Gravel: Past in Dreams

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Operator Record
Past in Dreams
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One's parents and hometown; the origins every child is forever looking for.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Gravel to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Gravel.
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Brassrust Knight Fan
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Runaway Girl
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Strange Hunter
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Kazimierz Bar
RI Corridor
Gravel has come back to Kazimierz for the first time in a long while. In a pub, she rescues a foreign girl being pursued, and this girl's life turns out wildly unusual.
<Background 1>
Scary Martin Bar
[The bar's door opens...]
Bald Marcin Welcome...
[...and a Kuranta girl rushes in...]
Runaway Girl Help... help me!
[ a bounty hunter breaks into the bar.]
Strange Hunter Get back here! Seize her!
Bald Marcin Oh, my poor door... only just fixed the day before.
Runaway Girl A knight... any knight, please help me...
Strange Hunter Hmph, you think a knight's going to save you here?
Look around you! It's just a run-down bar pretending it's got anything to do with knights!
And no knight would never pay you any attention, besides.
Runaway Girl Someone, I'm begging you, help me, please... don't let him take me... don't let him sell me!
Strange Hunter That's not for you to say. Get an earful of this, bar-goers! "Chattel" that's already been marked up wants to flee, and wants a knight's help on top of it?
Shout your lungs out for all I care, see who comes to save you! Get over here already!
Runaway Girl No, I... I was tricked, I'm not "chattel" or anything! I didn't want to come to Kazimierz, I want to go home...
Strange Hunter Ha-ha. Look at this dumb little girl from a village with no name.
A make-believe story tricked you, that's what. Wanting to go to Kawalerielki to be a knight? And you came right along like an idiot... that's just comedy!
Might as well, while I'm here. Server, I'll have a glass for the road, then I'll take this girl with me, sell her to some old knight as a servant...
Bald Marcin Sorry, friend. We don't take too kindly to hunters doing shady business 'round here.
Strange Hunter ...Come again?
Bald Marcin You were saying we don't get knights in here. Selling our little establishment here short, I think. After all, we've got the bigshot, Sir "Brassrust Knight" Ingra, sitting right here.
Strange Hunter B-Brassrust... you mean, THAT Brassrust Knight...!
[A Kuranta man cosplaying the notorious Olmer Ingra the Brassrust Knight responds to Marcin.]
Brassrust Knight Fan (What? Hold on, boss, I only came here to drink. This equipment is just merch...)
Bald Marcin (Glare)
Brassrust Knight Fan (A–A'ight...)
"*belch*... *hack*. Rowdy wretch. A piffling dirt-wallowing bounty hunter thinks to cross me?"
"Out of my sight."
Strange Hunter Grr... hear that? Come with me, before you ruin a major Knight's day!
Bald Marcin Psia mać,[note 1] is there anyone here who can kindly show this villain to the door?
Runaway Girl N-No... I don't want to go with...
No, no, I don't want to be someone's servant, I just want to go home... ah!
Strange Hunter Do licha, what's the holdup? With me, now...!
[Suddenly the hunter was struck by someone from behind, causing him to fall down to his knees.]
Strange Hunter Guh... agh...!
Who... *cough*, *hackpth*!
[The one who struck the hunter is revealed to be Gravel.]
Gravel Noisy, noisy~. What's the order of the day in here?
Strange Hunter Skurwysyny,[note 2] sneaky asshole... ggh...!
[Gravel strikes the hunter again, knocking him unconscious.]
Gravel And who gave you a license to stomp around Kawalerielki like that?
Bald Marcin Phew... good we had a helping hand. Would've had a hard time saving the merchandise on my own.
Brassrust Knight Fan Is it... over now? B–Being a knight fan sure pays off sometimes, haha...
Bald Marcin You're...
Gravel What, has Kawalerielki been so quick to forget me?
Marcin, I used to come here quiiiite often.
Bald Marcin Your technique... and then your arm here... a "barcode", is it?
I remember, now... It's you. "Gravel". You're a Maypole family Knight.
Runaway Girl Gravel... Knight?
Gravel You can call me Gravel. It's what I go by, you know. Not any kind of stiffed-up title.
