, forget it. Just lemme.
[Rope swipes the dirt off Perfumer's face.]
Rope Alrighty, wiped that for you.
Perfumer Oh, thank you!
(Oh, this is a different aroma. It's...)
Rope What's up?
Perfumer Ah, nothing, not in particular. Thank you.
(Should be no problem if it was just a little, right?)
Oh, right, Rope, what did you need me for?
It's very unusual to see you around here. Ah, could it be you have a new interest in perfumery? If so, you're always welcome here~
Rope No, that's not quite it.
Perfumer Oh, then what?
Rope Uh.
It-It was the Doctor! Yeah, right, the Doctor!
The Doctor begged me to get some aromatherapy stuff from here. The, uh, the regular stuff, to help with sleeping.
Perfumer Ah, is the Doctor having trouble falling asleep again?
Rope I guess? Seemed a little out of it on missions the past two days.
Still forced it to support the team, too... (Muttering)
Perfumer Hmm? Did you say something just now?
Rope Nothing! You heard wrong!
Perfumer ?
Hmm... I see, then. Alright.
You want the Doctor's usual, the lavender scents, right? Of course.
If you're not pressed for time, Rope, could you wait while I finish sorting out these cultivation soils before I get the aromas for you? My hands are all muddy right now; it'd be a little hard.
You can stroll about in the greenhouse for now. I'll be all done in just a moment!
Rope Of course, no problem~ Strolling here'd be my pleasure!
<Background fades out and in>
Perfumer (Stirring)
Rope Hey, this flower's pretty cute. All tiny and... woah woah woah why's it so big now?
Perfumer (Stirring) (Stirring)
Rope Whew, I felt my heart stop here.
Even a flower gets to be all dangerous. Wh—Who knew greenhouses went so deep?
Perfumer (Stirring) (Holding in laughter) (Stirring)
Rope Hm? Is this... spice? Whoa, it smells great too, nm, mm?
Ha, ha, ha—choo!
Perfumer Pfft.
Rope Eh?
Perfumer *cough* *cough* *cough*.
Rope Hachoo, hachoo. Hic. Whoof...
Perfumer Are you okay?
Rope I'm... I'm great. Hachoo.
Perfumer Don't exert yourself. Those flowers and spices are all ingredients I use in my perfumery, and their scents likely aren't as nice as any end-product form. They can be a little stronger...
Rope Try a lot stronger! Ha, hachoo!
Feels like my nose could just fall off... You deal with this stuff everyday? And you make it smell so good somehow. I'm beginning to admire you now...
Perfumer Now that's just exaggerating. Oh, right, on the long table over there is a small green bottle. If your nose feels uncomfortable, you can give that a small sniff. It should be much better after that.
Rope Oh—! Thank you!
Lemme see, green, green... hachoo! There it is!
[Rope sniffs at the small green bottle, the aroma clears her nose.]
Rope Ah, this smells sooo so good.
Perfumer I'm glad you like it. Do you feel a little better?
Rope Ah.
Wow. I'm not sneezing anymore.
This thing does work! Real work!
Perfumer My, my. Did you perhaps doubt the power of aromatherapy? That it was just placebo effect? That they were excessive hobby goods?
Rope Uh.
It's... it's not like I ever thought that.
Perfumer No need to be nervous. I don't mind at all.
Any amount of people will have misconceptions when they first come into contact with perfumery and aromatherapy. After all, it's a field you've never learned about. It's very normal you'd think that, Rope.
It's something I have to strive hard for—how to give people a true approach to perfumery. The willingness to approach it.
Rope Huh. How do I put it...
I might not get perfuming all that much, but I still know your work's real important, Perfumer.
After all, the Doctor—heck, and even Dr. Kal'tsit—if they're both saying it's good, then it's gotta be, right?
Perfumer Eh? The Doctor and Dr. Kal'tsit both...?
Rope Yeah. I've heard them mention it a whole lotta times.
"Lena's aromatherapy stands dominant at the forefront of the treatment and rehabilitation domain." ...In words kinda like that.
