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Operator Record
Professional Doctor
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Sussurro is frequently misjudged by others for her appearance, but she really is a professional doctor.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Sussurro to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Sussurro.
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Medic Operator
Reserve Operator - Melee icon.png
Office Operator A (Piston)
RI Guard icon.png
Office Operator B (Feraglius)
Local Doctor
Leithanian Village
Leithanian Square
RI Surgery Room
Responding to an application for emergency support from a Leithanien branch office, Sussurro leads a Rhodes Island Medic team to assist on-site. A monster onslaught, Infected, injured... disaster has already taken place.
<Background 1>
Office Operator A What time is it?
Office Operator B Four o'clock. That's the billionth time you've asked.
Office Operator A I'm in a hurry! Aren't you?
Office Operator B Calm down. Why hurry? They're already hustling over from the landship. If they just make it safe and sound, we can thank all we can.
Office Operator A Seriously, how do they make it from the landship in three days? Kinda impressive, landship.
Office Operator B You've never been to Rhodes Island's ship?
Office Operator A Nope. The fare for this wasn't cheap, and I still have a pile on my plate.
Office Operator B The landship has this kind of large floating vessel. Moves really fast too. Bet you've never seen it, huh.
Office Operator A Floating? Like, a car that floats?
Office Operator B It sure isn't a car... I don't actually know the exact name myself.
Office Operator A Ohh, it's the kind those old Casters pilot in their towers, the really advanced kind that can drift through the air, is it?
Office Operator B Not that either!
Office Operator B Okay, you stop guessing. I haven't seen it much, and I can't explain it too well. Take one look at it and you'll get it.
If you're this bored, give the car another check. We're squeezed for time getting back already. No wrong turns.
Office Operator A Fine, fine, fine... you're the boss, it's your call.
[The first R.I. office operator steps out of the car.]
Office Operator A Come to mention it, who've we got coming from the landship?
Office Operator B You've never even been there. You wouldn't know any names if I told you.
We're filing an emergency application here. No matter who it is, it's gotta be one of the Medical Department's best.
Office Operator A We're in pretty deep here. What kind of best are we talking about?
Office Operator B No need to fuss about it.
Oh, here they come.
[The first R.I. office operator returns to the car as another car approaches.]
Office Operator A ......
That's... a pretty fierce vehicle. The landship has stuff like that? Color me surprised.
Office Operator B Knock it off. Get ready to meet 'em.
[The two R.I. office operators step out of their car as the other car stops in front of them.]
Office Operator B Welcome to Leithanien. I'm Feraligus, officer in charge of the local branch office. Just call me Ferl.
[Sussurro steps out of the car alongside other R.I. medical personnel.]
Sussurro Good to meet you. I'm Landship Medic Operator Sussurro, and these are my assistants.
Medic Operator (Nods)
Office Operator A ......
Office Operator B What are you staring for? Where's your hellos?
Office Operator A Oh! Oh! Right.
I'm the branch office's... driver... wait, uh, I'm an Operator at the local branch office, codename Piston.
Feraligus Situation's complicated, and we're pressed for time. Let's all get in the car for now.
Regarding the details of the emergency situation, we've stamped all the information. Best look over it while we're driving.
Sussurro Alright, thank you very much.
We've also brought some equipment, so if you could move that into the car, please.
Piston Al... alright.
<Background fades out and in>
Two hours later
Sussurro Let me see the second file.
Medic Operator Alright.
Sussurro Look over this report for me. Confirm if there's any additional kit we need to prepare.
Medic Operator Right away.
Piston (Hey!)
Feraligus What? Why so secret?
Piston Keep it down!
Didn't you say they sent their best? Why's this little lady leading them?
Feraligus Watch what you say, kid. I'll knock your bonus.
When'd you learn to judge people by appearances like an idiot? Did you get nothing from the employee handbook?
Rein your mouth in if you don't get it. She's one of the elite from Medical Department.
Piston Okay, okay, okay... my bad, my bad.
Sussurro Ferl, sir.
Feraligus Yes?
Sussurro I've finished reading through the files, and I have a few questions.
According to the descriptions, most of those requiring medical aid here are not infected with Oripathy?
Feraligus That's right. The account from the Leithanien government is that a Catastrophe wrecked a city and caused casualties, but the actual situation's more messy than that.
Sussurro Was it a lapse on a Catastrophe Messenger's part?
Feraligus Currently... doesn't look like it.
There were no problems with the Catastrophe evac op. At least, nothing cropped up during the whole course of things.
The one issue is... nobody knew about the needlefly nests under the path of the Catastrophe. At least ten counted, huge ones.
