Savage: No Less Than a "Pie"

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Operator Record
No Less Than a "Pie"
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Part 1: Why's Savage so affectionate towards Cautus? Eh, the Cautus are meant to huddle up all nice and cozy together, aren't they!
Part 2: Eat a slice of carrot pie, and listen to her thoughts.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Savage to Elite 2 Level 60.
  • Have 200% Trust with Savage.
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RI Cafeteria
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Part 1

Savage has made a carrot pie feast, and invites everyone for a tasting.
<Background 1>
Babel Interior, Rim Billiton PLC Branch Office at Babel
[Years ago in the Rhodes Island landship, then the mobile headquarters of Babel, the young Amiya approaches Savage.]
Amiya Savage, are you busy...?
Savage Huh? Amiya, you're early here today.
There's no goods that need delivering today, and I've got nothing too urgent to deal with.
What's the matter, Amiya? Nothing on your plate today either?
Amiya Today, the Doctor, Kal'tsit, and Theresa went outside, and they wanted me to stay by myself in my room for now... and then they'd all come back at dinner.
But I don't know what I should even do, alone in my room...
Savage Hmmm–hm, so you decided to sneak out and look for me?
Amiya Hehe...
Savage *Sigh*. That's just how adults are, always tormented by work they can't finish. Not to mention those three make everyone wonder how much of a tireless 'workaholic' someone can be...
Amiya Does everyone become like that after they grow up?
Savage Not really... some people are forced to be, but there are actual people who believe, from the bottom of their hearts, how diving all the way into work enriches their life.
Amiya What kind are you, then, Miss Savage?
Savage Me, eh...? When I'm working, I do my part properly until I'm done. I guess I decently like it?
But I can relax right now, so of course it'd be even more fun to be with you!
That's right, Amiya, why don't we take advantage of today to try and cook something?
Amiya Cook?
Savage You can learn to make your most favorite Rim Billiton foods, like... carrot pie! Don't you wanna see what it's like to make it?
Cooking and baking are the greatest pick-me-ups for loads of people, and you'd be hard-pressed to tear them from it.
Amiya I get to make carrot pie with Savage...
Mmhm, I want to make some!
Savage Alright, then, let's make some together.
The Doctor mentioned loving it too when we tried some together, so let's make a pie for when the Doctor comes back, and all three of us can enjoy it.
Amiya That's wonderful...
Savage Good! We're settled, then.
Follow me, Amiya. The carrots I asked from a work friend are in the kitchen freezer, plus we've got cheese, and the fowl eggs should be in...
<Background 2>
Amiya Miss Savage, I cracked the fowl eggs!
Savage That quick? Lemme see...
(How'd half the egg whites go missing...? And all the shells are broken in there, too...)
Um, not... not too shabby. Let me just process it a bit more, and we can put them right in...
Amiya D–Did I do bad...?
Savage Wh-What do you mean? Haha. This is your first time cooking, Amiya. You're just not that used to it.
Right, Amiya, could you wash the carrots for me? Mm-hm, the ones right there in the basket...
Aaah, you don't need to wash that many! Good, just like that...
Hold on, you don't need your fingernails for carrots, you can just use a vegetable peeler... it's normal for them to be all bumpy. First time, after all.
It's a bit hard, kneading dough. Just leave that to me...
No, let me set the oven, yeah? That's a little much to ask for now...
Wait, Amiya, that's not how you clean up flour–
[Amiya accidentally drops the flour bag, causing her to be covered white in flour.]
Amiya *cough* *cough*... *cough*... Waah, Savage, help me...
Savage Pff... pff, haha...
Amiya Waaah, my eyes hurt...
Savage Sorry, sorry, let me wipe them off for you now... *cough*, kfah-*cough*, kah-haha...
Amiya Stop making fun of me!
Savage I'm not making fun of you! Pff... You're just being extra adorable right now, that's all, Amiya. Oh, man, I want a memento of this to keep forever.
