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Operator Record
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Putting young Operators in the playroom is the peak of safety. How could anything possibly happen?

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Popukar to Elite 1 Level 55.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Popukar.
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RI Corridor
Popukar and Bubble find themselves bored after an episode of their favorite cartoon and start thinking of games to play. Just then, Bubble catches a glimpse of the "secret" that lies under Popukar's eyepatch, and so–
<Background 1>
Rhodes Island Landship, Common Rest Area Passageway
Popukar The end.
Bubble That's it?
When's the next episode?
Popukar I'll ask.
Shamare, when can we watch "Felitubbies" episode 20?
Shamare Zzzz...
Bubble Looks like she fell asleep while we were watching.
She's been doing that a lot.
Isn't "Felitubbies" fun though?
Popukar Spot says it's for kids.
Maybe Shamare got too big for it?
Bubble No way!
She's only a few years older than us! Just two episodes ago, she was with us for the whole thing! How could she fall asleep on us this time?!
Popukar We'll grow up really, really soon too. Maybe we'll be grown-ups by the time we finish the show.
What do you want to do when you grow up, Bubble?
Bubble Me? I'm gonna go back to my tribe and beat up everyone I don't like and become a great warrior!
What 'bout you?
Popukar I wanna be a superhero. I'll knock out bad guys with one punch, shoot eye lasers, and fly through the sky.
Bubble Do superheroes really exist?
I've never seen anyone shoot beams out their eyes or anyone who knows how to fly.
I know lots who beat up bad guys, though.
Like me.
Popukar That's just what I want to become...
My eye has been sick for so long, I've been thinking how cool it would be if I could shoot lasers out of my eyes like a superhero.
Bubble I hope you get better! I want to see both your eyes!
Popukar When my bad eye gets better, you'll be the first one to see it.
Bubble Really?! Hooray!
Popukar Hehe.
What time is it?
It's 4:30.
Orchid told us we could play for two hours. We only have half an hour left.
Bubble Why only two hours? Can't we play all hours?
Popukar We have training and school. We need to do our homework, too. The teacher will be mad if we don't.
Bubble Why do we have to do homework?
Popukar We need to study hard. That's what the adults always tell us.
Bubble I've been running all around the ship every day. I've never heard anything about homework.
And um, what is homework actually? Is it tasty?
Popukar I don't think you can eat it. Homework's–Hm... I'm not sure what exactly homework is either. I just know you get smarter if you do it.
Why don't you give it a try?
Bubble Is this homework?
Popukar Yes.
Bubble It's just a book.
Did you draw all these things?
Popukar Most of them.
But the red ink ones are the teacher.
Bubble ......
I don't get it at all.
Ugh, you can have it back.
If they make me learn this stuff, I'm gonna jump off the ship and run straight home to Papa in Sargon.
And if anyone stands in my way, I'll trample them!
Popukar I heard what happened with that lady from Minos a few days ago–
Bubble Nothing happened! You heard wrong!
That Forte's not so strong!
I smashed her into the ground easy!
Popukar Uh-huh.
Bubble Really! I did!
Popukar If you swear on your Papa, I'll believe you.
Bubble Ugh...
Fine! I will!
I, Bubble, swear by Papa's name... that I couldn't beat the Minoan Forte lady.
Popukar So you lied. It did happen.
Bubble Don't tell anyone! I'm really not so weak, really really!
The Forte lady is just way too strong!
Popukar Okay, I see. You tell the truth every time you swear.
Bubble W-What can I do? Papa said that if you swear something by someone's name, that person'll hear it!
If Papa finds out I lied, he'll whoop my butt so hard!
Popukar So if I swear something by my dad's name, will he hear what I say too?
Bubble I dunno. Why don't you try?
Popukar My dad. His name–
I don't remember his name.
Bubble What about your mama? That works too.
Popukar I don't remember hers either.
Auntie Kal'tsit said I was sculpted out of clay.
But I think I had parents too.
Everyone else has parents. There's no way I don't.
Bubble You're right.
Maybe the white coat doctor was lying to you?
Popukar I don't think Auntie Kal'tsit lies.
Bubble The Feline doctor, right? I can tell from the look on her face, she's a bad woman. Not like my shaman grandpa back home. He's always smiling. One look at him and you know he's nice.
