Kirara: Secret Ending

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Operator Record
Secret Ending
Kirara icon.png

"No twists along the way at all, it all went smooth."

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Kirara to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Kirara.
Female Lungmenite icon.png
Female Passerby
RI Medic icon.png
HR Operator
L.G.D. Officer icon.png
L.G.D. Officer
Male Lungmenite icon.png
Male Passerby
Mafioso icon.png
Unfamiliar Man
Lungmen Streets
Lungmen Highway
Lungmen City Night
Lungmen Back Alley
RI Corridor
RI Room
Kirara, bound for treatment at Rhodes Island, misses Utage and gets in someone else's car by mistake. A long, long journey takes a treacherous turn at the very end.
<Background 1>
[Akafuyu waits for someone...]
Akafuyu Utage?
[ Utage shows up.]
Utage Akafuyu?
I was gonna meet up with Kirara here. You seen her?
Akafuyu What? The girl coming for treatment? You arranged to meet here too?!
<Background 2>
[A man asks someone,]
Unfamiliar Man Hey, uh, guide?
Kirara (Raises head for a glance)
(Lifts phone, points it at the highway scenery)
(Continues tapping on phone)
Unfamiliar Man Ms. Guide–
Kirara ......
(Taps on phone screen)
Unfamiliar Man Whaddaya showing me your phone for...
And then a question mark?
You're not the guide who's supposed to show me outta the city?!
Kirara (Taps on phone screen)
Unfamiliar Man "no... im... not..."
Then why'd you get in my car? The hell, did the L.G.D. send you?!
Kirara (Taps on phone screen)
Unfamiliar Man Quit typing and talk to me!
Kirara ......
L. G... D.?
I thought...
Unfamiliar Man Clearly now!
Kirara I thought you were... the driver taking me to Rhodes Island...
<Background 1>
Utage 'Scuse me, you see a girl dragging this giant case around here?
Male Passerby A girl with a giant case? Can't say I have.
Female Passerby You're an hour late, you only just got here! Of course you haven't seen anything!
Miss, are you talking about a teenaged girl towing a big suitcase, about as tall as you?
Utage Yeah, her! Was she, like, super-absorbed in a hand thingy playing a video game when you saw her?
Female Passerby Can't say as such.
Utage Come again?
Female Passerby She was playing on something that seemed like a game console for a little bit, but then she put it away really fast, and pulled out her phone right after, and she'd just type and then send photos.
Utage Phone?
(Her phone's gonna be from Higashi. Can she use it in Lungmen?)
(Nah, no time to sweat that.)
Should be her, for sure. Do you know where she went?
Female Passerby A car just stopped in front of her a moment ago, and then the driver and her had this look between them, and she took her suitcase and got in. The driver even moved it into the boot for her.
Utage Where's the car headed?
<Background 2>
Unfamiliar Man Unbelievable...
My goddamn luck. The guide I book just so happens to be a young Ægir woman in a Higashinese outfit... How the hell does a stumbling block like you come outta the woodwork?!
Kirara Um...
Unfamiliar Man If you got something to say, then say it!
Kirara I just wanted to ask... why... you thought I was wearing Higashinese clothing?
Unfamiliar Man Huh?
You're garbed up like you walked right outta one of them Higashinese mangos. If that's not the look, what is?
Kirara I think you only really look stereotypically Higashinese if you dress like a samurai or a miko or...
Unfamiliar Man Samurai? Miko? Isn't that all just manga stuff? They really got types like that walking around over there?
Kirara Uh... never mind.
What are you... driving this... fast for?
Unfamiliar Man Huh? I'm trying to get home!
Kirara See, but was gonna meet up with a friend and she was waiting literally where I got in this car... and could you just take me back before you go home?
Unfamiliar Man Fuhgeddaboutit!
Kirara ......
Orrr... where do you live? You could go home first and then I'll find a way to get my friend to pick me up...
Unfamiliar Man My home's in Siracusa. That good enough for you?
Kirara S-S-Siracusa?!
That's NG, that's totally not happening! I came here all the way from Higashi, I don't have time for a trip to Siracusa too!
Unfamiliar Man Grgh.
See this knife here, ragazza?[note 1]
Kirara Don't tell me you're with... the mafia? The Siracusan mafia?!