That village there started shifting nomadic beforehand, but there were over a hundred needleflies escaping the Catastrophe that ran straight into the migration team...
Medic Operator Needleflies? The meter-plus carnivorous insects?
Over a hundred??
Sussurro ...I see...
Do we have a casualty count yet?
Feraligus Leithanien government sources haven't given clear figures.
It's been two days, and they still haven't produced any conclusions...
Sussurro Which indicates they're temporarily unable to enumerate casualties.
Feraligus I see.
Estate guards brought a hell of a lot of wounded to a nearby town, but we weren't in time to check one by one.
Sussurro Does the branch office still have adequate medical supplies? How much antidote for needlefly poison do we have in reserve? How well have surgery facilities been maintained?
How about the mobilization of other local first-aid teams to the area? I need this information, and it's not included in the files.
Piston Uh...
Feraligus Medical supplies-wise, still plenty for the time being.
Local powers began first-aid work straight away, and after getting the commission, the R.I. branch office received ample emergency rescue supplies too.
Medical facilities are in alright shape, but it's not automatic, and we're desperately short of people.
The town doctors are pretty well-trained, but lack emergency response experience, and most have never seen a disaster of this scale in their lives.
The branch office's town isn't highly populous, so there's only three small clinics in all, and even fewer doctors who can perform surgery.
Plenty of injured can't hold through to the operating table.
We're accommodating a lot of refugees at the office right now. The outlook's not happy at all.
Moreover, given the whole mess, we've been unable to sort patients.
Some of them we've been sent are Infected... and after Infected pass away... you get what I mean.
Sussurro ...I understand.
Feraligus There's still some way to go. Take a rest for now.
<Background 2>
[The car stops at a village...]
Piston We're here.
[ the R.I. medical personnel looks outside.]
Medic Operator There's quite a few here already.
Feraligus By now, the injured should all be transferred near the branch office. The other office staff ought to be in the middle of handling them.
Piston, you wait here. There'll be supply cars from other stations in a bit. You catch them.
Piston I just sit here and wait? Is that gonna work?
Feraligus This is your first time on this sort of mission. The on-site situation is more brutal than you think. Just sit tight here, and receive and allocate the medical supplies.
Piston You're kidding me. If that bunch of girls can go, what's a big man like me afraid of.
Feraligus ...Brat.
Fine. Don't say I didn't warn you.
<Background 3>
In the town square, a space not that large to begin with, injured fill the ground, their numbers far beyond the limits of what medical treatment can process.
It's the third day since this calamity occurred, and the stench of festering wounds and exposed blood chokes the air.
Unrecognizable Injured Water... I need water...
Child Papa! Papa!
Mutilated Injured *cough*... *cough*...
Local Doctor Someone get over here! This Infected's almost done for!
Regular Injured Infected! D-Don't come near me.
Local Doctor What are you doing here? Get back to the treatment area, quick.
Guards! Guards! Anyone!
Piston ...oh, my god... this...
Feraligus It's even worse than I thought.
When I came yesterday, the courtyard over there was still a cargo station from the local council. Now it's been appropriated as a normal patient treatment area.
They don't have enough doctors. Only the most seriously injured get prioritized for the treatment rooms.
Sussurro What's the situation... with those lying on the ground?
Feraligus These are all Infected by my reckoning. This town's pretty small, and has no Infected quarter, and they can't keep them in the same place as the regular people...
Sussurro But they can't just be strewn across the plaza. Operator Ferl, how much space can you make in the office warehouse?
Feraligus I'm arranging to get everything moved out. Shouldn't be much of a problem.
Sussurro We still need a space to hold the injured Infected. Ideally, somewhere that can be isolated...
Feraligus Then we can empty out the operator dorms. That'll need a bit of time.
Sussurro I'll leave it to you.
Team one to the warehouse, and inspect the condition of Infected.
Teams two and three with me, and move all equipment into the operating room!
I'll have to leave classifying the injured to you, along with the corresponding zones they go to.
Local Doctor Al–Alright.
Piston I–I'll pitch in too.
Local Doctor Good. You come help me out. Carry these few indoors with me.
<Background 4>
Sussurro Before we use Originium Arts to expedite wound healing, we must confirm they're all cleared and cleaned.
If the wounds aren't severe, then hold off using Arts as much as possible. A doctor's strength is our most precious resource right now; only reasonable allocation can allow us to save even more lives.
Medic Operator Understood.
Local Doctor Deal with this bed first! This patient is critical!
[Sussurro checks on the local doctor.]
Sussurro What's the situation?