Popukar Being quiet doesn't make someone a baddie.
Look at Shamare.
Shamare always looks really cold too, but she takes care of everyone.
That one time you ate a cactus and got needles all stuck in your mouth, she was the one who knocked you out cold and plucked out every last one before she turned you over to the doctors.
Bubble Oh...
Popukar And she knows how to pick good apples. Her apples are so big, sweet, and tasty.
Bubble You're right. She does bring us really tasty apples.
Okay, I believe you. Shamare's not a baddie, and that doctor isn't a baddie either.
But if no one's bad, and the doctor didn't lie to you, then how come you don't remember your mama or your papa?
Popukar Maybe it's because I have a bad memory. I forget lots of things.
But there are things I won't forget.
The banging sounds in the mines, the big steel cities, way bigger than Rhodes Island, and the towers surrounded by tons of people.
There was a doctor wearing a big white coat, a bunch of glittering chunks of steel, and a small, quiet room.
There was also a big white room with a bed inside.
Bubble Sounds like you remember a lot, actually.
Popukar But I don't remember my mom and dad's names...
Bubble Maybe you'll remember when you get your head knocked around. That's how I usually remember things.
I can give you a good whack, if you want!
I'm really strong!
Whap whap whap!
[Bubble smacked Popukar.]
Popukar You're too strong, Bubble. You'll smack me so hard I'll turn dumb.
Bubble Really? I guess I won't do that then.
<Background fades out and in>
[The phone Shamare carries rings...]
Buzz, buzz.
[...but she rejects the call while half-asleep.]
Shamare Hmm...
Bubble This is boring. Look, Shamare's even talking in her sleep. Popukar, lemme play with your brum brum brrrrr thing a little.
Popukar Okay, but the brum brum brrrr thing won't go brrrr today.
Bubble Why?
Popukar The thing that makes it go brrrr is being fixed.
It broke when I was helping everyone else brrrr things.
Bubble Oh.
I'll think of something else to play, then.
You should spend less time on training and classes and play more like me, Popukar. That other stuff is boring.
Popukar But if we don't keep up with our training, we might get hurt when we go beat up the baddies.
Besides, I need to help out Orchid, and everyone else.
Bubble You're such a goody two-shoes! You should be like me. Grab a shield and charge straight ahead.
Popukar That's a good way to get hurt.
When I started out, I didn't know what I was doing. I took my brum brum brrrr thing and swung it all over the place, and it got people hurt sometimes, people I didn't wanna hurt.
Then I started training and I learned to listen to Orchid. She does the thinking, and I do the listening.
That way I won't get hurt, and neither does anybody else. I think it's a nice thing.
Bubble The people you don't wanna hurt, are they strong? Like, as strong as Papa?
Popukar I don't think so, but they take good care of me.
Orchid combs my hair, and Midnight picks out clothes for me.
Catapult brings me tasty food, and Spot finds me fun comics to read.
Bubble Wow–That does sound nice! I should get the Doctor to find me some servants too.
But how come you still chase them with your brum brum brrrr thing?
Popukar Brum brum brrrr thing? Chase who?
I wouldn't do that.
Bubble Shamare always says she's a big girl and so nobody's allowed to pat her head.
But she actually gets all happy whenever she gets a headpat.
Popukar Shamare does?[note 1]
Bubble Yep!
Oh, I have an idea! Shamare's tail is so much fun to play with. Wanna try?
It's so smooth and soft. Not even the beast hide on Papa's throne is that smooth.
Popukar Shamare will get mad.
Bubble She's asleep! She doesn't have to know!
Popukar But what if she wakes up?
Bubble Hrmph.
Let me think of something else...
We could wrestle?
Popukar Orchid says we're not allowed to wrestle in the lounge. She says it could disturb someone's rest.
Bubble You listen to everything she says? Sheesh...
[Shamare mumbles something.]
Shamare I'll keep an eye... on her...
Bubble Poor Shamare. So bored she's talking in her sleep.
There's gotta be something fun we can do...?
I got it!
Let's arm wrestle! That's safe enough, right?
It's quiet, we get to see which one of us's stronger, and most importantly–
We've never done it before.