Brassrust Knight Fan Knight? *snort*, a Knight attacking her opponent from behind. Using cheap tricks for assassins, too.
Real knights should be like Sir Ingra, with massive strength, unstoppable force, and a name with the power to drop your guts!
Gravel So awkward I have to tell you this, Marcin's customer, but unlike those big stars made of money in the arena, my techniques all come from honest-to-gosh survival.
Brassrust Knight Fan You hate the competition knights, is that it? *snort*, all you campaign knights do is drain taxpayer money...
Bald Marcin Break it up, break it up.
This hunter boy's not waking up for a while. Lass, you find yourself an escape.
Right, and you haven't thanked Gravel for her bravery.
Runaway Girl Th-Thank you so much.
You're that Gravel, then...
Gravel Hm? Don't tell me I'm famous.
Runaway Girl I've-I've heard about how y-you came to our village once! A lot of bounty hunters operate close by, and it's so far from anywhere else, so the knights barely ever come to help drive them away...
Gravel Old stuff, then... I've been to plenty of places, looking for clues. That was all years ago, though.
And you look pretty young. There's no way you could've met me back then... Who are you, hm?
Runaway Girl I... I...
Bald Marcin She's still in a state of shock. Don't you frighten her. Let her wind down some.
Gravel. Been a long time.
Gravel Long time and no see, Marcin. Is the master of the house still regular here these days?
Bald Marcin Hah hah, you know he's not crazy for places like this, full of people. Last I heard, he fell in the lake and broke a leg angling, and now it's been an age since he dropped by to try himself some snacks.
Gravel Perfect. I'll have a round of what he hasn't eaten.
Bald Marcin You're not gonna treat the lass to something?
Gravel I'm the girl who saved her life. Why am I paying for her meal on top of it?
Runaway Girl G–Gravel, I...
Gravel Mmn... fine, you just sit down next to me here. Marcin, I'll have two portions.
Runaway Girl Thank you, good Knight...!
<Background fades out and in>
Bald Marcin So, what've you come back for this time?
Gravel I'm just on vacation, seeing how the master of the house's holding up after his dive. Two days before I have to head back.
Bald Marcin Back? Back where? You're a Knight of Kazimierz. It's wherever your family's Knight Primus lives that you go on back to.
Gravel Hmm? But I've left Kazimierz at this point...
<Background fades out>
Gekoski Where you go, what you do, and who you want to become are all your freedom.
So long as you believe, your decisions will justify all that you've striven, and won't ever sully your name.
So go, Gravel.
<Background fades in>
Gravel No doubt about it... I already told him about my decision, and I even gave you a goodbye.
You oldies and your forgetfulness. I bet I fell out of your heads straight away, didn't I?
Bald Marcin Hah hah, I'm getting on in years for sure. Gets hard to remember so many things.
Gravel (...No. Marcin's reaction... something's odd about it.)
(Something so huge happened, and now he forgets it...?)
Runaway Girl Gravel Knight, the "master of the house" you mention is...
Bald Marcin A name to know for sure. The Maypole family's Knight Primus Gekoski. He used to be a lynchpin of a campaign knight.
The young Knights now'd have a shout in hell of investing what the Maypole family did, back in those days.
Brassrust Knight Fan *snort*. Don't forget, though, he's just old news now...
[Angered at her master's name being made fun of, Gravel swiftly goes to the Brassrust Knight cosplayer and pokes him.]
Gravel ......
Brassrust Knight Fan For having offended your family and Knight Primus... I apologize, Knight.
[Gravel steps back but glares at the cosplayer.]
Gravel Next time, there won't be a time for sorries.
Brassrust Knight Fan Uh... dgh. Boss, bill!
[The Brassrust Knight cosplayer leaves.]
Runaway Girl Gravel Knight, is that Maypole family Knight someone... you really respect?
Gravel Mmhm, of course. It was with his blessing I didn't end up like the other "chattel", stuck in the lowest of all work.
I could only become a Knight because of the training he gave me.
Runaway Girl How nice... having a chance to become a Knight. If... if I could be one too, then maybe I'd be able to return home and see my mom and dad again...
Gravel ......
Have you been marked with a chattel serial number yet?
