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Operator Record
The Great Detective's Case Files - Volume I
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The shining star of Victorian Detectives! The Great Detective Metis Geraldine's memorable first case!

Unlock conditions

  • Raise May to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with May.
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Mansion Room
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Manor Garden
May struggles with a lack of clues in her first case. With Heidi's help, she finds the clues and catches the killer.
<Background 1>
??? Mrs Bride's time of death was late yesterday evening, after the maid had locked the door.
The manor is heavily guarded, surrounded by the lake on three sides, with high walls between the water and the manor.
It is simply impossible for an outsider to break in unnoticed.
<Background fades out and in>
??? The killer is right here, among us!
[Everyone present, which includes a calm lady, noblewoman, merchant, and wealthy man, was left in shock and surprise.]
Plump Merchant R-Really, Miss Metis?
Noblewoman There's a killer among us? That can't be!
Wealthy Man Poppycock! Ridiculous!
Calm Woman I take it that you've found the evidence to implicate the killer?
Metis Huh? Er, well...
Ahem, o-of course I have!
First, according to the maid's testimony, an Originium ornament that was supposed to be in the bedroom went missing after the incident.
The victim's injuries indicate that this was likely the weapon!
Wealthy Man You don't mean to say whoever is carrying the weapon is the killer, do you?
Noblewoman I doubt anyone would carry something like that on their person.
Metis Quiet while I'm deducing!
Of course, that's not the only thing! Here's the second point: The scene of the crime is very messy, with a large amount of blood on the victim's face and hands.
Madam Bride suffered a large number of wounds on her body, in addition to the fatal wound on her head. Do you understand what this means, Miss Heidi?
Heidi It means... there was a struggle between the killer and the victim?
Metis Exactly! A bloody one too!
At that distance, it was inevitable that the killer would have gotten blood on them!
Therefore, whoever has got blood on them must be the killer!
How's that!
Heidi ......
Plump Merchant ......
Noblewoman ......
Wealthy Man ......
What a load of rubbish! No one here's got any blood on them!
Metis Huh? B-But...
How could that be? It's impossible... one of us must be the killer!
<Background 2>
[Zima berates May,]
Zima Just how stupid are you?
May W-Why are you stooping to insults? What have I done to you?
Zima It's not an insult, it's the truth.
I wasn't expecting much out of your first case, but that deduction's got more holes than a sieve.
Istina I'm afraid... so.
Zima See, Anna's with me.
May Et tu, Istina?!
Istina After what I've just heard, it is inevitable.
The logic is sound, in a vacuum, but there's no way that a killer would appear wearing blood-soaked clothes. They would try to destroy any evidence.
Zima Anyone with a brain would.
May I guess... that makes sense.
The killer wasn't dumb enough to walk around covered in blood, and the witnesses were sure they didn't see anyone bloodied in the manor.
I had taken this into account, of course. Therefore–
<Background 1>
Wealthy Man You checked all our belongings. There were no bloody clothes!
Enough of this farce, Miss Metis Geraldine!
Metis T-That can't be! I must have missed it...
Plump Merchant The results are here for all of us to see, Miss Metis.
Noblewoman Not a one of us is holding anything suspicious.
Isn't it time to hand this case over to the police? We really must be going.
Plump Merchant Yes, too much time has been wasted here already.
Metis Wait! Just give me a little bit longer!
I'll find the clues and catch the killer! I swear it!
Please, just a little more time...
Noblewoman Er...
Plump Merchant Well... what do you think, Miss Heidi?
Heidi ......
I would beg your patience for just a little longer.
Metis Miss Heidi! Thank you so much...
Plump Merchant Do you really believe the killer is among us, Miss Heidi?
Heidi I have every faith in your character, and that of everyone else present. Which is why we should allow our detective here to prove our collective innocence.
What would people outside say if we left now and the police were unable to solve the case?
The rumor mill may not be so rational.
Noblewoman I suppose you're right.
Wealthy Man Very well, if you say so.
And I want to see what this self-proclaimed detective can do!
[The noblewoman and wealthy man leaves the room.]
Metis W-Who are you calling self-proclaimed?!
I mean, sure, it's the first time I've faced a case like this... but I'll solve it!
That piece of Gloompincer dung...
Plump Merchant Don't let it get to you, Miss Metis, we all believe in you.
Metis Thank you, Mr. Hull!
Mr Hull, you have a mismatched jacket and necktie.
Plump Merchant I-Is that so? How embarrassing. The maid must have brought me the wrong jacket.
Anyway, I won't take up any more of your time. I look forward to good news.
[The merchant leaves.]
Metis ......
Heidi Alright, snap out of it.
Sir William might have been a little brusque, but he was reasonably cooperative.
Do you suspect him to be the killer?
Metis Not really...
I've identified a more likely suspect.
Setting that aside for a moment... any updates on what I asked, Miss Heidi?
I didn't find anything in the rooms. No clues regarding the killer at all. You, the client, are the only one I can trust!