But you've got the flour all over you, now. Let's take you to tidy up first, yeah...
Amiya N-No, the pie's most important right now... it'll be awful if we can't finish it in time!
Savage, let's wait until we're done to tidy!
Savage Haha, alright then. Amiya, come here, let me wipe your face off for you.
Once we've got the pie done and in the oven, we'll go and have a good wash...
<Background fades out and in>
[After Savage cleans up Amiya and barely cooked the pies...]
Savage Phew. Not too bad, and not a moment to lose.
Look, three pies, baked in the nick of time.
Amiya Mmhm, they smell so good...
Savage Now we just need to sprinkle a little sugar on top and keep them warm, and that's a job very well done for us.
Come to mention it... I remember the Doctor was fond of particular tastes when it came to food. Amiya, do you have any idea?
Amiya Mmhm! I remember all the things the Doctor likes about food. And... I remember about all the food you like too, Savage.
Savage What's this, what's this? You've been remembering things about me this whole time?
Amiya Hehe... because you've been so nice looking after me, and when I see you eating something you really like, I get really happy too.
I want to remember about everything that makes you happy!
And also, I want to keep making all kinds of really nice food with you!
So, it... it'd be nice if we could stay together forever... just like the Doctor, I hope I can have fun with Savage forever...
Savage Amiya...
Amiya B-But, if you have work to do, then you should do it! I know work is very important...
Savage I'll be with you.
Amiya Really?
Savage Really. It's okay, Amiya, we're already super, super good friends.
Cautus sisters should love each other and live together, helping each all the way. So...
Amiya But... Dr. Kal'tsit said, before long, Babel and Rim Billiton PLC are going to finish their cooperative project, and then Savage would...
Savage You already know, huh?
Yes, it's true. After that, I'll probably be heading back to work in Rim Billiton for a while.
I'm already an adult, so there are responsibilities I have to bear. Right now, Rim Billiton still has some things I need to finish.
But I'll come back to see you as soon as possible, Amiya. No matter how far apart we are, we're friends. So long as you need me to help, your big sis Savage'll come protect you.
Amiya Mmhm... I know.
Savage Right. Right, then, let's drop this subject. Who knows if Rim Billiton'll forget about me, and they won't call me back in, and I'll be stuck as an unemployed drifter...
Maybe, if you keep at your studies, Amiya, you'll be like a VIP in future, and you'll start your own big company, and then I'll be one of your employees, yeah?
Amiya Whuh? My own company...? Um, could I do that...?
Savage Start putting in the effort now, and you'll get the chance one day, guaranteed.
The Doctor, Kal'tsit, Theresa, they're all especially mighty people. Make sure you learn well from your teachers, Amiya.
Amiya Mmhm, I know. You're very mighty too, Savage. When you were in Rim Billiton–
Savage No way, no way, I can't compare to those bunch...
Amiya You're a super mighty teacher to me, Savage! You can make really nice food for me, you do work really well, and you've told me so many stories from Rim Billiton...
Also, I know, you like keeping me company... you look after me just like a real big sister would.
I know it'll be very scary when you leave... but, cooking today made me really happy. Thanks to this memory, I won't be so scared in the future.
Savage Same for me, Amiya. Coming to Babel, getting to see you all happy finding me for a chat, playing together, cooking... I've been so glad all this time.
So, knowing we're about to part, I'm gonna be very sad too.
But, I won't ever let you look at me and worry.
Amiya, living upon this vast world, each of us has things we need to do.
You'll find your own direction, your own forward in the future, I promise. If we have the same beliefs... we'll definitely see each other again.
I'll strive to move forward. Amiya, you too...
Grow up safe and sound.
<Background 3>
[At the present day in the Rhodes Island landship...]
A normal, unremarkable day.
Amiya has sought you out surprisingly early, bringing up the Rim Billiton delicacies coming this noon with expectation in her voice.