Piston (Gasps)
Local Doctor Needleflies bit his arm off as he was protecting his family. He was unconscious by the time he got to us.
He's Infected, but his illness is stable.
Sussurro And his arm...? Do we still have his shorn limb?
Local Doctor (Shakes head)
Sussurro Wound is already bacterially infected. Left hand also has visible broad lesions. It will likely still require partial amputation.
Local Doctor At this rate... both his arms are going to be...
Sussurro Go and assist team two. Leave this end to me.
Local Doctor Bless you!
Sussurro Don't lose focus. Prepare for Infected emergency treatment.
Patient's surface crystallization is located in the throat. Inspecting blood.
Watch his wrist scales, and ready Savra-specialized scalpels.
This room's still too dark. Piston, sir, check the condition of the generator.
Piston On it!
<Background fades out and in>
Three hours later
Within the office infirmary, operation on the acutely injured still hasn't stopped.
Wounded Doctor... am I hopeless... Doctor, you have to tell me...
Sussurro Internal bleeding relatively severe. Change the bottle on the blood suction machine.
Wounded I'm begging you... I'm begging you, Doctor, take this ring... take it to my wife, I'm begging you...
Sussurro You're going to live. Stay with me.
Gauze out! Need more!
Wounded Don't... Don't lie to me, I know...
Sussurro Don't speak! You're going to live, I guarantee it!
Hold down here for me, and I'll suture.
Medic Operator Hydrogen peroxide's out! Someone go to the warehouse and bring a box!
Sussurro Piston, sir!
Piston On it! I-I'll go right away.
Sussurro Bleeding stopped. The rest is yours. I'm checking on the other beds.
Local Doctor Roger.
Medic Operator Over here! Doctor! One just came in, they're on the brink!
Sussurro I'm coming.
[Sussurro rushes to the newly arrived injured.]
Sussurro ......
The man laid on the stretcher gasps a mottled breath, his state almost too miserable to look at.
A giant gash is torn across his abdomen, the cavity's contents exposed until now to Leithania's frigid winds.
Parts of his organs have already been contaminated by needlefly toxin, the scent of it nauseating.
Yet his consciousness is still fully with him–it may be the poison is stimulating his nerves, strangely colored bodily fluids dripping incessantly from his mouth and nostrils.
Moribund Injured *cough*... ngh...
Sussurro Thoracoabdominal injury. Open wound to abdomen.
Push him in, prioritize him for treatment, and incise his esophagus and windpipe!
Piston ...oh, god... oh, god...
Sussurro Don't stop! There are still other patients!
Look for any internal organ damage! Find any points of bleeding in his peritoneum! Quickly!
Piston ...I... I'm a little–
Sorry... I... I.
Sussurro That's alright, you did well. Head outside and rest for now.
Piston Thank you... thank you...
[Piston rushes off.]
<Background 3>
[Piston steps outside to catch some air as he is visibly felt uneasy to what he had seen before.]
Piston ...this is too much...
The young Leithanien's strained nerves are finally relaxed for a moment.
After profusely vomiting in an alley behind the infirmary, he feels both a weight off his back, and an immense regret of the extra bun he ate this morning.
Piston ...Do the landship guys... see this stuff all the time?
...urgh... not again... urlgh...
[Feraglius shows up.]
Feraligus You okay?
Piston I'm alright... I'm alright, I'm just not that used to all this...
Feraligus Here, a towel. Wipe your face.
Piston Ah...
...urghh... kinda embarrassing. Didn't think I'd be the first on the scene who couldn't keep going.
Feraligus It's alright. You haven't been doing bad.
Piston You're telling me that didn't suck?
Feraligus You went and volunteered to help, held out for half the day, and you're no Medic Operator. I figured you'd give in after half an hour.
Piston That girl... no, that Medic Operator. She's something major alright.
Feraligus Hah. What did I tell you before, huh? They're from the landship, from HQ. They're the best.
That Medic Op, Sussurro, was there for the Palermo incident a few years back. Don't underestimate her.
Piston The Palermo incident? Oh... that big one that stirred up Siracusa?
It was an Originium mine explosion, right? I remember a whole lot of civs got infected bad. Couldn't prepare enough treatment. Led to a huge number of acute Infected dead... I think half the city was on the edge of collapsing.
Feraligus That's what hell on earth truly is. Imagine it, a huge breakout of acute Infected, people's remains everywhere, already starting to disintegrate, whole air full of active dust. It's a terrifying scene.
Piston ......
Feraligus Almost everyone who went through Palermo got left with heavy psychological trauma.
And to our Medic Op here, the scene today is barely anything.
