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Operator Record
It'll Be Fine, Guaranteed!
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Cardigan likes running. Cardigan's good at running. Cardigan, right now, has gotta run!

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Cardigan to Elite 1 Level 55.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Cardigan.
RI Medic icon.png
Medic Operator
RI Operator icon.png
Rhodes Island Operator
Male Old Kuranta B icon.png
Transport Rental Salesman
Medical Company Staff
Regular Hospital Worker
Snowy Forest
Snowy Village Night
Leithanian Square
Leithanian Back Alley
In order to save the heavily injured Steward and Adnachiel, Cardigan hurries through a mountain range during a snowstorm to seek medical help at a Leithanien city. She must find a way to save her friends.
<Background 1>
[Cardigan, then known as Merry, skis through the snowy forests of Leithanien.]
Merry *Pant*... *pant*...
Faster... I've got to get faster.
[Merry trips and fall to the ground.]
Merry *Cough*, *cough* *cough*... Ouch...
Ah, shoot! My snowboard... Looks like it's still good. Okay, please, hang in there a little longer. There's a car rental place just down the hill... As long as I make it there...
I... I must hurry... or I won't make it...!
Adnachiel... Steward... hang on just a little longer...!
<Background 2>
[Merry knocks the door of a house.]
Merry Pardon me! Is there anyone here?!
I need a car! Is there anyone–
[A car rental salesman slams the door open...]
Transport Rental Salesman Fotze![note 1] Do you know what time it is?! Who's knocking!
[...hitting Merry's head in the process.]
Merry Ugh, my forehead–
Transport Rental Salesman Little girl...? Are you okay?
Merry I-I'm okay... You rent cars, right? I'm sorry for disrupting your sleep, but I need a car that can make it to the city right away!
Transport Rental Salesman It's five in the morning... What's the rush? It takes three to four hours to make it to the city from here.
Merry *Cough*... I... I have to leave right now. It's an emergency! Please, sir, give me a car right now! I really, really, really–
Transport Rental Salesman Verdammt,[note 2] what's so important you can't let me sleep?
Merry M-My friends' lives are in danger. I need to find a doctor in the city.
They got in an accident in the mountain range to the north. They only got some simple treatment at the settlement there... I need to find a better medical organization to treat them right away!
Transport Rental Salesman You mean you came all the way here from the north?
You crossed the mountain range overnight? And the snowstorm hasn't even let up...
Merry I didn't have another choice. *Cough*... They are heavily injured and can't move. The settlement doesn't have the proper medical equipment or medicine either...
Transport Rental Salesman Did they trip or get frostbite? You could've just waited for the rescue team. Why did you have to cross the mountains yourself?
Merry No, normal EMTs won't do it... and we need medicine that can treat them...!
Transport Rental Salesman You aren't even explaining yourself clearly. How am I supposed to rent you a car right now?
Merry Please, sir, I can't lose my friends... As long as there's still a bit of hope, I have to go to the city to find a doctor that can treat them! *Cough*... *Cough*...
Transport Rental Salesman *Sigh*... Must have been a long journey for you.
Merry I-I'm fine...
Transport Rental Salesman Okay, fine. This is their lives we're talking about. Come with me. Let me say one thing, though. Don't be too optimistic, girl. You won't necessarily find yourself a doctor out in the city.
The doctors there, with the kind of salary they get, won't risk heading into the snowstorm to treat somebody.
Merry I was on the Bobsled Patrol Team back home. If you get me a car, I will find a doctor! I have some savings too. I can give the doctor everything as long as my friends get to live–
There has to be a doctor who's nice enough to come treat them. I will find them and beg them to come if I have to. I need to get my friends treated.
Transport Rental Salesman Hmph... You're a loyal one.
I hope you find your doctor. Okay, here's the car. It's by the day. Do you have the deposit and documents?
Merry Sorry, mister, I didn't expect this to happen, so I didn't bring much money. Is this enough for the deposit?
If it's not enough, I... I have this necklace. It was a special birthday present. It should be worth some money...! Yeah, uh, and I... let's see...
Transport Rental Salesman It's all good. Keep your stinking necklace. Take the car. When you come back, I better see it in one piece.