Obviously, after the privilege of five healthy meals in a row, it's a very hard invitation to resist.
Amiya I've been looking forward to this "banquet" for forever. Savage will meet almost any request I have, but it's cooking alone where she won't budge an inch.
No formal invitations until all the ingredients were completely ready. Not the slightest thing could be lacking.
Doctor Savage is especially considerate of you.
Amiya Hehe... she's always had me act like such a spoiled child towards her. Besides, Savage makes such tasty food.
Oh, its taste might be on the tame side for some Operators, but it suits my palate very well. How do I put it? It has a flavor that brings back memories of the home you came from...
Ah, but I'm sure you'll like it too, Doctor. After all...
Doctor Something up?
Amiya Not really! I just wanted to share this with you... Savage welcomes you as a special guest, too.
We've been friends with Savage since long, long ago, so I know the food she makes is going to be delicious!
Doctor You say "we"... Savage said she remembered me, but couldn't say much more.
Amiya It's true, she knew you then, and made you Rim Billiton delicacies many times before, too.
Doctor How does she... perceive me?
Amiya No need to worry, Doctor. To me and Savage both, you're someone utterly dependable, and worthy of trust.
I expect she's looking forward to this meal as a gift for you too, Doctor, for meeting once again.
She isn't just adept at food preparation, she's also very exact with raw ingredients too.
Hmm... but I have no idea why tinned carrots from Rim Billiton were so hard to buy this year. They were the most important ingredient...
It wasn't just rising prices. Procurement channels have dropped off, too.
For Rim Billitonians, carrots are essentially a most beloved food, and demand far outstrips supply for them on the market. They get even scarcer when you want to order goods you can send to Rhodes Island...
Of course, more places besides Rim Billiton grow carrots. There'll be all sorts of different varieties in places all unalike. But Savage said...
"If it's not Rim Billiton's sweet, crisp kind, it's not gonna do, Amiya. I'll have you tasting the delicacy from your memories, just you wait!"
Doctor Hearing that's making me drool, too. / Carrots have their own fierce pride, too.
Amiya Haha... I'm looking forward to it, Doctor.
Savage and I haven't seen each other in so long.
??? ...Sit yourself... down!
Amiya Eep!
That voice came from the dining hall... did something happen to Savage in there?
<Background 2>
Leonhardt Aaah–hmp! ...Delish! Thank you for the food, Savage!
Ayerscarpe (Rapid chewing)
Savage Oh, fine, you're welcome.
April Th-This pie tastes so... so professional.
Savage Heh-heh... no surprises there, no surprises. There's no one out there who can brush off my handiwork.
Leonhardt April, you want to try some of mine too? It's all the rage in Victorian eating right now, you just take anything and dump loaaads–and loads of ketchup on it!
Savage No! You've already used up two whole bottles on this! You can't even taste the original flavor anymore, you naughty little kid!
Leonhardt Heheh, how about you try my special portion then, Ayers? It's the taste of innovation!
Ayerscarpe I always abide by the original flavors. Eat your grotesquely revised pie yourself...
Leonhardt Huh? Don't be a bore, Ayers! Get a little more creativity in you.
When we were in Victoria, every time we went to a restaurant, we'd see customers ordering a pie just like this, and then squeezing at least four ketchup packets onto it.
"The healthiest part of the food's actually the complimentary ketchup sachets," didn't they always say that at all the fast food places?
April You are not comparing Savage's pie to a fast food joint.
Everything about it's so perfect, from the heat control to the aroma...
I feel like it's been ages since I tried this flavor. It's a scent you'd get while running around outside... is it nostalgia, maybe...
Leonhardt Yeah? I think it's pretty good, right?
April How is it you have no idea how to read the mood?
Ayerscarpe Leon's trying to say that as a Catastrophe Messenger, he's already used to a life of long spates without any Rim Billiton food available. Being too dependent on your home's dishes... makes it hard to carry on outside.