You have the honor of being my first assistant ever!
Heidi It's an honor. I suppose.
But did you consider the possibility that the client could be the killer?
Metis What? O-Of course, I've considered it!
I haven't let my guard down, just because you had an alibi!
It's a trick that detectives use to get suspects to let their guard down... yes, that's it!
Heidi Hehe. Well then, I'd better work harder to clear my name.
Would you like to hear my report?
Metis Yes, straight away!
What did you find? Did anyone sneak into the kitchen or use the fireplace? Or perhaps somewhere else a fire could be lit?
Heidi As far as I can tell, no.
The kitchens were being watched by the servants and they didn't see anyone. No sign of fires being lit in the fireplaces in the rooms. Nothing was destroyed by fire.
Metis So, no clues at all?
How could this be...?
The killer would not keep such a clue with them. They would try to destroy it at the first opportunity. Fire would be the safest way to do so.
Could it be... Originium Arts?
A skilled caster could destroy evidence by conjuring flames out of nothing. That would make it impossible to find a clue.
Or not... it was an Originium ornament. Those things don't burn so easily. There must be some trace.
Heidi But we've searched the entire manor.
Metis And there was nothing.
How am I supposed to solve this case if I can't even find the murder weapon?
(Is this too much for me to crack?)
Heidi Are you giving up?
Metis O-Of course I'm not giving up!
I'm just...
Heidi Do you think it's hopeless? That the evidence must have been destroyed?
Metis It's true that I wasn't able to find any clues...
(Miss Heidi must be disappointed.)
(Oh no, the tears are starting to flow... please stop!)
I-I'm sorry, Miss Heidi, I, I could find a more experienced detective if you're not satisfied with my performance.
But p-please just give me a little more time.
I, I'll get to the bottom of this... please don't fire me! *wails*
Heidi ......
I never said I was firing you.
Metis What?
Heidi You may be inexperienced, but I see potential in your determined search for clues.
There must be a way, even if we might be missing some evidence.
After all, the truth is always there. It never changes.
Metis The truth's always there...
Any crime must leave a trail...
Heidi Exactly!
A great detective won't let herself get frustrated so easily.
Metis B-But I'm just a no-name detective, and this is my first big case... I... I...
I don't know if I can do this on my own.
Heidi Say, what happened to the confident young detective I hired?
Besides, you're not alone.
Metis What do you mean...?
Heidi Didn't you say I was your first assistant?
Or are you taking it back so hastily?
Metis ......
Miss Heidiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!
Yes! I'll become a household name, and everyone will know that you were my first assistant!
<Background 2>
Zima Ugh.
Istina Don't be so harsh, Sonya. It's just a little bit much for the dinner table.
Zima That's basically what I meant, yeah.
The fat guy did it. Why are we even talking about this?
May You're all the same!
This was the second most touching scene of my first case! The detective and her assistant! The assistant comforting the detective in her darkest hour...
Isn't it touching?!
Istina Er... well, sure, I suppose so.
The interaction between the detective and his assistant is certainly one of the selling points of many mystery novels. Classics of the genre set these two characters up to contrast with each other.
May See? Hehe...
Istina ......
(Not sure if a mystery novel would work with a detective like this, though.)
Zima Okay, let's forget this first assistant you never saw again. Didn't you call Skyfire your seventh assistant last time?
She almost set you on fire for that. A couple words of encouragement, and you're falling head over heels.
May Hmph! You don't understand the detective-assistant dynamic at all!
Zima Yeah, whatever. Just get this over with.
May After that, it was the Metis Show, of course...
<Background 3>
[Metis searches the crime scene for clues.]
Metis The scene of the crime looks the same.
(We've searched it many times. Another sweep won't yield any clues.)
(We should look somewhere else.)
<Background 4>
Metis Hmm.
(Nothing here... don't suppose anyone would leave bloody evidence out in the open.)
[Metis accidentally bumped her head to a desk.]
Metis Ouch!
My head...
<Background 5>
[Metis searches the garden.]
Metis ......
(No, nothing here either.)
(I must have missed something... but where could it be?)
(Did they really destroy all the evidence?)
No, that can't be!
Any crime must leave a trail. They won't fool me!
<Background 1>
Metis (This is the last area. If there's nothing here...)
(Could the killer really have committed a crime without leaving a trail?)
(What's that outside the window?)
(The lake outside the manor?)
(Wait, if it's visible from here, it must be visible from the scene of the crime!)
[Metis runs off.]
<Background 3>
Metis This must be the place!
I knew it!
This room is higher than the wall, and the window faces the lake!
I've got it...
[Heidi rushes toward Metis.]
Heidi Give me a second... whew. What happened, Miss Metis? Why did you...?
Metis Miss Heidi!
Heidi Ah, I'm here?
Metis I found it! I found the clue!
It wasn't fire, it was water!
That's where the evidence must be... over there!
Heidi The lake?
Do you mean that the killer threw the bloody clothes into the lake?