Unfamiliar Man Not exactly... but yeah, something like that.
You sit tight and make peace with it. You're my hostage now.
Kirara But... you said you missed your guide, so even if you leave Lungmen you still...
Unfamiliar Man Shut it! I ain't giving you no second chance!
<Background 1>
L.G.D. Officer That stupid pickpocket didn't just rob a jewelers, he went and nabbed a hostage...
Truly sorry, Miss Akafuyu, that we requested cooperation with Rhodes Island on this investigation and still let this mess happen, and we got your friend involved in it.
Akafuyu Save those words for later! What step are you at in your measures?
L.G.D. Officer We've already sent officers to every expressway and city exit so we can conduct vehicle-to-vehicle inspections...
<Background 2>
Unfamiliar Man ......
Clammin' up again? What gives?
Kirara (Lifts up handheld device)
Unfamiliar Man You're in the world's nuttiest situation and you still got time to play video games?
Kirara (Nods)
Unfamiliar Man You don't got a lick of sense.
<Background fades out and in>
Unfamiliar Man What, sick of games now? On your phone again?
Kirara ...I brought this phone from Higashi.
Unfamiliar Man So?
Kirara I can't use a Higashinese phone in Lungmen.
Unfamiliar Man Huh.
Lemme see what you're typing there.
Kirara ?!
Unfamiliar Man Clam it and give me the phone!
Kirara No way! Never ever!
Unfamiliar Man You give me that–
[The mafioso hits the brake, having seen a traffic jam ahead.]
Unfamiliar Man Cazzo,[note 2] a traffic jam?
Great, perfect. I got my hands free now, ragazza. You give the phone and let me see. If you're not blabbin' to nobody about nothing, we won't have a problem.
Kirara I promise you, I'm not doing anything that would be unbeneficial to you!
Unfamiliar Man The hell's a promise do? If promises meant shit, would I have gotten duped all the way out to here?
Just give me the damn phone!
Kirara I'm gonna lock it first, okay?
Unfamiliar Man No, you're not–
Kirara I think whoever's in the car over has been staring at us!
Unfamiliar Man What?!
Merda![note 3]
Kirara I'm not typing anymore, I'm putting the phone away, I'm gonna keep playing games, okay?
Unfamiliar Man ......
<Background fades out and in>
Unfamiliar Man ......
Kirara ...Ah.
Unfamiliar Man Okay, you've been going "ah" every coupla minutes and nothing else. What the hell is it?
Kirara I, uh... I've died four or five times on this stage. I... I think I'm tilted.
Unfamiliar Man Am I messing you up here?
Kirara No...
(Instinctively pulls out phone)
Unfamiliar Man The hell you think you're up to?!
Kirara Sorry–sorry! I just did it automatically!
Unfamiliar Man Huh.
Once I'm back in Siracusa, I'll let you go, and you can text your texts, game your games, nobody'll bother you.
Kirara You're seriously going back to Siracusa?
Unfamiliar Man The hell else am I gonna go? Cousin sent me packing to Lungmen like a dumbass, said business here was honey and wine... Whose honey? Ain't no business worth nothing!
I'm telling you, they baited him in, he joined up with a famiglia, and figured he'd get his own little errand boy!
I spent months holding my breath, following him and his business around until I was drowning in all their petty shit. Said I wanted to go home once! Just once! And he robs a jewelry store, pins all the charges on me!
I ain't about to throw away decades a million miles from home!
I got my mamma and papà in Siracusa! They were begging me like crazy before I left, but I was stupider than bricks, and not one word, I didn't listen to one word they said...
I just wanna go home, wanna see them! One more time! And if the powers that be say I'm a coward and decide to sink me into a river, then that's the price I gotta pay!
Kirara (Habitually pulls out phone and begins typing)
(Quietly) Honestly... I don't wanna be away from home either.
(Quietly) I went through a lot of my own pain getting out here, all the way from home...
Unfamiliar Man Come again?
Kirara Nothing.
You don't have a guide, though, even... Are you really gonna make it back to Siracusa?
Unfamiliar Man Whaddaya want me to do? Ask the L.G.D.?
Sure, I got duped, but I'm still a mafioso. What, a suit walking right up to the fuzz? Saying "I got set up?" You think they'll listen?