Leonhardt That's right. By the way, let me tell you something cool, April, while we were traveling out there, we saw another way to eat pie, where you have to grab it with your hands, and then you jump into the air–
April Wagh! Careful, you're gonna drop it, you're gonna drop the pie...!
Savage Hol–Hold on, other people are still working right now, settle down a little... Leonhardt, sit still!
Leonhardt Aw, okay...
[Amiya and the Doctor showed up.]
Amiya Excuse me...
April & Ayerscarpe Ah.
Leonhardt Whoa, it's Amiya and the Doctor–
Amiya So you were all dining, then.
Leonhardt No, we weren't, this was, uh, Savage inviting us for a "taste-of-home sampling party"...
Savage You've made such a mess of the dining hall. Sorry, Amiya, Doctor, I'll tidy it all up soon.
Amiya It's okay, we're here to sample Savage's culinary delicacies, too. Let's all clean up afterwards.
Ayerscarpe Egg on your face, Leon.
Leonhardt I thought it'd be fine to act a little cool with just us four... April, I'll show you that special eating method next time.

Part 2

Everything is the same as it used to be for Savage, with Amiya, and with the Doctor. And some things have changed, regarding Savage's own thoughts, and she'd like you to know.
<Background 2>
Amiya Phew. Doctor, it seems we've made it just in time for the tasting. Let's take part too.
Savage Be my guests!
How's the flavor? I haven't made this properly since coming to Rhodes Island...
Amiya Nmh... mmh... fhh-fhah-hah...
Savage Careful, Amiya, you'll burn yourself if you eat too fast.
Amiya It tastes... so good, with the chewy cheese, the crisp crust and the carrot both crunchy and sweet... it tastes exactly just like it used to.
Savage (Sigh of relief) I'm so glad to hear.
Amiya Doctor, come on, you try some too–
Savage Ah, one moment, Doctor. This portion's for you.
Doctor Hm?
Savage Specialized according to your tastes, slightly differently seasoning to suit you even better, I think.
Doctor Mmm... this sweetness isn't bad. / Mmm... this saltiness isn't bad. / Mmm... this spiciness isn't bad.
Savage Heheh! You like that kind of flavor, don't you? I tweaked the traditional methods a little, make your taste buds a happy camper.
Doctor You've got an incredible idea of my palate.
Savage Only natural I do, my memory's strong stuff. The old Doctor's most favorite pie was flavored just like...
Doctor The old me liked this flavor too? / ...... / Seems like my taste's never slipped.
Savage S–Sorry. You don't remember it, do you, Doctor?
I'm sorry, it's my fault. The moment I get careless I just start blurting out...
Doctor It's fine. There's nothing sorry about retaining nice memories.
Savage Thank you, Doctor...
Amiya See, the Doctor says it's fine too, Savage. Today's pie tastes just like the one from memory! I feel like the carrot's even tastier, on top of that.
I've been practicing the whole time these last few years. Even though it was a completely solitary life, ha, haha...
I'd share my pies out for my family, my coworkers and my neighbors to try when I made them.
Amiya The part of you that loves taking care of people hasn't changed a bit, Savage.
Mmm, so sweet...
There really is something different about Rim Billiton's local specialty carrots. We might've spent a lot of energy getting them, but we didn't go wrong in the end.
Savage Strewth, it makes me angry just thinking about it. If it wasn't for those awful merchants...
Amiya Huh? Did something unsavory happen?
Savage I was dying to make carrot pie for all the Rhodes Islanders, and then we ended up trying for so long to buy any tinned Rim Billiton carrots...
Obviously I made a ginormous platter for my family just a month before I came, and then suddenly there's no tinned carrots on sale once I'm here? That just doesn't add up, does it?
So, I went and consulted a very particular "business expert"...
Doctor (I bet it's Croissant.)
