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Just who is taking care of whom?

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RI Room
Lava realizes Hibiscus is sick, and after caring for her sister, takes a moment to close her eyes and rest. When she wakes up, she finds out all of a sudden it was just a dream, and she's the one who's actually ill.
<Background 1>
Tick– tick– tick– tick–
Tick– tick– tick– tick–
Tick– tick– tick– tick–
[Lava, who are wearing a different attire, wakes up to the alarm clock.]
Lava Augh... shut up...
Hibiscus, time to get up.
[Hibiscus still asleep.]
Lava You're not even gonna answer?
No way you're thinking of lying in.
[Hibiscus still asleep.]
Lava You sent me a message yesterday saying you were making rounds or something. That I should wake you up in the morning.
And here I am awake, and you're still sleeping. Haaah...
Eh, sleep in all you want. I'm gonna go rinse up.
[Lava walks away, but...]
[...she walks back.]
Lava Hm?
Hibiscus, you're still sleeping?
Wanna get up?
[Hibiscus still asleep.]
Lava I just got back from field work myself. The mission wasn't easy. A huge hassle, actually. Not many people other than me could deal with it.
And Amiya gave me a hell of a lot of off days for it, so now I can sleep in for the whole day.
If I wasn't getting you up, I could've gotten a lot more sleep. Haaah...
[Hibiscus still asleep.]
Lava Still asleep?
Then I've got to do something or other.
You said yourself last night, you were one of the Medical Department's elite at this point. You can't be late. I'll drag you out if I have to.
Though saying that isn't a first for me...
But having the chance to actually drag you out from your covers would be.
Hm-hmmm. What in the world would you do without me?
Still not getting up? I'm seriously gonna pull 'em. If you catch a cold, don't blame me.
Hibiscus, what– what's up with you?!
Why are your hands so hot?!
Hibiscus ......
Lava Hibiscus? Sis? Don't kid me like this. Haven't you always been pretty healthy?
Why would you just...
Sis! Sis! Say something!
[Hibiscus wake up after Lava shakes her.]
Hibiscus I'm awake... Lava...
Stop shaking me...
Lava Oh, s– sorry.
Are you okay?
Hibiscus A little chilly... and weak...
Probably caught a fever...
Lava Fever? Your body can do that?
Oh, right!
Just wait for me a moment, I'll go and find a doctor for you right now!
[Lava rushes off to find a medical helper.]
Hibiscus It's no big deal... Lava, you don't need to...
Oh... honestly, you...
<Background fades out>
Ten minutes later...
<Background fades in>
[Lava returns.]
Lava Hibiscus, I found a doctor for you!
Ansel, you need to take a look quick! Is she alright?!
[Lava drags Ansel, who are coming with her, into the room.]
Ansel Wait, calm down– ack, stop pulling me like that–
Good grief... I thought you had something urgent you needed to drag me out for. I see it was your sister.
Hibiscus It's n... nothing...
Ansel The sick aren't qualified to say it's "nothing."
Do you have a thermometer in your dormitory?
Lava We– We do!
Hibiscus In our household medicine box...
Lava I'll go and get it!
[Lava hurriedly searches for the thermometer on the household medkit.]
Ansel Don't rush.
Hibiscus It's just... a fever...
Ansel Hrmm.
Temperature's a little high.
And you're unable to exert strength?
Hibiscus Mm-hm...
Medicine box! Come on! I remember it was here!
Ansel Have your diet and work-rest balance been fine these past few days?
Hibiscus Health...
Ansel Healthy meals.
Okay, forget I ever asked.
You and Folinic are both the type that don't call for worrying.
Hibiscus ......
Ansel You've likely been too exhausted as of recent.
Found it!
Hibiscus Do the necessary... tests too... in a bit, please...
That way she can... feel a little calmer...
Ansel I understand.
[Lava hurriedly gave the thermometer to Ansel.]
Lava Here, the thermometer!
Ansel Please bring the whole chest over. I can administer Hibiscus all the fundamental tests that way.
A medical kit of hers should contain the necessary equipment.
Lava Got it!