And we didn't search outside the manor!
Metis Let me guess, you want to say that they couldn't have thrown their clothes such a distance, right?
But clothes aren't the only thing we're looking for!
Heidi ......!
Metis We're also looking for the murder weapon!
Why didn't anyone see the bloody clothes? Because the killer didn't leave the scene wearing them!
Why didn't we find the weapon? Because the killer wrapped the bloody clothes around it and threw it into the lake!
This explains everything!
Heidi But finding the killer won't be easy, if they indeed threw all the evidence into the lake.
Metis Just because it's not easy doesn't mean it's impossible!
I'll find the clues and the killer, no matter what it takes!
<Background 2>
Zima ......
Istina ......
May Why the face?! This is the climactic moment!
Where's the applause? Where's the praise?
Istina ......
(Slow clap)
Zima And then what happened?
Don't tell me that's the end.
May O-Of course not! After that, it was the Metis Show...
Zima We heard that part already.
May Enough nitpicking! Do you find some fault with my detective adventure?
Now then, the ending–
<Background 1>
Noblewoman This is quite enough. When can we leave?
Wealthy Man This is absurd! I refuse to entertain this little girl's detective games any longer!
Plump Merchant Miss Metis, I don't think we can proceed without any evidence.
Metis Hehehe...
Hehe, hehehe, hahahaha!
Wealthy Man Wh-What are you laughing at?
Metis I'm laughing at the foolish killer, who still thinks they can escape me, and justice.
A criminal always leaves a trail, and it's up to a detective to find it.
And I'm happy to say that I've found the evidence!
Noblewoman Really?!
Plump Merchant ......
Metis I present you the decisive evidence implicating the killer!
Noblewoman T-This is the jacket Mr. Hull wore yesterday! Why is it all wet?
Are those bloodstains?
Wealthy Man And the Originum ornament... is this the murder weapon?
Heidi That seems decisive. How do you explain this, Mr. Hull?
Plump Merchant Th-This is all a big misunderstanding!
I, I just... er...
Metis No more excuses!
This is what you get for underestimating me! The evidence is clear! There's nowhere to run!
Noblewoman My goodness, Miss Metis... how did you manage this?
Wealthy Man Hmph, looks like you're not all talk after all!
Noblewoman and Wealthy Man You're an outstanding detective!
Plump Merchant And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for this meddling detective!
But you'll have to catch me first!
[The merchant, who turns out to be the murderer, attempts to run away...]
Metis Not so fast!
[...but Metis pulls out a handgun just as the merchant breaks through the door and shoots him...]
Metis Hah!
Plump Merchant Ugh!
[...while Metis catches up to him as he was paralyzed and puts the merchant as gunpoint...]
Metis Hands up! No sudden moves!
[...before returning to the room with the merchant in tow.]
Metis There's no such thing as an unsolvable mystery when I'm on the case!
Mr. Hull!
You, sir, are the true culprit!
<Background 2>
Zima Hold it right there!
That's your ending?!
You're skipping right to the killer reveal? What kind of ending is that? And you just made up everyone else's lines, didn't you?
May W-What gave you that idea? They were all remarkably impressed with my detective work... it's only natural!
That's quite enough, Zima! I won't stand for such an attack on a detective of renown!
Zima Ha. If you're a "detective of renown," then I'm the new sheriff in town.
The first half was okay, but your ending is even worse than "The Death of Ilyich, the Suspect"...
May Hmph! Some people just can't appreciate a good story!
But you're not one of them, are you, Istina?
Istina Hmm...
Sonya may have been a little too harsh, but it's definitely missing some important details.
For example, the killer wrapped the bloody clothes around the heavy Originium ornament, making sure that the evidence would sink to the bottom of the lake.
May Yes, that's right!
Istina And it's not so easy to dredge up evidence from the bottom of a lake.
May Well, er... it did take some time... I spent days digging through the mud, and we finally found the evidence with the help of the police...
Zima So they didn't need you at all.
May It was I who found the clue! And I dug through the mud for three straight days! I found the evidence with my own hands!
We got the killer in the end! What's a couple of days more or less?!
Istina That's not all.
May W-What else?
Istina The evidence happened to be preserved in the form of bloody clothing and a weapon this time. But what would you do if the culprit actually destroyed the evidence using Originium Arts?
May Er... well, that happens from time to time...
The police have tools for investigating crimes by Arts users.
Zima So they didn't need you at all.
May Oh, stuff it!
Istina At least the premise was interesting. Foolish detective and clever assistant.
Did you ever see Heidi again?
May What do you mean by "at least?"
Soon after, I encountered that suspicious penguin, so I went undercover to pursue him...
Er, actually, never mind that.
(Forget the undercover stuff...)
Zima (You're still trying to hide it?)
May Ahem. Anyway, I never saw Miss Heidi again.
But I'm sure my first assistant is still out there, and doing well.
And we'll see each other again when I become a household name!
But to do that...
I'll have to catch that fat penguin with the gold chain!