Amiya (It's Croissant, isn't it...)
Savage Only then did I learn, it was because of some Victorian merchants hyping up how Rim Billiton's carrots preserve your youth, keep you especially healthy, and are even surprisingly good for your skin...
Amiya Huh? Sure, everyone knows carrots keep you healthy, but, um, what exactly do they preserve...
Savage I thought it was ridiculous as well, but the "expert" told me all the customers believe it hook, line and sinker now, thanks to that merchant hype.
Especially once they declared Rim Billiton carrots more effective than all the rest. Tins instantly went faster than people could buy them, and prices just sailed up and up...
These carrots were a nightmare to get. I had to ask a favor of a neighbor's farm, if they could tin some carrots themselves and send them by post. It's all their own personal stock.
I mean, really. What does all this weird promotion hope to accomplish in the end, eh–
Amiya It truly is inscrutable... but merchants taking advantage of consumer mentality seems, um, like a reasonable occurrence.
Savage Well, I was absolutely pissed off when I first heard the news!
These merchants, using rumors to drive up the price of a tin of Rim Billiton carrots, selling out a whole year's crop in advance, leaving even Rim Billitonians with not a tin themselves to eat...
My "expert" even mentioned how if the price flies too high, some more merchants'll crawl out and trick Rim Billiton's growers into switching all their crops to carrots...
Once the prices fall back down, then the carrots'll be impossible to sell.
They've smashed up the farmers' own plans for growing self-sufficiently, and if they get hit by losses in future, they'll all be fuming with the merchants and they'll have to start resisting...
Amiya If rumors like these are left unchecked, things might turn very dangerous indeed.
Doctor That "Cage Incident"...
Amiya Ah, have you heard someone else mention it before, Doctor?
It's the point at which Rim Billiton's Autonomous County of Eureka established itself. The incident took place between three Rim Billiton cities, and the locals consider it a major event.
Savage Might be a tough job to explain it in one dinnertime.
To put it simply, it was a Victorian merchant lot who had an idea to make use of a small-scale nomadic city between two counties, so they could strike even more Rim Billiton ore.
They steered that city's people into seizing the local ore, and then snatched it to take it off to Victoria for their own gains... The peak of sickness, ugh.
So, the Incident part comes because the people lead the way, shake free of this fence the Victorian merchants set up called the "Cage"...
After that, they jointly establish an even more self-deciding Autonomous County of Eureka, and get control of the city back over to Rim Billiton. It was an amazing operation, if you ask me!
Amiya During those times, Savage put in so much work to help the local people fight for their rights. She's a kind of minor celebrity in Rim Billiton.
Doctor That's incredible. / ...... / Didn't expect something like that to happen.
Savage *cough*, *cough* *cough*. It wasn't that big a deal. I mean, with your wisdom and ability, Doctor, sorting out a dispute like that's probably a piece of cake...
Doctor ...... / (Am I that amazing...?) / Yep, just leave it to me.
Amiya Even so, the "Cage Incident" clearly proves how the people of Rim Billiton are able to protect the land they're proud of, so why...
Savage That's what I'm saying! We've only had a few short years of peace, too... bloody hell, I just knew those merchants'd never follow trade conduct or any kind of standard routine.
Amiya But... Savage, your reaction says you have an idea of what to do already, don't you?
Savage Heheh, that's my Amiya. Got me pegged down to a T.
I've already had the Messenger send a letter to my old home's people, let them know they can't be even a mite careless.
If they all change to carrot crops then they're bang in the merchants' trap. They've gotta talk it over with the farmers' union. Those lot aren't gonna just sit back and watch this situation unravel.
We can't let irrational profits booms flip the underlying people's lives upside down... long and short is, we can't ever be controlled by merchants again!
Amiya Hehe. This is just like you, Savage.
Um... I mean how you act as swift as the wind–that part of you hasn't changed one bit!