Merry ......!
Thank you, sir! I will be back on time! K-Keep my snowboard as collateral. Once I find a doctor, I'll come back before we head up the mountain!
[Merry runs off to get the car.]
Transport Rental Salesman *Sigh*... I don't know if this girl's simple or just reckless.
Look at the shape the snowboard's in. That's hardly worth anything.
Whatever. It's obvious she's trying to save somebody... Let's just call this doing a good deed.
But still...
[The snowfall gets heavier.]
Transport Rental Salesman Hfff, it's so cold today, and it's pitch black outside. She even came straight here through the most dangerous mountain range there is... How did she do it?
Just what is going on with her friends that she has to go all the way to the city to find a doctor? If they're hurt or got frostbite, there are much better ways to go about it.
It can't be something dangerous like Oripathy, right...?
Hah, that'd be a waste of time. No one would help someone who's bound to die in this kind of shitty weather.
<Background fades out and in>
Merry (Okay, time to go.)
(The snowstorm's gotten stronger, but this is nothing. This won't stop me!)
(I gotta do it...)
Merry ......
I... I didn't tell the truth.
If I'd told him Adnachiel and Steward got infected with Oripathy, he wouldn't have let me borrow his car... He would've chased me away.
But... I have to go. I'm so sorry, mister, but I'll come back to return the car for sure–No, I'll give you a new car. I'll work hard and pay you ten times the money back if I need to!
I will come back to apologize...
But now...
[Merry starts the car she borrowed.]
Merry Adnachiel, Steward, just hold on a little longer. I'll be at the city by sunrise.
I will bring a doctor who can treat Oripathy and medicine back... I promise.
I promise.
<Background 3>
[Arriving at a Leithanien town, Merry called Adnachiel and Steward to check on their condition.]
Adnachiel Merry... Have you made it to the city yet?
Merry *Pant*... You... you're awake...
Adnachiel Are you alright...?!
Merry I'm... okay... Adnachiel, Steward, you... *cough*... Wait for me to come back. I'll find a doctor right away...!
Adnachiel It's nearly impossible to find anyone who's infected in this city. You'll have to try a company or medical organization that does research in Oripathy.
Merry I-I'll look it up... That's strange. How come there's so little information on this city?
There's no hospitals here that accept Oripathy patients...? Only a few pharmaceutical companies in the outskirts?!
Adnachiel That's nothing strange... Leithanien cities don't really need that many medical organizations that deal in Oripathy.
Oripathy is an incurable disease, and anyone who's so unlucky to be infected here has no choice but to spend a king's ransom on medication to slow down the spread of the disease.
Steward Merry, you can't afford that medicine, and it's not something you should worry about either.
If you find anyone who can take care of us, just tell us how to contact them. After that...
Adnachiel Yeah... You don't need to come back.
Thanks for dragging us all the way to the settlement. We got first aid... and that's more than enough.
Steward *Cough*... Adnachiel and I will figure out how to survive. Thanks for leaving us the comms, but let's put an end to this, Merry.
Merry What... What are you two talking about?!
I'm looking for a doctor to come treat you two right now. Just hold on! I'll be back with a doctor soon!
Adnachiel, Steward, wait for me. Don't just leave... and protect yourselves. Don't let your wounds get any worse.
Adnachiel But...
Merry No buts! You hear me?!
Adnachiel Yeah... I hear you loud and clear.
Merry That's not enough! Promise me you won't leave me! I can do it! I will save you two!
Steward Merry, thanks for looking after us, but we can't drag you into this mess...
Merry We're friends! Friends are supposed to help each other out! And given the circumstances, your lives are more important to me than anything!
Dammit! I don't want to get mad at you right now, but I will make you two pay for what you just said! Wait for my next call. I'll have some good news!
[Merry hangs up.]
<Background 4>
Merry Hah... Those idiots. How dare they try to leave me all by myself... Where can they go anyway?! I better find them waiting for me!
I'll head to the aid station first. I trucked my way here all night. What's two more kilometers...? Right, I've got to call the hospital too...
*Dialing sounds*
[Cardigan calls the local hospital.]
Regular Hospital Worker You've reached the emergency room hotline. How may I help you?
