Bison: A Fulfilling Holiday

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Operator Record
A Fulfilling Holiday

It's best to learn how to take a vacation before learning how to work.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Bison to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Bison.
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Armor-clad Knight
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Mansion Room
Lungmen Alley
Lungmen Streets
Lungmen Park
With his friends' help, Bison enjoys a busy but fulfilling day.
<Background 1>
[Bison asks the Butler,]
Bison Butler, you're taking your annual leave tomorrow. You should go home early and get some rest.
Butler Please do not worry, Young Master. I am on the last of my tasks for the day, and shall be finished in no time.
More importantly, why are you up so late at night? You've worked overtime for days now. You need to rest when you can as well.
Bison I was planning to, but... Father has been trying to expand his business in Columbia.
And I think... I should make an effort to do something ahead of time too, to work with him.
Butler As I recall, he merely brought it up as an aside at the dinner table.
Bison If I wait for him to tell me formally, there'll be basically nothing left for me to do.
[The Butler responds,]
Butler *sigh*... You really have it too rough.
Bison It'll be worth it, if it means I can take over for my father in the future.
[Eurill joins in.]
Eurill Goodness, look at the time. Bison, what are you talking to Butler about?
Bison Nothing, Father. We were just discussing holiday plans.
Butler Sir, has the young master told you his?
Eurill Not a peep. He's been so busy lately I haven't even seen him much. So, any big plans, Bison?
Bison Um... I want to learn something new. Or start preparing for my projects next year. I haven't thought it through yet, but I need to find something to do.
Eurill But it's a holiday...
[Eurill thinks of something, and says...]
Eurill Bison, if you really must keep yourself busy, why don't you go see your friends at Penguin Logistics? I brought a lot of things back from Columbia. Bring them something as a present.
Bison Alright. Of course, Father.
Eurill Great. Now get some rest. You've got an early day tomorrow, and Butler won't be here to help you. You'll need to prepare the presents yourself.
Bison Yeah, I know. I can handle it on my own.
[Eurill leaves.]
Butler I can stay to help you wrap your presents before I take my leave, if you like.
Bison No no no. You should head home and spend time with your family. You've worked so hard this whole year; you don't have to work overtime for me.
Besides... I'm sure Father is expecting more from me than just going to see some friends.
I've known the girls at Penguin Logistics for a while now. Sometimes I forget they're actually our business partners.
I think what he's trying to tell me is that relationships need to be maintained over the long-term, and that the work doesn't end just because we're friends now. I need to remember that.
Butler ......
Bison Butler?
Butler Oh, nothing. I was just thinking back to when the lady of the house was still with us.
<Background 2>
[Exusiai is packing firearms to a bag.]
Sora Exusiai, we're going on a picnic. What do you need all those guns for?
Exusiai Because you never know if you'll be served a butter sandwich or a special surprise!
[Croissant walks in while carrying a bag full of food.]
Croissant Ugh, so heavy...
Sora Croissant, why are you bringing all that food? Again, we're going on a picnic! We can't eat all that!
Croissant No can do... It's sunny out. There's gotta be loads of other folks out picnickin'.
Ain't no way... I'm missing... a business opportunity.
[Texas walks by.]
Sora Texas, can you help me out here?
Texas Oh, I tried. She wouldn't listen.
Croissant You know me. So long as there's money in it...
Nothing's... too heavy... for yer gal Croissant... Ugh!
[Croissant lifts the bag with some effort...]
Sora (Holy cow...)
[ someone knocks the door.]
Sora Hm...?
[Sora opens the door and Bison enters.]
Sora Hey Bison. What are you doing here today?
Bison Hello. Happy New Year.
I brought you girls some presents. I hope you like them.
Sora Wow, what a pretty lamp.
Croissant Huh, Bison? Hehe, since yer here, why doncha come picnickin' with us?
Exusiai Hah, you just want someone to haul your wares.
Bison *cough* I appreciate the invitation, but I'm just stopping by to say hello, since I have some free time over the holidays.
Sora But you've been so busy lately, and it's been so long since we've seen each other. Has it been that hectic at work?
Bison Actually, we've already got everything sorted out. But I didn't want to slack off just because of the holiday.
Exusiai I thought slacking off was the whole point of a holiday?