Kirara If they don't wanna listen to you, then it doesn't matter how much you tell them, they're just gonna go by their preconceptions so they can misinterpret whatever you say. I know that.
Unfamiliar Man Okay, see, I thought you were just gonna risk your life begging me to "explain the situation" to an L.G.D.
Kirara But, uh, even if you can't convince them, you're probably not gonna die... On the other hand, if you run into trouble in the wasteland then you're definitely never making it back.
Kirara & Unfamiliar Man ......
[After a moment of pause...]
Unfamiliar Man Hold on.
Kirara Huh?
Unfamiliar Man Hold on, that–is that an L.G.D. roadblock?! Are they checking cars?!
Hey, and I see you pulled out your phone again, huh?!
You were sending the L.G.D. a nice little tip-off after all! Gimme that damned thing–
[Before the mafioso could take Kirara's phone by force, the car's windshield is sliced open by Akafuyu's katana.]
Akafuyu Cease!
Kirara, get out of the car now! We're Rhodes Island operators, we're here for you!
Unfamiliar Man God damned L.G.D. laphounds!
[The mafioso steps on the gas, attempting to escape.]
Akafuyu Kirara, grab my hand–
What is it? Why are you frozen? This is an urgent situation; whatever it is, you can save it for later!
Kirara But–
Utage Relax, Kirara, I got your collection out the trunk already. You get out of the car with Akafuyu. L.G.D.'ll take care of the perp!
Kirara Utage?!
[Akafuyu sliced the car door open, allowing Kirara to bail out just before it speeds away.]
<Background fades out and in>
[Utage helps Kirara up.]
Utage (Sighs)
Okay, guy kinda gave us the runaround, but you're alright, the luggage you were protecting the whole way's fine, it's all good. Medetashi, medetashi.[note 4]
[Kirara does not respond.]
Utage Kirara, hello?
I know you're in shock, but, like, you're gonna block traffic if you keep standing there, okay?
Kirara Oh! Sorry...
<Background 3>
Utage You got your fruit tea, you've tried Lungmen's famous finballs. I bet you feel calmer now, right, girl?
Kirara Um... mmhm. Thanks, Utage.
Utage Lemme get you introduced. This real samurai-vibey lady's Rhodes Island Operator Akafuyu. Should've been her sitting in the car, actually, with the robber guy.
Kirara Why?
Utage She's the whole "guide" he was talking about.
Kirara The... young Higashinese-dressed Ægir woman... he was looking for... was her?
Akafuyu Indeed. The L.G.D. has been following him, but scared of alarming him, they had me act the guide, so he could be seized at an opportune moment.
Who knew I'd be so careless, and even draw you in, Kirara. I am truly sorry to startle you.
Kirara It's... alr...
(Habitually fishes out phone)
(Alarmedly rummages for phone)
Utage It's not polite to send your thanks via text if they're right in front of you, girl.
Kirara N–No... I left my phone in that car!
Utage Chill, we'll pick out a new one for you in a bit. Call it a little get-well-soon.
Kirara But I've got a lot of important stuff on that phone, and I mean really, honestly important stuff!
Utage You got, like, game cheat codes on there? Or some kinda training notes so you can beat the super tough guys?
Kirara Okay... yes, both of those are in there but I don't mean them!
Utage, can we follow that car?
Utage Akafuyu?
Akafuyu This pursuit is in the L.G.D.'s hands now. If we give further chase, I fear we'll simply make trouble for them.
Kirara ......
Utage She looks anxious for real to me.
I know her, and I don't think losing her entire collection forever in that car would, like, get to her as bad as this.
Right, Kirara?
Kirara (Fiercely nods)
Akafuyu If so, it's not as if we can't send word to the L.G.D. Where should we look for him, however, given he raced away from the checkpoint?
Kirara That's–no worries, I can handle that...
<Background fades out and in>
[Kirara is tinkering with something on her handheld game console.]
Utage You go, Kirara. What, you can pin your phone's location on your handheld or?
Kirara Actually, I modded all my electronics before I left so I could protect against losing anything, so they've all got relative tracking functions to each other...
Utage Whoa, you got even crazier at modding tech stuff and I never knew!
Kirara Anyhow, that red point that's been moving the whole time is my phone's position, so it looks like that guy hasn't realized I left it in his car yet...