And you gotta admit, there's a lotta operators who love scrambling for this place, right? I hear there's even people who just sleep in the greenhouse and don't wanna leave?"
Perfumer There are a few...
I recently added a few more beds just because of that, but free space is still a concern as ever.
If things keep going on like this, I might need to ask Dr. Kal'tsit to see if the greenhouse can't be enlarged a little.
Rope You see? You got it.
It's pretty awesome, isn't it? You already got a bunchload of people who know the deal with perfumery.
I mean, I might not super understand it, but there's way too much I don't understand. Just 'cause I don't get something myself doesn't mean I have to say it's pointless, right?
Perfumer ......
Rope Whoa, what's the funnies now?
Perfumer Heheh. I'm sorry. Mm. I'm just a little happy.
Rope ??
Perfumer Don't you mind, Rope. In fact, if you don't mind, you can just call me Lena.
Rope Uh, ah, tha-...
Perfumer And then how about I call you Ropie?
Rope Huh?
Sure, of course, sure...
Perfumer Heheh. Then that's settled.
Rope (Wo-wo-wo-woah, what's going on?)
(Was Perfumer always so casual?)
Um, um.
Say, Perfumer...
Perfumer Hm?
Rope Uh, L-Lena.
Perfumer Mhmm. What is it?
Rope Has anyone ever told you... you're, like, really surprisingly intense.
Perfumer Never, no.
Rope You're kidding.
[Perfumer and Rope bursts into laughter.]
Rope Whatever. It works...
Perfumer Alright. That should be the cultivation soils sorted, now.
I'll go wash my hands.
[Perfumer heads to wash her hands while Rope looks at the nearby soil...]
Rope You're done already? Huh, I can't really tell how this soil's different from before.
[...before returning right after.]
Perfumer This one's a soil for raising flowers. The proportions of what went into it might be a little special.
Rope For flowers?
Perfumer Indeed. Gloria's therapy is into a new phase. It requires some very particular flora, with astonishingly stringent requirements for their soil.
Rope Huh.
Perfumer Truthfully, I haven't been too successful the past few times I've tried to cultivate them. I wanted to try new ratios this time, and see whether there's any issues with the soil's proportions or nutrients...
Rope Ooh!
Perfumer If nutrition is the problem, then I can sort that, but some plants require things far, far beyond nutrition alone to grow, and that's where things can get a little gnarled.
I hope it can work this time. If I may say, this time I'm actually quite confident.
Rope Sounds hecka complicated. I thought perfumery stuff would be more, uh, more sorta elegant vibes?
Y'know, like, only for rich daughters who smell nice all over, all pretty and graceful, who kinda seem like they never had to do work before.
Perfumer Ah. Are you complimenting me, Ropie?
Rope Mm... take it that way if you want?
Perfumer Thank you~ But I'm no leisurely unworking rich girl, you know.
Rope That's, uh, I knew that from the moment I saw you with mud stuck to your face.
Perfumer Haha, don't tease me now.
Hmm. The Doctor's usual scent, let me look...
I remember putting it here. Lavender, lavender... ah, there it is.
Rope Right, right! Yeah, little bottles just like that!
Perfumer Here, take it.
This one's very popular. A lot of operators use a little just before bed. Makes falling asleep easier.
Rope Ooh~ See, my experience tells me, with packaging this nice and results that good, this probably sells for a ton, right?
Perfumer It won't be expensive at all. These are internal, non-marketed. Only Rhodes Islanders get to use it, for now.
Now then, perhaps you'd like to give it a try too, Ropie?
Rope Huh? Try what?
Perfumer Aromatherapy, of course. Aromatherapy oils diluted like this are easy to carry, and are sure to alleviate your mind! You can use them anytime, anywhere. It might become a new trend, even!
My dear Rope, they fit beautiful young women like you perfectly! Let me recommend you these scents...
Rope Stooop, stopstopstopstop!
What are you doing taking all these bottles out!? H-Hold on!
Perfumer Oh, Ropie, what are you shrinking back for? And why the hook, too?
I'm just giving you some recommendations, nothing more. I'm not going to eat you, now~
Rope Eep—I dunno, I kinda sense danger here...!