Runaway Girl I-I haven't... I got away midway through.
Gravel That was brave of you. Well done.
Runaway Girl Will it–make trouble for you helping me, Gravel Knight? I... I know hunters don't like being messed with...
Gravel Not to worry. Filthy business like this should've vanished long ago.
(No, more than that. In fact, it should've already completely vanished.)
(Let's just see for now...)
This bounty hunter won't dare try anything with you again, and you're not currently "chattel." No one will get in your way. Rush back home, hm?
Runaway Girl ......
Gravel What's wrong?
Runaway Girl I... can't actually return, Miss Gravel.
I have no money, and besides, I don't know where my home even is...
Gravel Isn't it right in Kazimierz? Just mention the village name, and...
Runaway Girl I-I'm not from here... when I was tiny, I was kidnapped and brought to a Kazimierz village.
Gravel ......
<Background fades out>
Gekoski Go home? Alright, where do you call home? Of all of Kazimierz's villages, which is it?
Gravel It's... It's not...
Gekoski Hm?
Gravel ...I'm... not from here.
Gekoski Then tell, young lady. Just where is it you come from?
Gravel ...I... don't know.
I forgot everything.
<Background fades in>
Runaway Girl I–I wanted to escape, but I already forgot where I even came from...
And then one day, a hunter told me he could take me to find a Knight, and they'd bring me home, and if I was lucky I could become a Knight myself.
So I was... taken to Kawalerielki. I only learned afterwards that they were planning to sell me, and make me serve someone else.
But that's not what I want to do! I want to go home! What I heard was he could take me to find a Knight, to take me home...
Bald Marcin Leaving Kazimierz by herself, finding her hometown and her parents, that's just asking far too much of a young kid.
Gravel Grr. I know.
(Of course I know. I couldn't be any clearer about this.)
Runaway Girl That thing on your arm... isn't it a "barcode"?
Surely that doesn't mean, you...?
Gravel Yes... it's true.
Unlike you, I never had even the chance to flee the hunters, and I got sold straight off. My one bit of luck is the old man who bought me was beyond charitable, without a doubt.
Bald Marcin Even so, becoming a Knight was all your own effort. From commoner to a campaign knight... anyone knows why that ain't an easy time.
Runaway Girl That's amazing. So you really can become one...
After you became a Knight, did you ever return to your home to see your parents?
I miss them so much. I want to see my mom and dad again...
Gravel ......
I never found them.
Runaway Girl Huh?
Gravel I once went to a village, where you once happened to be. Maybe because I was searching for clues about those hunters, wanting to find out where they took me from.
But... I never found anything.
No. None of this is real.
Runaway Girl Gravel... Knight?
Gravel Don't drag me into the whirlpool of memories again. All this is... it's what I always, always feared happening most.
If I hadn't met the master of the house, if I hadn't become a Knight, if I'd never found my family... just what kind of state would I end up in?
Gravel But I've known, since long ago, that none of it will ever trouble my heart again.
Bald Marcin Gravel, what are you talking about?
Gravel And you, Marcin, you too. It could never miss you that I'd left Kazimierz, joined Rhodes Island... That's right, I came back from "Rhodes Island."
<Background fades out>
Gekoski I know... Can tell from a quick look in your eyes. You've come to say farewell to me.
Gravel I'm... going to Rhodes Island. To follow them.
Gekoski Hmph. Have you already told them your name?
Gravel Not yet. I need to confirm for myself once more, whether or not they're deceiving me, whether they want to use me for evil.
Gekoski Then go. To that Rhodes Island to see, and continue your hometown search as you do.
Gravel ......
Gekoski I know... you haven't given up on finding it. It is the right thing to do, Gravel.
Gravel Father, I...
Gekoski Stop.
It is just as we said those years ago, Gravel. Go. You were to leave sooner or later. As you are decisive in this moment, so there is little to long for.
Come back to Kazimierz, should you want to come back. And should you not... then do not be burdened, and go!
<Background fades in>
Bald Marcin "Rhodes Island"? Gravel, you're a Maypole family vassal, a fourth-order knight...
Gravel All that is... the past now, Marcin. I belong to Rhodes Island now.
Bald Marcin You...