Akafuyu Given so, we have an easy in.
Utage, your classmate here is by no means of ordinary ability.
Utage Preach it. All of my friends are showstoppers. I know that best.
Kirara Haha...
<Background 2>
[Kirara guides Akafuyu as she drives the car through the highway.]
Kirara Straight for five hundred meters and then take the next right.
Utage The way you've been, like, looking at the map on your console and then giving directions, it's kinda like you're playing a game.
Kirara No, that's not really what's going on, I'm just... just looking at a map.
Utage This is no time for modesty, girl.
Voices From Far Away ...resisting...
...give yourself up...
Akafuyu No mistake. We've made dead heat on the target!
<Background 4>
[The mafioso is cornered by L.G.D. officers.]
L.G.D. Officer Stop resisting! Lay your weapons down, put your hands up and come out!
Unfamiliar Man I don't want none–none of you near me!
Let me go, I wanna leave Lungmen, I'm going back to Siracusa, I wanna go home!
L.G.D. Officer Let it go! Now lay your weapons down, and we can still approach you with an open mind!
Unfamiliar Man Like hell! I know what you're gonna do to me–I ain't no fool! I'm going home, dammit, I just need to get out of here and back to Siracusa!
First that stupid cousin, then the "famiglia," and now you, and that girl just earlier, you're all out for blood! You're all filthy liars!
I want you all gone! Get out of my goddamn way! You're not fooling me no more! I'm going home!
Utage Shoot, I think he snapped.
This is kind of a stalemate, so the L.G.D. are gonna go to force soon. I don't think we can guarantee your phone'll survive a firefight, and that guy is, like, the world vs. him at this point.
Akafuyu, you think we can slip in?
Akafuyu Absolutely not. The L.G.D. cannot ensure our safety should we intrude over the cordon. We can only pray the man calms down soon.
I did ask the L.G.D. His jewelry store robbery had no casualties, which should mean they take him into custody.
Utage Ugh, yeah, custody beats dying any day. So when's he gonna realize it, again?
Kirara But he... said he was framed.
Utage Huh?!
Kirara While we were in the car he told me, he didn't actually rob that store, he was set up by somebody else.
Utage Did he actually, factually say that?
Kirara Yeah...
Utage Akafuyu, could you tell that to an L.G.D. guy for us, please?
Akafuyu I could, no issue, but the L.G.D. wouldn't let him walk on a single person's testimony.
Utage Still better than watching everyone fry right now! Go!
Akafuyu Understood!
[Akafuyu rushes toward the L.G.D. officers.]
Utage Maybe they'll change up their gameplan once they find out. Fingers crossed.
Let's get outta here for now, Kirara. I mean, you can tell, but we're just counting on other people at this point.
[The L.G.D. officers gave the mafioso a...]
L.G.D. Officer Final warning! Drop your weapons!
If you still refuse to comply with the law, we will authorize the use of force!
Unfamiliar Man Damn you all to hell! I get it, you just wanted me here all along so you could take my life!
L.G.D. Officer I'll count to ten! If you won't give yourself up before then, we WILL use force!
Utage Shoot, I don't think she's gonna make it. Hey, Kirara, you might wanna prep mentally to...
Kirara? What are you doing?
Kirara has her handheld up, and her finger is dancing all across the screen.
Utage That's... not the console's interface, that's, like, beyond it. You made that? You're sending instructions from your own interface?
L.G.D. Officer Two...
[Kirara pushes buttons on the console.]
L.G.D. Officer Four...
Utage Are you trying to dial yourself from your console? You wanna get talking with him?
Kirara It's just... a wake-up call.
Please, please...
<Background fades out and in>
[The L.G.D. officers count down to...]
L.G.D. Officer Nine...
We are authorizing the use of force, all positions–
[The mafioso came out with no weapons in him.]
L.G.D. Officer Target sighted, no weapons on person!
Target is stripped of all arms...
<Background 5>
[An R.I. HR operator is talking with Kirara.]
HR Operator Your hospitalization procedures are all in order, Miss Kirara.
Kirara (Taps on phone screen)
HR Operator "thanks"?
No problem!
Utage Kirara, come on, didn't I tell you? It's so rude to type when you're literally, like, face to face!
Kirara So... rry.
Utage Eh, no big. I know it was more than a day or two that got you like this.