Popukar I guess.
Bubble Let's use this table, then. Come!
Popukar Yeah.
Bubble 3!
Popukar 2!
Popukar & Bubble 1!
[Bubble and Popukar enters an armwrestling match with each other...]
Bubble Hmph!
Popukar Ahh!
[...but the little Cautus wins.]
Shamare ......
Bubble I've never lost an arm wrestling match...
Popukar Hnggh! Haah!
Bubble By Papa's name!
I will never lose at arm wrestling!
Popukar Hyah!
[Both Bubble and Popukar continues wrestling their arms, but the strength causes the table to break apart.]
Popukar W-We broke the table...
Bubble ......
Popukar (Whispers) W-What do we do?
Bubble (Whispers) I dunno!
[Shamare is still sleeping, despite all the commotion.]
Shamare Zzzz...
Bubble That was close. But she's still asleep.
If we woke her up, she'd curse me for sure.
Popukar W-What about the table?
Bubble Let the janitor take care of it!
Popukar But what if the janitor asks? W-What do we tell him?
Bubble We'll tell him it broke on its own!
Popukar It's not good to lie...
Bubble I don't want a spanking!
Spankings are worse than lying!
Popukar *Whimpers*...
Bubble Okay, when the adults show up, we'll tell them the table broke on its own. Okay?!
Popukar Okay...
Bubble Hm, your eyepatch's tilted.
There's something black inside...
Popukar (Readjusts eyepatch hurriedly)
Bubble Is that black thing those bad rocks?
Popukar Maybe. I didn't touch it.
Orchid and Auntie Kal'tsit told me to never take my eyepatch off.
Bubble Why?
Popukar I don't remember...
Bubble Then let me take a look, okay? Just a peek. You can put it right back. It'll be fine.
Popukar Hm...
Bubble I'll share my snacks with you. I got a really tasty box from the fat purple Vulpo girl last week.
And it's your favorite wafers!
Popukar Okay...
Just a peek, though.
Bubble Okay!
Popukar Mmm...
Bubble What's wrong?
Popukar I-It's too bright...
Bubble Hold on! I'll turn off the lights!
[Bubble turned off the room's lights, which also startles Shamare.]
Shamare (Opens eyes)...
Bubble Is it okay now?
Popukar Hmm...
(Takes off eyepatch)
Bubble Whoa, that's so cool!
Popukar Really?
Bubble It looks so nice, so cool!
Popukar What is it like?
Bubble I dunno, but it's super cool.
Hm? Something looks kinda shiny inside.
Popukar Oh–
[Suddenly the Originium crystal inside Popukar's right eye emits a flash...]
Bubble Whoa, it's getting shinier!
Your eye's so awesome!
Popukar ......
[...followed by an intense heat.]
Bubble It's kinda hot too.
[All of a sudden, the crystal reacts violently by releasing flashes and heat uncontrollably...]
Popukar ......!
What's going on?
Bubble ?
[...but Shamare, now awoke, shows up behind Popukar.]
Shamare Put your eyepatch on.
Popukar Okay, Shamare.
[Popukar puts back the eyepatch on her left eye, and things return to normal.]
Bubble Hey, Shamare, what are you–
[Before Bubble could finish, Morti knocks her unconscious.]
Popukar Eh?
Shamare Orchid's outside the door. Don't keep her waiting.
Popukar Orchid? Already? I gotta go!
But what about Bubble?
Shamare I'll take her back to the dorm.
Popukar Okay.
Then I'll get going. See you!
Shamare See ya.
[Popukar leaves.]
Shamare Phew...
[Shamare's phone rings again...]
Buzz, buzz.
[...and she picked up the call.]
Shamare Yes.
Popukar is fine.
I'll bring Bubble right now.
[Shamare ends the call.]
Shamare Let's go, Morte. We're dragging Bubble to Medical.
I hope she learned her lesson this time.
Morti ?
Shamare Yes, drag. She's too heavy. We can't carry her.
Let's go.
[Shamare leaves while Morti follows after dragging Bubble along with some trouble.]


  1. Due to an oversight, this line is spoken by Bubble in-game; given the context, it would be more appropriately spoken by Popukar.