Merry Oh, hello, I have two friends who were injured in the snowstorm out in the countryside. They need medical attention right now...
Regular Hospital Worker Okay, just a moment...
I'm very sorry, but we have to wait until the storm lets up before we can send an ambulance. Can you describe to me how they were injured?
Merry They got hurt in the mountains. One of them is really hurt in the abdomen and leg areas... Also, they have Oripathy, so they will need Oripathy medication...
Regular Hospital Worker Did you say Oripathy...?
Merry Yeah, they...
Regular Hospital Worker Sorry, but our hospital does not accept Oripathy patients. Thank you for your call. I wish you a pleasant day.
[The hospital worker abruptly hangs up, much to Merry's shock.]
Merry Hello? Hello??
They hung up...? Why did they hang up? Didn't their website say they treat Oripathy?! Dammit, are there any medical companies here that treat Oripathy...?
*Dialing sounds*
[Merry calls a local pharmaceutical clinic.]
Medical Company Staff Hello. How may I help you?
Merry Hello, is this Leithanien Woche Pharmaceuticals? M-My name is Merry. My friends are infected with Oripathy, and they need treatment right now...
Medical Company Staff May I have your name? And where do you live?
Merry U-Uh... my name? I'm from the north...
Medical Company Staff You're not a local...? What about the patients?
Merry M-My friends are from Laterano and Kjerag. They came to Leithanien during their travels. I left them at a settlement in the mountains outside the city...
[The clinic staff abruptly hangs up, leaving Merry shocked again.]
Merry Hello...? Hello? Dammit! Why did they hang up?
Is Oripathy really so scary that you can't get treatment if you're not a local or noble?
*Sobs*... I-I'll try another one...
[Undeterred, Merry tries calling another local medical service.]
Merry Hello, my friends are infected with Oripathy and need treatment. They are seriously hurt...
Huh...? Them? They are normal travelers, but we won't fall behind on the fees for their treatment and medicine. I promise! I-I can even pay extra–
If you can send a doctor to come with me right now–
A doctor...! Is there a doctor who can treat Oripathy patients? This isn't a prank! I've got sick friends...
<Background black>
Merry Why...? How come there isn't a single medical organization that's willing to help? Adnachiel, Steward... They're both sick. They need treatment!
Why do they have to ask, 'Which family are the patients from?' Are common folks not allowed to get treatment?
I already told them we can pay up, but they still wouldn't take us... Why...?
Is it because they have Oripathy? Isn't that just a kind of disease? They got sick, that's all. They didn't want to be infected...
Why doesn't anyone want to help now that they are Infected?
No... I can't give up yet... There are still three more... There has to be someone willing to help!
<Background 1>
[As the snowfall grows heavier, Steward tries to call Merry, but was redirected to her voicemail.]
Steward Merry? Can you hear me...? Are you still mad?
[After a short pause...]
Steward Listen to me. This is not something that the three of us can change.
Adnachiel's fever has gone down a little. He's getting some good sleep now. We need to cool our heads and figure out where we go from here.
We don't know if Oripathy is infectious under these circumstances.
This is a very dangerous disease... and you may get caught in the mess. If there really is no way, don't come back for us.
<Background fades out and in>
Steward Also...
If... If you can't find a doctor who's willing to come, we understand.
The mountains are too dangerous during a snowstorm. Doctors are people too, and the medical organizations need to be responsible to their doctors, Merry. We can't blame them.
We're very grateful, Merry. Adnachiel and I know how you feel, and you are our friend. But because you're our friend, we don't want anything to happen to you.
Stop acting so tough, and don't put your future on the line. Stay in the city until it's safe.
Give us a call once you get this, Merry.
<Background 4>
Merry No, I don't want to hear any of that...
I know. Of course I know, but... but I...
T-There's two left... They only have five employees, but...
Guh... I'm going for it!
<Background fades out and in>
[Merry rushes into the local office of Rhodes Island, welcomed by one of its medical staff.]
Merry Hello! Is this the liaison office of... uh... "Rhodes Island Pharmaceuticals?"
Medic Operator Uh... Yes! May I help you?