The young Leithanien falls silent, crouched on the ground, window of the Rhodes Island branch office above his head.
He looks out towards the plaza.
Not far away, the people in the zone for minorly injured throng about.
And on the other side of the rigged-up divider wall, the infirmary is still a battlefield.
Piston Forget it. I'll go back in to help.
Feraligus Calm down first.
You don't want to throw up in there, that'll just give them all trouble.
Piston Fair.
Feraligus If you want to help out so bad, go to the reception area and see if there's any communication work. Check to see if any other supply cars arrived while you're there.
Piston Okay... I'm going now!
[Piston rushes off to the medical facility.]
Feraligus ...Hah, brat.
<Background 4>
Local Doctor Phew... Heavens...
Piston Ah, Doctor. How's it gone?
Local Doctor We owe you for this. Most of the injured are stable, and now it's just up to the lord's end for follow-up arrangements.
I used to doubt you were a medical company at all. I really am... truly am... sorry I thought that.
Thank you, thank you so much, I... I can't find any better words right now. If you hadn't saved us, the casualties and the accompanying disaster would've been unimaginable.
Piston No, I... I'm just an errand boy... um...
How are the Medic Operators? Are they on break?
Local Doctor I'm not too sure where they've gone either–I thought you Rhodes Islanders would've had a better idea than me. I see your dormitory's been used to rest the injured?
Piston Then I know. You go rest up for now.
<Background 5>
[Piston rushes to a storehouse where Feraglius is also present.]
Piston Cap, HQ's sent med...
Feraligus Shh, keep it quiet!
The elder Operator points towards the other end of the room, where a few reinforcement Medic Operators who rushed over from other offices are inspecting the conditions of the injured in the warehouse.
Their steps quietly shuffle back and forth between the patients, trying their best not to make noise.
Behind them, other Medic Operators who've fought through the whole day are sat against the wall, spent after over ten hours of consecutive operation.
That delicately framed doctor is huddled together with all the others, sleeping in a corner of the room.
In the quiet warehouse, the only noise is that of people breathing, respiring, but her light snores are distinct to pick out among them.
Her uniform and medical shielding equipment are covered in a mess, blood plasma, tissue fluid and indistinguishable fragments of flesh having left copious stains, the rancid scent having still not dispersed. It doesn't bother her, though, as she's fallen asleep just like that.
A multitude of breaths accompany her snores, rough and heavy, light and soft, among which are the breaths of the many she pulled back from death's door today.
Once tomorrow comes, these people will all thank her, and they'll thank that delicate doctor for the rest of their lives.
Feraligus If something's up, we'll talk outside.
Piston ......
<Background 3>
Piston They... nah, let them rest.
Feraligus How's the reception area?
Piston No problems. Lord's people are all here, and they've shifted off the first batch of the lightly injured.
Feraligus As long as it's all going well.
Piston ......
Feraligus If there's something you wanna say, say it. Quit stopping and starting.
Piston Not much... just, I feel like...
Feraligus You want to resign?
Piston No, I just feel like I've gotten to know this part of Rhodes Island's work a bit deeper... pretty much. Just a bit.
Feraligus Hahaha...
It's good to have enthusiasm. Since you still do, go check on how our medical supply consumption's doing.
Make two reports, one for the office records, and one to hand to the local government tomorrow morning.
Piston Okay... I'm going now.
<Background 1>
Four days later
Feraligus Everything packed up?
Sussurro Yes, no problem.
[Piston rushed in.]
Piston I'm back, I'm back! Almost didn't make it!
Feraligus What did you go off to do?!
Piston Ah! This is the stuff you asked me to buy for you, right, Dr. Sussurro? Got it all here.
Medic Operator This much?
Sussurro *clears throat*... These are books for Dr. Kal'tsit, and this is a souvenir for Dr. Gavial.
Medic Operator What's this, snacks?
Sussurro Those are a... little present for the Doctor.
Piston Doctor? You mean... that Doctor?
Feraligus To keep things brief, say hello to Dr. Kal'tsit and the Doctor for me.
Sussurro Alright, no problem.
Feraligus And finally, I hope you have a good journey, and make it back safe.
Sussurro Thank you very much. We'll see you next time.
[Sussurro and the other R.I. medical personnel enters their car and leaves, having finished their assignment.]
Piston ......
They're off.
Feraligus Alright. Time to head back and do some work. We've still got a mountain of reports to write.
Piston ...Hm...
Feraligus What is it?
Piston Maybe I oughta look for a work opportunity, head to the Rhodes Island landship and see for myself... Feels like it's all amazing people over there.
Feraligus Sure. But finish the work you've got first, and then you can mull it over.