Sora Right, right. And I got us this really pretty new picnic blanket just for this! Come on, Bison!
Bison But I–
[The phone rings. Texas picks it up.]
Texas Hello, how may I help you?
[Texas listens to the caller.]
Texas What...?
Texas Okay... I don't quite understand, but no problem. We'll take care of it. Yeah, okay. Bye.
[Texas hangs up.]
Croissant Who was that?
Texas The boss. The situation's changed. Looks like we'll have to cancel the picnic.
Sora No way, don't tell me...?
Exusiai Yup, sounds like we got that special surprise.
Texas Anyway, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but we officially have an urgent request on our hands.
Sora & Exusiai & Croissant No–!
Texas Huddle up. I have something to say.
Croissant Sheesh, why so mysterious?
[The P.L. crew huddles up.]
Bison (Their conversation is really heating up... I guess this is my cue to leave.)
Um, if you girls are busy, I think I'll be heading out.
Texas Wait, Bison.
Bison Huh?
Texas We need you for this job.
Bison Me...?
Texas Yes, you.
<Background 3>
[Bison stands in front of a record shop.]
Bison First, go buy a CD at this record shop?
Er... Wouldn't Sora be a better pick for this? I don't know much about music.
[Bison enters the shop...]
Bison Excuse me, do you carry any–
[ the shopkeeper turns around from his chair while wearing headphones and listening to a music.]
Shopkeeper Shh... Quiet, kid. We're all listening to our grooves here. Take whatever you want from the shelves. We have everything.
Bison Any recommendations?
Shopkeeper Most folks who come here don't need any. Just pick what you want, kid.
Bison I'm an adult...
Shopkeeper Good. Then you can head on over there, too.
[The shopkeeper turns around.]
Bison What's in there?
Shopkeeper Hm...
Bison Okay... sorry.
[Bison goes to the pointed counter as a Lupo woman watching him from the shadows says...]
??? He put the headphones on.
[ someone contacting her.]
Comms Really? Great. I knew it.
That's my favorite shop. The owner never bothers you with sales pitches or questions. He just leaves you alone and lets you find what you like in his massive collection.
Sometimes, when I'm getting stressed out from my performances, I stop by there to relax.
??? Sounds like a good place to catch a breather.
Comms Trust me. He'll be absolutely relaxed in there.
[The sound of something dropped is heard.]
??? Hold up...
Comms What's wrong?
??? He set the headphones down.
[Bison rushes to the shopkeeper who had been hit by falling CDs.]
Bison Are you okay, sir?
[Bison helps the shopkeeper up.]
Shopkeeper Oh... Apparently I have way too many CDs in stock.
Bison That mountain of them was an accident waiting to happen. I wouldn't have gone near it, if I were you. How long have you been piling up CDs there?
Shopkeeper A year? Two? It's been too long... Couldn't be bothered to clean it up.
Bison Sounds like you need someone to help you sort them out.
Shopkeeper ...I guess so?
Bison I see.
(This must be what they wanted me to help out with... Sheesh... they could've been clearer with the job description.)
(I don't mind listening to music... but now's not the time.)
Let me take care of it. I used to be a mail sorter, and I've sorted things much more complicated than these CDs.
[Bison walks to the pile of CDs.]
Shopkeeper Kid, you...
Bison Trust me. I'm a professional.
Shopkeeper Uh... hold up, how are you gonna sort them?
[The one calling the woman behind the shadows says,]
Comms What's going on inside the store? Hello? Hello?
??? ...The pile of CDs came crashing down. He's helping clean them up.
Comms What about the music? Is he not listening to music?
??? He's going all-out with it. Music's probably the last thing on his mind.
<Background 4>
Bison Ugh... my shoulders hurt. I didn't expect him to have so many CDs.
I think I did pretty well with the sorting, though. It's been a long time, but I've still got it.
Let's see, what's my next job... Haggle the price down like mad at this weapon shop?
[Bison looks at the weapons store in front of him.]
Bison Why did they give me this one? Croissant seems like she'd be much better at this.
[Someone calls the woman in the shadows.]
Comms How'd it go? He inside?
??? Yeah.
Comms Heh, last time I drove the price down so much they blacklisted me and don't let me in no more. But heck, ain't no skin off my back. I got other ways.
??? I'm not so sure this is what the client had in mind.