C'mon, lemme show you where you're living!
<Background 6>
Utage Seriously, that night? Everything hanging in the balance? I thought he was gonna die.
Honestly, after all that and the shock you went through, you're incredible. I can't believe you testified for him anyway.
Kirara So, did they pass his verdict yet?
Utage Doesn't happen that fast, girl.
But I heard Akafuyu say the L.G.D. finished their investigation and figured out it wasn't actually him who held up the jewelry store. Now he's got charges for obstructing public duty and... something, whatever it was? I don't remember.
Considering he also kinda got baited into the mafia too, he'll probably get a year and a half and then deported out.
Which, like, it only panned out this way thanks to you.
Kirara All I did was make him notice my phone, and that was it.
He saw what was on there and realized I wasn't lying to him while I was in the car. Wasn't more than that.
Utage Seriously? Sooo what kinda spell did you put in your phone to make a hard-boiled guy like that give himself up?
Kirara It wasn't a spell or anything, just some super normal stuff.
Utage You sure?
Kirara Of course I'm sure!
Utage So normal, you won't even let me see?
Kirara You seriously don't need to, I'm not kidding!
Utage Hmm...
Not gonna push you, then.
Bye-bye, Kirara. Get some sleep if you're worn out, okay?
[Utage leaves.]
Kirara It's not a spell or incantation or anything, it's just...
Just some stuff I need to copy and mail out.
Kirara fishes out her phone, and scrolls the whole way down her drafts, until she hits the day she set out.
Since leaving that nomadic city she called home, her phone's mail service has been out of commission.
But leaving home for the first time, the girl still records everything she sees, hears, feels and thinks, no matter how big or small, in her drafts folder.
Kirara pulls a sheet of letter paper from her drawer, and copies from her drafts, going character by character, by word, by sentence.
A folder filled both with great chunks of text, and messy fragments of phrases.
"day 2. completely out of nomadic city signal range today, no more using phone to stay in touch anymore. dont worry though, once im at rhodes island like utage says, ill send you all a million letters."
"day 5. sat in a car the whole day. insanely bumpy over the wasteland, couldnt even play my handheld the whole way or else id throw up."
"day 11. in yan now, road suddenly got way better! plants look kind of like home here but also kind of not, could only vaguely tell, i dont know plants much anyway. driver switched to someone yanese too, looks really tough but actually kind of chill, gave me some snacks apparently specialty of yan. wonder if theres a lot of yanese people at rhodes island?"
Kirara devotedly copies, filling page after letter page, until she reaches the draft dated latest.
"day 34. finally in lungmen! agreed to meet utage in the city tonight, but she said something came up and she couldnt make it and someone else would meet up with me. she likes joking a lot though so maybe shell actually show up."
"waited on an empty stomach the whole day until the guy whos meeting me finally showed up. seems kind of unapproachable. hope its not all guys like him at rhodes island or else im never gonna be able to say a word."
"i think i got in the wrong car. drivers not rhodes island, hes siracusan mafia. he says hes going to go back to siracusa what do i do"
"he got framed from the start, he just wants to go home."
"i want to go home too."
"i miss home."
"ive been missing home the whole time actually, i just held it in and never wrote about it before. everythings really nice in yan, but the food keeps being different everywhere and i cant get used to it, i always get stomach aches, i cant use my phone i cant send mail i cant chat with my friends i dont even have the guts to talk to anyone its horrible, the wind is really harsh in the wastes and sand got in my eyes nobody even helped me i just had to get it out with a napkin myself"
"mom dad i miss you"
"if i make it out of here alive and if my oripathy gets stable when rhodes island is in higashi i promise ill come back to see you i promise ill be a cheerful happy person i wont worry you anymore i promise"
The draft abruptly ends there.
Kirara tears up the sheet that contains this draft, crumples it into a ball, and throws it on the floor.
She locks her phone screen, and on a fresh sheet of paper writes anew, "day 34".
"day 34. finally in lungmen! me and utage met up in the city, utage took me to rhodes island. no twists along the way at all, it all went smooth."
"i love you."


  1. "Girl" in Italian
  2. "F**k" in Italian
  3. "Shit" in Italian
  4. めでたし; "Wonderful" in Japanese, but the sentence in this context means "All's well that ends well"

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