Ansel With sufficient supporting data, I'll be able to discern whether her high temperature is a protective bodily response, or whether some other symptom has had knock-on complications.
We'll start with temperature. Here, open wide.
<Background fades out and in>
Lava H–How is she?
Ansel No great cause for worry. Her body is just self-regulating somewhat aggressively.
Overexhaustion should be the main cause.
As long as she rests up for the next few days, she'll be back again in no time.
She'll want a bit of a lighter diet, reduced salt and sugar intake, and to pay mind to balanced nutrition.
Lava So you're saying I've gotta make healthy meals for her...
Ansel The cafeteria can provide similar meals. You might not necessarily have to make them yourself.
As for other major points, Hibiscus knows more than well enough, so I won't go listing.
I'll file Hibiscus' sick leave for her at the Medical Department. Fang will tell the others.
The both of you shouldn't have any field work or missions lined up for the next couple of days, correct.
Lava I don't, no.
Hibiscus None...
Ansel Then there shouldn't be any problem.
If you don't have any particular questions, then I'll be on my way. I'll leave you to watch over her, Lava.
[Ansel leaves.]
Lava Hey–
So I gotta look after you for a day or two, then.
Hibiscus Ah...
Lava I never took any sort of nursing class.
Hibiscus Lava... if you want to train... go train...
Your sister's... a doctor... she's not that weak...
She can look after... herself...
*Cough*, *cough* *cough*...
Lava That's enough out of you! Does your throat hurt? Do you need some water?
Hibiscus It's okay...
Lava Look, I, uh, I wasn't–I'm not saying I don't wanna look after you!
It's just, that, I, I don't really have experience...
So if I get any part wrong. If you're uncomfortable.
Then tell me.
Hibiscus Lava...
Lava Then we're doing this. You need to eat breakfast first. I'll go make some in a moment. I'll do the dishes after we're done.
Is your appetite gonna be a problem?
Hibiscus It won't...
Lava Hmm...
Want me to get a washbowl first, then, so you can wash your face and stuff?
Hibiscus (Nods)
Lava Just give me a moment.
Hibiscus (Pulls at a corner of Lava's hem)
Lava Oh. Is there anything else?
Hibiscus (Mouths a "thank you")
Lava Nothing to thank me for. You got ill. I'm off for a couple days. It pretty much works out.
[Lava searches for the washbowl around the room.]
Uh, where'd that washbowl from before go?
<Background fades out and in>
Lava Phew... finally, all done...
Jeez, nursing's rougher than I thought. I don't feel cool at all.
If you asked me to do this in front of everyone else, I'd refuse point blank.
Hibiscus ......
Lava Are you full?
Hibiscus (Nods)
Lava Then you can go back to sleep now.
Close your eyes, and get some proper rest.
I'll wash out the bowl, and then I'll go do the dishes, and then– not sure.
Eh, anyhow, for now that's that. If you need anything, set the alarm on this clock to go off. I'll come right over when I hear it.
Be good.
(Pats Hibiscus's face)
Hibiscus ......
<Background fades out and in>
Lava Mmnn... brush, washing-up liquid.
(Did I give Hibiscus's face a pat just then?)
<Background fades out>
Mum and dad'll miss you.
Don't forget to write to us.
Be good.
<Background fades in>
Lava Hmph...
(Mum and dad love treating us like that.)
(Not sure if they've gotten the letter from last week yet.)
(Mm... is that how Hibiscus treats me too?)
<Background fades out>
Hibiscus You need to eat healthy meals.
Be good.
<Background fades in>
Lava (Ugh...)
(Whenever she acts like that, chances are she's trying to boss me around.)
(I don't know if that one bowl of meat porridge was enough to fill her.)
(Should I peel her a piece of fruit too?)
(Or maybe roast some meat?)
(I really wanna set up a stove right by her bed and barbecue meat for myself.)
(Make her starve drooling.)
(Let's go with peeling fruit, yeah...)
<Background fades out and in>
[Lava returns to Hibiscus' side with some peeled fruits.]
Lava I sliced some fruit for you. Do you want it?