Perfumer You're overthinking it.
Rope ...Am I?
Perfumer You are.
Rope Something tells me Im not! Uwaagh!
<Background fades out and in>
Rope *Pant*, *pant*.
Perfumer Wonderful. Sure enough, you fit with fragrances perfectly, Ropie.
Rope Fit, my patootie!
My body leaving a scent's real bad... in a whole lotta ways, it's real bad!
Perfumer Is that so?
If you absolutely can't stand it, of course I won't force you.
But it really does fit you, you know...
Rope ......
Auuughhh fine I get it!
I'll use 'em! I'll use 'em, okay!
Perfumer !
Rope How'd things turn out like this... ugh.
Alright, alright. Okay, I'm gonna go take the Doctor's aroma stuff now.
Oh yeah.
Almost forgot.
You might be carrying some seeds on you. Put 'em away and don't lose 'em again.
Perfumer Oh?
You're giving these back to me now? That was faster than I'd imagined. I thought it'd be at least two more days...
Rope Eh? Hold on, what are you saying? Hold up.
Are you serious? Ugh. Don't tell me you knew I took—
Perfumer Heheh. My nose is very sensitive, you know. The slightest change in the aroma of any little spot, I can tell.
Rope Wuh.
I'm—I'm sorry, I didn't mean to!!
It's just, uh, this bad habit I have kinda... nnneugh.
Perfumer Haha, no need to be like that. I'm not blaming you at all.
Rope Huh?
Perfumer Hmm... truthfully, I was planning to be a little more prepared.
Rope Eh? Prepared?
Prepared what? The police? Are you turning me in so the cops can arrest me oh god oh god no no no no—
Perfumer Whaa-?! Rope?!
Calm down, just calm down, I won't turn you in, nobody's going to arrest you!
Rope R-R-R-Really?
Perfumer Really really.
Rope Whaahhhhh oh my god Lena you're the nicest person ever—
Perfumer For not shedding a single tear, you've been crying an awful long time, Ropie.
Rope Eheh. Caught in the act.
Let's not mention the past, y'know! You were saying you had something prepared, Lena? What prepared?
Perfumer Ah, well.
What you took with you was a packet of flower seed.
Rope Flower... seeds?
Perfumer Quite right. I was planning to prepare some suitable soil for them.
Rope Is this kinda flower seed really expensive?
Perfumer Not at all, now.
Rope Then it's really rare?
Perfumer I wouldn't say it's anything unusual.
They're common and quite ordinary. But grow them carefully, and they'll be gorgeous when they bloom. Very suited to perfumery, too.
You see, no matter what sort of seed, they all return to the soil in the end, and then they'll all flower beautifully.
Rope ......
Perfumer Originally, my thought was that when you came to give these seeds back, I'd encourage you to plant them for yourself.
Rope You wanted me to? Myself...?
Perfumer That's right. And then once they grew flowers, maybe I'd make an aromatic for you using them~
Rope Eh? For me? Making aroma stuff?
But, uh, why?
Perfumer Do you absolutely want a reason? Hmm... let me think.
I think it might be—because I always felt you'd be well suited to aromatics, Ropie.
<Background 2>
[Ropes walks along the corridor while humming something with the Doctor listening.]
Rope Hm~, hm-hmm~, hm-hm-hmm~
Morning dew, peppermint, shaved ice showers♪
Yo, Doctor. Still sorting out battle reports?
Big thanks on the last mission. I thought my number was seriously up this time. Didn't think you had a plan for it forever.
But no-one's saying you have to come with the support team, right? That's gotta be a little too dicey.
Doctor I need to ensure my operators' safety.
Rope Cool. When things seriously hit the floor, I'll grab you and we'll bug out together.
Oh, yeah. Take this. This is the kind of aroma stuff you use, right?
This, uh... Perfumer—I mean, Lena wanted me to hand this to you!
Doctor You look very happy. / Something seems a little different about you.
Rope Heheh, you can tell? Is it obvious?
Good things do that to you~
Lemme tell you a secret. There's some flowers I planted myself, and they're gonna bloom real soon.