Comms Aww, you don't think hagglin' helps ya relax? You rack yer brains to argue with the shopkeep and snatch victory in the end. It's a real thrill.
Just trust me. He's gonna be feelin' mighty relaxed, after this.
??? Heh, I sure hope so. That'd get this over with quickly.
[Bison enters the weapon store.]
Shopkeeper What are you buying, kiddo?
Bison Hold on. I have a shopping list.
[Bison pulls out a list and gives it to the shopkeeper.]
Shopkeeper Hmm... Hoo. That's quite a long list.
Bison I'll need one of everything on here. I'll take them as soon as you have everything packed and ready. Thanks.
Shopkeeper Alright. Here's the invoice. 160 grand in total. Cash or card?
Bison (That's pretty reasonable... Do I really have to haggle this down?)
(Oh well... It's what the job calls for.)
Do you think you could you give me a discount?
Shopkeeper No can do, kiddo. We're already known for our low prices around here.
Bison Never mind, then. I'll go to another store.
[Bison turns around, but...]
Shopkeeper Tsk, fine. You're buying in bulk. I'll give you 10% off.
Bison (10%... Is that "mad" enough?)
Shopkeeper I'm selling them at cost already. Don't push it.
Bison (I'm not the best at business negotiation, but maybe I could try to put what little I know into haggling.)
Come on, let's be honest here. This is nowhere close to cutting into your bottom line.
Shopkeeper And what would you know, punk? All these parts are imported straight from Columbia.
Bison (Shakes head)
Sure, they have stickers from Columbian brands, but the manufacturing immediately gives it away that they were made in Bolívar.
The prices you're asking are way above the actual cost. By my estimate, these things are worth no more than 60 thousand LMD.
Shopkeeper Beastshit. I sell the real deal here!
Bison You're sure?
Shopkeeper Of course.
Bison Then you were probably scammed when you ordered them. My family's logistics network has been delivering for this company for years. I remember every lot, every model, and every manufacturing plant of theirs.
You shouldn't trust just anyone. You can't do business that way.
Shopkeeper You calling me stupid?
Bison I mean, the other possibility is that you're not stupid, but actually pretty smart. After all, there's a huge difference in price between knockoffs and the genuine article.
Shopkeeper ...What are you getting at?
Bison 80 thousand. You'll be earning more than a fair profit, after expenses.
Shopkeeper That's just cruel...
Bison Please don't cry.
Shopkeeper *sobs*... Too cruel.
[The shopkeeper runs out of the store.]
<Background fades out and in>
??? Someone just stepped out.
Comms Hah, and I bet that someone's stress-free and fulla confidence, pride, and a whole lotta parts.
??? No, it's the shopkeeper.
He ran out of the store crying.
Comms ...What?
<Background fades out and in>
Comms I gotta say, what's with the crazy schemes you two came up with?
You want him relaxed and destressed? You just gotta par-tay! There's no easier way than partying hard!
??? Sorry, could you repeat that? This crowd's pretty noisy.
??? Ugh... Now you're being loud.
Comms You're at the biggest party in Lungmen on New Year's Eve! I was worried you couldn't hear me.
What's the matter? Is he there?
[Bison walks by.]
Bison (I wonder if I could've haggled for an even lower price...)
(Looks like I still have a ways to go to when it comes to negotiation.)
[Bison bumped to the crowd.]
Bison Oof! S-So many people.
(I still have one last task to do... Deliver a present to somebody at this party.)
But there are so many people here. How am I supposed to find them?
(They're wearing an iron mask and a menacing cape, both impervious to all kinds of weapons... This isn't a character from a kung fu novel, is it?)
*sigh*... A Messenger's job is to brave difficulties. I can do this.
??? He's pushing into the crowd. You sure he's not going to find anyone matching that description?
Comms Of course not! I took it straight from a novel I used to read, The Iron Swordsman. What are the odds someone would be cosplaying as him on New Year's Eve?
Not like it's Sauin.
[Bison runs through the crowd to search for his client, but to no avail.]
Bison ...They aren't pulling my leg, are they? Who would dress up like that in this crowd?
Maybe I should go back and double-check with them.
[Someone wearing armor, fitting the given description, walks by Bison.]
Bison No way?!
They weren't lying! He's really here!
[Bison goes after the armored knight.]
Bison Sir? Sir! Please stop.