Hibiscus Zzz...
Lava Sleeping pretty heavy, huh.
Weird, actually, how she doesn't look all that loathsome when she's asleep.
(Pinches Hibiscus's face)
Hibiscus Zzz...
Lava Still running high.
Hope she'll recover a little soon. That way I can prank her with a completely clean conscience.
Haaah... I've been busy half the day. I'm a little tired myself now...
Guess I can nap a little by her side...
[Lava sleeps beside Hibiscus.]
Lava ......
<Background fades out>
Tick– tick– tick– tick–
Tick– tick– tick– tick–
Tick– tick– tick– tick–
[Lava wakes up to realize she was dreaming.]
Lava Huh?!
Hibiscus Did that wake you up? Sorry...
It's the alarm I set for your porridge.
Lava I...
Hibiscus Do you want it right now, or in a bit?
Lava Now, I guess.
Lemme get it.
Hibiscus Ah-ah-ah, don't get up. You knocked out all the way from yesterday to today and now you want to be up and about?
Lie– down– for– me.
Lava Weagh...
(When did Hibiscus get this strong?)
Hibiscus I asked around a little. It was Pith who got you into this state after taking you out for special training.
Lava This isn't Miss Pith's fault.
This was going to be a high-intensity training session, anyway. It might look pretty ruthless at first, but nothing ever starts smooth. I'll be fine after I'm used to it.
Hibiscus Still, you can't wreck yourself with training like this...
Lava I think it's worth it. I can feel how I'm getting stronger, Originium Arts precision or otherwise, training like this.
Hibiscus Besides?
Lava I was warned about this training, going into it. It'd be majorly intense, it'd be tough making it through and I'd need a good mentality and so on.
I told the instructors: "It's fine. My sister's a medic. Even if I end up half dead, as long as I still have breath in me, she'll bring me back."
Hibiscus ......
Lava More or less how it went. You get the idea.
Hibiscus Lava.
Lava What?
Hibiscus I'll overlook it this time, but if you end up like this after special training again, I'll officially raise dissent with the HR department.
Lava You don't need to–
Hibiscus I don't care what kind of improvement you might get out of this. It only matters to me whether this is going to damage your health.
No matter what, you can't...
I'm sorry...
Lava Hibiscus? Sis?
Don't–don't cry. C'mon, look at how big you are.
Hibiscus Do you know how worried I was when I found you?!
Lava I'm alright, aren't I...?
Just a little overdraft on my strength. And a few grazes.
Hibiscus No, not this...
Do you still remember... how you ended up at Rhodes Island...?
Lava That...
I helped a bunch of merchants repel some bandits, and someone noticed I was an Infected...
Then their caravan dumped me... and I remember someone or other bashed my head in. Then I passed out.
And when I woke up again, I was aboard Rhodes Island.
And somebody'd healed my injuries.
I heard an operator in the field picked me up on the way back? Lucky thing I was only minorly injured. Wasn't much trouble for others.
Hibiscus They were heavy injuries...
Lava Huh?
Hibiscus I thought, after I lost touch with you, the next time we met, you'd still be the same awkward you, but...
Then you were on the operating table, Lava–burnt up like a fireball...
I couldn't... do anything to help...
The only thing I could do was–attend to you after the operation... just like now.
You were–crying my name, non-stop, in your bed...
Lava What? Wait, I never heard about this before...
Then–Then why didn't you tell me–
Hibiscus Because I knew you'd act out if you got awkward! It was so tough just finding you. What if you just ran away again?
So before you recovered and officially came on board, I didn't even dare show up.
Lava I'm not– I'm not that unreasonable.
Hibiscus Of course you are!
You got lost when we left Victoria BECAUSE you were being so difficult, Lava!
Lava That–That was an accident...
Hibiscus In any case, you can't let anything like this happen again. Do you understand?
Lava (Quietly) Okay...
Hibiscus Mm-hm. There's a good girl.
Oh, that's right. What were you dreaming about?
If you don't mind, you're safe to share some of your dreams with your sister. It'll be good for your recuperation.