Savage Well, of course! Who changes that easily? Just look, I dropped all my work to come sprinting over this way because I had you and the Doctor on my mind, too.
Amiya That's true...!
Savage Essentially, customers buying Rim Billiton's tinned carrots should all be cheerily sampling the delicacies we're so proud of.
Fine food is a thing to make people feel happy, and not some kind of "cure-all" sham!
We can't keep letting other regions' powers keep taking inches while dreaming of miles. Last it was Originium ore, now it's carrots... who knows what the next time'll be?
They want our resources, and they want our local people offering up their lives. I just...
Even though I've left Rim Billiton, I just can't stomach looking on while they snatch away everything that never belonged to them, right off Rim Billiton's own land.
Amiya Savage...
Savage Aww, don't look like that now. You don't need to worry about me.
Amiya Of course I'm not! I just think, you really do shine so brightly now.
Savage Oh, even if I make a show of it, I can only actually do so little... I–I'm not the sort who can put my inside ideals into words, get other people standing firm in their own beliefs.
...But, y'know, Amiya, I'm a grown-up who's experienced a hell of a lot, too.
What I know is, there's times... most times, when there's very little open for us to do. But doing something or other's always gonna beat the pants off just sitting here, watching things get worse.
When you detect a crisis, you should snap to do something, or else trying to remedy a blown situation after the fact, you'll have no way to make back what's already been lost.
Mm, that's all. It's just some personal experience of mine, doing some of what I can. It's worth bounding about all over the place.
Amiya I can understand.
Savage Amiya...
Amiya I can understand it. After all, Rhodes Island is just the same.
Savage Eh, Rhodes Island too?
Amiya Mmhm. I... we–have always persevered to do every little thing in our power.
It's my belief that settling any one minor conflict helps us work towards our ultimate objective.
Savage Couldn't have put it better myself! *sniff*–ah, hearing you say that makes me really happy...
Amiya Huh? Ah, did–did I say something wrong? Savage, don't cry, please don't cry!
Savage You didn't! You didn't, you said it just right, I'm just–just a little moved.
*sniffle*–When we parted before, you were still so little... and now you've become so... so incredible, already...
Amiya Wah! Calm down, Savage, calm down a little, don't hug me so tight... ugghh...
Truthfully, I was worried at the start too. I'd been away from you for so long. How would you react to how I've changed...
Savage Heheh, you can relax on that front, Amiya.
In my view, the leader of Rhodes Island eating Rim Billiton pie today's the same as you of the past, clinging to me all over Babel so I'd tell you stories. You're kind, adorable, modest, considerate of others–
You're someone I'm willing to share my strength and time with. You're the one I trust in, and the friend who most trusts in me.
<Background fades out and in>
Amiya Savage, I've finished eating.
Doctor Delicious beyond words.
Savage Perfect. Tinned carrots have a best-by of forever, so I'll store them up properly, and next we have time for a party, I'll make you all another batch then.
How's a monthly Rim Billiton Specialty Dish-Tasting Do sound?
Amiya Hehe, I'm already starting to look forward to it.
Savage That's right, Doctor, about just now...
Doctor Hm?
Savage Um... that is, about before...
Amiya Ah, I'll go and clean up the table.
I have some quite pressing work after this, so could I count on you to help Savage put away the surplus ingredients, Doctor?
Doctor Leave it to me. / Huh? Leaving so suddenly?
Amiya I'll be off, then. Sorry to trouble you, Doctor. At least you can have a nice chat with Savage.
Savage Ah, Amiya, you don't need to go out of your way to–
[Amiya runs off.]
Savage Off she runs. Honestly, the kid still keeps minding other people as much as ever.
Sorry, Doctor, could I take up a bit of your time? I invited Ansel and Rope to come taste too, but they'll be a bit late. The pie should be going in the oven more or less now.
Doctor Let me be your helper, then.
Savage Mm-hm, thank you, Doctor.