Armor-clad Knight Hm? Who are you?
Bison Hello, sir. I'm a Messenger. I have a package for you. Please sign for it.
Armor-clad Knight Interesting. A package for me, delivered to this place?
Bison Right. They had me look for the recipient in the middle of such a big party. I almost thought there had to be a misunderstanding. But thank goodness I found you.
Please go over the contents and sign for it.
Armor-clad Knight I wonder what it is. Never expected to get a package while I'm out of town. What delivery company do you work–
[The knight opens the package.]
Armor-clad Knight (*gulp*)
Bison Sir?
Armor-clad Knight (Clenches fist)
Bison What's wrong?
Armor-clad Knight (Shudders)
Bison Are you okay?
Armor-clad Knight Who are you?
??? Too bad... He found someone that fit the description.
Comms What? No way!
??? There's a Kazimierzian knight in the crowd.
Comms ...What? How's that possible?
??? What did you put in the package? The guy looked like he saw a ghost the moment he opened it.
Comms Hmm... I don't really remember. I just grabbed whatever and stuffed it in there.
Let me see... Looks like Croissant ordered a bunch of special arrowheads, so I grabbed one.
??? ......
[The knight attacks Bison in anger, but he blocks them with his shield before running away.]
<Background 5>
[Bison hides behind the bushes...]
Bison (Good thing there are bushes here...)
[ the knight runs by.]
Armor-clad Knight Weird... I saw the kid heading this way... but I don't see him anywhere...
Shit... Where'd he go?
What did I even do? And how did the Armorless Union find me all the way out here in Lungmen...?
[The knight leaves.]
Bison Phew... Is he gone?
Why did he attack all of a sudden?
Oh well. Never mind. I finally lost him...
I'm exhausted... I-I need to find a place to catch a breather.
[Bison comes out of hiding as wind blows.]
Bison leans against a tree and thinks about everything that has happened today, in an attempt to come up with anything that could explain this absurd turn of events.
But right now, he isn't very keen on thinking too hard.
Perhaps the chilly New Year's Eve breeze has left his mind completely blank.
Perhaps the strange events that unfolded throughout the day have numbed his thought process.
Or perhaps... he simply doesn't want to think, and just wants to lean against the tree.
That is, until a ball comes tumbling toward his feet, rousing him from his daze.
Boy Hey, buddy. Kick the ball back over here, will you?
Bison Hm?
Boy Hello? What're you blanking out for? Wanna join us?
Bison There are no goals here, and barely any grass... How would we even play?
Boy You just play.
Bison But there are no lines on the ground. How do we keep score? How do we determine if anyone's breaking the rules?
Boy Rules? We don't care about rules.
Bison suddenly recalls that it's been a very long time since he played football.
His father forced him to join the family business before he had even graduated. And he had to sacrifice a lot for it.
He lifts his head up and gazes at the child in the distance waiting for him to kick the ball back.
They have no grass field to play on, but a dirt pit is more than enough.
They have no goals, but a couple of tin cans will do the trick.
They kick erratically, and their play is all over the place, but what does it matter as long as it's fun?
Bison suddenly realizes that it has been a very long time since he last did anything just for fun.
Bison Pffhaha––
(Is this the answer? The answer to everything?)
(Never mind. It doesn't matter. I've got something more important to deal with.)
Hey, count me in!
Boy Then kick the ball back over here!
Bison Kid, I used to be my school's ace player. Are you sure you can catch it?
[Bison joins in with the boys as the woman in shadows watch.]
??? In the end, he's still a kid...
Comms Hey! How come it took you so long to say anything? What's he doing?
??? Alright, our job here is done.
I'm heading back.
Comms Hey, you're the only one there. Tell us what's going on! Hey!
??? I'll see you later. I need to report to the client.
Comms Hey–
[The woman, revealed to be Texas, hangs up before calling someone else.]
Texas Mr. Eurill, you sure gave us a difficult problem.
Still, we managed to successfully finish the job.
<Background 1>
Eurill So he's playing football, huh?
It's been years since he played. And with a couple of kids not much younger than him. Haha.
I know, I know. He's still a child... Thank you for your work, ladies. I will come visit and bring all of you gifts in due time.
...Why didn't I tell him myself?
Good question... I wish I could've.
Alas, I couldn't...