Lava Huh?
Hibiscus Mm-hm. I'm listening.
Lava I... I saw...
Hibiscus What did you see?
Lava I saw you...
Hibiscus Was there anything about me?
Lava You were...
Hibiscus Go on. I'm listening.
(Pats Lava's face)
Lava Hmuh?
Hibiscus Go on, then. What did you dream of?
Lava (I can't, this is too embarrassing! I can't say it!)
Nothing at all!
Hibiscus Be good.
Lava I won't!
I didn't have a single dream!
Hibiscus How can you be so difficult right after waking up, Lava?
Being difficult isn't anything new. Why is your face so red, though?
Did you manage to get a fever too?
Lava Nope!
Hibiscus Just lie down now, and I'll take your temperature.
Lava What do you need my temperature for?
Don't bring the thermometer over, I don't have a fever! It's nothing!
Hibiscus The sick aren't qualified to say it's "nothing."
Lava Can't you tell the difference between a fever and blushing?!
Hibiscus Why would I be making you blush?
Lava Be–Because it'd be so embarrassing having to tell you how you were so ill in my dream you couldn't even speak, duh!
Lava Uh.
<Background fades out and in>
[Lava explained to Hibiscus what she is dreaming of before.]
Lava That's more... or less how it went...
Hibiscus Heheh. Hearing that actually makes me pretty happy.
Lava It's because usually... like, sis, you're...
Hibiscus I'd never be taken out that easily.
Mm, but it's always hard to expect the unexpected. So in future, I really might need you to look after me, Lava.
Of course, I've always believed you'll be there to help your sister out in bad times.
Even if you usually never listen and you're always so obstinate, you have plenty of ideas, and you're always fast to act.
Lava Is this just a really roundabout way of criticizing me...?
Hibiscus It isn't.
Lava *Sigh*...
Do you have anything to eat? I'm a little hungry.
Hibiscus Yep, I do.
This is wonderful. It's not everyday we can get along so well.
Just wait a moment. I'll bring it over for you.
[Hibiscus leaves to bring Lava some meal.]
Lava ......
(So back then, she was there too, huh.)
(I wondered why there was a voice that sounded so familiar.)
(If not for Mr. Johann teaching me, Hibiscus wouldn't have seen me again...)
(I've got no idea how he's doing these days in Leithanien. Someone as talented at music as him probably got famous by now.)
(Maybe a letter...)
(I don't know when mum and dad'll send a reply...)
(Everyone's... going through really rough times...)
(If I could just be more powerful, then...)
[Hibiscus returns with the meal.]
Hibiscus Here we go, now. Here's some porridge, fresh off the flame. Eat it while it's hot.
Lava (Sniffs it)
It doesn't really smell like anything. Isn't it meat porridge?
Hibiscus In your dreams, it was. This is cutting-edge healthy porridge. Healthy AND tasty!
Lava (Healthy?!)
You– wait, hold on, did you put in that weird healthy powder or whatever it was you made?!
Hibiscus That's right. It'll be easier to absorb, and faster to deliver nutrients to your body.
Lava Let me just ask, first... have you tasted it yourself...?
Hibiscus Of course I have~
I eat three square meals a day, and my nutrition's especially well-balanced. That's why it's you who gets ill and not your sister, you know.
Here, try it. Healthiness is the most important thing.
Lava I don't wanna. I'm not gonna have a single spoonful.
Hibiscus I went to a lot of pains improving it. Just give it a try.
Lava Like I'm gonna trust you! You said you improved it last time, and it still wasn't–
Hibiscus Here!
Lava Wmmhphh!!!!!
It's like it... tastes... kind of tolerable now?
Hibiscus Riiight~
Lava Mm...
Eugh, no.
Nononono, what's up with this aftertaste?!
Urp–don't tell me you just delayed the taste and called that better!
Hibiscus That's right. You can drink all the porridge in one gulp now, can't you?
Lava Hibiscus, we are NOT done!
Mark my words! I am... eugh... NOT done with you!
[Lava collapsed from eating Hibiscus' so-called "healthy meal".]

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