Gravel What this girl just told us, all of this is "my" story.
I went unsaved by a Knight, was trafficked into Kazimierz, sold into Kawalerielki... and I didn't even know how to go about getting back home.
Runaway Girl But you got your own family in Kazimierz too. As a Maypole vassal, as a Knight, you must be so happy...
Gravel ......
I am a vassal to the master of the house. I'll forever revere him, be grateful for him.
But, the last thing he said to me... is that I shouldn't forever long for this place.
I left Kazimierz. Because I had a reason to. And it was time to find my own true home and parents.
Yes... this is all just a dream.
And I know this, because there wouldn't ever be another child kidnapped into Kawalerielki.
Those ruthless scum dressing up in the skins of "bounty hunters" were the last force in the trafficking business. As far back as I'd followed every village patrol and punished every hunter, they were already–
Doctor Gravel.
<Background 2>
[It turns out that Gravel was daydreaming about the past and is currently in the R.I. landship with the Doctor beside her.]
Gravel ...Unf... ugh.
(This is... Rhodes Island?)
Doctor Gravel.
Gravel Yes, Doctor.
(So that really was just a dream.)
(I've been having similar dreams, one after another, but...)
Sorry, it looks like I... fell asleep.
Doctor It's alright. You seem a little shaken, anyhow.
Gravel Hehe, are you worried about me?
Funny. I'm usually the one watching you. I never imagined I'd be in another's gaze.
Doctor ...... / Just checking in. / Don't get the wrong idea, it's not like I...
Gravel I understand. I know you don't get distracted at work. You're just supervising me, making sure I'm doing my job properly, aren't you?
Ah~. Anyway, don't let me weigh on you. Go on, continue with your work.
Doctor Actually, Gravel... if you're tired, it's alright to nap.
Gravel Hm? That'd be dereliction of duty, wouldn't it, Doctor~
Doctor ...... / It wouldn't. / It's not that big a deal.
Gravel You really are cunning, Doctor.
In Kazimierz, I'd hardly ever have the time to sleep. I'd dream so often... not that they were any good dreams.
Doctor, after losing your memory... have you ever felt helpless, or alarmed, maybe?
Doctor ...... / Yes.
Gravel I do dream often. Of leaving my home, being brought to Kazimierz. I find all sorts of people to assist me, even my own dream "me", hoping they can help me find my way home.
But the thing is, every time I'm asked where my hometown is, I just...
Even today, I still can't bring to mind where it is I came from. I only remember it was a place completely different from Kazimierz.
Poor, a backwater... fragile. The parents of mine who couldn't even protect their own child.
But no matter what, all these years and years, I've wanted always to find my home, to return and see my parents. I don't know if they're well, or if they'd still remember me.
How lucky of me, to be picked up by that old knight, to have a fate unlike the other "chattel", to seize knighthood by my own efforts.
But, I've never forgotten... why it is I became a Knight.
The power to seek myself, the ability to protect others. And now, I have... protecting your life as my calling.
Doctor ...... / Ahem.
Gravel Aw~, are you embarrassed? It's alright, Doctor, I won't guess at what you're thinking. Right now, watching your every movement is the only function of these two eyes.
Just give me this chance, let me stay by your side to defend you, and that'll be fine.
Alright, you'd better head on back to work, Doctor~. Or perhaps, you wanted to learn about me, all especially?
Doctor (Nod.) / (Shake your head violently.) / ......
Gravel It's alright, Doctor. I'll be keeping you company for a very long time. When the time comes and you want to know, I'll tell you all about my past.
I'm even freer than I was, leaving Kazimierz and coming to Rhodes Island, and it lets me keep searching for my home.
Right now... it's in quiet interactions, like these, where I can be most at peace.
(We're at the point where I can sleep in the Doctor's office... I suppose that's a little privilege of mine?)
(Oh, right, I should invite the Doctor to go back to Kazimierz with me sometime.)
(Heh-heh... It always feels sooo lonely in my dreams, back in Kazimierz all by myself. Aww, poor me.)
(Uh-oh, and here I have the spare time to think about this at work. Really... what a mess I am.)


  1. "Dammit" in Polish
  2. "Son of a b***h" in Polish