There's some things I want to talk to you about. We can go over it bit by bit while we're cooking.
<Background fades out and in>
Doctor Savage, how much do you understand of my past?
Savage ......
Just a very little scrap of it. The Doctor I saw...
Ah, no, no, I signed a confidentiality agreement with Kal'tsit, I can't talk about it!
Actually, I don't even know what I can talk to you about, and what I can't.
I don't understand the details, but I more or less get your situation from the chat I had with Miss Kal'tsit in advance, so I've been panicking this entire time if I'd leak something by accident.
But seeing Amiya just like she used to be, still happily going around with you... I think, I'm gonna end up chatting about that stuff with you anyway!
Fact is, thinking about it, I don't even have any secrets I can't tell you.
My memories... aside from personalities being a bit different, the way you and Amiya get along hasn't changed, and the way Amiya and me get along hasn't changed. So, should be the same as before for you and me too.
Doctor Just what kind of person was I like before?
Savage A very mighty one, I'll have you know!
Practically nothing you didn't know; you'd dispense an answer no matter what I asked you. Anything you forecast would end up happening, and when it came to commanding combat, you were even more...
Ah-ah, stop–no, can't say any more than that.
Ahem, basically... Doctor, you presented Amiya, me, and a whole lot of people who used to know you "knowledge."
There's a hell of a lot I couldn't teach Amiya. All I could do was be by her side for a while when she was young. But you, you were able to guide other people.
Oh, yeah! If I can't talk about the past when it has to do with you, I may as well mention what happened after you and I went our separate ways?
Doctor Yes, I'd be willing to hear.
Savage Brilliant. Thank you, Doctor.
Once I was back in Rim Billiton back then, I heard nothing more about you or Amiya. But I trusted Amiya was doing her best to grow big, and you'd help her all along the way.
But even if I never found Rhodes Island, found Amiya and you again, I still wouldn't have stayed at Rim Billiton PLC much longer.
Truth is, after I left Amiya and you, I returned to Rim Billiton itself.
Still ensuring workers' safety like ever, taking part in protection and rescue assignments, spending most of the time in the mines.
Rim Billiton's had its own fair share of going-ons these few years... bizarre things taking place more and more often, like the tinned carrot phenomenon.
Not only are other regions grubbing after Rim Billiton, but even in big cities who've always been peaceful, constant mining accidents have made it difficult to keep Infected numbers under control...
And there's no way to ensure how they're treated.
I can understand that whatever's pissing me off, my people off, is getting more frequent by the day. If I kept on under the PLC forever, I wouldn't have the leeway to sort out any of these changes for the unfair.
After I returned to Rim Billiton, that was all the more clear to me. No matter if I dreamed of working away in my home all my life, this world of ours'd gradually come to forbid things go on so steady.
So, I decided once and for all to change.
My only option was to leave Rim Billiton, and figure out what was happening elsewhere across the land, before I could learn what kind of fate us Rim Billitonians might have. As well as... how to protect our peace.
I suppose it was because my ability's pretty good? To tell the truth, I had a lot of other companies inviting me too.
But... once I knew Rhodes Island's leader was Amiya, I came hopping over to this job without a second thought.
Since coming to Rhodes Island, I've been able to see so much more of the changes happening across the world.
It's not just Rim Billiton. Every part of this whole grand stretch of land is gearing to change.
Maybe other places have their own people striving for change, but right now, the ones striving by my side for it... are Amiya, and you, Doctor.
This place has hope. So, I'll do my part, for all of you.
Deciding to leave Rim Billiton was miles from easy. For us born-and-bred Rim Billitonians, leaving needs some groundbreaking courage.
What supported me in leaving somewhere safe and easy was my determination, Amiya's determination–
And now, your determination, Doctor.
Doctor ...... / I've long since made my decision.
Savage Right now... no matter what you've all gone through, or what you'll have to confront.
I'll be going with you.