Merry Um... My name is Merry. I'm from northern Leithania... I-I guess I'm kind of a noble? I've got a pretty big family, and our neighbors love us.
I didn't bring my passbook with me, but I have this much in the bank... I-I can even work. I definitely won't owe any money for the medical fees!
Medic Operator Hmm...? Um... Excuse me...?
Merry *Cough*... *Whimpers*, I'm sorry! I'm sorry I lied! I'm not a noble, and I don't have anywhere close to this much in the bank, but I will really work to pay for the treatment!
I have two friends with Oripathy. Please don't turn them down just because they are foreigners. They are heavily injured, and their lives are in danger. I really need someone to help them...!
Medic Operator Heavily injured Infected? Where are they?
Merry At a settlement in the mountains. I left them there for the time being.
Please! Please come with me. It may be a little dangerous to travel there, but I promise! I promise I will keep the doctors safe even if I have to protect them with my life!
I'll do something about the medical fees too! Please just help them first...
Please, I beg you... Help my friends...
Medic Operator ...
You don't have to say that. Don't... swear on your life.
It's Rhodes Island's mission to help the Infected, Miss Merry.
We will go with you. Could you tell us how the Infected are doing?
Merry Y-You will...?
Medic Operator Yes, we'll leave right away. Are they still in the early stages of their infection? If they are, then we mustn't wait. That's the best time to treat Oripathy.
Merry I have their coordinates. I'll send them to you right away!
Oh, but... There's a snowstorm out in the countryside right now... We need to be prepared...
Medic Operator Relax. Rhodes Island has transport suitable for all kinds of weather, and also have experienced operators who can guarantee our safety during the trip. We'll make it there even in the harshest weather and most dangerous places.
Merry Really?! That's so nice... I-Is this real?
I mean... I'm not too cold, am I? I-I can't feel my legs... Am I dreaming...?
Medic Operator *Sigh*... Looks like you need treatment yourself. Miss Merry, can you reach the patients right now?
Merry It's not a dream... It's not a dream!
I'll give them a call right now!
[Merry called Steward and Adnachiel to let them know she finally found help.]
Merry Hey, Adnachiel, Steward, can you hear me?! Stay right where you are! Rhodes Island and I are coming to help you right now... I've found them...
I mean... I've really found a way to help my friends...!
<Background fades out and in>
Rhodes Island Operator All preparations complete. Rhodes Island Critical Response Team is ready for deployment.
Medic Operator Miss Merry, are you okay?
Merry Uhh... I'm fine... I'll lead the way...
Medic Operator Oh, don't move... You're very weak... You must've spent way too much time on the road.
We'll head to the coordinates' right now, but it'll take us seven to eight hours, even if the weather gets better.
Merry Uhh... No way... It only took me five hours to get here...
Medic Operator Five hours?!
That was way too reckless! You... *Sigh*...
Merry I need to return the car... to the rental shop... Sir... I'm sorry... Thanks...
Then... Adnach... Stew...
Medic Operator She's starting to blabber nonsense...
Get some rest, Miss Merry. You've done really well.
[Merry fell asleep, finally able to get some rest.]
Merry Zzz... zzz...
Rhodes Island Operator I'll drive. The patients are waiting, and we need to head there ASAP. Is she sitting on the passenger side?
Medic Operator No, I need to take her in the med vehicle and treat her there.
She's got frostbite, multiple scrapes, and sprained joints. From the looks of it... she might even have a few broken bones. It's a miracle she held on for so long.
Five hours... That's way too reckless. How could she have made her way down such a treacherous path during a snowstorm...?
Rhodes Island Operator She's tough. If she managed to come all the way here that fast, she might just be the kind of operator we need.
And I heard her mumbling. She said she wanted to save her friends, right? That's some temperament she's got.
Medic Operator It's rash! She's just lucky, and she may not be as lucky next time! Seriously, if she was one of ours, the instructors would definitely be tearing her a new one.
But fine... It's too early to talk about all this. Our top priority right now is to rescue her friends. As for Miss Merry herself...
We'll have them walk us through everything she and her friends have been through after they all make it out safe.


  1. "(You) c**t!" in German
  2. "Goddammit," in German